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  1. Dragon Tamer

    How Do YOU Open a New Game?

    Well I open it like a chrismas present. I look like a little kid. :P Before I even play the game though, I look through the gaming book and read.
  2. Dragon Tamer

    Do You Organize Your Game Cases?

    I just stick the cases in a drawer under my TV. If I had time to organize them, I would.
  3. Dragon Tamer

    Games You Bought Recently

    I finally got a DS a couple days ago. The game I got with it was Magical Starsign. It's so cute and fun to play. I'm kinda stuck in the jungle fight now but I'll get out sooner or later. :lol:
  4. Dragon Tamer

    Which Do You Prefer?

    This has been torturing me for quite a while. I'm now am going to ask. Do you prefer something sweet, salty, sour, or spicy for a snack? The reason I'm asking is because some of my friends and I were seating in a row watching "Know your Date". They asked the same question I just did. I said...
  5. Dragon Tamer

    Let Me Be Myself!

    Whenever I listen to this song, I think of those Geico commercials. The song does have a lot of meaning into it though. Well, at least I think it does. At my home, I can't be myself. My parents may think I'm a psycho. My friends at school understand me so I can be myself around them.
  6. Dragon Tamer

    Green Day or The Smashing Pumpkins

    Well, I've never heard of The Smashing Pumpkins and I only listened to maybe two to three songs of Green Day.
  7. Dragon Tamer

    Random activities you do whilst your bored

    I usually wonder around until I think of something to do. I think of drawing, play video games, watch anime, or stare off in space.
  8. Dragon Tamer

    Music In The Car?

    I kinda agree with -JelloGoMoo- on this one. I usually ride with my dad so we listen to church music and stuff like that. But once I drive, I would probably listen all kinds of music. Just not the kind of music that makes you want to bop your head everywhere. I woul probably lose my...
  9. Dragon Tamer

    Bryan Adams

    That is one of my favorites. It went well with the movie.
  10. Dragon Tamer


    Like that would ever happen. I only do the Hamtaro dance in my happy world. So you can only see me do the dance at school goofing off! :D
  11. Dragon Tamer

    Bryan Adams

    I just simply love his music. The meaning of his songs is so heart warming. Anybody ever heard him. If you did, what do you think of his music?
  12. Dragon Tamer

    Simple Plan

    The reason I listen to them is because my friend put them on my MP3 player. I like them. Ther're okay.
  13. Dragon Tamer

    Your Favorite Characters from the Game?

    Well, mine is Link. But my favorite monster in this game was those jelly things you made potions from. Went went left and right and then POP! They jump at you.
  14. Dragon Tamer

    How Long Have You Stayed Up?

    I stayed up all through the night and didn't go to sleep until noon. That is my personal record.
  15. Dragon Tamer


    Ha Ha! I knew you where going to say something like that.
  16. Dragon Tamer

    Yes Man

    JelloGoMoo, You know I loved it. I love Jim Carrey. Now some parts it's was disturbing but hey, It's Jim Carrey. :)
  17. Dragon Tamer

    Favorite Superhero.

    Well, I have five very important heros in my life. The Teen Titans! -Robin -Starfire -Beastboy -Raven -Cyborg
  18. Dragon Tamer

    Favorite Tv Quotes

    One of my favorite qoutes on tv was on Code Geass. It was by Lelouch. "Those who kill are those prepared to be killed." I just love it.
  19. Dragon Tamer


    I didn't get into much. Not really my thing. But that is my opinion.
  20. Dragon Tamer

    Snowpeak Snowboarding

    This part of the game was fun. It took me a couple of times because I kept funning into trees. :P Then I kept running into that huge whole at the end of the race. -.- But, I finally gat used to it though! I liked raing both in fact. What I like the most was jumping in the air. I felt like flying. :)
  21. Dragon Tamer

    WW's Islands that had no Purpose.

    I thought some islands had no reason to be there. But, then again if they didn't have that area, then there would be a big square hole in the ocean. That would be bad. I would probably fall in it because that's how I am. I wonder where that would lead though. AH! I'm making another topic. My...
  22. Dragon Tamer


    Oh, the scary fish that gave you the map piece of that curtain area. Maybe the The King of Red Lions saved his life before Link came into the picture. Maybe that's why he said "My debt is repaid". You do have a good point though. It's a mystery. Hey,that should be a side story for Link to solve...
  23. Dragon Tamer

    Link Can Talk Its Just Hard to Notice

    Well yeah, you can pick choices for link to say. It's just that people don't have voices saying the words. Link may grunt when he fights, or screams when he is being chased. He just doesn't say words. Now that I think about it, none of the other characters talk in words either. You just read...
  24. Dragon Tamer


    It's Hamtaro time! I love this show. I did forget it for a while but JelloGoMoo reminded me of it. Thank you Jello. I now know the lyrics of the songs. I also know how to do the Hamtaro dance at the end. It's not as cute when I do it But still, I know how to do it. ^.^ It took a couple of...
  25. Dragon Tamer


    Thanks for the cookie. I love Yugioh. I collect the cards. I'm not that good at dueling. Mostly I just look at the pretty pictures on the cards. Especially the sparkly ones. But, I watch the show as much as I can. I'm now working so I don't get much time to watch anime. :( But Yugioh is still...
  26. Dragon Tamer


    Well, I go to school so I get ready for that in the morning. Weekends I go to work. My house chores are feeding my dog, clean my room (if a mess).
  27. Dragon Tamer

    Zelda Manga

    I love manga but I saw no interest in Zelda manga. In the games, Link doesn't talk. In the manga, he talks! I think that ruined his reputation of being the silent type.
  28. Dragon Tamer

    Do You Have Fans?

    Well, I have fans... at school. I don't know if that counts or not but, my friends are weird. We are fans of each other. So yeah, I have some fans. :)
  29. Dragon Tamer

    Zelda Cosplay - Zant!

    Are you sure Zant didn't just pop out of the game because he looks real to me. :) That must of took some time...wait scratch that, a lot of time to do that costume. I give credit to the person in the outfit. I would never try to make that. I'd lose my mind. :P
  30. Dragon Tamer

    Favorite(least) School Subject

    Okay, I love art. love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! I hate math. My brain does not work in math.
  31. Dragon Tamer


    I don't care much for this movie. Actually, I didn't care at all for this movie that I haven't even watched it. Movies like Caroline don't interest me.
  32. Dragon Tamer


    I loved this movie. I would watch it over and over and over again. It looks soooo real! The ending was sad, it touched my heart. They did a great job making Titanic. Great, now i want to go watch it. :)
  33. Dragon Tamer

    Your Favorite Drinks

    Alright here it goes... -Pop (any kind other than strawberry Fanta) -Any kind of energy drinks -milk (drink about 3 gallons a week) -water (don't want to dehydrate) -fruit juice
  34. Dragon Tamer

    South Park

    I am just now getting into this show. Never did like it much but when i started staying up late, it was the only thing on. *sigh* In my opinion, they should put better shows on TV!
  35. Dragon Tamer

    Spirited Away

    My friend showed me that movie! I love it. It was a great movie!
  36. Dragon Tamer

    American Idol

    Mine is Adam of course! :love: I haven't enjoyed watching American Idol since he came on.
  37. Dragon Tamer

    Teen Titans!

    Loved that show since the first time i saw it! Raven was my favorite... I mean is my favorite. She always picked on beast boy! :P
  38. Dragon Tamer

    Shows You Watched During a Younger Age

    I watched all kinds of stuff when I was little. Can't really list any(makes the brain hurt) :) I know that mostly what I watched was on cartoon network. Hamtaro was one of my favorites!
  39. Dragon Tamer

    If you wrote a book...........

    I'm actually trying to write a book now. I'm still thinking about the title though...Right now it is called "Forgetful". It is about a girl who is abused from her mother. On her way home she gets jumped on. She blacks out and wakes up with her memory gone. A guy saved her and she later finds out...
  40. Dragon Tamer


    My dreams are completely out of wack! O.o I try to ignore them but sometimes I can't. *sigh* There was one where a butterfly tried to kill me! For those who watch Yu-Gi-Oh, I had a dream where Yugi stepped into a room and pointed to a monster and yelled out "OH MY GOSH, IT'S MY MOTHER!!!"...
  41. Dragon Tamer

    What Do You Aim to Achieve in Your Life?

    One goal in my life that I'll share is that I want to tackle someone in a hot dog suit! :) Sounds ******** but i want to. I have more goals than that though.... But that will take to long to type.
  42. Dragon Tamer

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    Haven't thought of this at all. Let's see... For a boy-Damen, Kai, or Eric For a girl-Chrystal, Naomi, or Yuki (Don't really want to have kids)
  43. Dragon Tamer

    What's Your Zodiac Sign?

    I'm a cancer! For the chinese zodiac, I'm a rooster.
  44. Dragon Tamer

    Austin Powers

    I don't know what else to say but he was really funny.
  45. Dragon Tamer


    I got lost in this show. I watched it with my mom but we stopped maybe when he was able to fly.
  46. Dragon Tamer

    Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken?

    My X-boyfriend used me to get to someone else but my heart wasn't broken. Then a guy i liked wanted to go out with me but was afraid that if we break up, then we will lose our friendship. My heart was never broken by these senes, actually i never did care about them.
  47. Dragon Tamer


    I have three dogs and a cat. Personally, i want to shoot my dogs but my dad won't let me. I love my kitty Rosie. She is black and white with a big bell on. My mom kinda got sick of her bringing dead things. My cat can't help it, she likes to hunt. Now she has a big bell on here. She still is...
  48. Dragon Tamer

    Family Guy

    I quite love family guy. It is getting a little overrated, but i still like it.
  49. Dragon Tamer

    The Dark Knight

    OMGosh ...HEATH LEDGER is HOTTTTTTTTT! the movie waas the best movie of '08 espescially with all the drama and violence...WOOO WHOOOO!!!!!!!! :)
  50. Dragon Tamer


    I think only you would say that.
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