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  1. Mcjoejoejoe

    What is Normal?

    There is no such thing as a normal person. Everyone has their quirks.
  2. Mcjoejoejoe

    Best Soda

    All the way!
  3. Mcjoejoejoe

    How Trustful Are You Of Others?

    Way too trustful. I'll trust just about anyone who thinks I'm funny or is even remotely or indirectly kind to me. Then I expect them to trust me and get frustrated when they don't. Working on that.
  4. Mcjoejoejoe

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Maryland. If rocks had dimples, what would they be called?
  5. Mcjoejoejoe

    COULD Sonic 06 Have Been Good?

    I feel like if they remade it with the Sonic Unleashed/Colors/Generations engine, they may be able to redeem themselves.
  6. Mcjoejoejoe

    Super Smash Brothers Universe Wishlist

    There have been hints here and there about the elements that will come in to play in the newest installment to the Smash Bros. series. I was just curious as to what you all want added to the game such as characters, stages, items, final smash altering, adventure mode (something like the Subspace...
  7. Mcjoejoejoe

    Have You Ever Had Dreams Related to Zelda?

    I, recently, have had dreams about being in Twilight Princess. Like, strangely vivid and extremely creepy, except some things are crazy screwed up. Hyrule field is completely fenced in and i'm trapped inside with a whole lot of foul poes and a Death Sword that always possess me or something. I...
  8. Mcjoejoejoe

    What Cheers You Up?

    Food, especially Chocolate!
  9. Mcjoejoejoe

    Answer a Question with a Question

    Who me?
  10. Mcjoejoejoe

    Would You Rather

    Flood. I'd hate to watch myself burn slowly or quickly. Would you rather eat pickled pigs feet or Randy.
  11. Mcjoejoejoe

    What Are You Currently Saving Money For?

    I am saving money for a Mission Trip into the Dominican Republic. I don't really have a job and the trip is some $1600 dollars.
  12. Mcjoejoejoe

    How Much Toilet Paper Do You Use in a Week ?

    You eat toilet paper?
  13. Mcjoejoejoe

    When Is Silence Golden?

    Silence is Golden, but Duct Tape is Silver.
  14. Mcjoejoejoe

    How Do You Treat the Public Bathrooms?

    I feel the same way. Public Bathrooms are the utmost repulse for me. One question though, you say "Being a guy" but beneath your username it says female. Why exactly?
  15. Mcjoejoejoe

    Pet Peeves

    I know, right? I hate it when people touch my shoulders.
  16. Mcjoejoejoe

    Favorite Number?

    The answer to life, the universe and everything is...42!
  17. Mcjoejoejoe

    The Julius Game - Zelda

  18. Mcjoejoejoe

    Link and the Many Customizations That He Doesn't Have

    Really, the best improvement for me would be to bring back magic meter and spells.
  19. Mcjoejoejoe

    Link and the Many Customizations That He Doesn't Have

    controlling two swords with the wii motion plus?(assuming they are still using that.)
  20. Mcjoejoejoe

    Super Word Association Thread

  21. Mcjoejoejoe

    Politeness on the Internet

    On the internet, people feel like whether or not they know the person, they can be as rude as they want. Apparently if you can't see the person insults and jerk like behavior is acceptable. I try as best as I can not to do this, but i do become rash at times.
  22. Mcjoejoejoe

    Weird Dreams

    I generally have really odd dreams, but theweirdest on was probably when my best friend and I went to this weird club where Jack Black was the bouncer and he had a jet pack. There was a half naked guy breakdancing on the table and he accidentally kicked my friend in the chest a nd knock ed him...
  23. Mcjoejoejoe

    General Modern Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Boss

    Twilit Fossil Stallord is definetley my favorite. I really hated Fraaz from Spirit Tracks.
  24. Mcjoejoejoe

    OoT-N64 What is Your Favorite Oot Dungeon?

    Ganon's castle. Everything about it is fast.
  25. Mcjoejoejoe

    Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Wishes

    1. The names have been consistent in fighting styles more or less(With melee being close ranged attacking and brawl being physical, just the definitions.) I figure the could continue the trend with, say, Super smash Bros. Duel or something 2. For character that I want to see, I definitely want...
  26. Mcjoejoejoe

    Favorite Type of Cheese?

    That's Incredible, sailormars109. I absolutely love colby jack cheeese also.
  27. Mcjoejoejoe

    What Kind of Character Do You Prefer To Play As?

    As much as I love using human characters, I love the extraordinary feeling that comes from the fast paced action in the Sonic the Hedgehogseries.
  28. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

  29. Mcjoejoejoe

    Super Word Association Thread

  30. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

    In fact, yes. You start one.
  31. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

    No E or K. --i-i- -o--i- --a--o-- If I am correct, you do get a letter hint so, S. --i-i- -ossi- S-a--o--
  32. Mcjoejoejoe

    Do You Get Sunburnt or Tan?

    Well, I'm black so... Not usually anything. Although my sisters burn.
  33. Mcjoejoejoe

    Your Catchphrase!

    "In a good way" after things that may or may not be good.
  34. Mcjoejoejoe

    Spoiler Hardest Part

    *SPOILER!* *SPOILER!* I think the hardest part was the Horde Battle in the Lightning round with no heart replenishes. Although if you take a guardian potion plus and the potion medal right before talking to the thunder dragon, you can come out unscathed.
  35. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

    No H. --i-i- -o--i- --a--o--
  36. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

    Also yes. --i-i- -o--i- --a--o--
  37. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

    Yes. ------ -o---- --a--o--
  38. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

    No K. ------ ------ --a-----
  39. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

    Yes A. No E. ------ ------ --a-----
  40. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

    ------ ------ --------
  41. Mcjoejoejoe

    Raindrop's Sig/avy Shop

    THese are incredible. I also like your current signature.
  42. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

    That was difficult. Poe Collector.
  43. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

  44. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

  45. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

  46. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

  47. Mcjoejoejoe

    Have You Ever Nearly Died?

    I fell off a cliff when I was seven, running from hornets.
  48. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

    Correct you are. Start a new one.
  49. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

    Yes in fact. _ALE - _ _ _ _E_ _ _ _
  50. Mcjoejoejoe

    Zelda Hangman

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