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  1. cloud33

    Nothing, hbu?

    Nothing, hbu?
  2. cloud33

    Your Feelings on Skyward So Far

    I feel Skyward Sword is a beautiful game with amazing artwork designs. Also some characters have grown on me for example *SPOILER* the godess sword, Fi. Towards the end she gives an emotinal speech that I began to tear up and ran out of the room. Yes I know pretty pathetic, but anyway, what are...
  3. cloud33

    Rate the Avatar!

    5/10 hard to make any thing out
  4. cloud33

    General Art Nayru~Water God's Art Thread!

    That's great Nayru keep it up. My fav is the one of the 3 goddesses
  5. cloud33

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    ?/10 never seen or heard of you Scratch that 10/10 your meh friend now
  6. cloud33

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Favorite Tunic Color?

    Defiantly red because it looks the coolest and because Link looks epic in it.
  7. cloud33

    Ghira Definition.

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