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  1. Zemen

    Minish Cap: Is it toon Link?

    no one is saying that it is the same Link, himself. we mean the art style of link. is the art style and depiction of link in MC the same as in WW or PH? that is the question, and i say the answer is yes. go search artwork for MC and you will get pictures that look VERY similiar to the toon...
  2. Zemen

    Minish Cap: Is it toon Link?

    i think it is the toon style of link (not the same link as in WW). if you look at all of the artwork for the game, it is definintely a resemblence of toon link, and also, many of the people in the game resemble the toon characters in WW. its impossible to make the characters look 100% toon in a...
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