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    Males Vs Females Game

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    Favorite Tyrogue Evolution?

    hitmonlee, no contest. i dont even remotely like the others
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    Favorite Pokemon Type

    theres a lot of types i like:/ modt notably dragon dark electric ice and fire
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    What Is Your Signature Pokemon?

    Overall i say Dragonite. He always seems ( in appearance) like an underdog with his awkward shape, scrawny wings, and unihorn antennae combo..all that said it takes time to raise and perfect his simply awesome power. each generation has given honorable mentions however 1st: Charizard...
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    Ho-Oh or Lugia?

    Lugia isnt able to own ho-oh with hydro pump for no reason... he is oviously far superior to ho-oh!!!!! Long live Lugia
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    Have You Ever "Caught Them All"

    i never cold find mew in gen 1 and 2..... but in gen 5 i have 649! all naturally caught or obtained from an event
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    Whats the Pecking Order for Starter Pokemon

    i just wish bayleaf didnt evolve hah meganium is a let down for me in that line:/
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    Whats the Pecking Order for Starter Pokemon

    Ok so i want to see what people think are the coolest starters for each type. when placing the 6th gen starters use the potential you think its final evolution has. Top of the Line: Blaziken, Torterra, Swampert The next best thing: Charizard, Chespin, Blastoise Pretty darn cool...
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    Pokemon Conquest - What Do You Think?

    it seems cool because its so different. im looking forward to getting it
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    How Quickly Can You Beat Any Pokemon Game ?

    Alright so im working on aquiring one of each and every pokemon. To do that i need to play just about every game, or at least all the third installments. now im gonna have to waitt a while to get some legendaries by even, but i do already have a lot. so how many games do you think i need to get...
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    Hardest Elite Four?

    blaCK and white, mainly due to the typing
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    Pokemon Theory: Mixed Up Evolutions

    the first one with venonat has to be true !! its so close. im not feelin the others tho
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    Favorite Thing to Do in Pokemon Snap!

    i loved get moltres to appear ! so cool
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    What Do You Want to See in Future Games ?

    What are the top 5 things you want to see in any future pokemon games ? for me it goes like this 1. A run button like in HG/SS so you dont always have to hold down b. 2. Two other items you can register to the toch screen 3. A two speed bike like in platinum 4. Eradication of weak hms...
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    If You Were a Pokemon, Which Type Would You Be?

    i think i would be any combination of electric dark and dragon
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    Do You Like Legendaries?

    they are nothing more than tropheys to me... powerful pokemon nonetheless
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    Your Favorite Pokemon Generation?

    mines 5 because im still exploring and learning the potential of all the new pokemon, whereas i know all there is about the first 4 gens
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    Did You Use the Bike

    oooooh yeah! i use the bikes to get everywhere cuz most of the time i dont use a flying type hah
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    My HeartGold Team

    i feel like you need another fighting move. maybe superpower on feraligatr instead of dig ? you also seem to have a slight weaness to fire types. but other than that nice work.
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    Rate My Party

    i like your style, even tho charizard obviously isnt dragon. i think you should have taken the stats of the pokemon into more consideration when choosing movesets
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    "MM is Superior to OoT"

    i just flat out dont like MM. i dont like being a kid the whole time, using masks, and the three day time limit
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    Do You Play Zelda to Beat the Game or to 100% Complete It?

    first playthrough get through it. second playthrough 100%
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    Which 3d Zelda Game Has the Best/your Favorite Dungeons Overall?

    Favorite Dungeons: All dungeons in Twilight Princess
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    Hardest Zelda Game

    Definately majoras mask. thanx for making that a choice. sarcastic scoff
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    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    aside from my gold wiimote of courage.... nothing :,(
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    Which Order Did You Get the Triforce

    its been a while. im starting to forget details... must be time for a replay
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    Super Smash Bros. Wii U Theories

    more zelda characters, bring back mewtwo, no smash balls. perfect game
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    What is Your Favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn Region

    Blaziken, aggron ? their children ;)
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    Pokemon Theory: Kangaskhan is an Evolution of Cubone/Marrowak

    false......just false, i mean i dont even, ..
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    This Pokemon

    um.. old days... misty... shorts..... O_0
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    Favorite Pokemon Champion?

    Favorite = Lance Least Favorite = Alder
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    Your First Pokemon

    my cousin showed me charizard in pokemon stadium and ive been hooked ever since
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    Your Mom in the Game

    well my mom saved my life once. i was broke from fighting the elite four and i needed revives.. then i remembered mom! i took all my money bought loads of revives and beat the elite four. but she calls way toooooo much
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    When Do You Think They'll Stop Making New Pokemon?

    if they have more than a thousand things will just be bad...
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    Please Rate My BW Team!

    interessting. but some of the movesets dont fit the pokemons skills. samurott in particular. and why didnt you evolve pikachu ?
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    Favorite Legendary?

    seriously,? no love for kyurem
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    Shiny Pokemon

    i found a shiny ursaring in SS, which i later traded my friend for his shiny haxorus, my cousin has a shiny hypno
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    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    when i was younger, my older cousins were really into OoT and they always tried to get me to like it but i thaught it was too hard and it scared me a little. so i became stubborn and ignored zelda completely until i was maybe 14, my friends said i should play Tp. i did. i fell in love, i have...
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    Best Story

    there was nothing better than the suspense i felt leading to battling Giovanni....
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    Do You Stick With Your Starter?

    First play through of any game.. yes. then i transfer it to white. play throughs after that just depend on the one i pick
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    First Pokemon Game?

    Red Version 1.Not anymore, only because i cant get all of the newer pokemon 2.Yes play it on my gameboy player 3.oops see above
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    Solo Runs

    i done it a couple times with dragonites. i trade eggs over at the beginning of games and just let dragonite destroy. but i think doing a duo run is more fun. so you can get a one two punch, and do doule battles
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    What Pokemon Game Are You Playing Now.

    keep my head on a swivel as i play 3 games across 3 DSes simultaneously . Platinum on my ds, soul silver on my dsi, and white on my 3ds
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    What Would You Like to See in the Ruby/Sapphire Remakes?

    how bout they make it a 3ds game. i"ll be happy with that. the graphics and battles would be soooooooooo much better. and i think there should be secret areas you can find and if you beat them you can unlock the starters from other regions. they should make that standard on all games
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    Favorite Female Co-character In Anime???

    misty and her shorts. plus she was the best trainer out of all of them and always kept brock in check
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    Which is Better Diamond,Pearl,Platinum

    Platinum. more stuff!
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    Did You Choose Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan?

    hitmonlee has those awesome toned legs ha, and what does hitmonchan have ? boxing cloves and a skirt.... umm whosse the real mon here
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    Should There Be New Pokemon Types?

    i think any new types they would think of would just break up into other types. the light type sounds cool but i see it as a combination of electric and steel.plus i think light pokemon would look dumb
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    If Starters Wern't Water, Fire, and Grass..

    I think the most logical would have to water electric and ground. i cant really see another grouping that woulnt give one type an extreme advantage or disadvantage
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