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  1. 43ForceGems

    Oh yeah that's right, Mases bought them XD Haha that's frickin awesome

    Oh yeah that's right, Mases bought them XD Haha that's frickin awesome
  2. 43ForceGems

    Dude, not much. I'm not coming back to the forums or anything, I was just like hey I haven't...

    Dude, not much. I'm not coming back to the forums or anything, I was just like hey I haven't been here in years let's see whatsup. And... It seems like things are pretty much the same around here XD
  3. 43ForceGems

    Is this who I think it is...

    Is this who I think it is...
  4. 43ForceGems

    What is your favorite fruit?

    Definitely raspberries. Followed closely by watermelon and nectarines, but raspberries are unbeatable
  5. 43ForceGems

    Favorite Fast Food

    Probably Carl's Jr, they've definitely got the best burgers, and their fries are pretty good too. If Panda Express qualifies as fast food that'd be up there too though
  6. 43ForceGems

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    That I haven't been here a long freaking time
  7. 43ForceGems

    Hardest Zelda Game

    Well I'm gonna have to split it up, because I can't decide a single hardest Zelda game. I'll have my hardest based on the puzzles, the hardest to solve and figure out, and the hardest based on sheer difficulty of the game in the combat form, hardest to do, not figure out. Hardest based on...
  8. 43ForceGems

    Temple of the Ocean King vs. Tower of Spirits

    Well the obvious answer is the Tower of Spirits, because you don't have to do the stuff you already did previously when you come back to do the next part. But... Honestly that's kinda why I like Temple of the Ocean King more. Because when you came back, you had new items that let you make...
  9. 43ForceGems

    Headaches or Stomaches

    Definitely headaches. They can be really annoying sometimes, but even the worst ones I've had have been bearable. But when you get like really bad gas or anything that causes a stomach ache... Oh my gosh it is absolutely miserable.
  10. 43ForceGems

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    So our new Track coach from just a few months ago is also pretty much an Assistant Coach for Cross Country and today was the first day we saw him this season and he has 5 kids that are all under the age of 8, 3 of which are girls, 2 twins who are 5, 1 who is 3, I asked them if they remembered me...
  11. 43ForceGems

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Sometimes I think I care about things and people too much. So that it's harder to let them go.
  12. 43ForceGems

    What Do You Guys Like to Do for Fun Outside of Music, TV, Video Games, and Internet?

    Do you mean listening to music or playing music? Cause playing music is one of my favorite things to do. I also like sports, specifically Track, always have always will even though I'm not that good. I love watching movies, but that's kinda like TV, well not really, but I think what you meant by...
  13. 43ForceGems

    Pokéscum Mafia: The First Generation

    Vote: Stitch Because obviously
  14. 43ForceGems

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 116!

    Well, each Zelda has to feel like a new and unique experience, like no 2 of them are so similar, that's one of the big things with Zelda. The reason it worked with MM was because it was so much a different game, so different from any Zelda really, that the same graphics were able to feel like a...
  15. 43ForceGems

    Favorite Game Currency.

  16. 43ForceGems

    Does Size Matter?

    Well just like everything else in a game, it doesn't matter, as long as it's done good. I don't care if a game has a small world a big world, as long as the world it has is good. Earthbound has a pretty freaking huge world, and it's amazing, I love it. Yet something like Pikmin is pretty small...
  17. 43ForceGems

    What's Your Favorite Character Theme from ANY Video Game, Show, Etc.?

    I love Ben's theme from Lost, the creepy one that makes you just feel like something's wrong Also the Joker's theme from Dark Knight, like those strings that are just so ominous Also of course Geno's theme, it's so beautiful and cheerful and maybe I'm biased cause I love Geno Linebeck's...
  18. 43ForceGems

    Males Vs Females Game

  19. 43ForceGems

    Any Favorite Music Artists OUTSIDE of the US?

    Well Coldplay's pretty much my favorite band, and they're from the UK. Also Zedd's pretty awesome, and he's from Germany
  20. 43ForceGems

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  21. 43ForceGems

    MM-3DS Favorite Boss in Majora's Mask

    Well MM in my opinion has the best boss fights of any Zelda game ever, but within the game I'd have to say Twinmold. It's the biggest boss you fight in any Zelda game, that's been to some debate before, but when you think about it... Twinmold is freaking huge. What I love about all the boss...
  22. 43ForceGems

    Pokéscum Mafia: The First Generation

    Yes I do :P I've just been busy the past few days, and I still need to figure out how to do this But I'll go with Vote: Repentance
  23. 43ForceGems

    Males Vs Females Game

  24. 43ForceGems

    Count To 500 Before a Hylian Knight Resigns!

    Sigh... 406 No one cares anymore :P
  25. 43ForceGems

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  26. 43ForceGems

    Ebooks or Physical Books?

    Well I don't really read as much as I wish I could bring myself to, but when I do, I very much prefer a physical book. Not sure why, I just like being able to actually understand the beginning and the end, and it's all in my control super fast, Idk it's just more simple to me
  27. 43ForceGems

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    A very very busy day... Woke up at 7 to play worship in church, first time I ever did that, and it went awesome, and then I just spent the whole day there hanging out with people... But we were like constantly doing stuff, and I ran to Best Buy, and we had pizza, and it was fun, but gosh I'm...
  28. 43ForceGems

    Can You Concentrate With Noise?

    Depends on the kind of noise... If my little brother's like playing video games and being stupid while I'm trying to write an essay, it can be pretty hard to focus... But if there's just like white noise, sometimes I can bypass it. But usually if I really need to concentrate, I prefer silence
  29. 43ForceGems

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 115!

    Honestly, I'm gonna say no, cause I don't want Nintendo spending time on games that are basically pointless and nobody really genuinely enjoys, at least compared to the real main series games. It's a waste of time in my opinion...
  30. 43ForceGems

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Stress... Too many things I'm really unprepared for
  31. 43ForceGems

    So... How's the Weather?

    Too hot again
  32. 43ForceGems

    Males Vs Females Game

  33. 43ForceGems

    Handwriting or Typing?

    Definitely typing, no contest. I mean I don't get why anyone would pick handwriting, it starts to hurt your hand after a while and it has the chance of being somewhat illegible sometimes, when typing is SO much faster, clearer, doesn't hurt your hands, it's just better in every way
  34. 43ForceGems

    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Versions Discussion Thread

    No... I can't believe that... I choose not to accept that they waste Megas on crappy Pokemon that are still gonna be crappy after they evolve and not using them on, oh, I don't know, OTHER STARTERS??? Or maybe other BA Pokemon like friggin Luxray or some crap. Mega Luxray would be my new...
  35. 43ForceGems

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    Me too Also this thread is kindof pointless
  36. 43ForceGems

    Males Vs Females Game

  37. 43ForceGems

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Brought myself to watch My Fair Lady... I hate musicals... but I'm starting to wonder if maybe I actually like them Because this movie is a freaking MASTERPIECE. I could go on and on for forever, but I won't. I'll just say that the acting is phenomenal, a lot of the songs are really good, and...
  38. 43ForceGems

    Misheard Lyrics

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dol_B35er_M Right at the beginning... Heard "Could you check my balls for me" Sadly it's actually "Could you check my pulse for me"
  39. 43ForceGems

    So... How's the Weather?

    Fricking thunderstorms and it's fricking awesome
  40. 43ForceGems

    The Positive Self-Image Thread

    I benched 130 yesterday. Mmmm I'm a stud. Such guns... Haha funny thing... Is that's more than I weigh XD Which means I could bench myself XD
  41. 43ForceGems

    General Modern Most Interesting Place You Were When Beating a Boss

    Well I've never taken my consoles anywhere... And I never take my handheld systems anywhere either... I mean other than like vacations, which I play them in the car, so I guess that's the only out of the ordinary, but I don't usually play games outside of my house :P
  42. 43ForceGems

    The Wind Waker Is It Considered An Old Shame?

    I know people hated the graphics back when it came out, but I only ever see praise for it these days. In fact, I was looking at a list of the best like 20 Gamecube games of all time, can't remember on what site, but Wind Waker was number 1. So I think people nowadays really appreciate it, and...
  43. 43ForceGems

    Ocarina of Time VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 114!

    Uh I said original N64 version, because we got it for Christmas 1998, and the game came out in November of 98, so I assume we have the original? But it might actually be the updated version, cause the Fire Temple music is the different one and I think Ganondorf spits green stuff instead of red...
  44. 43ForceGems

    Spoiler Ganondorf Not As Evil As He Appears?

    Well I never really liked kid's stories and movies and stuff, because the bad guy is always just bad. He just wants to be bad because he's bad and he's the bad guy and he always has to be bad and he doesn't have any of his own emotions. But I think life itself, and good stories, come from...
  45. 43ForceGems

    What is Your Current Music Obsession?

    I don't know why I ever hated Imagine Dragons... their whole album is amazing. I can't stop listening to it. Bests songs, Amsterdam, Nothing Left to Say, and Round and Round (surprise, not Radioactive!)
  46. 43ForceGems

    Pokémon Mafia: Generation I - Sign Ups

    Oh HELL yes! Maybe actually knowing the topic will help me get what's going on :P Sign me up fo sho!
  47. 43ForceGems

    Rate the Avatar!

    9/10 I like that
  48. 43ForceGems

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    No sure, of me, no, uh How do smell purple yes?
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