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  1. sommer

    Old Music is Killing New Music

    To me, old music are MUSIC. Newer kind of "music" are more like noise to me. It's sad, because there are good artists out there that do have some good music today, but it drowns in the noise of the other stuff.
  2. sommer

    @ArchAngel217 up and down :shrugs: I hope you are doing fine.

    @ArchAngel217 up and down :shrugs: I hope you are doing fine.
  3. sommer

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    I am reading: Lethal White, by Robert Galbraith
  4. sommer

    What Zelda Game Have You Replayed the Most?

    The legend of Zelda is the Zelda-game I absolutely has played most times.
  5. sommer

    What's Your Profile Picture?

    It's an ugly, annoying Moblin
  6. sommer

    Thank you, MapleSerup :pikalove:

    Thank you, MapleSerup :pikalove:
  7. sommer

    Thank you, Spiritual Mask Salesman :pikalove:

    Thank you, Spiritual Mask Salesman :pikalove:
  8. sommer

    Thank you, twilithfalcon :pikalove:

    Thank you, twilithfalcon :pikalove:
  9. sommer

    Thank you, Chevywolf30 :pikalove:

    Thank you, Chevywolf30 :pikalove:
  10. sommer

    Breath of the Wild Amibo

    I have bought a selection of amiibo's, which I have used in Breath of the Wild and Hyrule warriors: Age of Calamity. They have helped me with weapons, food and gemstones I could sell earlyin the game. I think they was worth it :)
  11. sommer

    What Made You Happy Today?

    Seeing 4 of my Hoyas started to flower, that made me happytoday :pikalove:
  12. sommer

    Happy birthday, mαrkαsscoρ :party:

    Happy birthday, mαrkαsscoρ :party:
  13. sommer

    Buying Loose Games

    If it's a game I REALLY want, I don't care if it has a case. But I would like the manual/booklet. But to be honest, I prefer buying new games.
  14. sommer

    Breath of the Wild What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    Finally bought the DLC-pack, and have started going through the new things to explore and search for.
  15. sommer

    Happy birthday to you :party:

    Happy birthday to you :party:
  16. sommer

    Christmas 2020 Avatar & Signature Competition - Results

    My vote goes to @Snowlight :hug:
  17. sommer

    Hello Echolight I'm back from my holiday and it was so nice to see the greeting. Thank you so...

    Hello Echolight I'm back from my holiday and it was so nice to see the greeting. Thank you so much :hug:
  18. sommer

    Do you like to have a salad or soup before dinner and do you like a dessert after?

    In the rare occations where I do eat out, I would drop the starter. If not, I wouldn't have any room for the main and dessert. But I think I prepare better meals myself at home, so I prefer to do that.
  19. sommer

    What Made You Happy Today?

    I received a new copy of Zelda, Twilight Princess today! That made me happy :)
  20. sommer

    Life Size Link Statue

    Wow! How amazing to have won that Link-figure. Congratulations. I would have loved that figure, and my husband would have moved out of the house ;)
  21. sommer

    What Foods Do You Dislike?

    * Lutefisk, a traditional dish in Norway. (Not to be confused with lutefish, freshwater fishes native to Africa. ) Lutefisk is dried whitefish (normally cod, but ling and burbot are also used). It is made from aged stockfish (air-dried whitefish), or dried and salted cod pickled in lye. It is...
  22. sommer

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Normally I'm not easy to get annoyed, but today my cat annoy me by climbing my back all the time.
  23. sommer

    Nintendo Quiz

  24. sommer

    How will we see BotW2 next?

    I think a BotW 2 will be darker version. And I guess a lot will be in places we haven't seen before. In Zelda, A link to the past we switched between the light and dark world. I don't think the sequel (if it's going to be that) will be similar. I guess we will be down under, in dark, dark...
  25. sommer

    Breath of the Wild Favorite Province.

    I like Central Hyrule most, with all those Guardians, and the Lake-area. But most areas has their charm.
  26. sommer

    Thank you Giri :)

    Thank you Giri :)
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