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  1. Link428

    Harp-Worst Instrument Ever?

    It was ok i guess. The most fun i had with it was playing the final fantasy theme with it lol.
  2. Link428

    General Modern Best Graphics/Style Of Zelda Game?

    I like tp graphics. i liked the realism about it.
  3. Link428

    Games You're Looking Forward To

    Skyward sword mostly (of course) resident evil opp racoon city kingdom hearts dream drop distance assassins creed revelations harvest moon tale of two towns
  4. Link428

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake for 3DS?

    I would like them to make a 3ds remake. or at least bring a ff Vii out for the wii.
  5. Link428

    New Spider-man Trailer

    I think it is way to early to be making a reboot. good idea just not right now.
  6. Link428

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    na na na na na na na na na na na ( MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Link428

    What Do You NOT Want in SS?

    I dont want oocoo or whatever its name is from tp to return. it was freaky also i dont want it to be really short.
  8. Link428

    Ocarina of Time OoT3D: Your Number One Request?

    more more more levels. and maybe hints throughout the game possibly at the end hinting that maybe they will make majoras mask 3d. i hope....
  9. Link428

    Ocarina of Time The Graphics of OoT3D...

    I think that it could have more realistic graphics. but... Im ok with what they did.
  10. Link428

    3DS 3d

    it dosnt give a headach but the one thing that annoys me is that i see a second image on the screen and it starts to bother me. but no it dosnt give me a headach
  11. Link428

    Now or Later

    I never used it till the end of the game.....youll see why. I just dont understand how the big goron sword is stronger than the mater sword?
  12. Link428


    I wouldnt mind if it was the ealier gerudo king.
  13. Link428

    Fly Back to Skyloft?

    Heres a theory of how link can get back and forth to skyloft. Have you ever noticed on the hylian sheild there is a red bird. Maybe that bird flew link back and forth to skyloft. What do you guys think. Keep in mind its just a theory.
  14. Link428

    Layout of Hyrule

    Whitch layout of Hyrule was your faverite? Mine was OoT It was simple but It was still A good layout of hyrule.
  15. Link428

    Floating Light (Oot & MM)

    lol I know its game logic. I just wanted to know what you guys thought about it.
  16. Link428

    Links Hair.

    Im sorry I spelled it wrong I was just asking what Everyone thought about it. Thats all.
  17. Link428

    General Classic OH-carina or OK-arina?

    Ive always pronounced it Okarina.
  18. Link428

    ZSS's End

    I sure do hope not. Im with you on this one. I like to see what happens after the story to see whats going on and maybe if we are lucky maybe see a little secret thing that makes you say THERE WILL DEFFENINTLY BE A SEQUAL!
  19. Link428

    How Does Link Get Off of Skyloft and Survive?

    Lol thats a funny topic. Ummm I dont know maybe he just uses magic. Or lands on a big ChuChu.
  20. Link428

    Links Hair.

    Did anyone ever wounder why they turned Links hair blonde. It was brown originaly. Its not a big deal but I just wanted to know what you guys think about it.
  21. Link428

    Fierce Diety Technically Cheating?

    I dont think of it as cheating but I dont use it. I agree with you though that its supposed to be a challenge. All I got to say is you worked hard for it then use it. If you dont want to use it you dont have to.
  22. Link428

    Floating Light (Oot & MM)

    When you blow up rocks and fall into holes to get whatevers down there. Did you ever notice to get out of the hole again Link has to float out of the hole. How is that. Maybe somthing like that will be in SS but i dont know. What did you guys think about Link floating out of the holes.
  23. Link428

    Ocarina of Time to Earn a 3DS Remake

    Lets just hope they go on with MM. I mean they didnt say anything yet. So all we can do is hope.
  24. Link428

    Skyward Sword Content

    If its anything like Axle said in his video than Im fine with that. I loved MM and it would be cool to have some ongoing sidequests. Like the Anju and Kafeis sidequest. Jezz you would think that Link would get tired of doing other peoples chores lol jk.
  25. Link428

    What is Better, Links Awakening, or the Oracles?

    LA I thought was better but thats just my oppinion. I think that because even though I played all of them I feel more familiar with LA than the Oracle series.
  26. Link428

    Skyward Sword Difficulty

    You know that was my first impression lol but I just look at it this way. Nintendo made them both so they should be alowed to use them.
  27. Link428

    Unlimited Bombs/Arrows/Slingshot Pellets?

    I think that was just for the Demo. But I could be wrong we'll just have to wait and see in 2011 :(
  28. Link428

    Hylian Loach

    I always enjoyed the fishing part about Zelda and I hope they bring it back. Its actully my faverite mini game in Zelda. But for the Hylian Loach I did catch it.
  29. Link428

    Left-Handed Option? Should There Be One...

    What would it hurt. Im a righty but I think that Lefties have the right to experience Zelda the way they want to play too.
  30. Link428

    Favourite Pairings That Don't Involve Link

    Im gona say Anju and Kafei. That mission is so fun. I just wish they showed the whole wedding so we could see what Kafei looked like.
  31. Link428

    MM, What Mask Were You Most Proud of Yourself for Getting?

    I would choose the fierce deity mask but Im not going to choose that one cause its a no brainer. I would go with the Couples mask. I think by far that its the most hardest one to get. On the count of all the hassle it puts you through.
  32. Link428

    Skylofts Looks

    What if Skyloft is the town of hyrule. But somthing brought down the city of Skyloft and they decided to call it hyrule. Sice it wasnt in the sky anymore. Idk Its just a suggestion. lol
  33. Link428

    What if There Isn't a Timeline at All?

    If there wasnt one I wouldnt get upset. I like the way it is. They get more freedom to what they do for the storyline in zelda. But it is kinda cool to think of how it all adds up lol.
  34. Link428

    Should Cutscenes Be Skippable?

    I like the story of the legend of zelda series. I said no because I can never get tired of the story. It makes it even more interesting. Somtimes I catch things that I've never seen before.
  35. Link428

    Ocarina of Time OoT 3DS: Improved Graphics Port or Actual Remake?

    I wouldnt be surprised if it wasnt master quest with better graphics.
  36. Link428

    So What Are Your Initial Reactions Now?

    Big Dissapointment at first but I thought it over and Thought "Hey Its Zelda" Now thats good enough for me.
  37. Link428

    Spoiler Do You Think the Ooccoo Will Be a Main Plot to the Story.

    For one Im SORRY i spelled it wrong. Two we dont know anything yet so anythings possibillty. Nothing is said about Link being a bird in this thread. That would be wierd??? Maybe Link is being saved by the OOCCA. Like how the kokiri took link in when his mom rushed him to the woods in Oot
  38. Link428

    Spoiler It Looks Like Us Fanboys Got What We Wanted

    I was hopeing they would bring back the Master sword and they did. HIRAYYYYY FOR NINTENDO!!!! lol
  39. Link428

    Spoiler Do You Think the Ooccoo Will Be a Main Plot to the Story.

    I dont think i seen this thread on anything if it is I apologize. Anyway. Do you think that the Ooccoo will return in this game. My thoughts are yes. Because of the whole sky thing and I think they said somewhere that they served hyrule long ago so this may be that long ago they are talking...
  40. Link428

    Ocarina of Time to Earn a 3DS Remake

    You never know. They might do that. I think that would be cool.
  41. Link428

    Should Sheik Appear?

    It wouldnt necessarly be a bad thing. There are other Shiekah out there. Id like to see a comeback.
  42. Link428

    Will SS Be Better the TP?

    I like how its a brighter look on a zelda game. But i wish it wasnt cell shaded. All I can say is Its a Zelda game ands that good enough for me. Im not going to say if it will be better or not since i like all zelda games.
  43. Link428

    What Do You Think Skyward Sword Will Be Rated?

    E-10 deffenintly who knows mabey even E but i would have wanted it T also.
  44. Link428

    Release Date?

    Im thinking its a scam I think it will be out before the holiday.
  45. Link428

    Ocarina of Time to Earn a 3DS Remake

    A great game deserves to make a comeback. If people dont like it then dont buy it. Im sure miyamoto has some ideas in his mind already about a new zelda. But if not a real zelda fan would at least consider being excited for another ZELDA game even if its a remake. Just add it to your zelda...
  46. Link428

    Special Secret Boss

    which zelda game is this? I dont remember seeing a dark link in any of the hand helds
  47. Link428

    Would You Like to Zelda Wii Be 2P Cooperative Mode?Who Would Be the Sidekick?

    i dont think i like the co op thing but if they did i guess it would be fine.
  48. Link428

    Spoiler Favorite Credits/ending Sequence

    I like the ending of OoT It was really cool with the church bells and the puting the master sword to rest. Also I like the little cut seens were everyones happy at the end.
  49. Link428

    What Would Happen if Link Was Not Caucasian?

    To me I think that would be a big leap for nintendo. Not that having a darker toned link would be a problem but we all grown up with this Color toned link. I wouldnt risk it.
  50. Link428

    Zelda Wii Long or Short

    Make it the longest. It just means more Zelda. I don't want to pay $50.00 or get hyped up for a game thats very short.
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