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    Boss Ideas for Next Zelda Game.

    Dark Link, but he uses whatever you have out, and mostly copies your movements. He should swordfight like he did in OOT, where he copies you, and maneuvers against you.
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    Zelda Characters in the Real World

    The Postman would be..... A Postman.....
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    Favorite Zelda Puzzle Ever!

    Either when you close your DS in PH, or block puzzles. Just in general.
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    Zelda Refrences

    In Fable 3 you find a toy sword, and the description is "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!" In Mario Galaxy, in the rolling green star galaxy, before you knock down the bridge, jump ontop of it, and look down. There's blue star bits in the shape of a rupee.
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    The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3DS Official Soundtrack

    I didn't even open mine. It'll probably be a collector's item in the future.
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    Your Favourite Looking Place in Any Zelda Game

    Faron Woods in SS. It's just pure art.
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    Zoras: Then, and Now.

    I dont get the change from OOT to TP.
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    Zelda Master Sword Theory

    How does the Master Sword get moved from place to place? Like from the Sealed Grounds, to the Temple of Time, etc? Unless they keep building around it? I think there's only 1 pedestal of time.
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    Kids Named After a Zelda Character?

    Tingle. I might just make their middle name Zant, or Ghirahim or something along those lines.
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    Which Boss Would You Like to Be Friends with and Why?

    Probably byrne. He's awesome. Or maybe Veran.
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    Fat Foes

    Deku Toad, That fat guy from WW (Jalhalla?), and That fat green guy you fight like 3 times in TP.
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    Best Ice/Snow Dungeon?

    Snowhead, or Snowpeak. From TP or MM.
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    What Do You Think About a Zelda Movie

    Done right, amazing. Done wrong... *Thinks back to Super Mario Brothers Movie* ...... *Shivers*
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    Where Would Your Vacation in Hyrule Be?

    Great Bay. Peaceful beach, Indigo Go's, and Gerudo women. Ohhhhh Yeahhhh.
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    My Ideas for a Zelda Game

    1. That's kind of ridiculous. There's too much trying to be thrown into it. 2. That'd be pretty sweet. Zelda Generations. That'd be incredibly hard to hold. There's no way to hold the tablet like that. Unless it comes with a handle on it.
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    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    I played OOT when i was about 4. Fell in love with Zelda.
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    Ocarina of Time Whats Your Fav Version of Ocarina of Time?

    I dont know exactly which, but the N64 one. I do hate the joystick though.
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    The Legend of Zelda What Zelda Game Was Your First?

    Ocarina of Time. Still my favorite too. Tied with MM.
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    Twilight Princess Which Item from TP Would You Want in Real Life?

    The Master Sword. If i can't choose that, then probably Zora Armor. If that doesnt count, then either double clawshots, or spinner.
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    What Zelda Titles Have You Beaten

    LOZ, LTTP, FS, OOT, MM, WW, TP, SS, PH, ST, and probably more that i'm forgetting.
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    Are Some Races Gone Forever?

    Well not too many races are really meant to be permanent. I think the Kokiri, Koroks, etc. were temporary, while the Gorons, Zora, (Gerudo?) are permanent.
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    What If Link Went Evil

    He'd be unstoppable. They should do an infamous type thing, where you do different things, and it changes your noteriety.
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    What is Your Triforce?

    I think i'm pretty balanced. I'm not very heavy in one or the other.
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    Nintendo Should Make a Zelda Game That...

    Like Wand of Gamelon? NEVER AGAIN!!! Maybe as a side game but, with very little effort. I don't want it to take away from the production of the main series games.
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    Is Spririt Tracks Worth Playing?

    I like ST and PH. The only thing i dont like is the Temple of the Ocean King or whatever it's called.
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    Spoiler Favorite Legend Of Zelda Villain.

    Well I haven't finished MC so, i'm not really that informed of Vaati, but i think i like Majora, Ghirahim, and Vaati. Majora seems like he's pure chaos, Ghirahim is planned and sarcastic, but he'd be cool as his own villian. Vaati seems like a blend of the two.
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    One Man Army – Does It Need To Go?

    I personally don't really mind. A change of pace would be cool, but not forever. I honestly hated Medli and Makar in TWW. I didn't mind it in ST though. I just didn't like how you had to play the song to change characters in TWW. Took forever just to plant a seed, or hit a switch, etc.
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    Ocarina Vs Harp

    Ocarina. In real life i love the harp, but it's annoying to play in SS.
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    I Support Operation Moonfall

    I neeeeeeeeed iiiiiiiitttttt!!!!!!
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    Im pretty impartial. They can be helpful, and annoying at different times.
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    Hero Mode Boss Rush Mode

    I haven't even beaten hero mode yet. I just beat the first dungeon.
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    Do We Need More Female Villains

    A female enemy would be pretty cool. I thought it would have been cool if Ghirahim was a chick. Before i actually played the game, now it wouldnt be that cool. It wouldnt really work.
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    Epona As a Kid?

    Try hacking if you really want to.
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    All Zelda Games Ever

    I didnt even know there was a Zelda 2 SNES or Zelda 3. I thought Ura Zelda didn't exist.
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    Next SSB Characters

    I want Link, Young link, and Ganon, but i want them to have different skins where they look like Wind Waker style, TP style, SS style, etc. Not zelda related, I want Mega Man and Simon Belmont.
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    What is Your Favorite Zelda Partner?

    I like Midna. She's funny, but dark.
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    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    Majoras Mask/Skyward Sword/Ocarina of Time MM for storyline SS for gameplay, and storyline, but not as good as MM and OOT because of Nostalgia. And Storyline, and gameplay.
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    What Was the Cutest Thing in Zelda You Ever Saw

    I like the puppies in TP and the Kikwis.
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    Temple of Time Prophecy

    I actually think there might be 2 temple of times. There's the one from SS and TP which are entire temples, then there's the OOT one, which might also be the sealed temple. Unless someone moved the Master Sword in between SS and OOT.
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    What Zelda Game Have You Played First?

    I played Ocarina of Time first. I was about 4 and i got half way through the water temple, then our N64 broke. I actually got through most of it. Just couldn't find the boss key. It was the first Zelda game, and video game, ive ever played.
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    Do You Play Zelda to Beat the Game or to 100% Complete It?

    I play to beat it, but then ,over time, 100% it.
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    The Most Epic Boss Fight in Zelda

    Probably Ganon in OOT. The fact that it's ontop of the destroyed tower, and it's all lightningy is awesome.
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    The Final Zelda Game: What Do You Want It to Be Like?

    I want it to be non-existant. I want Zelda to go on forever. But if i had to choose, it should be really dark, but still with humor.
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    The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS

    I reeeeeaaally want one, but if i swap the SD cards, I lose my ambassador stuff, so i can't get it. Really made me mad.
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    Most Effective Villain

    Majora. He was just pure chaos with ungodly powers, bent on destroying the world.
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    Most Hated Enemy in Zelda

    Either Re-Dead, or Beamos. Both aren't hard, just annoying.
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    What Three Zelda Characters Would You Most Like to See Make a Come-back?

    1. Midna 2. Zant/Ghirahim (Can't really decide, probably Zant) 3. Tingle!!!
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    Spoiler Most Useless Item

    Probably the ice arrows from OOT.
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    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    Least Favorite Zelda Dungeon Personally I'm not a big fan of the Great Bay Temple from Majora's Mask. It was pretty difficult the first time, and still is. I remember playing it during the CD - I live event, and having people in the chat help me, and having ZD open, for the stray fairies.
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    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    "Since you have such quick feet, it might be a good idea to run and bash into many things." - A Link to the Past (SNES) "Oh? Link, I see you have a nice stick... can I borrow it for a second?" "Pay me for the door repair charge" "Tingle, Tingle, Kooloo - Limpah! These are the magic words...
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