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  1. J

    Game Help Oracle of Seasons/Ages

    I recently bought both Seasons and Ages for 3DS and I am in need of help regarding secrets. I beat OoA first and used the Holodrum secret to start an OoS linked game. I have received many secrets in OoS so far, but when I go back to OoA to tell the secrets to the corresponding characters...
  2. J

    Four Swords Hardest Section of a Zelda Game?

    I dont know what others may think of this, but for me the hardest part of a Zelda Game (In this case Skyward Sword.) are the trials where you have to gather the goddess tears. Its very nerve racking and there is a lot of pressure on me when the guardians wake up and start chasing me x[.
  3. J

    Is Fi the New Navi?

    Neither Navi nor Fi are annoying to me. I love them both despite them pointing out the obvious and despite the fact that Fi speaks like like a robot analyzing everything and telling you the facts that you already know in percentages. In my opinion, In Zelda games (at least from Oot and onward)...
  4. J

    WW-Wii U Should They Do Another Cel Shaded Game?

    When I first saw videos of WW graphics, I wasn't a fan, but once I started playing the game, I grew to like them so I wouldn't mind another game with cel shaded graphics.
  5. J

    Majora's Mask What Was the Best Part of This Game?

    The best part for me was having to warp back in time constantly.
  6. J

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Favorite Warp Song?

    I love Bolero of Fire and Nocturne of Shadow. =]
  7. J

    General Modern Favorite Song from The Legend of Zelda?

    I like Ballad of the Goddess, Song of Time, Zelda's lullaby and the Gerudo Valley music. Oh, almost forogot, I also love the Song of Storms =]
  8. J

    Ocarina of Time Whats Your Fav Version of Ocarina of Time?

    I started the Zelda series late, so my first game was OoT on the Virtual console. Although, having to use the wii classic controller limits a few but minimal things. The only thing I can think of is lack of a rumble pack so you cant use the item that makes the controller vibrate when a gold...
  9. J

    Ocarina of Time What Would Make You Swear?

    The snowboarding mini game in Twilight Princess against Yeta. My first playthrough it took me like 20 tries. During the shortcut I would either fall off or during the final turn I would bump into the wall repeatedly and fall off. Second playthrough > ME: "Yes! I am going to win on my first try!"...
  10. J

    Your Favorite Pokemon Game

    My favorite is Ruby/Saphire. I loved everything about it. I especially loved the music and the fact that you can make your own base/hideout and be able to decorate it.
  11. J

    Twilight Princess What Did You Name Epona?

    I always stick to the original names so I named her Epona. I would have loved to be able to name my loftwing in SS though xP.
  12. J

    Ocarina of Time Favourite Quote

    "Time is money. If you're done shopping, then quit wasting both..." - Malo
  13. J

    Ocarina of Time If You Were Link...

    Master Sword, Mirror Shield, Zora Tunic, Hero's bow, and Ocarina of time =]
  14. J

    Between MM and TP

    Hero's Shade First of all, Forgive me if this is an overused topic, but I want your opinions. Which past Link do you think is the Hero's Shade? I personally think, (and I don't have much evidence) that it is the Link from Wind Waker, simply because the moves the Hero Shade teaches Link in...
  15. J

    Spoiler Midna's Real Form

    When I first saw her true form, I didn't like it much, but then, when I saw some fan art of Midna's true form, I simply LOVED it. =]
  16. J

    Ocarina of Time Is Rolling Really Faster?

    I have always wondered that myself. Thanks for testing it and giving us the results. To bad you can't roll or sprint for long in Skyward Sword. xD
  17. J

    Ocarina of Time Which is Better?

    I've only played the original. I don't know what differences the master quest has. Can someone explain it to me?
  18. J

    WW-Wii U Favorite Dungeon

    My favorite was the earth temple. I liked it because I got the chance to explore with and control Medli (one of my favorite characters of the game.) Also, I loved all of the mirror puzzles.
  19. J

    OoT-N64 Ocarina of Time Good Game?

    Of course, its a great game. It was cool to see all of the characters and enemies in 3d. Also I loved all of the different songs you could play with the ocarina.
  20. J

    The Legend of Zelda What Zelda Game Was Your First?

    I started playing the Legend of Zelda series late, but its better late than never right? I started with Ocarina of Time =].
  21. J

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    None of the temples were particularly hard for me, but if I had to choose one it would be the Shadow Temple mainly because the wallmasters startled me and annoyed me by taking me back to the entrance.
  22. J

    Skyward Sword FYI a Game Breaking Glitch Has Been Discovered

    I read that in order to avoid the game breaking glitch, you should NOT go to Lanayru first when retrieving the parts of the Song of the Hero. Also I read that if you did do that first, that you should avoid talking to the goron in the Eldin Volcano until you retrieve the other parts of the song.
  23. J

    What Do You Carry in Your Adventure Pouch?

    2 life medals, Hylian Shield. Guardian potion +, 2 fairies, 2 red potion++. This is what I had when I went in to battle Demise. A little overkill much? xD
  24. J

    What Do You Like the Most About Skyward Sword?

    I love that Zelda is Link's childhood friend. =]
  25. J

    Twilight Princess Did You Use the Magic Armor?

    Never! Once I found out that it uses rupees as "fuel", I just said hell no xP.
  26. J

    Spoiler Impa

    I don't think there is much or any evidence that what you say is possible.
  27. J

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Twilight Princess?

    Of course, I did. I love all Zelda games.
  28. J

    Ocarina of Time What's the Farthest You Have Ever Gotten?

    I never got all of the gold skulltulas because after a while I realized there is nothing the could give me that I really needed.
  29. J

    Ocarina of Time Best Boss: Who Did You Enjoy Tearing to Pieces the Most?

    None of the above. xP I loved tearing up Girahim and Demise the most in Skyward Sword. I beat Ghirahim within an inch of his life hehehe.
  30. J

    Ocarina of Time Who is the Cutest Female Character in OOT?

    I like Malon. I just loved hearing her sing Epona's song. Ahhh so lovely =].
  31. J

    Ocarina of Time What is Your Favorite Equipment Configuration?

    I liked blue tunic ( even when I didn't need to dive). Kokiri boots, mirror shield, Master Sword.
  32. J

    Spoiler Did the Twilight Princess Ending Stink?

    Yeah, It left me wanting more. That's why I had an empty feeling when I beat it, so I ended up replaying it. I personally like the twist that Zant was a puppet. I went through most of the game thinking he was such a badass, but then when I figured he was just a pawn, I was like Heh what a noob. XD
  33. J

    General Modern Favourite Cutscene from Any Zelda Game

    I like the cutscene in Skyward Sword where Zelda pushes Link off the deck even when Link said that he couldn't sense his leftwing. She didn't believe him and ended up having to rescue him. That was funny. Also in SS, I liked when Link and Zelda were on the goddess statue and Zelda says "you know...
  34. J

    Ocarina of Time Tunic Colors: Which Games' Tunics Did You Prefer?

    Blue all the way! I especially liked it because it let me breathe under water, (I know we are just comparing colors though.)
  35. J

    OoT-3DS Was This Here Before?

    I don't remember any Goron Posters.
  36. J

    OoT-3DS Navi's Not Annoying

    I love navi! She is one of the reasons why I really like OoT.
  37. J

    Twilight Princess Funnest Boss in Tp

    Definitely Twilit Fossil: Stallord. Love using the spinner!
  38. J

    General Modern Twilight Princess Vs Skyward Sword

    I agree with you completely, but I still cannot say that one game is better than the other. I like them both equally. I also missed the Zoras. I was looking forward to seeing them, but they never made a single appearance. There was at least one Goron in SS but not even a single Zora? =[
  39. J

    Link and Love

    ZeLink: lol funny hybrid name. If Link's name came first would their hybrid name be.......Linda? haha:lol: ZeLink: lol funny hybrid name. If Link's name came first would their hybrid name be.......Linda? haha:lol: For OoT I prefer Malon, or Ruto because that would be very interesting. For...
  40. J

    Favorite Ganon Battle

    Twilight Princess hands down. Ganons beast form was well......BEAST!!:) haha.
  41. J

    What Was Your Opinion of Dowsing?

    I enjoyed this new concept of dowsing. It actually made object hunting more fun for me. Sometimes dowsing would lead to a cliff and it would leave me stumped as to where the item was. That's where you need to think in order to figure it out. For example, there is a goddess cube where you need to...
  42. J

    Favorite One of Link's Various Shields.

    I like how skyward sword did not make it easy to get the Hylian Shield. I Appreciate the Hylian shield the most in SS because it is indestructible as opposed to the other shields in SS. I also like the mirror shield from OoT and WW.
  43. J

    Fat Foes

    These moblins from Skyward Sword are pretty dang obese.
  44. J

    The Best Puzzle in Any Zelda Game?

    I liked the Triforce puzzle in Wind Waker. You know, the one where you have to move the triangles so that you can form the Triforce and open the door leading to the master sword. Oh and I also liked the Puzzle in Twilight princess, when you are about to get the master sword and you have to put...
  45. J

    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    How about the wand of Gamelon! XO
  46. J

    Gorons Vs. Zoras.

    I prefer Zoras. I would have loved to see them in SS though =[.
  47. J

    Do You Care What Color Link's Hair Is?

    I think blonde looks much better.
  48. J

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    I have to go with Twilight Princess.
  49. J

    Does the Original Master Sword Exist in Wind Waker?

    There can only be one master sword. as everyone is saying it is just smaller because of the different game design.
  50. J


    Maybe after playing so many zelda games, you just got used to all of the challenges and puzzles.
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