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    Choose One Thing You Hope for from BotW 2

    that they at the very least go back somewhat to what the zelda formaula has been for over 2 and a half decade (so that what makes a game actually a zelda game), because breath of the wild had really nothing in common with what the zelda series have been for over 2 and a half decade breath of...
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    BotW2 Delayed to Spring 2023

    so E3 is totally cancelled but it is of course to be expected that nintendo will do something online in the form of a presentation like they did for a few years now but is anyone gullible enough to believe that the sequel of breath of the wild will be in that presentation, one way or another...
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    BotW2 Delayed to Spring 2023

    my first thought when i heard this was: it will not release then either for sure it will not as its actual release will be significantly later than this thime window
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    How Should Dungeons Be Fixed In the Sequel?

    neither of the divine beast do even qualify as a mini-dungeon (and by saying that i think it is not at all necessary to even elaborate about shrines) also all of the divine beast together come not even remotely close to a dungeon the ony thing that is somewhat comparable to a dungeon is Hyrule...
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    How Should Dungeons Be Fixed In the Sequel?

    i have deprived myself of nothing since i played the entire game, i had bought it already anyway so why not the complete lack of something (dungeons in this case most obviously) that has always been one of the 2 or 3 major defining characteristics of the series for at least 2 and half decade...
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    Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity - Story Discussion

    is this a prequel as nintendo said?; in some sort of way it might be but actually it really is not, if the answer must be definite than it's obviously an NO for it to be a prequel the end of this story must be able tot lead to the start of the later already known part of the story or at least...
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    How Should Dungeons Be Fixed In the Sequel?

    that is an extremely positive take-out on what is actually a really negative post and negative with a (good) reason the core message of that post was that i don't trust it at all, that my expectations are very very low at best at the end i will still watch the final outcome only because the...
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    Zelda 35th Anniversary Game - Wishlist

    adding a master quest to one (or more) of the 3D games in the same way it was done with OoT or something like that
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    How Should Dungeons Be Fixed In the Sequel?

    taken botw into account i would not set up hopes to high if i were you, i yhink botw2 just having something that would more or less somethat resonate to (actual) dungeons will be very much already, so yes indeed i'm very sceptical about the dungeons in botw2 and even if they really will be...
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    Choose One Thing You Hope for from BotW 2

    actual dungeons duh since there is a complete lack of them in BOTW
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    What if BotW2 is just a 'rehash'?

    i see indeed some similarities in your idea but also some real differences and because of that your perspective is a more positive one than mine i think
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    What do you NOT want to see in BotW2?

    almost everything in BOTW what makes it very different to what the zelda series was before the formula underwent a rather drastic change and certainly not for the good
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    What if BotW2 is just a 'rehash'?

    it more or less seems that the land in the BOTW2 will be the same as in BOTW1, probably with some changes, but how much, enough to feel fresh? (1) BOTW2 will normally have actual dungeons in it as far as we know, this contrary to BOTW1 BOTW1 was very obviously focused on the overworld as also...
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    The Return Of The Hookshot?

    in the entirety of the Zelda series the hookshot is my overall favorite item somewhat narrowly beating the bow but since they made everything climable in BOTW this more or less makes that item useless, what (unique or interesting) purpose could it still have, beats me
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    Link's Awakening Switch Where is your hype level for Link's Awakening on Switch?

    not particularly hyped for this as it is a game that i have played before, and also (few) extra new things not doing it for me, the prices they ask for it? (frequently full price as it were a completely new game), money would be no problem but it is the principle that counts i do not see much...
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    What Kind of Dungeon Settings and Themes Would you Like?

    the old familiar themes, maybe even no (particular) themes at all, as long as the do not (all) look the same
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    (Opinion) What size should a world be in a Zelda game?

    i does not need to be as big as it was in BoTW, a bit smaller would certainly suffice on the other hand more dungeons or dungeonspace would be more than welcome
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    Zelda Switch confirmed to be BotW direct sequel; are you happy about that?

    as a matter of fact i'm not, i used to get very excited over practically all news/things Zelda related but since BoTW that changed to being actually cautious about it now the speculation is 100% confirmed that it is going to be a game exactly like BoTW, so if they don't make a VERY HUGE...
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    Were the Shrines Mini Dungeons?

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    Rumour- One Zelda game on Switch per year

    sounds good but probably only in theory and not so much in practise
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    My wishes for the next Zelda

    i think it is a pretty good assumption to say he did take notice of that but i'm rather pessimistic that something will be done with it or about it, i hope i'm wrong but i really fear for it not to be so
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    My wishes for the next Zelda

    i agree with practically everything on your list with the biggest exception being: "huge world, as big as BotW", more towns and civilisations on the other gand are most welcome the overworld should be less very large because if it will be as large it will be at the cost of another part you seem...
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    A 2D Zelda Switch

    i agree with you on this but i think that applies much and much more for BotW, which is something that is completely different to what a zelda game is or has been, a game in which they put in a few things related to zelda and gave it zelda name but for all others things it just is not (really) a...
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    Which was Darker?

    majora's mask
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    Tri Force Heroes The most beautiful Zelda song?

    gerudo valley of course
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    Will Zelda Switch expand or shrink?

    making such a completely untrue statement and comparison is an utter scandalous disgrace for OoT (a magnificent game, the best Zelda game), sorry but something like this i could not let pass
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    Will Zelda Switch expand or shrink?

    i hope for a minor or medium contraction of the overworld and that actual real dungeons of (very) decent quality would replace it that is what i hope for but i see things evolute in a negative way meaning they will go for larger just for the sake of larger and will probably neglect the dungeons...
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    An open world with linear dungeons?

    before BotW the Zelda series consist of appoximately 15 games in their main series and in only 1 of them overworld exploration is one of the main focusses of the game, that being the first game LoZ, not that it is not present in other games but there it is not at all one of the main focusses of...
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    Did Zelda need to go 'open world'?

    it is not because nowadays making open-world games have really becoming a trend that all games should be open-world games the other developers that made/make open-world games did that in game series that were already open-world games or at least were that in some sort of OR did that in...
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    Should Zelda Switch go for the most dungeons record?

    the most ever is not necessary, a decent number of dungeons like at 8 or 9 or 10 (there may always be more of course), but that they are of a considerable size, certainly also that they may be different from each other unlike in BotW where they all exactly played the same and looked the same
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    Favorite Game of All Time?

    ocarina of time of course followed by almost all other zelda games if not zelda games, than foremost rpgs: like xenoblade chronicles, tales of symphonia, rogue galaxy, FFXII, shadow hearts 2, ...
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    How did you become a Zelda fan?

    playing the original on the nes in 1988 after receiving it as a gift after reading most of the other answers here it gave me kind of a feeling of being somewhat old but being (only) 37 that is certainly not yet the case
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    What’s the first Zelda game you’ve played

    the very first one on the nes, sometime in 1988, a while already after it released in the EU, it was a present, i was not at all familiar with LoZ but that present most certainly made a big impact on my life
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    What does Zelda need more of?

    what would i like there to be more of?: dungeons of course although games do not lack them except BotW, there could never be enough of those, (a bit) too greedy i know but if something is (very) good more is or would be better
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    What is your least favorite thing about your favorite Zelda game?

    favorite game is ocarina of time, least favorite thing in that game was everything concerning inside jabu jabu's belly
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    Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

    favorites: ancient cistern, arbiter's ground, city of the skies, dragon roost cavern, spirit temple least favorites: a very clear number one: all the devine beasts, none of them or even worth being called dungeons but they should be that for BotW great bay temple...
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    Breath of the Wild Is Breath of the Wild a good foundation for the future of Zelda?

    for the first question i would be a little bit undecided, though a tad closer to no for the second question it is a definite no, maybe one more in the likes of BotW but not more than that
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    Rename Breath of the Wild

    The Legend of Zelda: The adventure without Dungeons
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    How many Zelda games have you bought on day one?

    since TP i have bought all Zelda games on the release day itself, also from TP on i also saw to it that the release date of a Zelda game would be a day off at work for me, exept once that was always on a friday so i could play the game 3 days straight since very obviously a weekend followed duh...
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    make dungeons bigger and combine some of the themes, exemple: something starts out like an ice dungeon, with ice puzzles and places you can go because of the ice and other places sealed because of the ice at some point further in the dungeon it becomes fire and lava related with puzzles related...
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    Did Zelda need to go 'open world'?

    it was not necessary as the zelda way and formula worked well for me on the other hand a welcome change for once (or twice) yes but then i would prefer them going back to the old way and formula but it seems that out of what they say they would go further with the new way as the new standard...
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    Breath of the Wild Which Divine Beast Triggered You The Most?

    not any particular beast, but maybe the second or rather the third beast i did as by then it became obvious it was actually doing the same (kind of) thing over and over with no actual variation, variation was actual non-existant in that case but if i have to choose one it would be the electric...
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    Breath of the Wild What Do You Hate/Dislike About BOTW?

    above all the lack of actual real dungeons (which i consider as a very important part of a Zelda game) because i do not consider the divine beast as dungeons, for one way and way too small, plus they all look the same and there mechanics were exactly the same and the same applied for their...
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    What do you want Zelda Switch to do better than BotW?

    foremost that it has actual real dungeons, mutiple ones and of a rather significant size those dungeons would then come in place of the numerous shrines (some can be kept in far lesser numbers or make it something likewise like mini-dungeons or ...) and/or making the overworld a bit less large...
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    Breath of the Wild What I want to hear in Breath of the Wild

    i consider this one the best of the 3 sounds
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    Breath of the Wild Does the Timeline even matter for BotW?

    i really love the Zelda series very very much, my first Zelda game i had was 1 or 2 days after the first game of the series was released in EU but i never actually cared much about the time line and probably never will because the games were released more or less apart and individually later an...
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    Breath of the Wild One thing I'm concerned about.

    of course it is but i do not care and that is more or less besides the point and as we know now of course you're wish is not granted, there will be a WII U-version released, they are smart enough to do so and in this particular case smarter than you, i would say
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    Breath of the Wild One thing I'm concerned about.

    That is where you are wrong; it is or will not be a case of money but a case of principle for the vast majority, i'm sure of that and very probably a lot of those people will buy a switch later on in it's life span, with or without BotW, that is of course then for each person individualy not...
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