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  1. Hero-of-Time777

    Zelda's Unbroken Bloodline Is ABSURD

    In that most everyone in Hyrule is a descendant of the royal family, aka have Hylia's blood? :whistle: Why is Zelda the only one with Hylia's power if other people have Hylia's blood? Zelda is getting her power from being the reincarnation of Hylia; her power is coming from her soul, not her...
  2. Hero-of-Time777

    Hyrule Warriors Pulse of the Ancients - Impressions Thread

    It was great! I love Zelda's new motorcycle and the unexpected unlockable character.
  3. Hero-of-Time777

    Hyrule Warriors Guardian of Remembrance - Impressions Thread

    It was what I expected. I don't expect Nintendo to ever get too deep into the relationships of BOTW, sadly. Maybe they will, or not. Either way, the new cutscenes, abilities, and weapons for the characters are all a plus.
  4. Hero-of-Time777

    Should Link Speak?

    If Nintendo did it right, they could pull it off. But at this point in time I'm not liable to trust them with such drastic, risky things. Maybe that will change in time. Either way, I'm okay if he never does speak besides the basic question replies and very, very rare comments.
  5. Hero-of-Time777

    Does anyone unironically like Fi?

    I respect your viewpoint on this and can see what you mean, but I truly think Skyward Sword is the best Nintendo has done so far in terms of storytelling in Zelda. Fi's detached, robotic personality is something I actually like, since it's part of her character being the cold, detached spirit...
  6. Hero-of-Time777

    Zelda's Unbroken Bloodline Is ABSURD

    Yes, try to cut down a woman who speaks her mind and provides irrefutable evidence you're unable to counter. Because attacking a girl's personality is always the way to "win" a case you've already lost. ;) And go ahead and add that frown face you always love to add at the end of every single...
  7. Hero-of-Time777

    Breath of the Wild What's your favorite climate biome in BOTW?

    Definitely, that area between Tabantha and Faron in the outskirts is really very beautiful. So slow and full of trees, swaying grass, and quiet peace. Never in a videogame have I felt so at peace! I love the Zonai region for its mysterious atmosphere with all the relics and statues but the...
  8. Hero-of-Time777

    zelda manga news thread

    If Himekawa is reading fan requests they definitely know about the huge desire for a Botw manga. Which is what makes me nervous. I hope Himekawa goes with what they think makes good plot ideas, not some godawful fanservice crap. UGH, I'm getting sick just thinking about it! That's how...
  9. Hero-of-Time777

    After BotW2

    Still waiting for that game where Princess Zelda is the main character. ;)
  10. Hero-of-Time777

    After BotW2

    THIS! You know, Arlo from youtube made a whole video about how Nintendo should stick more with expanding certain titles instead of reinventing the wheel every few years; how doing this not only adds much-needed depth and characterization to the series, but would allow Nintendo more opportunity...
  11. Hero-of-Time777

    Breath of the Wild Weird question, but do you feel you respect npcs? Here’s my reasoning:

    I don't actually find the flower lady annoying, probably because it's easy to walk to the shrine without stepping on the flowers. The one I hate is some guy who scams Link at one of the stables; he wants you to buy bread or something? Some ugly young guy that is a shame you can't cut down...
  12. Hero-of-Time777

    Breath of the Wild BotW Manga?

    I think it was touching... Like I said, the Bulblin/Ilia relationship surprisingly fills in a lot of holes. It added more to Bulblin's obsession with beating Link too, being jealous of him over Ilia. A bit gross and corny but it works. Himekawa could do things like this in a BOTW manga, I'm...
  13. Hero-of-Time777

    What kind of art style is Ocarina of Time?

    Realistic, a bit dark. Maybe a bit anime, especially with Link's big, rectangular eyes and Ganondorf's giant nose. xD
  14. Hero-of-Time777

    Zora to Rito

    If said fantasy video game is going to use scientific evolutionary theory to justify a race's existence, then yes, they should abide by a basic understanding of it. That's what makes fantasy believable; the things we believe in should be able to stand up to scrutiny. Both in the fantasy...
  15. Hero-of-Time777

    Breath of the Wild BotW Manga?

    It's not that bad, just an example of what I mean by "random". I liked more Ilia's asspulled Beauty and the Beast relationship with King Bulblin. Him liking her is actually a good excuse to explain why Ilia was kept longer in the game and not dumped immediately in Kakariko like the other...
  16. Hero-of-Time777

    Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Games

    Ocarina of Time. Breath of the Wild. Skyward Sword. Majora's Mask then Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, leaning more towards WW but I'm okay with TP taking its place now and then What a minute, does Age of Calamity count? Of course it does, I'll put it somewhere below BOTW. The rest, I...
  17. Hero-of-Time777

    Zelda's Unbroken Bloodline Is ABSURD

    Thank you, I completely agree with you on these top points and am glad someone else on this forum has the guts to speak reason, even though we really are the majority. I want to point out, though, that Link can be a descendant of Hylian knights every single time without being his own ancestor...
  18. Hero-of-Time777

    Breath of the Wild Will Nintendo ever make a TRUE BOTW prequel?

    True that. Awakens her powers for Link, but not for her own father or the rest of the four Champions. Very hard to accept without asspulling some excuses and explanations.
  19. Hero-of-Time777

    Breath of the Wild Will Nintendo ever make a TRUE BOTW prequel?

    Some people in the Link x Zelda fandom don't like how Zelda gets annoyed at Link in Botw, put that scene when she yells at him to stop following her entirely on her. Like, she's the Princess of Hyrule and she gave her knight a direct order and he didn't listen. Choosing to silently follow her...
  20. Hero-of-Time777

    Breath of the Wild Will Nintendo ever make a TRUE BOTW prequel?

    Oh yeah, I forgot the Divine Beasts were just mini-dungeons, plus the shrines. Tell me about it, you don't know how much I wish they put more effort into the characters I yearn to see more of, see beyond just the basic glimpse in Botw and AoC. It's crazy to think how the four Champions are the...
  21. Hero-of-Time777

    Breath of the Wild Will Nintendo ever make a TRUE BOTW prequel?

    What would you consider a meaningful change or evolution in the series? I know a lot of people want dungeons back in Botw's sequel, but I'm sure it'll still keep the open world.
  22. Hero-of-Time777

    Breath of the Wild Will Nintendo ever make a TRUE BOTW prequel?

    Funny. A part of me hopes you're wrong but maybe not. We'll have to see how the series goes on after Botw's sequel, whether Nintendo will continue this trend of expanding a particular major title. Seems like after Nintendo 64 they started rolling back the original darkness of 3D Zelda. Even...
  23. Hero-of-Time777

    Breath of the Wild Why are Zelda places dead compared to 2 years ago?

    I used to be in the Naruto fandom and I remember the Naruto x Sakura forums completely exploding with traffic at the series' crap ending. Funny times, us letting out our rage and grief, but yeah, the moment passes. The Zelda fandom's pretty dead compared it, even though I do think the series...
  24. Hero-of-Time777

    Redeads in Hyrule Castle Town

    Yeah, Nintendo tried softening the Redead thing, saying they were just magic beings who just happen to hang out in Royal Family tombs, coffins, the torture chambers of the Shadow Temple, etc. I see them more as Zelda's version of the inferi from Harry Potter.
  25. Hero-of-Time777

    Breath of the Wild BotW Manga?

    I'm actually kind of nervous and scared about it. When I think about the things those mangaka can do to the characters, their relationships, the weird-ass random pairings they can make up (like Shad x Ilia in the Twilight Princess manga) ugh...it makes me feel like throwing up... I love the...
  26. Hero-of-Time777

    Zelda's Unbroken Bloodline Is ABSURD

    The point of reincarnation is to be born with a different bloodline every single time. You will never again have the same bloodline, and trying to be your own grandchild isn't going to change that truth. A character's former ancestors will be misplaced, and they're going to have a new set of...
  27. Hero-of-Time777

    General Classic Navi Vs Tatl

    I really don't get why Navi gets so much hate in the fandom. It's one of those gross it's-cool-to-hate-this-character-to-death things even though they really aren't that bad, have helped Link greatly in the story, another hated character like that being Tingle. It's pure mechanics that causes...
  28. Hero-of-Time777

    Is Ganondorf the hero?

    No offense but I think the Ganondorf = true hero of 10,000 years ago is as dumb as the Ganondorf being Link's father theory that a lot of people were believing in before BOTW's release. And all because Link had a blue and red striped design on his shirt's collar that looked like the design on...
  29. Hero-of-Time777

    Which Beast Ganon do You Prefer?

    Do you mean boar Ganon in BOTW? I do think he looks the most otherworldly, magical with all the glowing Malice flames, but he was a little boring-looking too. XD Let's hope mummy Ganon in BOTW2 completely revamps how a final boss fight is. :reggie: :cool:
  30. Hero-of-Time777

    Hyrule Warriors Did the voice acting improve?

    I've already said this but Revali and Urbosa have the best English voices. Zelda's has grown on me, I like the accent, I just imagine it more high-pitched and emotional like her Japanese one. I think the voice acting for the Champions and King Rhoam has improved since BOTW, as the voice actors...
  31. Hero-of-Time777

    Zora to Rito

    It's just another case of Nintendo not understanding science, like Zelda being forced to eternally give birth to herself via the "unbroken Hylia bloodline". A way of trying to "explain" an appearance of a new race in the series when all they could've said was that the Rito were there all along...
  32. Hero-of-Time777

    Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity - Story Discussion

    Now that we have an entire alternate reality where the four Champions and King Rhoam didn't die, where Zelda awakened her power earlier and gets to live out the rest of her life with them and Link, ooohhhh, it opens such possibilities for what could've happened, how relationships ended up, etc...
  33. Hero-of-Time777

    Hyrule Warriors Pick a DLC Character

    I would love if they added Kass. Just imagine, he could fly and use songs to fight, unleash magical attacks. XD Plus, him coming from the future to learn more about the Champions wouldn't seem too out-of-place. Dumb, but still believable. XD I'm okay if they don't add him though. Just fun to...
  34. Hero-of-Time777

    Which Beast Ganon do You Prefer?

    YES, this basically sums up my answer!! :ham: Just look at him, he's easily the most intimidating Ganon incarnation to date! (Not counting spider-Ganon in BOTW) I love how Ocarina of Time is not only when Ganon becomes human, but also when his beast design is updated to look more scary...
  35. Hero-of-Time777

    What if this game turns out to be an absolute nightmare?

    Satoru was close with Miyamoto, and Miyamoto continues to watch over the Zelda series, his creation. I'd honestly start getting worried about it once Miyamoto and Aonuma are gone, the latter whom has been involved with Zelda since Ocarina of Time. But as long as the new developers respect the...
  36. Hero-of-Time777

    Zelda's Unbroken Bloodline Is ABSURD

    You think Zelda is getting Hylia's blood from both her maternal and paternal line, that King Rhoam and his queen were brother and sister? Again, this is exactly what I mean by some people not understanding how genetics work. Only severe inbreeding over countless millennia would have both the...
  37. Hero-of-Time777

    Hyrule Warriors Fav Champion to play?

    I like Daruk, but yes, such a shame that's he's kind of the weakest of the Champions. I remember I kept throwing bombs at Astor with Daruk and he kept throwing them over Astor's head in that tiny castle gatehouse. xD His strength is his downfall; he's too big and clunky. Still love him...
  38. Hero-of-Time777

    Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity - Story Discussion

    I've grown to really like Age of Calamity's story, ridiculous as it gets later on. I'm still mad how Nintendo falsely advertised it; they didn't have to, showing Terrako time-traveling in the trailers and framing the game as a what-if-they-could-change-what-happened would've attracted just as...
  39. Hero-of-Time777

    Zelda's Unbroken Bloodline Is ABSURD

    You do realize you just disproved Hylia's bloodline only being in the Royal Family, do you? That ancestry disperses shared blood among the population like wildfire, which proves the fallacy of Hylia's bloodline giving the royal family powers? Of course you don't, you think everyone in the...
  40. Hero-of-Time777

    Zelda's Unbroken Bloodline Is ABSURD

    Just have to reply to this because it's so ****ing stupid--and demonstrates the sheer ignorance of what I'm taking about, morons like this having no clue how genetics and ancestry work yet thinking that they do. You do know that we're talking about Hylia's bloodline, right? And not the...
  41. Hero-of-Time777

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD: Motion vs Button Controls

    When motion controls first came out with the Wii, it was pure coolness and novelty. Then the coolness wore off when playing as Link in Twilight Princess is just flicking your wrist from side to side until it hurt. It doesn't feel like you're really swinging a sword anyway, so it detracts from...
  42. Hero-of-Time777

    Zelda's Unbroken Bloodline Is ABSURD

    Even if Hylia's bloodline power can be passed down by men and only manifests in women, the bloodline explanation to explain the Zeldas' powers is still utter bull****. Nintendo says Hylia is supposed to be Mitochondrial Eve to the Hylians, the maternal ancestor of Hyrule's entire Hylian...
  43. Hero-of-Time777

    Hyrule Warriors Favourite soundtracks?

    With Power Awakened. Love the holy-sounding and emotional critical hit crescendo, really drives home that Zelda has god-power, is Hylia reincarnated. Push Forward. Revali's epic second theme, Ace Archer and Aviator. Seriously, he got a second theme, and it's so dramatic and epic, I love the...
  44. Hero-of-Time777

    Secondary cast

    I'm sure Kass will return, and Sidon because of his popularity in Japan. I know I'm being a bit desperate but I hope we get even more flashbacks of the four Champions, or maybe their spirit appearances lol. I'm okay if we don't but PLEASE, just ANY tiny little thing regarding them. I'm sure...
  45. Hero-of-Time777

    Choose One Thing You Hope for from BotW 2

    I admit, Link's at his blankest, (*cough*blandest*cough*) in BOTW, but there's an in-game explanation for that. He's an emotionless soldier, unable to express how he truly feels most times because of the burdens on him, etc. He still shows personality though, which you discover from...
  46. Hero-of-Time777

    Hyrule Warriors Fav Champion to play?

    Urbosa is really the coolest to me out of the Champions what with all the lightning and sword strikes. She's vicious, though. Stabbing Hinoxs' in the eye and electrocuting them from the inside. o_O Endless lightning strikes? Like Daruk said, her blade is keen but her skills are mean. "You...
  47. Hero-of-Time777

    Deku Scrubs in BoTW 2

    I have a feeling Nintendo's going to bring back old races, characters, etc. from past Zelda games. It would add newness while also adding nostalgia points. They were going to add the Minish according to an interview, and almost made a kokiri a Champion in the concept art. Also, adding the...
  48. Hero-of-Time777

    Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity DLC Thread

    About time they announced Age of Calamity DLC. I was so sure it was gonna happen, happy it did. :ham: "Character vignettes" is what I'm looking forward to, as I'm sure most people in the fandom who wanted more fleshing out of the Champions, who I'm sure will have more since Nintendo made new...
  49. Hero-of-Time777

    Hyrule Warriors Dynamics/ interaction / chemistry between the champions

    Daruk and Mipha getting along is just how I imagined it'd be and I'm very happy Nintendo confirmed it. XD :D Also, Zelda stopping a fight between Link and Revali...also how I imagined the dynamic and somehow cute. Kind of lazy that they didn't give much battle dialogue between Zelda and the...
  50. Hero-of-Time777

    Zelda's Unbroken Bloodline Is ABSURD

    Not planning to have kids? Your bloodline ends with you. That's how real evolution and genetics work. Maybe try taking a class on it before trying to slam-dunk against the truth and failing. It's because we all come from an unbroken bloodline of sexual reproduction that makes Zelda's and...
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