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  1. BigBig

    How to Destroy the 30 Charecter Rule.

    testing testing 123456789fnjvenjkdfgnadga
  2. BigBig

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    34. 3+4 = 7. 7 = lucky. lucky = good. good = money. money = corruption. corruption = bad. Therefor 34 is a very bad number.
  3. BigBig

    Ask Link A Question

    Ma favorite npc issssssss Malon. woot. Link, what's your favorite food-item?
  4. BigBig

    What Are the Top 3 Most Overrated Games of All Time?

    Maybe so, but it's a good Mario rip-off. Keep in mind that every game was inspired by something else, but just some games don't really change much, thus resulting in a rip off. I think Sonic has enough originality for it to be considered original. Also, I don't think Oot is that overrated...
  5. BigBig

    What Was Your Very First Video Game?

    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaario Bros 3!!! For the GBAsp My favorite :D. Unfortunately, I sold it a couple years ago. * sigh *
  6. BigBig


    I've had my share of crushes. But, being the super-nerd I am and how girls care so much about their image in middle-school, I don't expect to get a GF for a while. Besides, if I get a GF it will not be fore the sake of having a GF, but because we botch actually like each other.
  7. BigBig

    Link's Vacation

    I vote Zoras Domain, in all games. It's so peaceful and cool. Plus, you can go swimming!
  8. BigBig

    Select Your Archetype

    Hmmm... I don't really fall into any of those categories. Play the Bass, draw, listen to music, program, play video games, hangs out with pretty much everyone (Well, except for the "popular" people). Mosh/Brain?
  9. BigBig

    Final Boss of Skyward Sword?

    But that's so boring! Plus Gannon's father is probably some drunk chillen in some pub. Also we have this great new villain to work with! I doubt he [GHIRAHIM] will be a boss in every dungeon, but more like the boss of the first, then you fight him again out of dungeon, then you fight him again...
  10. BigBig

    Could Ganon Have a Past Life in Skyward Sword?

    IT would be cool to have some backstory on Gannondorf! Although, didn't someone say he wasn't going to be in this game? I don't want him to be the final boss though, or maybe just not have him be an enemy at all. But I could go either way, but each would (In my opinion) drastically change the game.
  11. BigBig

    Ocarina of Time OoT 3D : Boss Challenge Mode - Post Your Times!

    Gohma: 12 seconds (20 seconds on average) King D : 36 seconds (40-50 seconds on average) Barinade: 3 minutes 21 seconds (My least favorite boss and have only replayed once Phantom Ganon: 1 min 7 seconds.
  12. BigBig

    The Strongest Enemies Are Never Evil

    It's Nintendo's way of teaching us kids not to steal and attack chickens with swords!
  13. BigBig

    ZELDA MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online)

    This would be an excellent idea! If it wasn't Zelda :P Where would this game go on the timeline, anyways?
  14. BigBig

    What Enemies Do YOU Want in SS?

    Darknuts/ Iron Knuckles, because they are so fun to fight! It makes you feel so skilled when you fight them, because you gotta use backflips, rolls, sidesteps, and Hidden Skills (in TP).
  15. BigBig

    Ghirahim Bind or Kill?

    Ghirahim will probably die, because in OoT there's no mention of him. (Although Nintendo might make another game in between SS & Oot). But he doesn't seem as, well, stupid as Gannondorf, and his actions probably have a reason behind them. Gannondorf really just wanted to rule Hyrule.
  16. BigBig

    Link: Good or Evil?

    Link always has the best of intentions when he does things, and when he does do something wrong (*coughcoughocarinaoftimecoughcough*), he always fixes it. It's not like he's trying to take over Hyrule. He is a bit naive, but that doesn't make him a bad guy.
  17. BigBig

    Spoiler Knight Missions

    Wait, but I don't think there will even be "knight missions" judging from the interview. I expect the knight school could be a place to learn new skills as people have said before, but tons of side quests that are coming from the same place seems un-zelda like, or maybe I'm just too new to the...
  18. BigBig

    General Modern What You Suck at in Zelda Games.

    Don't you need the bigger wallet to buy the fish from the Zoras though?
  19. BigBig

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Favorite Warp Song?

    Serenade of Water, it's very simple and easy to remember, and sounds really nice and relaxing.
  20. BigBig

    Ocarina of Time The Master Quest

    I think he means that the maps are mirrored, making maps on websites and strategy guides harder to follow.
  21. BigBig

    Twilight Princess Funnest Boss in Tp

    I would have to agree on the Morpha part. However, I hold my wii remote normally :P BTW op, funner isn't a real word. :nerd:
  22. BigBig

    General Modern What You Suck at in Zelda Games.

    I'm terrible at collecting Golden Bugs, Poe Souls, Golden Skulltulas, etc. I hate how in OOT you need to collect at least 10-30 to beat the game. >:(
  23. BigBig

    General Modern Your Favorite Item in Any Modern Zelda?

    What was the item you enjoyed using the most? What item made you go "Yes! This puzzles requires _____, my favorite item eva!!!"? My favorite was the double Clawshot. It was so fun swinging like tarzan, plus the fact that you can just hang in the air and kill Keese.:D
  24. BigBig

    Should They Have More Master Quests Like OOT?

    Like other people have said, it would be nice to have a Master Quest in some [more] handhelds, like PH because those tend to be shorter and easier.
  25. BigBig

    Spoiler What Happened to the Six Sages? SPOILERS OF OOT

    Sorry, but it sounds like he believes they are alive even after they become sages. I thought Saria was killed by Moblins, Ruto killed by frost, Darunia by Volvagia, Impa died from old age/Gannon[dorf]/Bongo Bongo, and Nabooru was turned into an Iron Knuckle [kinda] by Twinrova, but then you...
  26. BigBig

    How the Split Timeline Works

    Me Explaining the Split-timeline. A lot of people find the spli confusing, so I will explain it to the best of my abilities. 1. When link pulls out the Master Sword, he DOESN'T TIMETRAVEL. He is put into 'hibernation' for 7 years. 2. When he puts it back, he STILL DOESN'T TIME TRAVEL...
  27. BigBig

    Spoiler What Happened to the Six Sages? SPOILERS OF OOT

    You realise they're all dead, right?
  28. BigBig

    Ocarina of Time Navi Secrets

    Ya, they're yellow. They can't be bottled though, which sucks.
  29. BigBig

    Twilight Princess TP Annoying Ruppe Glitch? ;( -- (wii Version)

    Well at least my game is ok. ~sigh~
  30. BigBig

    Twilight Princess TP Annoying Ruppe Glitch? ;( -- (wii Version)

    In my copy of TP, whenever I pick up a blue/yellow rupee, it does that annoying mini-cutscene where he holds the rupees out infront of him. Is this a glitch? :dry:
  31. BigBig

    First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

    1998, so OOT. Still, my first game was ALttP (the GBA port).
  32. BigBig

    Twilight Princess Is It Worth It?

    Get it. It's great, but it's a lot darker then PH.
  33. BigBig

    Twilight Princess Building the Hardest TP Challenge Run.

    No cutting grass down. And you can't take green rupees?
  34. BigBig

    3DS Price Drops to $169.99, New "Ambassador" Program for Those That Already Own One

    When do we get free stuff? Tomorrow maybe :D?
  35. BigBig

    Signatures of True Beauty

    Could I have one? TYPE: Sig SIZE: 450x150 COLORS: Lava red/brown RENDER: http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f224/hobaloaf/Goron.gif TEXT: (Big Big) Gorons EDIT: The image is pretty big, but I think there are some smaller ones if you can't resize that.
  36. BigBig

    Magic Meter

    I See No Magic Meter! D: In the videos, there is no magic meter! There is just his health and his shield damage-ness. What could this mean? No magic? Infinate magic? or maybe they'll just add it later (Keep in mind it's still in dev), but I know a lot of you guys were hoping for there to be...
  37. BigBig

    Spoiler My Biggest Hope for Skyward Sword (Post-completion)

    I AT LEAST want the game to acknowledge I beat it!
  38. BigBig

    Short and Funny Jokes to Tell People

    What's blue and smells like red paint??? BLUE PAINT!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH
  39. BigBig

    Web Browsers

    Chrome, but I really biased towards Google and the only other browsers I have tried are IE and Safari.
  40. BigBig

    Machiavelli Personality Test...!

    I got 52, is that good or bad?
  41. BigBig

    Ocarina of Time Do You Think the OoT3DS is Easier Than the 64?

    Same diffuculty in terms of dungeons and puzzles, but the controls and graphics are better.
  42. BigBig

    Ocarina of Time How Hard Did You Find OoT on Your First Time Through?

    On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a 8, because it was the first 3D Zelda game I actually beat. (not counting PH)
  43. BigBig

    Majora's Mask Operation Moonfall

    Screw MM, just give us a whole new game! But seriously, I would like to see a new Zelda (game) on my 3ds.
  44. BigBig

    The Creepiest Thing in Any Zelda Game?

    Ive seen the whole haunted majors mask thing ;), but it isn't real so it doesn't count.
  45. BigBig

    Ocarina of Time Why Do People Find "The Shadow Temple" in OoT So Scary?

    Bongo Bongo has his head and hands chopped off, which is hella creepy if not scary. It's mostly the general atmosphere, its like it's saying "people have died horrible bloody deaths and you will too". Of course, it's not horror movie scary, but still enough to creep you out.
  46. BigBig

    Ocarina of Time What if the Beta Game Existed

    Then we wouldn't have Epona, which would have sucked.
  47. BigBig

    Ocarina of Time What Was Your Favorite Moment in Ocarina of Time?

    Ikr? They're so fun to fight! : D Edit: I mean the iron knuckles.
  48. BigBig

    Ocarina of Time What if the Beta Game Existed

    What are you talking about? Speak English please.
  49. BigBig

    Ocarina of Time Bongo Bongo

    There's no such thing as luck ;)
  50. BigBig

    Ocarina of Time OoT Super Mastery.

    It's impossible to complete the challenge with no bottles or fairies, cause with only three hearts and no zoras tunic you have to lose 3 hearts in the water temple. (I think)
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