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  1. Shroom

    New Years Resolutions 2021!

    I'm aiming to get in better shape and to eat better, so more cooking at home, which has been a fun learning experience. I'm down five pounds so far and I want to keep that energy going. I'm in the process of trying to get some artistic pursuits that I've always wanted to pursue in motion. One...
  2. Shroom

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Remove reactions other than “like” from MD threads. I’ve never seen other reactions used in ways that a like couldn’t manage and other reactions just end up as subtle jabs. It’s “mature” discussions, and pokes and prods at people should be discouraged, actual dialogue encouraged. If you can’t...
  3. Shroom

    Most replayable games you know

    I mean, I've replayed BotW a few times now, and I do think it's replayable. I think you're more viewing it in that it lacks RPG elements like stat enhancements or build trees, but what's there I find enjoyable. You can just go different routes from the Great Plateau and start viewing things...
  4. Shroom

    Do you think it would be fun to play a Zelda game where you can create your own character?

    Not crazy about a customizable character, I do like what BOTW with different armor sets and clothing. I liked that in OoT as well, and that's enough for me. To add to previous discussion in a sort of out there way. I'd argue Ganondorf is perfectly present in OoT. 1.He's in Link's nightmare at...
  5. Shroom

    Happy birth my friend! :party:

    Happy birth my friend! :party:
  6. Shroom

    Smash Bros Sephiroth

    I'm pretty cool with it. Like others have mentioned, I really hope they actually add in more music. I'm sure the Sephiroth theme is a lock, but FF7 has way more tunes that should really have been added when Cloud was. I like having major baddies next to the game protagonists, so I think this is...
  7. Shroom

    Stuff in Zelda you didn't realize until much later.

    I made a thread about this a while ago I think, but I never noticed that the master cycle was based on a horse/unicorn. I just thought it was a random shape for months, but nope, it's like the other divine beasts and is an animal too.
  8. Shroom

    Zelda 35th anniversary

    Gimmie a Game & Watch of the original game and nothing else. -------------------- but a 3d All-Stars style collection and BOTW2 would also be okay :bear:
  9. Shroom

    Timeline may prove me wrong on this.

    In relation to a side-quest, and a couple other little nods to it, Saria seems to teach this song to and be friends with at least a Skull Kid, so I'm sure the music was shared among others. It could also just be a nod back to the forest in general too.
  10. Shroom

    Do you have a favorite voice actor/actress?

    Mark Gatha, Troy Baker, and Scott Menville are all ones I really get nostalgic or excited hearing. Gatha in particular really nailed the male protagonist voice for me, and I thought he was perfect for Domon in the one Gundam anime, and X in the Mega Man X remake.
  11. Shroom

    Hyrule Warriors Your Hyrule Warriors Tier List

    Pretty self-explanatory.
  12. Shroom

    Have you ever played a bad game out of curiosity?

    I just finished my playthrough of Vesperia several days ago, and it was my first Tales game. Gotta say, I really enjoyed it and find it hard to believe that the whole series could be seen bad or objectively bad. There was a couple game design issues, like missable sidequests for unique items and...
  13. Shroom

    Breath of the Wild Beating the game

    When you beat the final boss, your save file is given a star next to it, and it puts you back outside of the final fight, so you will have all equipment that your had prior to going in to the final boss. You can still do whatever you want with that save file, though, if you're looking to start a...
  14. Shroom

    What makes a good show/book/movie?

    I agree with the other posts about having good characters and interesting worlds. I don't even have to like the character as person, sometimes I find having unreliable or morally imperfect characters to follow even more interesting. Can I understand where these character's are coming from and...
  15. Shroom

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Constant humble bragging. When said bragging involves skills and hobbies I'm interested in, it makes me embarrassed and as if I can't even talk about them because others are already annoyed by the way other, often louder, people have worn them out on it while stroking their ego.
  16. Shroom

    How do you feel about "Cringe Comedy"?

    I like it, and think it can be used in interesting ways. My favorite show to use awkward and uncomfortable situations is Nathan for You. The whole premise is Nathan Fielder going into small businesses that are struggling or looking to expand business and he pitches unconventional, yet...
  17. Shroom

    What's Your Difficulty?

    For a first playthrough, I'll do whatever is deemed as the standard difficulty. I think it's nice to experience the game the way the developers intended for a first go around, and it makes it so I can actually learn at a fair pace. For later playthroughs, if I like the game, I tend to use the...
  18. Shroom

    Do you want link to have an instrument in BotW 2?

    I wouldn't mind an instrument that was sort of just for fun, or maybe a small side-quest. I don't think we're going to see the need for an instrument like in Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask or anything, but I would love to sort of just mess around with one. I could see it having cute little...
  19. Shroom

    Choose One Thing You Hope for from BotW 2

    I'd really love to see way more enemy types. What Breath of the Wild offered was good, but it felt very limited. Also, if the game is anything like the original, I would love some sort of charm or item to stop Yiga clan and stalfo random spawning. It's hard to enjoy the scenery when you're...
  20. Shroom

    Do You Think Cars Are Cool?

    I'm indifferent. I think they're sort of impressive in what they can do, and as mentioned before, I can appreciate a good make and design. I really don't care all that much for speed since I'd never really be able to use it, but miles per gallon is a big factor as well as space so that I can...
  21. Shroom

    Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

    Thank you for all the birthday wishes!
  22. Shroom

    Post a Video Game Tune That Has You Feeling Nostalgic

    I don't intend to do like, a "master list" of any sorts with this video, but it popped up in my recommended feed on Youtube, and there is a lot in here that even I forgot. They have a list for what songs play when as the pinned comment, and I highly suggest people check it out if you want to jog...
  23. Shroom

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Constantly being tired, annoyed, and disgusted all at once sure is wearing me down.
  24. Shroom

    Official Suggestions Thread

    If this is the case, then I was unaware and am sincerely sorry @Ragnarokio.
  25. Shroom

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I'll just outright say it, because it seems to be what everyone who has had an issue with Rag's suggestion seemed to have been trying to do in the first place due to the timing: We just had a semi-heated discussion that put strain on whatever you'd like to call it, "forum relations" that is...
  26. Shroom

    Official Suggestions Thread

    We've had past users use it to get around bans. A guy named Ventus was the prime example. He would use alternate accounts to troll. Krow had used multiple accounts on top of what he was doing, but multiple accounts made his actions easier to perform. We shouldn't be promoting it, and every web...
  27. Shroom

    Official Suggestions Thread

    It absolutely should not be changed. Special permissions for mafia games are one thing, but multiple accounts would solely be used to get around bans. Krow being a perfect example of someone who got recently banned was doing disgusting **** behind the scenes, had a second account where he role...
  28. Shroom

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Just make me the only champion/legend. --------- To address the elephant in the room, it seems to be the mindset of those who don't regularly post in the mafia forums that members who join solely for mafia don't seem to branch out into other threads. I mean, that's the very oversimplification...
  29. Shroom

    Has your thoughts on any of the titles changed in recent years?

    When I thought back to Phantom Hourglass, I was really hesitant to play it again and it sounded like a chore. This was confusing because I couldn't put the game down when I first got it, so it felt like something had happened to make me dislike it, but I couldn't think of what. I viewed and...
  30. Shroom

    Smash Bros One more fighter per series?

    Multi-fighter Series' include: Mario: I'd be open to a lot here. Piranha Plant shows that even a random enemy could be fun. I also think Paper Mario could be great too like others have mentioned, and the RPG series does need some love.... sorry Geno. Donkey Kong: Cranky or Dixie. Part of me...
  31. Shroom

    So-called "Shameless Plugs".

    This is one of my least favorite things that happens on Twitter. 1. Make one tweet that is even slightly successful 2. Wow this tweet really blew up!!! Check out my *insert blank* here!!! (for content not remotely related)
  32. Shroom

    Which Remake had the worst "glow up"?

    Majora's Mask 3D. How ya gonna make the game look great, be super easy to play on a handheld, add some QoL features, and ruin it with moveset changes, re-hauling bosses in unneeded and clunky ways, odd lighting/color differences, and physics changes? It's the worst kind of remake because the...
  33. Shroom

    What Annoyed You Today?

    They've unfortunately been sold out for months now, and there seems to be a shortage all over. Even joycons are going for asinine prices, a single used one I saw for about 45 dollars, and a set of new ones, even in gray, going for about 100 dollars instead of the usual 80. I've seen joycons go...
  34. Shroom

    Favourite Starters of Each Gen

    Gen 1 is really hard. It's almost always a tie between Bulbasaur and Charmander, but gotta give it to Bulbasaur Gen 2: Totodile Gen 3: Torchic Gen 4: Chimchar Gen 5: Snivy Gen 6: Froakie Gen 7: Rowlet Gen 8: Grookey
  35. Shroom

    Choose An Item To Upgrade To Weapon Status

    Mole Mitts. I love when you can just punch stuff in games, and the mole mitts from Minish Cap, or whatever the equivalent in Skyward Sword would be really cool. Zelda doesn't really have anything like it, and it has a lot of potential. Not really a weapon, but I'd like to see the mobility that...
  36. Shroom

    Ninja's YouTube Channel - The Confessionalist

    I forgot to give this thread a like when you initially posted it. You're one of the most genuine and giving people I've encountered, and I hope you never change that. I know you've given me some light when I was feeling low, and I thank you for that.
  37. Shroom

    Smash Bros Your 5 favorite Assist Trophies

    To preface, I really love Zero and genuinely wish he was a fighter, but he's not necessarily my favorite assist trophy to get. I generally like non-obtrusive ones, ones that can be dealt with rather fairly by other players, or just the bizarre and fun ones. 1. Advance War Tanks and Infantry men...
  38. Shroom

    Breath of the Wild I'm desperate .. (am I playing this wrong?!)

    A lot of those tutorials are from people who have played the game for hours upon hours and know the game by heart. You can't really play the game "wrong," just different. I would recommend doing other side objectives, then coming back to that particular quest if you want. Explore the world...
  39. Shroom

    Things That Always Creep You Out

    I've seen her before..... blech.
  40. Shroom

    Things That Always Creep You Out

    An abundance of teeth in odd ways. There were images circulating years ago for what is known as hyperdontia and the sheer thought of it makes my skin crawl. It has to be in a sort of odd way too. If the teeth are organized, fine, whatever, but when they're just thrown about, it's incredibly...
  41. Shroom

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Really annoyed by people who hijack thoughts and downs of another for their own gain, whether that be sympathy or attention. At least give some breathing room, sadness is not a competition. In light of more recent events, I'm incredibly annoyed by people going to protests and posting ****ty...
  42. Shroom

    What's the best story you've seen in a game?

    I think my number one would be Dragon Quest V. I really love a good coming of age story, and it hits in so many ways that make you want to keep going and see your journey through. There are really good plot points, the game does some great story telling through its own gameplay mechanics, and...
  43. Shroom

    What Annoyed You Today?

    It is super annoying how little space the Switch has, but I'd recommend biting the bullet and just buying a micro sd. It feels way more freeing to not worry about it, and Amazon often offers sales on micro sds semi-frequently. Here's a 128 gb for 23...
  44. Shroom

    What Annoyed You Today?

    I don't think I ever really learned how to resolve my feelings internally. I still have a good bit of pain and bad dreams about things that happened years ago, that I've basically gotten all the closure I could possibly get, but it still doesn't leave my head. I constantly have weird and...
  45. Shroom

    How do you feel about gauntlets?

    In a game like Mega Man or X, I don’t mind because you’re given the boss’s weakness by this point, so it’s sort of like, go wild with what you’ve learned and let’s see how strong you’ve gotten. Otherwise, it’s sort of hit and miss. I tend to not prefer it as a forced thing within the plot to...
  46. Shroom

    What is the worst item in all of gaming?

    So in Lisa the Painful, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where only men survived, and the currency in these games are dirty magazines. Items and resources are pretty scarce in the world, and you want to keep what you can in order to survive. Perma-death to party members is a very real...
  47. Shroom


    I think you misunderstood Satan. They were saying that they just confused the lynel, not actually messed with its AI. Weapons don't break from mounted attacks, and lynels can't really do much if you just keep jumping on them, so I mean, it's just a really cheesed method, not an actual tampering...
  48. Shroom

    Super Mario Maker 2 final major update

    So this update looks great. It added just about everything I could have wanted from a Mario Maker game on a core level, and the idea of themed Mario World esq games that we can create and thematically drive is amazing. My only thought though is that, well, is this too little too late? I mean...
  49. Shroom

    Nintendo How often do you play your Switch using the dock?

    When I first got the system, I spent most of the time in handheld or table top mode. I was playing BOTW pretty much in my bed 100% of the time, sometimes taking the joy-cons off to use the joycon grip to make it more "natural" to how I was. Since I've gotten the pro controller and a nice little...
  50. Shroom

    Animal Crossing Favourite Villager in Your AC:NH Town?

    My favorite so far is Hopkins. I really like lazy villagers, and his design is fun. what I love more than lazy villagers though is villagers that seem to be living objects like the robots and say Stitches, so this is Hopkin's head Most of my villagers on my island are new to me, though I do...
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