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  1. Echo

    Does Anyone Here Receive/buy GameInformer?

    i get it but my bro doesnt really let me read them
  2. Echo

    Super Mario Bros Super Show

    i havent seen it but im not sure if i want to because what happend to zelda
  3. Echo

    Any Anime Fans?!

    i love anime but i like the romantic ones
  4. Echo

    The Ending of an Anime

    i get sad when an anime is over right now im looking for a new one to watch
  5. Echo

    Favorite Song Lyrics

    "Do you know what it takes to be a hero? When you lost, a piece of love, a piece of you. Do you have what it takes to beat the fear thats in your heart, to grow up strong, and undo wrong. To grow up strong, and undo wrong" Hero by All-Insane Kids
  6. Echo

    Places You Would Love to Travel.

    i would love to go to japan
  7. Echo

    What Would You Do if You Had 24 Hours Left?

    i would tell the guy i like that i like him hey i only have 24 hours so if he doesnt like me what ever if he does ....... and after that i would go spend the rest of my day doing what i love spend time with my family
  8. Echo

    What is the Strangest Dream You've Ever Had?

    my dream was just like alice in wonderland but it way like a Rock place and a Anime place and a Zelda place so yeah
  9. Echo

    Whats Your Favorite Type of Music?

    mostly rock and emo music
  10. Echo

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    i like malon
  11. Echo

    Zelda As Links Daughter?

    im not a big zelda & link fan more of a malon & link fan so i think your idea's cool and (i know malon and link dont happen i just love the idea)
  12. Echo

    My 2 Odd Dream About Zelda and Zelda Dungeon I Had Last Night...

    i had a dream about zelda and link once but i dont remember what it was about :(
  13. Echo

    What Do You Do to Relax or Sooth Yourself

    one word MUSIC
  14. Echo

    What Videogame Character Do You Share Personality Traits With?

    i would say lightning from final fantasy 13
  15. Echo

    What Do You Watch On Youtube!

    Anime, music videos, cosplay stuff, and much more
  16. Echo

    Vocaloid Fans?

    i love vocaloids my fave song is cantarella :)
  17. Echo

    Link or Kirby?

    link 100%
  18. Echo

    How Old Are You?

    15 soon 16
  19. Echo

    Girl Problem

    do it!!!! i liked a gut who loved zelda games like me i wished he asked me out so go for it if she saids no then just play it off as a way to see if she liked you or something :) good luck
  20. Echo

    What is Your Nickname

    just baby doll i got that nick name from 2 of my bffs
  21. Echo

    Worst Movie You've Ever Seen in Your Life?

    alot of girls are gonna hate me but twilight
  22. Echo

    What Do You Guys Think of This Song?

    i dont like it......i love it i just subscribed :)
  23. Echo


    Lyrics mean alot to because thats the only way i can show people who i really am by singing
  24. Echo

    Thoughts on Toonami?

    my mom never let me watch it as a kid because she said it was evil ...... but now she doesnt care so if it comes back im watching it
  25. Echo

    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    relient k which to bury us or the hatchet dont know why but is stuck in my head
  26. Echo

    DC or Marvel?

    Marvel i grow knowing then so Marvel
  27. Echo

    Does Anyone Like the Ouran High School Host Club Anime Series?

    i love that show did you see Dub or sub
  28. Echo

    Discussion #005: Mystery Behind Lon Lon Ranch

    i can live with that i wanted to know where they went any ways
  29. Echo

    Top 5 Fav. YouTubers!

    1.WHOOKOSMedia/CreatorScoot (both youtube) 2. xanauzumaki 3.Adamwestslapdog 4.TheBigT2000 5.by shadowlink4321
  30. Echo

    Zelda: Toon/Young Link, or Adult Link?

    i like the older link because hes just so cool
  31. Echo

    What if You Never Came Across Video Games?

    i think with out video games i would be girly and care more of what people think of me ........... THANK YOU VIDEO GAMES
  32. Echo

    What is Your Favorite TV Show?

    shugo chara it was the frist anime i watched
  33. Echo

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Faster - Within Temptation.....i love music like that
  34. Echo

    Voice Acting--in Hylian?

    zelda doesnt need voice acting the game lets us (the people who play the game) give the characters there own voice
  35. Echo

    Who is Your Favorite Link?

    Ocarina of Time Link he was the 1st link i knew
  36. Echo

    Things in Zelda That Seem Normal but Would Be Weird if You Saw It in Real Life.

    um a little kid with a real sword walking around
  37. Echo

    Which Anime Character Are You?

    misa from Kaichou wa Maid sama we both are very mean when it comes to boys and ends up to hurting them(ask my big bros) but have a sweet side to some that we just have :)
  38. Echo

    Youtube Accounts

    i have one angelz1884 no videos i use for anime
  39. Echo

    Anime Suggestions?

    um romeo x juliet shugo chara Kaze No Stigma Okamisan and her Seven Companions
  40. Echo

    I Can't Be The Only One Who Doesn't Hate Tingle Can I?

    i dont hate him but i dont like him..... hes just there
  41. Echo

    Favorite Element?

    i like fire and my mom also tells me if i was an element it would be fire because well must i say more :P
  42. Echo

    What Song Reflects You?

    i lol so hard only because this is like me Mood Rings by Relient K I HATE THE SONG OF THE VIDEO Shugo Chara girlz should all wear Mood Rings - YouTube Hate THE FRIST SONG now this song is because i will always love my family and friends but some times i just dont like them :) which to bury...
  43. Echo

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    i have a few names but im still young and dont plan on kids maybe when im older but girl: Melina i only put a girls name because well i have tons of names but i dont want to tell them :P
  44. Echo

    Majora's Mask Favorite Boss From Majora's Mask

    i liked majora just because he was the main boss and you had to get all the masks just to beat him the easy but the other way is fun.....well just to see my bros get mad :P
  45. Echo

    Epona Vs Train!

    Epona 100% wait are we talking about a race or battle ......... who cares epona will always win :D
  46. Echo

    Zelda Fun Facts!

    MM was supposed to be a week instead of 3 days but i think alot of people know that :triforce:
  47. Echo

    Pronouncing "Malon"?

    i think its like Talon just with a M but just say it the way you want to
  48. Echo

    OoT-N64 Where Did Jabu Jabu Go?

    i just kinda thought he was dead :oh: but im not sure :)
  49. Echo

    April Giveaway Contest: Top 5 Favorite Video Games

    1. Zelda: Ocarina of Time (gamecube) 2.Super Smash bros. Brawl (wii) 3.Rock band (Xbox 360) 4.Marvel: Ultimate Alliance(xbox 360) 5. Zelda Twilight Princess (gamecube) I tryed not to put all zelda games :)
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