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  1. Arbiters Ground

    Song Of Storms cover; Girlfriend on violin, me on guitar

    Thanks in advance to anyone who watches.
  2. Arbiters Ground

    Spoiler Did Anyone else Get a Little Choked Up When... (spoilers to Skyward Sword)

    Obvious spoilers to the end of Skyward Sword. I just finished playing it for the 2nd time, and my eyes got a tad watery when Fi says goodbye to Link. Any other strong emotional moments for you in the Zelda series?
  3. Arbiters Ground

    Spoiler Inverted Triforce.

    I don't think so. I think it's just supposed to be a a sign of evil. Like how an inverted cross means the Anti-Christ. That's probably where the idea for it originates.
  4. Arbiters Ground

    3DS Video

    On the 3DS, they released that video of the great fairy fountain theme, orchestrated for the 25th anniversary. You could download it and all that stuff. I didn't have my 3DS at that time, so I just got it back yesterday, and it I can't find that video anymore. It looks like it was replaced...
  5. Arbiters Ground

    Spoiler Zelda Game with the Best...

    Graphics: Wind Waker - The art style they chose leaves it aging well. For instance, Twilight Princess' graphics by today's standards seem lackluster. Wind Waker still seems bright and refreshing. Controls- Ocarina Of Time - While SS does have great controls, there were some flaws. I really...
  6. Arbiters Ground

    If They Ever Make A Legend Of Zelda Movie?

    I've said this a lot, and I'll say it again. I think that the best way to have a Zelda movie or Zelda series that's both good, and doesn't make the fans rage would be like this: First off, animated. I think if it were animated in Wind Waker art, that's be amazing. Some type of cel-shading...
  7. Arbiters Ground

    This Has Probably Been Brought Up Before, But...

    Alright, do you think Anjean (from Spirit Tracks) is Tetra (from Wind Waker)? There are many reasons to believe so. Firstly; the physical resemblence. Both have the same hairstyle. Anjean's has simply turned gray from age. The shape of the face and everything is very similar. Secondly...
  8. Arbiters Ground

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    I think it was the 7th dungeon in The Legend Of Zelda for NES. I think there was a room with like 7 or 8 darknuts. Death Mountain was hard, if you were going in totally unfamiliar, but if you know the level, or go in with a guide, it's very easy, and you don't even need to go in half the rooms.
  9. Arbiters Ground

    The Imprisoned

    Least favorite boss of the game. As far as bosses go, I liked Levias a lot.
  10. Arbiters Ground

    You Can Eliminate (or Replace) One Section or Part of Skyward Sword

    I dunno, I thought Demise was a pretty tough boss. As far as final bosses go, he was probably the hardest in Zelda history. The easiest was probably Majora.
  11. Arbiters Ground

    Zelda Art Song Of Storms Classical Duet

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeL3szhb-84 In this video, I do a medley cover or the Song Of Storms, Song Of Healing, and opening title theme from Ocarina Of Time. Some parts are sort of my own compositions, or variations on the melodies. It's arranged for two guitars. Please feel free to...
  12. Arbiters Ground

    You Can Eliminate (or Replace) One Section or Part of Skyward Sword

    Lets say you have the ability to take one part of Skyward Sword out (ideally it'd be your least favorite part). Which part would you take out? Or maybe you wouldn't change a thing? For me, the things that come to mind are the Silent Realm (particularly Eldin and Skyloft). There's also the...
  13. Arbiters Ground

    Phantom Hourglass Figure Giveaway - Favorite Zelda Enemy

    I would have to go with Argorok from Twilight Princess. Having to clawshot onto his back some 100 ft. in the sky, and then repeatedly stab in in the back with the Master Sword while in midair; There was just this epic Beowulf-like moment with that boss that I loved.
  14. Arbiters Ground

    Favorite Thing About Skyward Sword?

    Wasn't my favorite thing about the game, but were these guys not the most adorable things you've ever seen in a Zelda game?
  15. Arbiters Ground

    How Helpful Was Fi

    She is interesting, but when it comes to Link's partners (Navi, Fi, Minish Cap, Celia, etc.) my favorite is probably always gonna be Midna. She had a really cool personality.
  16. Arbiters Ground

    What Do You Like the Most About Skyward Sword?

    The Art in all its forms. The game itself looks like a painting. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL at night, then the music. Everything about the game evokes impressionism, and I could tell for some parts with the music they were going for sort of a french Debussy/Ravel type sound. I'm not too far...
  17. Arbiters Ground

    The Box Art...

    As I find out more and more about the game, it seems like it's going to be a lot like the Wind Waker. First off, it seems like they don't want to use the obligatory formula of dungeons. I've heard multiple Nintendo people say there will be times when the player isn't even sure they're in a...
  18. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Song of Storms, Best Song Ever?

    It's probably my favorite. If you guys don't mind, I did a cover Medley of Song Of Storms, OoT's theme and the Song Of Healing from Majora's Mask. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeL3szhb-84
  19. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Your Thoughts on Master Quest 3D

    I started playing Master Quest 3D today, and have a question: Do I get bragging rights for completing the first dungeon (Inside Deku Tree) and not dying? Or is that not impressive? It's not a fun dungeon if you get very creeped out by the Gohma eggs.
  20. Arbiters Ground

    Links Nasty Face!

    I agree. The graphics are very interesting, but my only complaint would be the character's faces. Mainly Link and Zelda (I don't like how Zelda looks, either). The outfits and everything are fine.
  21. Arbiters Ground

    Epona in Skyward Sword

    If I had to guess, the bird will be the main method of transportation, and as for the ground, there will be some kind of warp system. It'd be interesting if Zelda had a dungeon in which you had to take Epona through it. It'd be a cool mini dungeon.
  22. Arbiters Ground

    Nintendo Confirms Triforce is Obtainable in Skyward Sword

    This seems a little too shady, so I'm pretty skeptical to this. Even if the emails and TS are all legit, I'm still skeptical. Regardless, the triforce being an obtainable item isn't something I'm too concerned about.
  23. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Grezzo: Did They Do a Good Job?

    Great job. Of course I could always pick one or two things here and there I would change, but it really isn't that important to my enjoyment of the game, so who cares. Loved playing it.
  24. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Temple to Beat

    Woops, I voted Spirit, but it's Forest. The Forest Temple is first off, beautiful. I love how it actually seems like a temple/castle in the middle of the woods. And then you enter these rooms that are outdoor that look very pretty. The music is imo the best dungeon music in OoT. And then the...
  25. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Who is Better for Link Malon or Zelda

    Malon. Zelda has this bad habit of making mistakes that put all of Hyrule in danger, most of all Link. Plus Malon's a redhead.
  26. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time What Were Your Favorite Songs in Oot

    1. Title Theme 2. Song Of Storms 3. Fairy Fountain 4. Sheik's Theme 5. Forest Temple I did a medley of the Song Of Storms, title theme, and Song Of Healing from Majora's Mask for two guitars, and the youtube link is in my sig if any of you guys want to check it out. Finished it last night.
  27. Arbiters Ground

    Zelda Art "Song Of Storms" Medley for Duet Guitars

    A music video I made playing a Medley featuring the Song Of Storms, OoT opening title teme, and Song Of Healing. It's more on the spanish/classical side. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeL3szhb-84 Hope you guys like it. A lot of work went into doing this. Link (pun not intended) is also in...
  28. Arbiters Ground

    I'm Calling It Now!

    It'll probably be vaguely mentioned in a cut scene. One of the things I love/hate about Zelda is that they never seem too interested in adding to the story/timeline for hardcore fans. I mean they do, but it's never very direct and blatant or obvious. Sometimes I wish they were more direct, but...
  29. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Hardest Temple

    Well, at first the water temple. But now that I've gotten better, the Forest Temple gave me the hardest time on the 3DS.
  30. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Is the Water Temple Really That Bad?

    The first time, yes. Arguably the hardest dungeon I've done. Now that I've done it so much, it's not so bad. But I did the Water Temple the day before yesterday and I still made a couple mistakes that I had to go back and fix.
  31. Arbiters Ground

    What Kinds of Dungeons Do You NOT Want in SS?

    It's not so much the type but what they do with the type. Like, I don't mind water, but hopefully it's not just another dungeon based on puzzles where you pull levers and raise the water levels.
  32. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time/Zelda Needs Better Final Battles?

    Finals battle sometimes are a bit of a disappointment, I'll agree. OoT was okay. Majora's Mask has a pretty lackluster and boring final battle. TP has a good final battle. I don't know if there's a game where the final battle is one I'd consider the best. TP had better boss battles than...
  33. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Best Boss: Who Did You Enjoy Tearing to Pieces the Most?

    Man, replaying the Forest Temple was really great for me. I made sure to put myself in a quiet room with headphones and nobody distracting me. I forgot how great and insanely clever that dungeon is, and it's so beautiful, too. A mixture of nature and castle architecture. Phantom Ganon just tops...
  34. Arbiters Ground

    Does Wii Motion Plus Scare You?

    I liked motion controls in TP. I've noticed that most of the people who hate the motion controls on Zelda are older folks who played NES or N64 zelda. I mean, I'm 20 and grew up in the N64 age, but I was still able to get along with motion controls.
  35. Arbiters Ground

    Time of Day

    I also agree that it'll make the game seem realistic. It's like Link rests when the player rests. In other games like OoT Link is a complete insomniac. Nobody normal can stay up for that many nights in a row!
  36. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Best Soundtrack

    Song Of Storms is my favorite, along with the beginning title theme. I don't know if this is the right place or not (if it isn't, I'll delete the post), but I did a classical Medley cover of Song Of Storms, Song Of Healing, and the opening theme for two guitars if any of you guys want to...
  37. Arbiters Ground

    SS: Buy Immediately or Wait?

    I was recently out of the country. I arrived home June 19th (the day OoT 3d came out). I didn't get home from the airport until an hour after the Gamestop where I had my OoT preordered had closed. So I had to wait and get it the day AFTER it came out. You know what it was like having to wait...
  38. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Invincible Kokiri?

    I subscribe to the theory that the great Deku tree tells them they'll die because of the dangers out in the world. All the monsters and whatnot. Once Ganondorf is gone, the world is a much safer place.
  39. Arbiters Ground

    Time of Day

    I really like that idea. Plus it's used well in Pokemon so it has good potential. Plus being up in Skyloft at night sounds like it would be beautiful.
  40. Arbiters Ground

    Something Funny I Just Noticed in the E3 2011 Trailer

    Yeah, fair enough. Won't happen again. :)
  41. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Okay Lets Settle This Once and for All.

    YES! I would do it at Ganon's Castle, too.
  42. Arbiters Ground

    Something Funny I Just Noticed in the E3 2011 Trailer

    I hate to be negative, but I really don't like the way Zelda looks in this game. I don't know if it's the bangs or what, but I really just don't like it. She weirds me out. Since it doesn't look like she's a famous and notable princess yet and just looks like a normal girl, I wish she had more...
  43. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Okay Lets Settle This Once and for All.

    Good, haha. Glad to know I'm not alone.
  44. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Okay Lets Settle This Once and for All.

    You've just collected the 3 spirit stones. You play the song of time and see the master sword for the first time. Navi goes up to it in fascination. Do you just run up to it and hit A to pick it up? Or do you have Link walk up to it to make it more realistic and dramatic? This might seem...
  45. Arbiters Ground

    Is Great Scenery Important to You?

    Absolutely. TP is my favorite Zelda in part for that reason. Beautiful overworld.
  46. Arbiters Ground

    Zelda's Lullaby in SS Trailer Reversed

    Wow, that's some Boards Of Canada-type of music referencing, there.
  47. Arbiters Ground

    Who Could the Main Antagonist Be?

    I'm still not totally convinced there will be no Ganondorf as an antagonist. I'm just remaining neutral to that whole idea. In an interview when asked if Ganondorf is in Skyward Sword, Miyamoto said "no comment" so that's where my head is pretty much at. I'm not sure who the Vaati-resembling...
  48. Arbiters Ground

    If You Got the Chance to Live Anywhere in the Zelda Series Where Would You Live?

    Ordon, probably. If not, then somewhere in the TP Castle Town. Or maybe I could make myself a place in the Lake Hylia in TP. That particular Lake Hylia is gorgeous.
  49. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Sage?

    You get to know Saria the most during the game, so I guess her. She seems the most good-natured and innocent of the Sages. Plus as a child I kinda had a crush on her.
  50. Arbiters Ground

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Temple in OOT

    Forest because it has the most notable music, and I like Phantom Ganon. It's very twisted, Labyrinth like, and it's also the prettiest temple. Even though I know this discussion is mainly about Ocarina, I've always felt like Majora's Mask's Stone Temple was insanely clever. And I'm a bit more...
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