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    Bad narrative, great gameplay vs Bad gameplay, great narrative

    Good gameplay over bad story. Case in point: World of Light > Subspace Emissary.
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    Link's Awakening Switch [Spoiler.] Colour Dungeon question inside

    Neither. Both colors are ugly. I picked blue and immediately went back inside to get the green. Even on Hero Mode neither are remotely necessary for a perfect ending run.
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    Link's Awakening Switch Link's Awakening (Swtich) is much better than BotW...

    I mean, you still have a ton of... sandwiches left you could still play, and we just got a remake of a classic... sandwich.. released on Friday. I’m not big on this false comparison. Right, at it’s core, the original Zelda was a dungeon crawler. Screw aLttP for taking the focus away from the...
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    Link's Awakening Switch Link's Awakening (Swtich) is much better than BotW...

    It’s literally not though. A lot of the dungeons experiment with cool ideas that should have been brought back but never were eg the Cave of No Return and some of the ice puzzles in the Ice Temple, not to mention interesting variety such as capturing the thieves in Kakariko, finding the kids in...
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    Link's Awakening Switch Link's Awakening (Swtich) is much better than BotW...

    I reiterate my FSA point. Literally some of the most high quality gameplay in the series, yet it’s level like structure is a far cry of what is common of a Zelda game. *****ing about stuff “not being Zelda” is more just people having tantrums about a game not being what you want.
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    Link's Awakening Switch Link's Awakening (Swtich) is much better than BotW...

    Respectfully disagree. Saying “how a Zelda should be” defeats the point of Zelda entirely. FSA has some of the best dungeons and puzzles in the series and it’s drastically different than most mainline entries. Is it not “a Zelda game?”
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    Where is Ghirahim???

    But again, the sword disappearing wouldn’t really make sense. The sword itself is still a physical object. We see this when Fi is inactive - the sword spirit isn’t there, but the blade itself still is. On your point of Ghirahim not being able to exist without Demise, that’s objectively untrue or...
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    Where is Ghirahim???

    But you understand how this is different, right? By this logic we can’t make any comparisons because if we get vague enough we can make strawmen arguments like “Oh, you’re comparing their designs? Well guess what, the Four Sword and the Master Sword both have blades. I guess they’re the same now...
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    Where is Ghirahim???

    Why are you assuming he’s disintegrating? Just because Demise got his ass kicked doesn’t mean Ghirahim is automatically felled with him. We see Link get his ass kicked numerous times in Skyward Sword and in his death animation the Master Sword doesn’t verp out of existence. I don’t see why...
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    Where is Ghirahim???

    While this was already mentioned, I do think he is the Trident that was in the Pyramid in FSA that allowed Ganon to become the King of Darkness. It’s stated to be a “tool used by an ancient demon,” and, considering the similarity between its design and the rapiers (or Demon Tribe Sword if one...
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    Link's Awakening Switch Do you like the create a dungeon feature on LA for Switch?

    I think it’s a good start for something, but not much else. I’d like to see this concept expanded on and reintroduced in a later title (if not maybe a standalone dungeon maker title, which is something a looooot of people here would like and have wanted including myself). But yeah, good...
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    Link's Awakening Switch Do You Like the New Link's Awakening Art Style?

    I’m not sure why people think it’s not faithful. It’s actually quite silly to me. The entire point of this art style is to be as faithful as possible. Sure, they could have gone ahead and made Ocarina of Time 3D look more realistic and gritty like Twilight Princess, but they didn’t go that...
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    What was your most recent purchase?

    fire emblem cipher cards
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    Favourite 2D Zelda game

    aLttP GBA
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    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild. I can not comprehend why this game exists.

    If you don’t like it, go back to what you do like. It’s really as simple as that.
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    Zelda- A playable character in BotW 2? (speculations)

    I like how assuming Zelda is associated with wisdom every time means she automatically can’t be playable. It’s like nobody remembers that Link didn’t even get the Triforce of Courage in the original until years after getting Wisdom and Power.
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    What other past Zelda title should BotW2 draw inspiration from?

    aLttP in dungeons/unique items/overworld exploration, and OoT/MM in regards to things like enemy variety.
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    Is Death Sword Phantom Ganon?

    I personally doubt it just because we see what probably is (or are, rather) the Phantom Ganon(s) of Twilight Princess in the third phase of the final battle. That’s not to say Phantom Riders are 100% Phantom Ganon(s), but the horns and the horse riding (especially when Ganondorf is riding a...
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    Spoiler Random theories

    Not so much a theory but more of a head canon. The other two “heroes” in Tri Force Heroes are from Holodrum and Labrynna.
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    Zelda- A playable character in BotW 2? (speculations)

    If we’re taking the “Legend of Zelda” literally then it’s referring to the tragedy of Zelda I from Adventure of Link’s manual. Impa flatout calls it “the legend of Zelda.”
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    Timeline Theories

    Oh it can; I just think Tri Force Heroes fits better as an Adult Timeline game. Small things adding up like the legend of the Hero and the Triforce has been twisted so long that the Heroes are literally associated with the elements of the individual Triforce pieces, the appearance of Linebeck's...
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    Timeline Theories

    Yep! My timeline is in my signature. SS > OoT > WW > PH > ST > TFH ---------\ MM > TP MC > FS >FSA > aLttP > OoX > LA > aLBW > LoZ > AoL > BotW
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    Timeline Theories

    Notice how the game itself directly refrains from mentioning Ganon until much later into the actual plot. The manual was a walking spoiler. The intro of aLttP doesn't even have the gall to say somebody claimed the Triforce; it just said evil flowed from the Sacred Realm. The only reason the...
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    Timeline Theories

    Sages/descendants of Sages and the Royal Family keeping track of long distant histories. Hmm, I wonder where that's been seen before? A Link to the Past Ocarina of Time Majora's Mask Wind Waker Twilight Princess A Link Between Worlds wat The Triforce, respectively: "one who would Conquer...
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    Timeline Theories

    You'd have a point if there was a single person in Ocarina of Time who actually called him Ganon in the past, but there isn't. You would again have a point if Ocarina of Time didn't contradict the notion that Ganondorf opened the Sacred Realm in the first place. Link opened the entrance to the...
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    Timeline Theories

    Since the release of Hyrule Historia, timeline theorizing has taken a massive hit in the Zelda community. The book introduced its own official timeline, and, bar some minor tweaking with the inclusion of new entries, it has been endorsed with no change by Nintendo every step of the way, from the...
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    Where did the cats go?

    In Wind Waker, Link imitates a cat noise to throw Mila off of the fact he's following her, implying that both him and Mila are familiar with cats and their meowing to some degree meaning that - while not seen - they do at minimum exist to a certain point on the Great Sea. The miniboss of the...
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    Breath of the Wild Your Main Outfit

    Tunic/Cap/Trousers of the Hero
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    "10,000 years"

    The Zora Monuments immediately destroy this theory. It straight up says the Hero of Time, Ruto, and "the wicked man from the desert" existed before the Divine Beasts. Not to mention the fact they say that the Zora's Domain they're currently living at was created 10,000 years ago, yet we've never...
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    Hylian Translations in the Temple of Time

    Hello! It's been a while since I've last been on Zelda Dungeon since I've been busy with both Breath of the Wild and other affairs, but I'm glad to let you all know that some friends and I made a Zelda theory/discussion channel. Our first actual video was on the Temple of Time and the Hylian...
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    Couldn't BotW be in fact Lorule? Contains Spoilers

    "symbol of her divinity" lelelelelelelelelelelelelelel
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    Spoiler Timeline continuity in BotW

    There are so many DT references it's not even funny. From the MS being north of Hyrule Castle, to the fact the sages from OoT are referenced, and the entirety of Adventure of Link being straight up mentioned in the same knighting speech Zelda gives, it's literally impossible to ignore. Some of...
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    Kk ty

    Kk ty
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    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] - BOTW Spoiler Round Up

    That's incorrect, because, by that logic, the Triforce pieces would have automatically gone to Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf immediately upon their birth. The Triforce needed some sort of stimulation to split, whether it be Ganondorf in the Adult and Downfall Timelines or Link in the Child...
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    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] - BOTW Spoiler Round Up

    They went to the exact same owners from the AT to the CT due to Link having the ToC when he returned to the CT; this created a paradox, so the Triforce of Courage of the CT automatically split and went to Link, the other pieces following suit and returning to their owners as well.
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    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] - BOTW Spoiler Round Up

    Ganondorf loses it just like Link lost the ToC; it simply leaves his body, and Link most likely would have died in WW if it wasn't for Daphnes wishing for a future for Link and Zelda. Check the ending of Ocarina of Time, specifically Link reuniting with Zelda in the Child Timeline. He clearly...
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    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] - BOTW Spoiler Round Up

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT8ZmtpAqrw Ganondorf was near death, barely hanging on, and lost his Triforce Piece immediately after. This directly parallels the events of what happens in Wind Waker. Link gets beaten to near death by Ganondorf and loses his Triforce. You're making a mistake...
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    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] - BOTW Spoiler Round Up

    The ToP left Ganondorf because he literally died, and the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom went to Link and Zelda because Link nearly bringing the Triforce of Courage back from the Adult Timeline to the Child Timeline created a continuity problem, so the Triforce automatically split and went to...
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    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] - BOTW Spoiler Round Up

    Actually, in Twilight Princess, she most definitely had Wisdom. And this isn't taking the shape of the Triforce; this is straight up a reference to the Triforce and the power it's giving off underneath the glowing light.
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    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] - BOTW Spoiler Round Up

    But his hand only glowed when the mark actually appeared in AoL and SS; it quit glowing shortly after he proved himself worthy of having the Triforce. Also, I'd like to point out, on the Tapestry depicting the events, there's a very faint yet apparent (in the cutscene) Triforce under Zelda's...
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    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] - BOTW Spoiler Round Up

    It's named the Cap of Time, meaning the full set will be the Hero of Time's tunic. Basically every mainstream Hero's Clothes is most likely going to return.
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    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] - BOTW Spoiler Round Up

    Ah, for some reason I thought you said round ears? I don't think that necessarily denotates a placement, as a lot of characters in the art for THF and AoL had pointed ears (and a lot of ears you weren't able to see, which in Zelda lore it's easy to assume they're most likely pointed.)
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    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] - BOTW Spoiler Round Up

    How is downfall less likely because there are humans? Humans have always existed in the world of Zelda, humans are literally the main populace of Labrynna and Holodrum in the Downfall Timeline.
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    Breath of the Wild [SPOILERS] - BOTW Spoiler Round Up

    A leaker on 4chan who datamined the game. A few people in Europe have the game due to Nintendo putting BotW on the Wii U servers and people obtaining the ticket and the title key.
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    Breath of the Wild Korok

    To be fair, they're not visible until Link specifically finds the single location they're in and they reveal themselves, meaning that, by default, they aren't visible to him without a bit of initiative on Link's part.
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    Breath of the Wild What are you most looking forward to in BotW?

    I think I speak for everyone of ZD when I say amiibo usage and DLC
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    Breath of the Wild Zelda DLC and Expansions

    Call me overly optimistic, but there's probably already a Savage Den Cave of Shadow Labyrinth Trials Ordeals in the game, and the Cave of Trials is just another one (similar to the Cave of Shadows) with a new twist, possibly like they're all mechanical enemies like the mini guardians or the...
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