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  1. GloatingSwine

    Breath of the Wild BotW: The most ambiguous Zelda timeline game

    Let's all be honest with ourselves. Zelda games are designed as games first, and squashed into the metanarrative later.
  2. GloatingSwine

    For those of us who didn't like Skyward Sword...

    It didn't. The shield bash parry was about as OP as parrying is in Dark Souls, which is very. Except because SS uses motion controls which are too vague to require precise timings it's super easy to do consistently. Parrying breaks most enemies in Skyward Sword. I didn't like Skyward Sword...
  3. GloatingSwine

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    Seveneves, by Neal Stephenson It's not quite effective. I mean sure, a page and a half diversion about orbital mechanics is potentially interesting, but putting something in depth and technical in the middle of eg. a tense situation where a protagonist is trapped in a space capsule that's just...
  4. GloatingSwine

    Detective Pikachu Movie

    I think it's quite simple. The live action trailer for GDP went viral, someone looked at it and thought "yes, this is daft enough to work" and got the rights to it.
  5. GloatingSwine

    Canon so terrible you pretended it never happened

    There's good stuff in ME2/3, it's just in all the places the main plot isn't. (Well, ME2 tends to repeat the "daddy issues" theme a bit too often in the loyalty missions, probably should have got the writers together and set a limit on that). ME2 is a dumb plot where nothing happens or makes...
  6. GloatingSwine

    Canon so terrible you pretended it never happened

    To be honest, to really save Mass Effect you have to disregard the second and third games entirely. I mean it's easy with ME2, nothing actually happens in it anyway, the 'verse is in exactly the same position at the end of it than it was at the start. Only the Arrival DLC moves the plot...
  7. GloatingSwine

    Sonic the Hedgehog: Favorite Voice Cast?

    The Japanese one. I mean they're still bad, but at least I can't understand them half the time so I can more easily ignore how bad they are.
  8. GloatingSwine

    How Link Heals?

    It's fully diagetic. He tramples the hearts of his foes beneath his mighty (iron) boots. This gives him strength and purpose.
  9. GloatingSwine

    Breath of the Wild How useful do you think the handglider is going to be?

    The trailers so far have shown a reasonable amount of the new climbing up things feature, so I expect using the hang glider to get back down off of things after climbing them will be pretty common. Having specific use items like the spinner isn't bad. It's better to have a common core of a...
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