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  1. triforceguy1

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask Trailer

    Is it supposed to be like a promotional video or something that came with a Gaming magazine?
  2. triforceguy1

    Questions You Hate Being Asked

    The girlfriend question annoys me... mainly because I'm thinking with a smug look on my face "you don't know I'm gay... and guess what... I'm not going to tell you hehehe" Also I hate it when people meet me through my dad, the first thing they all ask is if I play an instrument... yes I do but...
  3. triforceguy1

    Stupid Things You Were Scared of As a Child

    Two things, the mummified hands from Banjo-Kazooie... I mean what the frack! It's supposed to be a game which kids can play (yeah, from the same company that made Conker haha) and all is going well until some dead hand emerges chasing you =/ The other, which still bugs me, is loud noises, I...
  4. triforceguy1

    General Zelda If You Could Add a Race to Hyrule What Would It Be?

    UNDERPANTS GNOMES!!! They could help teach link the importance of business In all seriousness though... I would definitely like to see more on the Ancient Tribe from Termina. Perhaps they are the Terminian equivalent to the Sages in Hyrule though their methods were more sinful, and one of the...
  5. triforceguy1

    General Zelda Symphony of the Goodness.

    Uhhh no... It doesn't fit. Zelda games are Fantasy/Medieval themed not modern or futuristic (even though orchestral music is still modern), and orchestral isn't tiring, it's very beautiful and I feel that there is more freedom with what atmospheres can be created with orchestral music. I'm sorry...
  6. triforceguy1

    General Zelda What is the Most Disturbing Zelda-related Thing You've Ever Seen?

    lol But you just have to remember it's like that with pretty much every franchise and I guess it's all up to opinion ;)
  7. triforceguy1

    General Zelda What is the Most Disturbing Zelda-related Thing You've Ever Seen?

    I was reading Zelda Wiki earlier and never realised that if you fetch more than one pig for Rose in Wind Waker, later Joel reveals that they ate the other pigs, I thought that was a slightly disturbing thought Also I do not mind the Link porn too much, it's just an explicit form of fan art...
  8. triforceguy1

    General Zelda Do You Think Nintendo Reads the Forums?

    A lot of companies hire big departments specifically for doing research on social media (including forums), so chances are that there are people hired by Nintendo who do their rounds through here and other forums from time to time. Probably not looking at specific interests but more of fan...
  9. triforceguy1

    General Zelda The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Colosseum (Fan Idea)

    Hello there, I was recently talking to a mate about recent Zelda games and how we wished that they would utilise multiplayer like previous games. So I was thinking, what if Nintendo came out with a 3DSWare title which focuses on Multiplayer. I thought it would be awesome for a £10 (or free...
  10. triforceguy1

    April Giveaway Contest: Top 5 Favorite Video Games

    Can't believe this hasn't been said yet, but... 24 Hours Remain
  11. triforceguy1

    IMac Printing Doubles

    Have you tried checking all the preferences with that printer and the drivers for the printer?
  12. triforceguy1

    Zelda Memes...!

    Here's something I created and posted on ZD's wall ^_^
  13. triforceguy1

    What is Darksiders?

    Thank you very much I'll get it for PS3 then (or perhaps I'll be lucky enough to win that competition Mases is holding lol)
  14. triforceguy1

    What OS Do You Use?

    Hey, What operating system do you use on your computer? I currently use Mac OSX Lion (10.7.2) Leon EDIT - Woo! 100th post after a full year on here lol
  15. triforceguy1

    What is Darksiders?

    What other consoles is it on?
  16. triforceguy1

    What is Darksiders?

    Okey donkey then ^_^
  17. triforceguy1

    Web Browsers

    Most modern browsers have bookmark on a toolbar now
  18. triforceguy1

    My Control Stick Turned Purple!

    I know what could've caused it, I want to know if I can get rid of it lol
  19. triforceguy1

    Spoiler Ghirahim: Your Thoughts?

    Ghirahim Hey, I'm really curious about Ghirahim as he seemed to just come out of nowhere in my eyes which raises a lot of questions. How did he start to serve Demise? What does he get out of all this (besides Demise's Resurrection)? Please could someone enlighten me a bit here? Just a...
  20. triforceguy1

    Web Browsers

    I used to use Firefox but I though the updates were so unstable and actually ruined my hard drive somehow, so now I just use Safari, I don't really need all those plugins
  21. triforceguy1

    What Zelda Game Are You Playing at the Moment,and What Are You Doing in It Right Now?

    Okay, I've played SS a bit more and I'm getting ready to find Levias
  22. triforceguy1

    My Control Stick Turned Purple!

    Sure, perhaps it's from when I was weeding the other day
  23. triforceguy1

    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    Somehow, I have the theme to match of the day in my head and I DON'T EVEN WATCH FOOTBALL (soccer) :/ BBC MOTD 2010-11 Intro - YouTube
  24. triforceguy1

    My Control Stick Turned Purple!

    Hey folks, While playing SS today I noticed that my control stick on the nunchuck controller has turned purple, I know it could be dirt and/or my sweat, so I tried wiping it (quite hard) with a damp cloth but it won't go back. Is there anyway to fix this, or will I just have to make do...
  25. triforceguy1

    What Zelda Game Are You Playing at the Moment,and What Are You Doing in It Right Now?

    I'm playing SSHM I've just beaten Tentalus and am going to learn the third song when I get outta bed lol
  26. triforceguy1

    Favorite Music From Skyward Sword

    All variations of Ballad of the Goddess was fabulous (especial when you play it with Impa and Fi) Also, both versions of Farore's Courage ^_^ And Zelda's Missing/Separation was incredible, I even play it on the Piano _^ Zelda: Skyward Sword Music - Separation - YouTube
  27. triforceguy1

    Favourite... Minigame?

    That one was alright
  28. triforceguy1

    Hardest Enemy

    A lot of users seem to think this thread it about hardest enemy in the entire Zelda World, it's hardest enemy in Skyward Sword Anyway, I found the Hydras pretty annoying, especially when they decide to bugger off when I have my shield ready for a shield bash lol Armos were pretty annoying too...
  29. triforceguy1


    Hey, I was just wondering, but does anyone here like the SciFi TV Show Fringe? I absolutely love it :3
  30. triforceguy1

    What is Darksiders?

    I may consider getting this at some point, it seems really interesting Do you think you would have to play the original to understand the second one (when it gets released) or is it too early to tell?
  31. triforceguy1

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    My least favourite is probably PH, like most people said, there weren't enough Islands, the soundtrack was lacking and the Temple of the Ocean King got silly. Still an okay game but I just didn't enjoy it as much as the other games
  32. triforceguy1

    I Can't Be The Only One Who Doesn't Hate Tingle Can I?

    I don't hate him, I find his character interesting That's what I like about the Zelda Universe, nearly every character is interesting and/or weird
  33. triforceguy1

    What's Your Ringtone?

    Perhaps I should change my ringtone to Autobahn by Kraftwerk
  34. triforceguy1

    Favourite... Minigame?

  35. triforceguy1

    What Happened Rare?

    You know what, I may actually write a proper pen and paper letter to them, and see if I get a reaction from them
  36. triforceguy1

    What Happened Rare?

    IKR Also, have you seen their Facebook Page, every one of their posts have comment from angry fans telling them to go back to their roots for the past few years, and they haven't even taken any notice to those comment by replying or anything. It's like M$ want them to die or something :(
  37. triforceguy1


    Because you can make delicious pumpkin soup :P Also, I don't think there would be enough room for livestock on Skyloft and the other floating islands lol
  38. triforceguy1

    Last Watched

    I think they actually kill you in future episodes But I agree they are pretty creepy, I refused (with failure) to blink for a while lol
  39. triforceguy1

    What is Your Birthstone?

    Apparently I'm Peridot Two days off being Sapphire
  40. triforceguy1

    Last Watched

    I remember when I thought that Small Dinosaur Animatronic Puppet at Universal Studios Theme Park was real -_-'
  41. triforceguy1

    What Happened Rare?

    Hey folks, Most old fans should be able to recognise the name Rare or Rareware as they developed some great third party adventures on NintendoConsoles in the past, from the King of the Jungle's Spin-Off Game, Donkey Kong Country, to a foul mouthed squirrel, Conker, to a classic Bond...
  42. triforceguy1

    The Future of Kid Icarus

    Perhaps a god could go rogue or maybe even a human could try to overpower the gods?
  43. triforceguy1

    What's Your Ringtone?

    The Gerudo Valley Theme performed by The Royal Philarmonic Concert Orchestra is my ringtone ^_^
  44. triforceguy1

    Last Watched

    I love Spirited Away and the other Ghibli films such as Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Tales from Earthsea etc. I recentl watched The Mummy
  45. triforceguy1

    Hero Mode

    I know that, but it would be cool to have the skip option for all of them (even though I still watch 'em anyway lol) Perhaps they could have a better Hero's Mode of SS included in the next Zelda lol
  46. triforceguy1

    Hero Mode

    I think it was fine the way it is, if they re-arranged the dungeons, that would make the game development even longer, I think the only things that should've been modified is the world could've been mirrored and the ability to skip ALL cutscenes
  47. triforceguy1

    Last Watched

    I love that I even bought the main theme on iTunes lol
  48. triforceguy1

    Favourite... Minigame?

    I nearly forgot about that one, it was fun, but I found it difficult, it took me about an hour to get it right lol
  49. triforceguy1


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