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  1. Leix

    Minish Cap: Is it toon Link?

    Well if you think, there really ARE two outfits. TMC Link starts with the garb that WW Link wears, yet OoT Link isn't wearing 'The Hero's Clothes', he's wearing standard Kokiri garb. The Toon Link Tunic hasn't got any sleeves connected to it, plus, it's long sleeved compared to Kokiri short sleeve.
  2. Leix

    Minish Cap: Is it toon Link?

    It's the BELT that really makes you think. They have identical belts. Which makes me wonder, perhaps there were TWO hero's outfits handed down, one in each timeline? The child bearing OoT Link, and the Adult path bearing Minish Cap Link? The only difference between the Links that I see in...
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