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    Why Don't You Think They Put Tingle in Skyward Sword

    What mental problem is he mocking? I may be missing something huge about his character.
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    Discrepancies in the Official Timeline

    It's impossible to know the true reason why the old gods created the Triforce. That just nullifies all arguments.
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    Discrepancies in the Official Timeline

    I completely disagree, the Gods seem to relish in the wars than ensue due to the Golden Power. Maybe they made the Triforce to watch the races as part of their entertainment?
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    Discrepancies in the Official Timeline

    In Twilight Princess, The Ancient Sages state that he had been blessed with the Triforce by a "Divine Prank." This means, to me, that the Gods gave the Triforce to Ganondorf. Their reasons may not be clear, but this is how it came off to me.
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    Legend of Zelda Awards, Nominees Needed

    Best Item - Beetle - Skyward Sword Best Incarnation of Link - Twilight Princess Link. Best Incarnation of Zelda - Twilight Princess Zelda Funniest Moment - The Legend of Groose Best Boss - Molgera - The Wind Waker Best Guide - I thoroughly enjoy the King of Red Lions. Best...
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    Favorite Zelda Song?

    Nocturne of Shadow, I don't know why but it always makes me feel so calm and blissful.
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    Spoiler Direct Sequel of TP Next?

    I feel that a direct sequel would be unneeded, but I am completely for a revisit to the Twili race.
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    Fan Made Wii U Trailer

    Hmm. I thoroughly enjoy the design, however I feel that the Wind Waker storyline has died, in a sense.
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    Majora's Mask Dream?

    Zelda is featured after obtaining the Ocarina of Time, in a flashback.
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    Zelda Tattoo

    I've always wanted the Shiekah symbol on my left shoulder. I've just always loved it.
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    Majora's Return

    I would like to see a backstory of Majora's Mask, a return would seem overreaching.
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    General Modern Zelda Story Lines

    Skyward Sword had an amazing plot, but disregarding that, Twilight Princess would win if Ganondorf wasn't thrown in there randomly.
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    Who is the Goddess of Time In Majora's Mask

    I've always assumed that people worshiped Nayru as the Goddess of Time, as she is depicted creating the Sun in OoT. The Sun has always kept time for the people, it would be logical that whoever created it would be credited as the creator of time.
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    Spoiler Demise in the Future

    I think that Demise's curse was merely his explanation of the balance of the world of Hyrule. His words were merely binding the Spirit of the Hero and The Blood of Hylia to his hatred. As long as his hatred exists, a hero will rise to defeat him, with aid from the Goddess reborn. I do not think...
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    What Do You Think Would Be a Good Title/story for a New Zelda Game?

    The Legend of Zelda: Marks of Courage
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    How Dark Link Came to Be

    One theory is that since Link has to be immaculate (free of sin) to draw the master sword, the gods took his dark side and made another creature out of it. As Link is the beacon of good that shines in Hyrule, Dark Link is the shadow of that beacon that must exist for it to be compared to.
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    Exactly Why Does Zelda Get the Triforce of Wisdom?

    SPOILER ALERT! In the Minish Cap, it is revealed that the "Light Force" is part of the bloodline of the Royal Family of Hyrule. While the Light Force may not be the Triforce of Wisdom, if it was it would explain why Princess Zelda is in possession of it most of the time.
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    General Modern Mish Cap Castor Wilds Swamp

    Have you obtained the pegasus boots?
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    General Modern Phantom Hourglass-Golden Ship and Minish Cap Green Kinstones

    If you have access to picolyte, one of them (can't remember the color :() increases the chance of finding kinstones to almost 100%. Use the picolyte, then dig around with the mole mits. You should find loads of kinstones.
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    Fi and Ghirahim Theory

    Huh, I never really looked at the intro... Nice observation!
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    Improving On The Upgrading System

    I'd like to see Link actually do the upgrading, with raw materials along with magic. Seems like it could make some interesting equipment.
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    If You Could Create a Villain

    Name: Tyzur Species: Sheikah Personality: Broken, Machiavellian, Arrogant, Talented, Obsessive-Compulsive Appearance: With the trademarked red eyes, Tyzur also has the symbol of his lost tribe, the Shiekah, tattooed on his palms. Wrapped in bandages, he removes these bandages from his...
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    Twilight Princess SPOILERS The Past

    Well, if they are parallel then a similar person has to appear, but yeah a Hero of Twilight does seem more fitting. But he worked with the sages and wielded the Master Sword, which made him the Hero of Time, did it not?
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    Twilight Princess SPOILERS Ganondorf

    Not discrediting this, but I find this very hard to believe.
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    A Link to the Past TURTLE ROCK

    Isn't it in the Power-Wisdom-Courage triumvirate? (doubt if I used that word correctly, but it sounded fitting) That's how I always remembered it, unless I'm just batty.
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    Twilight Princess SPOILERS The Past

    Right, but since Link never took the title of the Hero of Time, and if all of the Universes had to have had one, would TP Link be the Child Timeline Universe's HoT?
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    Adventure of Link HARDEST PART

    Death Mountain was unnecessarily difficult.
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    General Classic Which Would You Prefer

    My vote is for the Original. I LOVE Minish Cap, but that would be re-releasing Tingle into the world which is not cool :\
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    Majora's Mask MM Question !!

    My collector's edition never froze :D Guess I'm lucky... You can cut down time by melting the ice block (fire arrows FTW :D) for the Powder Keg before doing Snowhead, maybe. Just makes it more straightforward to me, than doing the quest in the Spring.
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    A Link to the Past TURTLE ROCK

    I had a horrible time figuring out entering the Swamp Palace(Level 2 Dark World). I completed the game without doing it until Misery Mire and Turtle Rock, then got so fed up I didn't play for 3 years. Picked it up, and realized that it was so simple...
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    Majora's Mask Children, Coincident? Or Secret?

    It makes perfect sence. I think since Majora's Mask was geared for E 10+, more child-like qualities would be more appealing, but the darker side would have made it weird if we saw an adult acting like a child. But that's marketing, so I don't consider that canon at all :P
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    Twilight Princess SPOILERS The Past

    So, if the timeline given by Nintendo is true, then does this not mean that the Twilight Princess Link is the first one that Ganondorf ever met? And therefore also the only time that Ganondorf has felt the Master Sword plunge itself into his body? I just think this is interesting... Also, do the...
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    Majora's Mask Children, Coincident? Or Secret?

    The game had a huge emphasis on friendship, and in the Zelda universe adults honestly have been too preoccupied with fighting some evil to have time for friends. Children are innocent, and they are therefore in a good place to have more interaction with Link during his journey. Friendship.
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    Majora's Mask Majora Block?

    Perhaps not worship him, but he was at least in their set of beliefs. I think the symbol of the four giants would have been more appropriate, but what're you gonna do? :P
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    Twilight Princess SPOILERS Ganondorf

    I did read the timeline, and I understand that he was reincarnated. But that merely means that his physical body is different, not his soul. And Ganondorf survived as a soul for a long time in the Twilight Realm, he could have just been weakened and sealed in the MS. Then reincarnated in FSA.
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    Twilight Princess SPOILERS Ganondorf

    When I first played Twilight Princess, I was under no impression that Ganondorf was killed at the end. I am steadfast in this belief, rather holding my theory that he was merely sealed into the Master Sword more viable. I don't know why I believe this, but I am willing to look into reasons that...
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    Need Help Understanding Some Parts of TP

    I... That is a good question! Honestly, I have no answer for that. The only one I can think of is that Zant banished Midna into the World of Light, and she may not have had any memory of what actually occurred during said banishment. After, Zant broke the mirror.
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    Need Help Understanding Some Parts of TP

    After Puppet Zelda is defeated, we see the same force that Zelda gave Midna return to Zelda from Midna's body. We can assume that at this point, the Triforce of Wisdom is returned to Zelda. And as the reason Link becomes a wolf in the Twilight... Well there are a few theories. Link has no...
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    The Third Split: A Hero's Choice

    Aw geez, so sorry. I just thought it was common knowledge by now, so I didn't think twice about it.
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    Between MM and TP

    I agree with this. He chose to become the hero after being sent back by Adult Zelda. Hence his words about choosing his destiny.
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    The Third Split: A Hero's Choice

    SPOILERS BELOW Correct me if I am wrong, but the third split in the timeline is caused by Link's failure to defeat Ganon, correct? Well, what I have been thinking is that when Link is sent back to his time by Zelda, Two timelines are created. One with Link, and another without. Adult and...
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    Between MM and TP

    It's not really major... Appearances are based on perception. Graphics are forever changing. Just because the Master Sword in aLttp is 2d, does that mean it is not the same one from OoT? Disregarding that, it is decrepit. Any shield may have faded due to time.
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    Zelda Master Sword Theory

    It says that it sleeps forever. In the aLttp manga (which although non-canon, is sanctioned by Nintendo), the Master Sword is sentient. The sleeping of the master sword could mean that its sentience has been quelled. If we completely disregard the manga, one could argue that the Master Sword...
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    Zelda Master Sword Theory

    Since Fi's duty has been fulfilled, she has stated that she would fade into nonexistence after Link places the Master Sword in the pedestal. Demise's corporeal form has faded away by the events of Ocarina of Time.
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    The Great Sea

    Well, looking back... Unless the theory that when someone who has wished from the Triforce dies that their wish is revoked is true, then the land of Hyrule would forever be lost under the sea. If it is true, it is only a matter of time before the Great Sea recedes due to that theory.
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    Between MM and TP

    The only issue with this is that the events of Wind Waker and the events of Twilight Princess occur not only in a different timeline, but parallel to eachother. This would make this impossible.
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    Zoras: Then, and Now.

    I believe the "Zoras" which attack you are known as Zolas.
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    The Great Sea

    Do you go back in time at all in Wind Waker?
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    WW-Wii U Ganondorf's Intents

    I don't believe SS contradicts this at all.
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    Do We Need Another Dark Story?

    In your opinions, do you think that the Legend of Zelda still needs a darker storyline? Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess did it very well, in my opinion. I think a few more wouldn't go amiss, but I also don't want it to become a theme. I am also partial to another T game, just so the...
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