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  1. sivelki

    Breath of the Wild If you could pick a composer for Zelda U?

    David Wise + Koji Kondo Imagine Zelda U having this song for a snowy mountain filled with enemies...
  2. sivelki

    Breath of the Wild So when is the next round of info coming???

    I really don't care if they delay the game for 2020, but just give me at least one second of gameplay, or an artwork or a few words about the game... when do you think they're giving us the next round of info/trailer ? Aonuma said the game wouldn't be at E3 2015.. but did he mean it won't be...
  3. sivelki

    Breath of the Wild When is the next round of info coming?

    So, when do you think that the next round of information or maybe videos of Zelda Wii U is coming? E3 2015? Sounds a bit sad to me :/
  4. sivelki

    Breath of the Wild How long should day and night cycles be?

    I'd like it to last long. Like in GTA games or similar. Maybe even longer. I mean, If the world is that beautiful I'll want to stay looking at the sunrise for as long as I want.
  5. sivelki

    Ocarina of Time TOP 10: Ocarina of Time Songs

    Today I wanted to share you my own TOP 10: Favourite Songs from Zelda: Ocarina of Time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73RaKpi8tTg So, what about your TOP 10? Don't forget to comment it!
  6. sivelki

    General Zelda Anyone else Having Nightmares with Koloktos?

    At all... He swallowed me all at once
  7. sivelki

    General Zelda Anyone else Having Nightmares with Koloktos?

    Because I do. He was in my house. My father was watching the TV. I went to another room where Koloktos couldn't go through the door. But he passed. I was laying on the ground when he came in. He had no arms. Then he did that movement he does right before he charges against you in the game. And...
  8. sivelki

    General Zelda Some Zelda/Mario/Metroid TOP 10s...

    Hi everyone, As some of you may know, i've been posting some of my own TOP 10 Videos around here... and now, I wanted to share you my newest one: TOP 10: The Legend of Zelda Bosses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_VPV_RICI0...
  9. sivelki

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    and Kirby's Epic Yarn
  10. sivelki

    TOP 10 Super Mario Galaxy Songs

    Hi people, its me again. Today I wanted to share you my own TOP 10: Super Mario Galaxy Songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzV0weVNU1M What about yours? And if you like Nintendo themed TOPs, please subscribe to my channel! Thanks for watching :S
  11. sivelki

    TOP 10 Metroid Prime Trilogy...

    I am getting some nice answers :lol: :cool: I knew there would be more Metroid Prime fans in this page
  12. sivelki

    TOP 10 Metroid Prime Trilogy...

    Well I honestly didn't expect such a compete answer. By Torvus Catacombs you mean the Submerged Temple? Well I count it and the Torvus Bog, as 1, so it is technically on the list. Why did I pick up Agon Wastes? I like it because it is really well made, despite looking plain and boring, it gives...
  13. sivelki

    TOP 10 Metroid Prime Trilogy...

    :samus::samus::samus::samus::samus::samus::samus::samus::samus::samus::samus::samus: Welcome Metroid fans to my TOP 10: Metroid Prime Trilogy LOCATIONS/AREAS :squishy: I basically wanted to share it with the Metroid fans. Yes, the topic is a bit strange, but i'm sure that the true Metroid...
  14. sivelki

    General Zelda My TOP10 Dungeon Themes

    Hi I want to share with you my video of the TOP 10 Best Zelda Themes from DUNGEONS Only! I made the video :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohmF1MQ2_Ag What do you think??? What's your TOP 10 ?? :S
  15. sivelki

    Breath of the Wild Interesting Idea: Arbiter's Grouds Return

    Hi, Today I was thinking in the Zelda places that would look amazing in HD, and the Arbiter's Grouds came into my mind inmediatly, One of the most interesting and mysterious places in the entire Series in full HD. What do you think? And for making the whole thing more interesting: We...
  16. sivelki

    Breath of the Wild Bosses That Should Return in Zelda Wii U

    Well, this bosses/miniboss would look AMAZING in HD
  17. sivelki

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    or mmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe:
  18. sivelki

    Weakest Part of Skyward Sword

    The Graphics. Well, not the graphics itself. The alias.
  19. sivelki

    Strange Shapes in TP's Final Battle

    Hello. Today I repeated the final battle of Twilight Princess. I noticed, that when you open the boss door and you are on the terrace. you can see some strange shapes in the horizon. You can see them better with the eagle-view. Has anyone noticed them also? What are this shapes?
  20. sivelki

    Where Do Hylians "go" when They Die?

    So, where do the hylians "go" when they die? What's the aquivalent in Zelda to the Heaven? Do the Hylians go to the Heavens along with the Goddesses or to the Sacred realm, or do they stay there like spirits? Or perhaps they simply dissappear?
  21. sivelki

    Death Sword & Stallord Theories

    Arbiters means "referee", or in this case , judge. Because the arbiter's grounds was along with a prision, a court I got a new idea: perhaps the royal family, and the hylians used the arbiters grounds as a "coliseum", and they imprisioned the gerudo in there, and as they were all warriors, the...
  22. sivelki

    Death Sword & Stallord Theories

    Hi, I want to theorize about the Death Sword (TP Miniboss) and Stallord. I find this two creatures (along with the Arbiter's Grounds) very interesting. Death Sword: My theories are that the Death Sword was Stallord's soul. Or perhaps an ancient demon who terrorized the Gerudo, and...
  23. sivelki


    Pergaps the death sword is stallord's soul-------
  24. sivelki

    Koloktos' Voice?

    Another question. Well, 2. 1.Does Koloktos' pose at the start of the battle have some meaning??? 2.Are you Robert?
  25. sivelki

    Koloktos' Voice?

    Thanks man, that was exactly the type of answer i wanted to have. But, isnt "Buddah" the giant stone guy in the middle of the cistern?
  26. sivelki

    Koloktos' Voice?

    As you know, when Koloktos is defeated, he starts laughing like a child. But I also listen to a similar voice when he "spawns" the cursed Bokoblins. Can someone with advanced knowledge on decrypting files, look for some sound files in Skyward Sword that are from Koloktos I also...
  27. sivelki

    Twilight Princess Cave of Ordeals

    Not though if you cheat
  28. sivelki

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Game: Skyward sword Character: Groose Why: Cuz' he is Groose Game: Twilight princess Character: Great fairy Why: She's sexy.
  29. sivelki

    Most Intimidating Character in SS?

    Whats the most imponent, intimidant character in skyward sword?
  30. sivelki

    Hardest Enemies in SS

    the armos were difficult.....
  31. sivelki

    Hylian Shield

    You get the shield after completeing 9 consecutive battles in the lightining round.
  32. sivelki

    Hardest/Best Looking/Funniest SS Boss?

    Are you bored? The, Why dont you post your list of the best looking, the hardest and the funniest Bosses in SS? Funniest means the most entertaining to fight This is mine: Funniest: 1.Ghirahim (2° time) 2.Demise 3.Ghirahim (3° time) 4.Bilocyte 5.Ghirahim (1° time) 6.Tentalus...
  33. sivelki

    Twilight Princess Hardest Dungeon

    Palace of twilight was the easiest, from the beggining to the boss.
  34. sivelki

    Twilight Princess Poll Most Scary/mysterious Twilight Princess Place?

    C'mon , the twiligh realm as scarier than the arbiters grounds????? the twilight realm was scary only because of the hands,,,,
  35. sivelki

    Fave Zelda Race All Games

    I like the kikwis from skyward sword.
  36. sivelki

    Twilight Princess Poll Most Scary/mysterious Twilight Princess Place?

    Some versions of TP have got a cheat for the cave of ordeals, and its to turn off the torches with the boomerang, and the door will open automatically. Its very funny to mix the enemies of 2 or 3 rooms! Nr.1 is the room with the redeads in the cave of ordeals. Until I discovered the "ball and...
  37. sivelki

    Twilight Princess Poll Most Scary/mysterious Twilight Princess Place?

    What is the most scary or mysterious place from TP? I know its a bit stupid question... I should ask " What is the less scary place in TP? All the places in TP are mysterious, and are involved in a melancholic aura. The only "happy" places i have found are: Ordon Village City in the...
  38. sivelki

    General Modern Least Favorite Dungeon Out of All 3D Zelda Games

    the sandship from SS. And speciallly its stupid and childish boss
  39. sivelki

    What Was Your First Zelda?

    1. Phantom Hourglass. Some friend bringed their NDS' to school and played Phantom Hourglass. I didnt know Zelda games before. I played it in an emulator 2.Spirit tracks. Later i bought a NDS and played the sequel of PH. 3.Twilight princess. I liked the NDS zeldas, so when i bought a wii, i...
  40. sivelki

    Most Pacific Place in SS?

    So, What do you think its the most pacific and serene place in Skyward Sword? I think this are the most pacific places...: Inside the goddess statue Waterfall cave Bamboo island Isle of songs Ancient Cistern entrance Ancient Cistern's main hub Skyview Spring Earth Spring Sealed...
  41. sivelki

    General Modern Least Favorite Dungeon Out of All 3D Zelda Games

    Lanayru mining facility. It doesnt fit zelda at all
  42. sivelki

    Spoiler What Do You Think SS Was Missing?

    The feeling of sadness , the lack of dark elements. SS is childish compared to TP
  43. sivelki

    Spoiler Poll: Favorite Boss in Skyward Sword?

    All except tentalus
  44. sivelki

    Twilight Princess "Twilight Princess is a Good Game, but It's Not a Good Zelda Game"

    Twilight princess is mature. Its realistic. Skyward sword is childish compared to TP
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