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    Pokemon Black and White Version 2 Teaser Trailer Released

    I think they showed too much gameplay in that video, you should edit the post with a Spoiler tag above it. The games are gonna be just like Platinum, Emerald, Crystal. Worth playing, not worth buying.
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    What Would You Have Named Link's Bird?

    Ladenio/a, cause the feel of it. It's almost that kind of impression I get when I look at 'him?'. At least I think it sounds... royal. Or at least, similiar... Still just my opinion. :rolleyes:
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    What Do You Like the Most About Skyward Sword?

    The Story, as well as the graphics. Especially the graphics since they remind me so much of the Wind Waker. Though, I do not like the Motion Controls. They're too bugged, it feels like Nintendo rushed the game... They should have been waiting with releasing it till January for better Motion...
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    Gorons Vs. Zoras.

    I like them both, but if I have to choose I'd probably choose Zora's. Always was a fan of them, ever since Ocarina of Time. Though, I prefer the Gorons in Twilight Princess. You should add which kind of Zora and Goron. (As, OoT-Goron/Zora, WW-Goron/Zora, TP-Goron/Zora) As you may prefer the...
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    Is the Sky That Empty?

    Even though I'm just in the beginning of the game, the sky does seem quite empty. Exploring it all would probably only 1 hour or so. Though, on the bright side, we have a great number of sidequests (I think at least :| ), like: Lol.
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    How Helpful Was Fi

    She gives you useful advice, unlike Navi or... Well, Tatl..? Though, she also comes with 'advice' you don't need, nor want. Which makes her; 'Kind of useful'.
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    Track List on 25th Aniversary CD

    Thank you! My CD is all messed up, titels wrong everywhere. (5-8 even showing up as blank, lol.)
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    Minor Control Problems

    The controls are messed up, looks to me like they released it before it was completely done. Been having some annoying errors myself, I've even gotten a few Game Over's because of it. Though, nothing a little luck won't help you with. ;)
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    Gold Nunchuck

    Kind of jelly about both the Golden Wiimote and the Nunchuck. Though, I'll settle for my new Pink Wiimote I just bought. <3 (The Motion Plus accesory was out of stock all over town... Had to get a brand new Wiimote. :c) Seeing how you painted yours Gold, I might have to paint mine Pink. :p
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    Spoiler Zelda's Dad...?

    Nothing wrong with an originally japanese game sounding japanese. Gaepora is probably a common hylian/'skychild' name. Either that, or Kaepora Gaepora is named after this old man. The game has a cute story, yet original while comparing with the other Zelda games. Not exactly the same, though...
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    Zelda Art CM's Zelda Art Thread

    Aww, he looks so happy. :3 Makes you wanna pet him, doesn't it? <3 Though, not so sure he's happy in a 'good' way. Just browsed through your whole thread, some of these are amazing. I especially loved the final fight from OoT. If you still have the .psd I think you should release .png's of the...
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    Best Music in the Series?

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword do have an amazing soundtrack, though, nothing will ever compare to The Wind Waker's soundtrack. I prefer Oracle of Seasons/Ages before Skyward Sword, and Ocarina of Time is in my opinion better than Skyward Sword's sountrack. Spirit Tracks also comes before...
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    If You Were a Pokemon What Would It Be?

    I would be a Pokémon trainer. :| You know, that rare kind of Pokémon who squeeze other Pokémon inside little balls.
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    Anubis Gallery

    I haven't posted anything for quite some time now, it's cause I have this odd habit of going inactive a lot. :v So, for you who still remember me, here are some old pics I found that I probably haven't posted before. (Loving the Limited Edition SS CD. XD) Some are pretty recent, but still...
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    Sabel27's GIMP Creations

    Holy moly, you got talent! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! :)
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    Ocarina of Time Okay Lets Settle This Once and for All.

    There are tons of Ocarina of Time flash parodies when he trips. I wanna feel safe, so yes, I'm walking. :) It also looks more 'movie like' when he's walking.
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    The Random Drawing Contest Round 24

    Thanks... I guess? :x Damn it! I knew I forgot something, thanks anyways. :p I just wanted to draw my image of Sheik entering the Temple of Time, didn't want to be creative at all. <3 But I got too lazy and just made a strong light crawl out of the opening and added a black background...
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    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough

    Thanks! :) I'm currently uploading an 'Unboxing' of the Pre-ordered OoT3D, the link will be up in the main post as soon as the video is finished uploading. ;) I'm just starting to edit the Part 1 of the walkthrough as well. (Already recorded it! ;)) EDIT: My Sony Vegas software decided to...
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    Ocarina of Time Registering the Game at Nintendo

    Dammit! This offer doesn't seem to be available in Sweden! :( I'm really jealous of you all, unfair that you get that CD and I don't! >:(
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    Ganon = demon?

    I would say that he is a demon. At the very least, he looks like it. In most of the games, the Triforce of Power corrupts him. And that he gains a demon form because of his evil doing. What I've heard (seen on TV, and read in books. :3) of demons are that they often have horns (lol) and that...
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    Zelda Art GCC Contest Skyward Sword

    Gotta say that this looks tempting to join. Perhaps I'll send an image just to keep the contest alive! :p But no promises! :>
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    General Art Xinn's Spur-of-the-Moment Speedpaints

    Whow! These are epic Xinn! :3 My favourites are probably the trio of Entei, Raikou and Suicune. I can also see that you've improved alot since Atsumas 'pirate-ish' story! :> I hope to see more as soon as possible. :p
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    Favourite Super Mario Game?

    2D - Super Mario World I liked that one most because, it's the one I most think of when I hear 'Mario'. It's also super fun to go Supah Mario! I also liked a Super Mario I had for the Gameboy Color, but I can't remember it's name. 3D - Super Mario Sunshine I would've chosen Galaxy, but I played...
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    Female Gorons?

    In the Ocarina of Time manga there is a female Goron. It's before Link helps them and a little kid cries 'Mama, I'm huuuungry!'. Maybe not those exact words, but atleast very similiar. But the manga isn't exactly made by Nintendo, so it doesn't prove anything. I think there are female Gorons...
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    Ocarina of Time Watch the Trailer IN 3D NOW!

    I saw the trailer, it looked epic. I just hope that the quality will be better in-game. It looked alot better on some screenshots. Though, it seems as if they've changed the voice types of some characters. I may have imagined it, but Zelda sounded like some other character. But Link almost...
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    Rate the Character Above You

    Never played the whole MM, so I don't know who that Miniboss is. 6/10 Solid Snake.
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    Updating Your Nintendo 3DS

    After you've updated your system to the latest update. (Europe: 7th June, USA: 6th June) Go to settings, open Data Management, (While you have the DSiWare data on your SD) Touch DSiWare and click on your SD card. But unfortunely 3DS can be very buggy so it may not read the files... (That's how...
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    Ocarina of Time There's ONE Mystery Orchestral Track in OoT3D.....

    I'm hoping that it will be Gerudo Valley, but unfortunely it will most likely be something random. Maybe it's a boss theme? :) Or just the credits...
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    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough

    Thanks, and which of the frames did you like?
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    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough

    I've also considered that, but in order to get as much views as possible, I've got to start at a release date. Plus as I wrote, on the 25th I'm going on a vacation, I want to complete the main quest before that. And maybe when I get back I'll grab every item in the game. I will also try to cover...
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    3DS 3d

    I don't actually get a headache, but my eyes hurt and it kinda wants my eyes to get drawn to two different directions. But that only happens when I've been playing for an hour or two. I don't think that the 3DS actually gives people headache more than any other consoles, but it does make the...
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    Zelda Art The Random Drawing Contest Round 23

    I may enter this contest, is it alright if I colour it in Photoshop?
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    Sabel27's GIMP Creations

    Hmm... You can use this, thanks. Oh, and I'm not going to use it yet, I wanna get tired of my current one first. >:p But I will use it later on!
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    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough

    First of all, yes I'm going to record the top screen. Unfortunely, I don't got two digital cameras. If I had, I would record both. And second of all, I don't want anyone to steal the video. That's the reason for the icon, but I never thought of making it transparent, so that may happen. Thanks! :)
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    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough

    Ah, okay! Thanks both of you, I'll change it right away. :P Thanks! ^^ Thanks... Have you been to Sweden or something? *Goes to edit teh background* I'll replace the intro video as soon as I'm done... EDIT: *Updated the main post*
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    Ocarina of Time Why Does It Always Rain in the Back of the Graveyard?

    To make it even more creepy. But I don't get it, why didn't they make the whole Graveyard rain?
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    Zelda Art OoT3D: A Wallpaper

    Nice job! And do you have a version that fits my screen? :P (1440x900)
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    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough

    I was planning on making a Youtube based Walkthrough on this new remake. I'm hoping I'll get support from all the members who are willing to watch my walkthrough. And for you americans, I'll probably upload my first vid on the 18th June, so one day before USAs release date. There will be both...
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    Sabel27's GIMP Creations

    I would like to test your potential, you seem really skilled so I think you're going to succéd. Signature or Avatar: Signature Character or Object: Vash, from the Anime/Manga; Trigun. Colors or Background: A desert, with a reddish recolour to fit Vash outfit. Text and Font (optional): Love and...
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    Anubis Gallery

    Oh, I know how to animate. ;) Its alot of work but still. Plus his avatar is picked out off the show he was on. Well, Im not active anymore but Ill try to make it, Im just very lazy! :)
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    Anubis Gallery

    Sure. :)
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    General Art GCC Week 14 - Game Series Magazine Covers

    Woops, I forgot the competion! XD Well congratulations Random Person!
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    Anubis Gallery

    I guess. :) But what is MPG? :P EDIT: Its kinda hard finding a pic where he's in a swimming pose or a similiar pose I can use, is it okay if I use Zora Link? If not Ill try my best anyways!
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    Zelda Art Ocarina of Time Cursors

    Thanks and of course! Thats why I uploaded them. :)
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    Zelda Art Ocarina of Time Cursors

    Hey, I've had a little hobby for the last few days, to make Ocarina of Time cursors and I thought that I could post them here. :) Heres a youtube clip I made on how to install them. Since my computer is in Swedish you just have follow the images, sorry. :P Download link...
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    3DS Game Wishlist!

    Im wanna get these games: Ocarina of Time 3DS Mario Kart 3DS Animal Crossing 3DS Paper Mario 3DS And a couple of other games I forgot. Games I would like to see: Minecraft! :D Fallout games.
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    Ridley Vs. Bowser Vs. Ganon

    Ridley would win. 1. Ridley can fly and his tail would go right through them. 2. Ridley is just awesome.
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    How to Make Laptop Fan to Work at Full Power All the Time?

    Uhm, your in the wrong section. :P And why are you asking such a question on a Zelda forum? Especially in the Fan Art section?
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    Couch Surfing

    Wow, sounds crazy. But I would rather have seen random dudes ''surfing'' down a road on a couch or something. :D But I would never sign up for that. :P
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    I would love to see fishing in Skyward sword, it was something you always could do when you were bored in OoT and TP. The motion controls would make this really fun. I also hope that the fish you catch has something more important to it, like you need some fish to lure different enemies and...
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