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  1. HylianGirl

    Your Favorite: Fi or Ghirahim?

    I think Fi is the worst companion I have seen in a zelda game. She has no personality, is really anoying and breaks the flow of the game, I really dislike her, probably the Zelda caracter I like the least ò.ó. But Debbie's got style xD He was a very memorable enemy and very funny as well. (When...
  2. HylianGirl

    Zelda Manga

    Wow, I never met someone who had been introduced to zelda through manga, that's interesting, would you mind me asking wich was the first you read or what made you interested by them in the first place? I have a couple of the mangas (both volumes of Oot, MM and LttP), and I actually intend to...
  3. HylianGirl

    Zelda II Healing Lady

    I actually never thought he was having sex with her when I played it (and I played it recently xD), it's a NES game, the animations were tecnologically limited. And when I first heard that theory I thought the same thing The Jade Fist did, what about the old lady? I mean, is refiling health that...
  4. HylianGirl

    Cool Zelda Reference I Found.

    Definatelly it's the Zelda overworld theme!
  5. HylianGirl

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Release It on the 3ds?

    What I though exacly... I actually emailed nintendo asking them to do that, they said that they can't garantee, but might take it into consideration. Maybe if we show a great demand they might do it?
  6. HylianGirl

    Game Help Third Silent Realm

    hm.. I don't remember where are all of the tears, but I recommend going up, and getting the ones on the slide first, then get the ones at a hill that is full of watchers, those are the most difficult, then you go for the rest. It is better to go for those before, because missing them when you're...
  7. HylianGirl

    Did You Know This?

    Yeah, it happend to me, and I was actually just checking the price, and didn't have enought rupees =(
  8. HylianGirl

    Spoiler The Chosen Ones

    I kinda thought of it like surferguy7, Zelda as a mortal incarnation of Hylia. As for Link... I don't know, maybe he was the one that was most brave and willing to sacrifice to help Zelda/Hylia, I guess
  9. HylianGirl

    SKYWARD SWORD FOR $19.99?!

    Wow, if you haven't got the game go for it! Kinda makes me feel bad for getting it at launch... I actually never get games at lauch, I like to wait 'till the prices drops, I only opened an exception on SS because I really wanted the bundle ^-^
  10. HylianGirl

    Adventure of Link Reflect Spell Help

    Thanks DrNedaj, sorry I took so long to reply, I hadn't had time to log in here latelly, I'll try and search for more magic containers and see if it helps, thanks again!
  11. HylianGirl

    Adventure of Link Reflect Spell Help

    Hello everyone! Latelly I've been playing Zelda II, but I have found myself stuck.... The thing is: I cannot get the reflect spell, I have already rescued the kid at the maze and went to Darunia, returned the kid to the old lady and she let me in and said something like "you are a hero...
  12. HylianGirl

    Who is the Hero's Shade?

    It all makes sense, but there is one thing: SS Link is right handed, and the Hero's Shade is left handed (GC version of TP is the cannon one, because the game was really designed for it and the wii is an adaptation for motion controls)
  13. HylianGirl

    Brazilian Nintendo World Talks About Zelda Timeline!

    Hello everyone! I have recently bought a Zelda 25th anniversary Brazilian Nintendo World magazine, and to my surprise this magazine talked about the Zelda timeline, I have been trying to scan it, but my scanner isn't working, so I took some photographs with my phone, it has a timeline theory on...
  14. HylianGirl

    If Link Died?

    What if there were two possible endings to the game? One in wich he dies and another one (more difficult to acomplish) in wich he survives? Or maybe if the possible cause of his death is a sacrifice, the "good" ending could be the tragic one (if not for the sacrifice Hyrule isn't completelly...
  15. HylianGirl

    Link, Officially Right Handed Now?

    That's true, but his in-game sprite is left handed. In the game he clearly holds the shield with his right hand and sword with his left.
  16. HylianGirl

    Link, Officially Right Handed Now?

    I think one of the reasons why I like the fact that he is left handed has something to do with what Hyliantx3 said. Not only that, but also, in the past being left handed used to be considered wrong, my mom is a lefty and when she was in school the teachers tied her left hand on her back, saying...
  17. HylianGirl

    Ah, Sweet Nostalgia...

    My first was ALLtP on the SNES (not GBA xD) I didn't speak english at the time and didn't understand the story, I just looked at the map and thought "hm.. there's a mark there, I have to go there and try to do something!" ahhahah I found the Master Sword before collecting the pendants and I...
  18. HylianGirl

    Link, Officially Right Handed Now?

    I prefer left handed Link, and I also noticed that on the WiiU demo, it also bothered me because on the demo the player was using the WiiU controller, not a wiimote, so I see no reason to put a right handed Link on a game that uses button and an annalog stick... I am right handed, but I also...
  19. HylianGirl

    The Oocca and the City in The Sky

    Actually TP takes place in the child timeline, while WW in the adult one, so TP Hyrule hasn't been flooded. TP comes after MM, therefore, child timeline and WW comes on the adult timeline as it is stated on the opening, telling the story of how adult Link defeated Ganon, but didn't return on the...
  20. HylianGirl

    The Hero's Shade...

    Hi there! I'm new here, but I'm gonna put my two cents on this matter The Hero's Shade is obviously a Link, but it's not really clear wich one, as it has been stated before. TP is a game that references a lot of OoT, but I also felt like it gives some hints about the upcoming SS (City in the...
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