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  1. thelastsheikah

    If Hyrule Had a War

    The ooccoo would stand less of a chance if they were found than the deku. I agree that it would all come down to the hylians and the gorons. Of course all you had to do was get the gorons used to the more delicious rocks and then cut off their supply from the mines and attack when they are weak...
  2. thelastsheikah

    What is Your Favorite Boss in Oot?

    Twinrova and ganon. I always like fighting ganon and twinrova was fun.
  3. thelastsheikah

    Majora's Mask Paper Airplane?

    Maybe since Majora is so childish it might be his from when he went there to mess everything up. If it was from an ikana child that lived a thousand years ago it would have decomposed or a gust of wind would have moved it. And it wouldn't have kept its shape for that long either.
  4. thelastsheikah

    Rate the Siggy!

    7/10. take out the blur and condense the rest of the sig. pretty cool lookin sig though
  5. thelastsheikah

    Wait... What?

    get angry then right you a letter about how angry i am. Didn't your mother ever tell you not to...
  6. thelastsheikah

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^if by hate you mean absolutely love then yes <has free skittles v doesn't have mad cow
  7. thelastsheikah

    The OR Thread

    curly fries ketchup or catsup
  8. thelastsheikah

    The "what Would Happen If" Game.

    moblins would say "hey, I like this guy, he hands out free grapes." what would happen if grapes were no longer delicious, even in the nude.
  9. thelastsheikah

    Which Zelda Song Do You Listen to Regularly?

    I always have the song of storms in my head, especially since i have a metal version as my ringtone
  10. thelastsheikah

    Majora's Mask Fav MM Character

    I like skull kid w/ the mask and zora link cause they are both pretty cool lookin.
  11. thelastsheikah

    Would the Moon Also Kill the Salesman. Also, is the Door a Time/warp Zone.

    I think he knew what was going to happen so he only gave you three days cause thats when the moon was gonna destroy the town and he knew that he'd have to get the flock out of there if you didnt get the mask in time. But if he did stay then I think he would have died too.
  12. thelastsheikah

    Sealed in a Mask

    You make a very good point. I don't think the masks contain the souls of the ones they were made from either. The masks are basically images of what the original souls were. Same goes for the ellegy of emptiness statues, they are just empty shells showing a combination of what you look like and...
  13. thelastsheikah


    Yah, it would make Epona more special and tie her to the story more than being just some horse that you befriend in some of the games.
  14. thelastsheikah

    Favorite Zelda Tribe

    Obviously its the Sheikah. They're the protectors of the royal family, they are like ninjas but cooler, and they are awesome looking. Second would be the zora.
  15. thelastsheikah


    That would be cool to ride a pegasus. Then at the end of the game your pegasus has a baby with a regular horse and you name it Epona then its decindants are the horses that other Links use in the other games.
  16. thelastsheikah

    Which Goddess Would You Worship?

    Actually a lot of cultures with mutiple gods and goddesses worship all of them but still have shrines and temples for individual ones that some areas will pray to a little more. But I see ya'lls point as to why all three should be worshiped as a group.
  17. thelastsheikah

    Which Goddess Would You Worship?

    I would like to know which goddess you think is most important and why. If you were a chacter in the series, who would you worship? I believe that nayru is the most important. She brings love and wisdom. Imagine what life would be like without love and wisdom. It would be dum and emotionless...
  18. thelastsheikah

    Goddess of Time

    That would be cool if another goddess represented the center triangle but I still think that time goes to Nayru. Her being connected to the harp of ages and the phrase "use time wisely" do hint that it is one of her powers.
  19. thelastsheikah

    Ocarina of Time Advanced Technology in Forest Temple

    I think its just some magic placed in the temple. I mean if they had the technology to manipulate gravity then why are they still only riding horses and fighting with swords. If you're looking for the most advanced temple then I think it would be the water temple. Imagine how complex the...
  20. thelastsheikah

    General Classic Oot and Mm Songs

    My all time favorite song is the song of storms. I really like the tune more than its actual use, but I do like to make it rain.lol
  21. thelastsheikah

    Sorry I'm Late Boss...

    Sorry I'm late boss, some guy stole a kids sun mask and I had to help him get it back for his wedding before.
  22. thelastsheikah

    General Modern Ganondorf: Buffet in the Sacred Realm?

    Maybe there isn't a 24/7 fitness in the sacred realm. Plus its easier to look more fit when you are younger like how he was in OOT but when you get into what looks like his 40s or 50s like in WW and TP its just harder to keep a tight muscular figure. He doesnt seem to be one of those types that...
  23. thelastsheikah

    Scary Zelda Characters

    Dead hand and the wallmasters from TP in the twilight dungeon. Those wallmasters arent too scary but its the fact that something completely unstopable is chasing you and you can't go fast enough to get far ahead and its always right behind you.
  24. thelastsheikah

    Should Zelda stay Medieval or more Steampunk?

    Steampunk would suck, especially when you pull out the mastersword to fight somebody and they shoot you with a musket. The NPCs would really be talking about how weird his outfit is while they are all wearing suits and top hats. Medievil all the way.
  25. thelastsheikah

    Hero of Music's Graphics

    Wow, the sig is sooooo badass. And you did it so quickly. Major props man. Thank you so much.
  26. thelastsheikah

    You HAVE To Listen to This!!!

    That was pretty cool. With the addition of that picture I was kinda creeped out.
  27. thelastsheikah

    Hero of Music's Graphics

    Your sigs are awesome. The way you design them really pops out and catches your attention. I especially love the "Memories of old..." one with all the blue. I don't know why but I could stare at that one all day. If you ever have time could you do me one? I know its obvious but I would like it...
  28. thelastsheikah

    Wait... What?

    ...point me to the bathroom." "Rapunsel Rapunsel let down your...
  29. thelastsheikah

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ is very good at spotting someone who wants to take over < needs a haircut v likes to play games and/or has pants on
  30. thelastsheikah

    Twilight Princess The Most Biggest Zelda Adventure of All Time?

    Yeah, how is it the worst zelda ever? Have you played WoG or PH? I freakin love TP. I love the huge map/areas, the graphics, the story, and even how Ganondorf snuck his way in there. Plus, link even turns into a freakin wolf. Thats awesome as hell. He even takes ganon's huge a$$ by the tusks and...
  31. thelastsheikah

    Ocarina of Time Will It Still Be the Oot We Know and Love?

    There is a posibility that people will seperate the two in their minds and refer to them as almost completely seperate games. I mean we're going from 90's graphics on a tv using a controler to freakin' 3D graphics on two small screens that you can carry around everywhere with you in your pocket...
  32. thelastsheikah

    Ocarina of Time Losing Its Popularity and Past Its Prime?

    I think some people say it is the greatest and their favorite (zelda)game of all time just because that is what most people say. I agree with ya'll that people will say that just because thats one of the only zeldas they haved played. When you here people talk in public about zelda they will...
  33. thelastsheikah

    Interesting Things I Noticed

    Cool find. I hope we can sling the fruit off the sword and hit bad guys with it.
  34. thelastsheikah

    Order You Played the Games

    1.tp 2.ww 3.mc 4.alttp 5.oot 6.mm 7.oos and I've played all the others except FS, PH, ST, and LA.
  35. thelastsheikah

    Ocarina of Time Is the Water Temple in Oot Annoying?

    I hate that dungeon. Unless you know exactly what you have to do it is soooooo annoying. But it does have dark link in it so that makes up for it. The boss is a let down though unless you hate to be challenged.
  36. thelastsheikah

    1000 Chuck Norris Fact List

    51. The hair dryer got electricuted when it fell into Chuck Norris' bath. 52. Chuck Norris has a six pack on his chin. 53. Street lights don`t dare tell Chuck Norris to stop.
  37. thelastsheikah

    Will Link Ever Get the Girl?

    I agree HoM. Thats what I was thinkin.
  38. thelastsheikah

    Dark or Happy?

    I've always liked the darker ones more than the happier ones but the graphics seem to lean more to the happier side. Baggy pants don't usually equal dark story in my mind. Maybe it will be right in the middle.
  39. thelastsheikah

    Will Link Ever Get the Girl?

    We've all wondered, well atleast some of us have, if Link will actually get the girl or atleast any girl for that matter. I personally don't think he will ever be with someone during a game. But there is still hope. If I was Link I would have definately gone with Malon, or maybe the Zora...
  40. thelastsheikah

    Are Bomb Arrows An Important Item?

    I loved going to hyrule field or the desert at night and bombing the moblins from a distance and leaving them clueless as to who it was. And if you hit a bulblin just right near a cliff he would run off into it with the two moblins on his back. I would really like to have all the different...
  41. thelastsheikah

    Twilight Princess Magic Armor: Awesome or Unnecessary

    Awesome...yes. Useless...almost. If you suck at fighting, just want to see how little you can get hurt and look good meanwhile, or you think ruppees need to be spent rather than saved then this item is for you. enjoy
  42. thelastsheikah

    Hoping to See This Guy Return?!?

    New guy definately. I never liked vaati near as much as ganon. And vaati is more of a pocket zelda villian.
  43. thelastsheikah

    General Classic Favorite Mask

    I love the fierce deity mask, that one and the zora mask. ohhh, imagine having a fierce zora mask.
  44. thelastsheikah

    Time Travel Speculation, a Rumor, or Possibility Now?

    I'm gonna say no time travel, but if I'm wrong then I'll just come back and edit this post so it looks like I'm actually smart.
  45. thelastsheikah

    Other Characters from the Zelda Series Wearing MM.

    I disagree. If you were to put TP's Ganondorf against Majora, Ganon would probably win. The three goddesses are the most powerful beings in the zelda world so whatever power they grant should be second to none except them, plus ganon's evil magic. If you believe that majora's mask and the fused...
  46. thelastsheikah

    You Know You're Addicted to Zelda When...

    You know you're addicted to zelda when you see bubbles come up to the top of the water and you get closer to see if a zora will pop up. when you play the song of storms right before it starts raining.
  47. thelastsheikah

    1000 Chuck Norris Fact List

    3. Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door.
  48. thelastsheikah

    Majora's Mask Was Majora's Mask a Step in the Right Direction?

    I totally agree with majora's cat. MM is, for me, more interesting and more fun to play than OOT. It went too long without getting the credit it deserved. MM was such an epic leap in the right direction but its almost like they forgot they ever made it when it comes to creating the games after...
  49. thelastsheikah

    Lets Count to 2,000... by Fives!

    580- how can you be allergic to chuck? Thats like being allergic to air or sunlight.
  50. thelastsheikah

    Lack of Parental Role Models

    It might have made it easier for him to leave home without having to leave his parents and have them try to keep link from leaving. Plus it adds that air of mystery to him. Now that you mention it, there are actually a good amount of kids in the series that are missing a parent and its always...
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