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  1. Subzerostupid

    Current Team

    X: all lv 69: chesnaught, pyroar, blastoise, hawlucha, florges lv 70: aurorus kangaskhan and aggron in daycare to prepare for after the e4 Y: original: greninja 77 blaziken 79 venusaur 81 aegislash 81 talonflame 81 tyrantrum 83 post e4: no greninja or blaziken scyther (soon scizor) 68 zygarde 76
  2. Subzerostupid

    What Do You Want to See in Future Games ?

    hg/ss did the best job IMO, so I'd like all of that added to a new region. one of the main things people talk about is choosing a starter region and eventually going throu all five. I also want to see a Pokemon on the wii u. a proper one, not colleseum style.
  3. Subzerostupid

    Spoiler Radical Possibility-Ghirahim and Dark Link Connected Somehow?

    I like your theory, but i must disagree. Firstly, in OoT, Dark Link is only, well, Dark LINK because the water creates a copy of whatever enters the room. This is backed up by the reflective water only found in this room and the fact that Link's reflection in it disappears after passing the...
  4. Subzerostupid

    General Classic If You Could Have Any Zelda Item in the Series What Would You Pick?

    hookshot from TP. too easy. If i'm allowed, then the double from SS (they look cooler, but you can't only get one). It feels so awesome!
  5. Subzerostupid

    On December 21st 2012

    It's not a 'stunt'. The Mayans believed the world would end on 21/12/12 and have made detailed descriptions on just what will happen so no-one can escape. However, they didn't include leap years so we're actually in 2013 by the Mayans' calendar, so the date has already passed. Anyway, given...
  6. Subzerostupid

    My Top 10 Moments. (From the Zelda Games I Have Actually Beaten)

    Lol. I must have died about that much too. My top moments are: 10. Ganon's death in LoZ. I hadn't properly played the original before i was fifteen and finally going back to this game and actually beating it made me really happy just to say i've beaten the one that started it all. 9. Yeto...
  7. Subzerostupid

    What Zelda Game Are You Playing Now?

    The ZD marathon actually got me really excited to replay many zelda games. I just finished ST for a second time, i'm just about to get the sky cannon repaired in my TP re-run and I'm already doing SS hero mode and LoZ 2nd quest anyway. Minish cap i sort of lost interest in, but i'll pick it up...
  8. Subzerostupid

    Twilight Princess Death Sword - What is It?

    hmmm. I knew it was very far-fetched. I always like the idea that demise's sword wasn't destroyed, but was warped away somewhere. Otherwise, yeah. I know I had no actual evidence, but hey. Anyway, I like your thinking, but I'm still trying to think what the entity of the sword's wielder actually...
  9. Subzerostupid

    Twilight Princess Death Sword - What is It?

    First, the reason i haven't put this in zelda theory is because it isn't really developed enough to be a theory in my opinion and it's more of a 'finding out what others think' deal. Now onto the actual post: Recently, i've been replaying twilight princess and just beat the arbiter's grounds...
  10. Subzerostupid

    2012 ZD Marathon Wrap Up

    i really liked all the times when one of the guys on screen said/did something then the comments went crazy with zelda puns relating to the event. some of my favourites include: legend of epic beard guy: skyward sideburns legend of mases: afro to the past in other business, i totally agree with...
  11. Subzerostupid

    Training Strategy

    my strategy is pick a starter, then two more to fill in the starter types (sometimes i'll trade around for multiple starters) and a flying type. Then i fill the remaining gaps with two pokemon i think will give a good range of type advantage (on black it was excadrill and druddigon). I train the...
  12. Subzerostupid

    Favorite Pokemon Champion?

    steven from R/S, because you meet him throughout the story and get to know him, and his personality is great.
  13. Subzerostupid

    What Does Your Team Comprise Of?

    i have a seperate team for each game, all now transferred to black or white except ones i am currently playing through. my first major team though, was on fire red: charizard, blastoise (river), venusaur, zapdos (sparky), articuno (ice age), moltres After the elite four, i decided to bump it up...
  14. Subzerostupid

    POKEMON: It Was All Just a Dream?

    i've seen this theory all over the place, but always as a joke, never anything this serious. Does anyone really care that Ash doesn't age? It's just a cartoon. One of my favourite joke theories on this is that he sucks the life force out of his companions, so that he can remain young forever.
  15. Subzerostupid

    Favorite Pokemon Type

    i like all the types, but bug is definitely my favourite. they have so much variation in secondary types (especially in the 5th gen.) and are very underrated i find. IRL, bug scare me so badly, i cannot be anywhere near them. If i see one, i run like hell. I have no idea why i love them so much...
  16. Subzerostupid

    Who Would Win?

    LttP link, hands down. He collected tons of items in his quest (cape of invisibility (cant remember the real name), anyone?), only takes 1/4 damage with the red suit and defeated a triforce-powered ganon. nearly all of his weapons can be used to attack or in the cape's case, avoid attacks. not...
  17. Subzerostupid

    Spoiler The Most HARDEST "pain in the Butt" Bosses(includes Mini Boss) in Twilight Princess

    wow a lot of hate for darkhammer. i would actually have to go for the main boss of the same dungeon: blizzeta. not that it was particularly difficult, but because i hate slippery ice in all video games. it was just very annoying to turn every ten seconds.
  18. Subzerostupid

    Wii Motion Plus (WMP) Ruined Skyward Sword

    I never had any problem with the WMP (not pre-installed in the 'mote). I suggest playing it in a really blank room, with absolutely nothing between you and the screen and no electronics around that could interfere. If that doesn't work, i'd have to agree with TwilightDekuand yuo should probably...
  19. Subzerostupid

    Could OoT-Phantom Ganon Be Vaati?

    I like this theory, but i don't agree with it. When you defeat phantom ganon, the real ganon's voice tells you it was a 'worthless creation' (at least in the english version), and we know from MC that ganon didn't create vaati. Also, phantom ganon never speaks or even puts up some sort of fight...
  20. Subzerostupid

    Hardest Dungeon in Any Zelda Game.

    skull woods from LttP (3d dark world dungeon). while the boss was easy, the multiple entrances confused me sometimes and i found myself backtraking a lot. i think thats one of the reasons i love LttP so much: it gave me a bit more of a challenge after (yes, i play games in the wrong order) some...
  21. Subzerostupid

    Link in Super Smash Bros 4

    I've been thinking about this a lot and i've got movesets for link, girahim, demise and midna all planned out. I'll give you my link one and if you want i'll post the others later. Firstly, my one is ased off of SS. He has the same stats, A attacks and up/down smashes as TP link (SSBB)...
  22. Subzerostupid

    Spoiler What Do You Think Are The Most ANNOYING Holes in the Story?

    Mine would have to be the whole 'divine prank' scene from TP. I know Hyrule Historia clears it up, but that's only if i accept the split timeline theory, which i don't (don't argue, this isn't the place). I've looked everywhere for a reasonable explanation, but after searching ever since the...
  23. Subzerostupid

    Linear Timeline Theory

    Okay, so far, there is: SS-MC-FS/FSA-OoT/MM-WW/PH-ST i'll still take problems with FS/FSA because i realise some people may not have realised i was posting again after so long, but i'm going to move onto LttP-OoX/LA-LoZ/AoL The master sword starts and ends in the lost woods (Magic sword in...
  24. Subzerostupid

    Linear Timeline Theory

    Firstly, very sorry i havent replied until now; ive been a little bogged down, but anyway... Yes, i remember now, thank you. Yes, i am aware of this, but we're not quite on OoX/LA yet. Am i to take this as no-one having a problem with MC-FS/FSA-OoT? Could someone please notify me of the...
  25. Subzerostupid

    Linear Timeline Theory

    Sorry i haven't posted recently; i've had a lot on my plate. Anyway, I explained the MS thing, but i may not have been clear. I was thinking that someone could have moved it from ganon's forehead to the pedestal of time for safer keeping once the flood receded. I completely forgot about the...
  26. Subzerostupid

    Linear Timeline Theory

    Ok, I've got a collection of factors on some paper in front of me. We're going to start with the basic timeline shell that everyone follows: SS-MC-OoT/MM-WW/PH-ST Now we can start adding in the more obscure games. I'll start with TP: Ganon dies Triforce is split the whole way through...
  27. Subzerostupid

    Zelda Movie Poll

    Ocarina of time because its what everything revolves around. In my timeline thread, im writing 'before/after OoT' A LOT. most of the other games you'd need background info from other games to understand. Also, it involves the time travel element that 'Awesome' wanted with MM and a fantastic story.
  28. Subzerostupid

    Linear Timeline Theory

    Okay. I have only seen the intro. Thanks for clearing this up. I must have heard/read wrong. Okay. I am going against some developer quotes, but I'll try to conform to this one in the new timeline that I'll post this weekend. I suppose so. Just saying, but I don't think the quote specifies...
  29. Subzerostupid

    Linear Timeline Theory

    Huh. I guess I just mis-read something. Is there a game that leads TO a flood? I know WW is after one, but is there one that sets it up? Some people dont think this, as OoX zelda doesnt know link. yes, I remember the impa quote. The thing about OoX triforce is that it was used in the sacred...
  30. Subzerostupid

    Linear Timeline Theory

    Locke: i don't know what hapenned here. I have never used the cap origin as evidence and i don't even really think it matters all that much. I always figured that Ezlo just happened to be the cap in that game. It's just that everyone else seems to think it is the origin of the cap, yet still...
  31. Subzerostupid

    Linear Timeline Theory

    . . O GENIUS! This is fantastic! I love it! Aghanim was able to get out of the sacred realm, so a bunshin ganon could too. Also, thanks for the info on the WW triforce. If anyone has a solution to the other problems, I'd love to hear them. Thank you, SO much TheGermanLegend, for your post! :D...
  32. Subzerostupid

    Linear Timeline Theory

    Iknow, but i'm hoping everyone will read the giant bold print in my first post. :) I meant that there might be a surviving colony that stayed around after the flood and this could lead to the events of FS/FSA. I haven't played Wind Waker, so i didn't know the exact wish that the king used the...
  33. Subzerostupid

    Linear Timeline Theory

    From my first post: I'm eternally, deeply sorry if this seems rude, it's not supposed to be, but why did you even post?
  34. Subzerostupid

    Linear Timeline Theory

    He dies in TP, WW, and LoZ. Therefore, there are at least three. i have considered the MS thing, its just that i explained it in my last thread. I had a complete mental lapse when i wrote this and didn't add any more explanaition, sorry. I'll write up a larger post explaining hopefully...
  35. Subzerostupid

    Linear Timeline Theory

    I HAVE SUBMITTED A NEW TIMELINE UNCONNECTED TO THIS ONE, SO THIS POST IS NULL. PLEASE READ POST #25 BEFORE POSTING, THANK YOU Feel free to read the previous posts if you want. Original post: Before I outline my timeline, I have to make one point very clear: THIS THREAD SHOULD NOT INCLUDE ANY...
  36. Subzerostupid

    Re-Invent a Monster

    I can see your point here. The spinner was less than useful. But on the contrary to your second point, I found the battle too easy with the spinner. I would change it so in the first section of the battle, you get dual rails spiralling above Stallord. There could be stalfoses at various stations...
  37. Subzerostupid

    Re-Invent a Monster

    Oh, then I just didn't know the boss names in LoZ besides ganon, dodongo and ghoma
  38. Subzerostupid

    What's Your Favorite Quote in the Zelda Series?

    Someone had to say it, but it seems you got there before me. Other than that, despite having not played WW, I know the basics behind the quote 'the wind... it is blowing', when I first heard of it, I pictured ganondorf as sort of sad and it added a soul to him.
  39. Subzerostupid

    Re-Invent a Monster

    Not so much a reinvention, but an addition. The deku babas in SS, I would add diagonal slits for the mouths, or at least some of them tilt their heads to force link to hack diagonally. Also, I haven't played the game aquamentus is from, which game is it?
  40. Subzerostupid

    Spoiler Silent Realm = Sacred Realm?

    I think the realms are separate and hylia only placed the triforce in the silent realm as opposed to the more common sacred realm for her plans, just for extra-special safe keeping.
  41. Subzerostupid

    Discrepancies in the Official Timeline

    This is what I thought, but eight the hyrule Historia timeline, it's the only explanation. What if the goddesses gave it to him because they had planned for the events of TP to happen, but because it was disrupted by the creation of the child timeline, they had to give ganon the ToP so their...
  42. Subzerostupid

    New Zelda Vs Twilight Princess Zelda

    TP Zelda was cool, but the words 'grown to like more' clearly swung it to SS Zelda.
  43. Subzerostupid

    Which is the Most Valuable Zelda Moment in Your Life?

    Ending of the first Zelda game I ever played: seeing linebeck's ship chugging off into the sea after PH. It brings back a lot of good memories about my first Zelda game and I always feel a sense of calm come over me when I see it.
  44. Subzerostupid

    Legend of Zelda Awards, Nominees Needed

    Best item- bow, any bow. Taking controls into account it would be SS Best link incarnation- SS, not sure why, something just appeals Best Zelda- TP Funniest moment- midna sounds like she says the cr-- word in TP when you first get into the desert. Best boss- cragma, ST Best guide- fi Best...
  45. Subzerostupid

    Discrepancies in the Official Timeline

    I am making a linear timeline, but don't worry, I won't argue about timelines here. The relevance is that I had the same twinrova problem. I have two possible solutions on this count: One, twinrova goes through a sort of natural resurrection ('i'll come back to haunt you' - twinrova's last...
  46. Subzerostupid

    Would You Like a Gay The Legend of Zelda Character?

    It could be funny, but despite barely anyone really going to have a problem with it, is there actually any need for a gay character? It doesn't seem like the sort of thing that you would randomly put into a LoZ game. Overall, I doubt it would have much of an impact and is more likely to cause...
  47. Subzerostupid

    Yet Another Timeline Theory

    i don't care if it's official! i don't like the fact that time splits! i just doesn't. i understand that it's just a video game, but i really don't like it. i've said in my first post that this isn't the place to discuss the official timeline; this thread is purely to discuss a linear timeline...
  48. Subzerostupid

    Yet Another Timeline Theory

    Just realised about the latest timeline: the Master sword problem from WW-TP is still present. New thinking: maybe 3rd ganon is born between OoT and LttP, while 2nd ganon is in the sacred realm. I'm thinking Demise's curse didn't expand to other realms, so it didn't register any ganon in the...
  49. Subzerostupid

    Yet Another Timeline Theory

    Sorry, got confused about FS/OoX. why should the sealing happen so quickly, just because SS Gaepore is OoT KG? I know. *sigh* I'll hunt around for a theory for a twinrova resurrection. If anyone can think of one, post it here. Edit: Twinrova also floats off into the air, but she/they don't...
  50. Subzerostupid

    Yet Another Timeline Theory

    yes, i looked into this last night. FSA should be after OoT, but FS/FSA link is the same, so putting them after OoT would create the Twinrova problem. Just remembered: I checked out the developer quotes and one of them said that FSA ganon was different to OoT ganon (multiple ganon theory). The...
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