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  1. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda About Overworld Tasks That Lead Up to Dungeons. Do You Like Them?

    As long as they don't entirely consist of fetch quests and/or platforming "puzzles", I think that the out-of-dungeon content is awesome and extremely important, both in enhancing the story and varying the gameplay tone. Unfortunately, a lot of the time it DOES consist of fetch quests and...
  2. SpiritGerudo

    Skyward Sword Beetle or Boomerang?

    Definitely the boomerang. I guess I didn't mind the Beetle, but it was a purely a puzzle-solving, platforming, and railroading item. You used it for hitting switches that were far away and picking stuff up, and the like. The boomerang* did the same thing, but was much faster, more...
  3. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda The Best Opening

    A Link to the Past is my favorite for the music. I mean, JUST LISTEN TO IT. *SKIP TO 3:03* http://youtu.be/AKYn4ACAd7s?t=3m3s
  4. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Zelda Kart?

    NO. PLEASE NO. Zelda is such a beautiful series, please don't destroy it :kawaii:
  5. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Does Zelda Need More Multiplayer?

    Options like what you, balloonofwar4, and Ventus are talking about would be SUPER AMAZING and all, but I had something different in mind that I'd really like. In TWW we had Link with Makar or Medli, and you had to use both characters alone. In Twilight Princess we had a group of people who...
  6. SpiritGerudo

    Majora's Mask Could the Skull Kid's Actions in MM Saved Hyrule?

    I guess he is crazy enough to not care about unleashing an extremely powerful evil deity as long as he gets a mask for his collection.
  7. SpiritGerudo

    Majora's Mask Could the Skull Kid's Actions in MM Saved Hyrule?

    Y'know, at the start they made a point of explaining the history of the mask, and then how it was eventually sealed away. And I always did wonder, if it was sealed away, does that mean that the Happy Mask Salesman is the one that freed it, and then was careless enough to let it get stolen? Why...
  8. SpiritGerudo

    General Modern Levels

    Something that's been bothering me lately is the increasing definition of separate "levels" within Zelda games (Skyward Sword most prominently). Let's look at Skyward Sword, shall we? After the tutorial, we have: Kikwi level, Deep Woods Level, Skyview. Eldin Level, Key Level, Earth Temple...
  9. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Messin' with Gravity

    I don't like the idea. I feel like it would be so gimmicky, it would turn dungeons from dungeons into mini-games, which is something that I'd rather avoid. Sure, it would be unique, but I can see it as being easily overused, getting repetitive quickly, and resulting in some painfully easy and...
  10. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda How Difficult Do You Like Your Zelda Games?

    I honestly don't care. I like a challenge, I'll take it and I like that feeling of accomplishment when you finally achieve something that was really hard. But I also like to just sit back, breeze through a game and just enjoy it without being stopped and frustrated by difficult puzzles or...
  11. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Do You Use Glitches to Complete Zelda Games?

    Never on a first playthrough. Other than that though . . . *evil grin*. My childhood was broken into a thousand pieces in less than 22 minutes about a year ago by speedrunning, but I love the idea and even though I don't speedrun seriously, I keep up with it and love to watch it. It's fun to...
  12. SpiritGerudo

    Ocarina of Time OoT Optional Items

    WOW. I'm impressed. Good luck on the rest, TCoZ!
  13. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda A Mirrored Game Mode

    What I was told was that TP was changed in the Wii version because they needed Link to be right handed (because of the whole more-people-are-right-handed-and-you're-supposed-to-swing-the-wii-mote-like-Link's-sword thing), and it was easier to mirror the game than just change Link and everything...
  14. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Superbosses

    I think this is an amazing idea. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about this is "They won't be specific to any one dungeon!!" Most dungeon bosses are designed to be puzzle bosses that force you to utilize whatever item you got in the dungeon. Final bosses tend to be dramatic...
  15. SpiritGerudo

    General Modern Gameplay Interrupting Cutscenes

    I know that I for one a lot of the time step on switches, then realize I need to go and do a puzzle to get them to stay down. So you might be pressing the switch multiple times. I think for a situation like this, they should definitely show you the cutscene the first time. Every time after...
  16. SpiritGerudo

    Ocarina of Time OoT Optional Items

    You need bombs. Lots and lots of bombs. The way Volvagia was designed means that really there's two Volvagias in the room at a time: the one that flies around above the rock and the one underneath it. If you drop bombs into the lava spots, they will always, without fail, damage the boss. In...
  17. SpiritGerudo

    Ocarina of Time OoT Optional Items

    Why would a fairy not work? And even if it did revive you with 30 seconds, when you add that to the time you already have, it would be more than enough.
  18. SpiritGerudo

    Ocarina of Time OoT Optional Items

    I believe there is a room in the Spirit Trial that is supposed to require fire arrows but you can shoot through a torch if you aim very carefully. As for the Goron Tunic, I don't think it's actually needed. There aren't many rooms in the Fire Temple that actually will have the timer. As for...
  19. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Looking It Up Vs. Figuring It Out

    I did look up a lot when I was younger, probably stuff I didn't have to, which I regret now, since I keep wondering "Would I have realized that if I had really tried?" And I feel like I would have. But I don't know, since I didn't myself a chance to find out. Nowadays, I'll look stuff up for...
  20. SpiritGerudo

    Skyward Sword Hero Mode - How Many Times Has It Claimed You?

    I don't know a count or anything, but I know it was definitely less than regular mode. See, I really sucked at the controls when I first played the game, especially the shield bashing thing (though I really liked them once I got the hang of it), so I died upwards of 15 times from Ghirahim's...
  21. SpiritGerudo

    Skyward Sword How Would You Improve The Sky?

    The Sky is supposed to be what Hylia lifted to the sky to save her people, yes? Well I was thinking thinking that if that's the case, then there would be a lot of the remnants of where the people used to live . . . remains of villages, perhaps a castle of a sort. They could be great...
  22. SpiritGerudo

    Skyward Sword Skyward Sword's Flaws (in My Opinion)

    Okay, while we're one the topic of music, I'm not going to bother quoting anyone in particular. The music in SS wasn't bad. The orchestration was beautiful, and it was noticeably higher quality. Still . . . they missed a huge opportunity. The music was still written like it was MIDI music...
  23. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda What Story Element Are You Least Forgiving Of?

    Oh pssh how could I forget that we already knew that Ganon was looking for Zelda? Okay, TWW's story gets a little more credit. And while "subtle" isn't exactly the word I'd use, I agree that even if the lousy story of TWW is justified, it wasn't very deep and wasn't told very well. I've said...
  24. SpiritGerudo

    Spoiler Which Game Executed It Better?

    I vote for Skyward Sword. First because I thought Ghirahim just had a great character (as opposed to Zant , whose character went out the window when Ganon showed up). Second, it was made painfully clear that he was trying to capture Zelda in order to resurrect his master. Demise wasn't just...
  25. SpiritGerudo

    Spoiler How Do You Feel About the Adult Timeline?

    I agree with you, justac00lguy. The Adult ending to Ocarina of Time was something that did have the potential to survive in legend. It was the opportunity to make connections to the game, and the opportunity to have a world that showed the effects of the epic legend of Ocarina of Time is...
  26. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda What Story Element Are You Least Forgiving Of?

    If I'm remembering correctly (and I might not be), the King of Red Lions didn't tell you that you need to get the Master Sword to save your sister. He just told you to find some pearl things to kill Ganon. Most of what you are doing is going on the faith that this boat guy knows what he's...
  27. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda What Story Element Are You Least Forgiving Of?

    But at least in TP, the story actually had a motive. Midna was an actual character who you did stuff for because she forced you to do it for her to help you. Link did stuff for her because it was part of the story. In TWW, there was just this random talking boat with no character until the...
  28. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda What Story Element Are You Least Forgiving Of?

    Ok, I love The Wind Waker and all, but I hate that the story really had no point. The beginning was great. "Oh no, my sister was kidnapped! I have to go save her!" So you go, and you fail, and then you meet the King of Red Lions. And then the story dies. The King of Red Lions basically...
  29. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Any Graphical Styles That You Would Like to See?

    I'd love to see something realistic, but not dark. A world full of rich, colorful tones but not to the point of playfulness. I just want to see this breathtaking world full of color and light without sacrificing detail. Do you guys remember how sweet the world of Twilight Princess looked at...
  30. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 52!

    Zant was a fantastic character and villain, but then we got to the end and they completely ruined his character and I hated it. So . . . sorry, Zant. Ghirahim is better. Actually, I think I would've picked Ghirahim even if Zant were better at the end, but then it at least would've required...
  31. SpiritGerudo

    Majora's Mask Does Majora or Termina Deserve a Return? - PLEASE READ OP

    I can't see it returning . . . I mean, is there any story left to tell?? If you're gonna make a new game with a new villain and a new story and new mechanics, then the only link it has with Termina is the fact that it's named Termina. As for Majora . . . well Majora is the same. There's...
  32. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Hardest to Easiest Zelda Games?

    Adventure of Link The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past Majora's Mask Ocarina of Time Twilight Princess The Wind Waker Skyward Sword
  33. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Satisfying Endings

    I'd say Majora's Mask or Ocarina of Time had the most satisfactory ending. Can't decide. Most endings in Zelda are bittersweet and a lot of stuff is left hanging. In OoT and MM, the endings were mostly happy. Since the two games involved the people of the world so much (especially MM), there...
  34. SpiritGerudo

    Skyward Sword Time Paradox

    Generally how I handle time travel and paradoxes and such is this: every time you go to the past, the dimension branches (as in the Split Timeline of Ocarina of Time). When Link went back in time to defeat Demise, he created a copy, of sorts, of the world of the past. The future that Link came...
  35. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Randomly Generated Dungeons - a Way to Aid in Non-linearity?

    No. Please no. Please don't condemn the series to a lifetime of bland, not thought out, disconnected, incoherent, jumbled, irregular "dungeons" when we already have so few we can really consider brilliant.
  36. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Boss Fight! Who Do You Thing Would Win?

    The Helmaroc King, Kargoroks, Keese, Guays . . . anything that flies would win. Of those I'd say the Helmaroc King because . . . well, giant vicious bird. You can figure it out.
  37. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Favorite/Least Favourite Dungeon Themes

    Favorite . . . anything other than fire and undead (just thinking about the shadow temple gives me shivers). (*shiver*) I really don't prefer anything specific out of the themes that are left, but let it be noted that some of my favorite individual dungeons of the series are the Sandship from...
  38. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Gameplay First

    I say no, they're not doing enough in terms of gameplay to vary the series from game to game. I feel like they're trying to stick to one gameplay style too much, and then then they have to come up with a story to fit it, when in my opinion it should be the other way around. This results in, as...
  39. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Enemy Preference

    I'm with everyone else here. Swordsman enemies are the most fun to fight, mostly because button mashing doesn't work on them. I just remember leaning into the screen while playing Wind Waker, fighting the Darknuts (Darknuts?) and just waiting for the parry icon thing to show up.
  40. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda War Sequences

    I think that a war-based story would be excellent if only to finally have a game that actually involves the people of the world. I hate that in so many Zelda games, the story involves Link, Zelda, and Ganon. Nobody else knows that something's going on, nobody helps, everyone is just part of the...
  41. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 50!

    I love Z-Talk, I look forward to it every month :)
  42. SpiritGerudo

    Skyward Sword VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 47!

    I liked him as a boss for two dungeons, since it added to the story more than if there had just been some random creature there. Had he not been the boss, they would've had to shove the bit about him looking for a new Door of Time somewhere else, and that would've just made the story broken and...
  43. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Which Graphics Extreme Do You Prefer?

    I LOVE The Wind Waker's cel-shaded graphics!!! They are so beautiful! And it's not like cel-shading means that everything has to be bright and cheery, the Cursed Great Sea still looked amazing and still had the scary, dark atmosphere despite having cartoony, cel-shaded graphics. On the other...
  44. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Is It Time to Lay the Master Sword to Rest?

    Agreed; I think a new villain on a major console title would be good, Nintendo shouldn't feel like they have to stick to save-the-princess ALL the time for console games. Also, please no more partial-villains, where you battle one guy for most of the game only for the REAL villain to be...
  45. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda What Shouldn't Have Been Brought Back

    So we all know that Nintendo REALLY likes bringing back old mechanics, items, and the like. But is there anything that Nintendo reused that you think that they really shouldn't have, that was better left in the game it originated in?? Or something that they've used recently that you hope to...
  46. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Dungeons in Quantity or in Size?

    See, to me if the final goal is the same and you can generalize everything in between as "puzzles", anything dungeon-unique about said puzzles becomes irrelevant, which I guess is why the overworld game play becomes so important to me. I do see what you mean, though. I guess this just boils to...
  47. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Is It Time to Lay the Master Sword to Rest?

    As many people here stated, I think the Master Sword is inevitably linked with Ganon. Without Ganon, there's no need for the Master Sword, and without the Master Sword, you can't defeat Ganon so he isn't in the game in the first place. This makes it seem like without the Master Sword, we lose...
  48. SpiritGerudo

    General Modern Should the Six Starting Hearts Return in Future Games?

    I guess I never thought about it like you said, Demise: that having six hearts makes the game easier at the beginning and harder at the end. However, Nintendo could easily fix this by just making enemies harder . . . and then we have opportunities for more bonus content, such as trading...
  49. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Dungeons in Quantity or in Size?

    Don't they?? To me, there are three objectives in dungeons: get dungeon item, get boss key, find boss door (if it wasn't put right in from of you at the start). Sure there are variations and detours, like rescuing Gorons to get keys to get the dungeon item, but essentially they all have the...
  50. SpiritGerudo

    General Zelda Dungeons in Quantity or in Size?

    Ok, let me revise my statement to this: I think if you don't include these core gameplay standards, it isn't really a Zelda dungeon, and Zelda dungeons have the potential to be pretty dang good, and I don't think we should get rid of them. If you don't have puzzles, combat, or a boss, it's just...
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