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  1. DarkAssassinXer

    My Team Fortress 2 Medic

    Getting this set took a bit of patience and luck, but in the end it was worth it. What do you guys think with all the edits?
  2. DarkAssassinXer

    Saxton's Survivors SU

    While I'm waiting for my shift to start here at work, I thought I might as well brainstorm an SU. After the constant war between Gray Mann and Saxton Hale, Gray finally decides to launch a deadly nuke on Mann Co to eliminate them once and for all. Needless to say, Mann Co and the main mercs...
  3. DarkAssassinXer

    RP Leaving/returning Activity Thread

    Compared to when I left to now, the activity has significantly dropped. I'll brainstorm something random.
  4. DarkAssassinXer

    Original is this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G78CMTqZhB8

    Original is this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G78CMTqZhB8
  5. DarkAssassinXer

    RP Leaving/returning Activity Thread

    I have one question for you all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqPCfpSAJFY
  6. DarkAssassinXer

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    Yuki nodded at John. "It'll take me a while, and I need to focus so I'm going to have to ask that you wait outside. Only Fang may come in for now.." She said as she continued, slowly but surely making progress on her injuries.
  7. DarkAssassinXer

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    Yuki noticed that Arianna was in bad shape as her name was being called. "Don't worry, I can take care of her." She lied her down on one of the spare beds and began to treat her wounds. "Looks like a lot of us took a beating.." She said as she sighed, beginning to seal her wounds. //Gonna try...
  8. DarkAssassinXer

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    As soon as the sea was calm, she sighed in relief and quickly ran to snag her medical supplies. "Whoever has any broken bones, see me in my quarters.." She kept the door open as she prepared her supplies.
  9. DarkAssassinXer

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    "We can't rest until we're out of this sto-..." She looked behind her, the huge wave was about to crash behind them. "HOLD ON EVERYONE!" That being said, she held on tightly to the steering wheel as the wave came down hard behind them and pushed them quickly through the waves ahead.
  10. DarkAssassinXer

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    //Well, work and school got in the way yet again.. Forgive me guys. I've been under an extreme amount of stress lately. Yuki gripped the steering wheel and didn't steer completely away from the waves, but more at an angle. She was struggling with it since the tides were definitely trying to...
  11. DarkAssassinXer

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    //I SHALL READ THIS AND REPLY IN THE MORNING... Because working at a mexican grill is serious business guys. Forgive me :c
  12. DarkAssassinXer

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    Yuki was holding onto the wheel the entire time. She wasn't injured at all, but definitely roughed up a bit. "Good god.. How the bloody hell did that storm even get here..?!" She was soaking wet, still trying to steer the ship to a safer direction. "I think I know a way outta here!"
  13. DarkAssassinXer

    Arcade Tournament #2 - Tetris

    Like boyfriend, like girlfriend. You totally got this hun! c:
  14. DarkAssassinXer

    Arcade Tournaments

    That was a fun tournament! Definitely a lot of close calls, but fun nonetheless c:
  15. DarkAssassinXer

    General Art The Haunted Mansion

    That groundhog part really made me sad :c Plus I'd never keep my eyes off the road D: If I could drive. Which I will soon~
  16. DarkAssassinXer

    Hyrule Warriors If You Could Add One More Character to Play As, Who Would It Be?

    Gotta admit, it would be nice to see Vaati.
  17. DarkAssassinXer

    What Do You Guys Like to Do for Fun Outside of Music, TV, Video Games, and Internet?

    Logic is great. But the arcade is out of the home area~
  18. DarkAssassinXer

    What Nintendo Series Can You Not Get Into?

    For me, I'm trying to get into Metroid but I just can't. And I personally refuse to get into Star Fox :P
  19. DarkAssassinXer

    Outside of the Zelda World, What Games Are You Hyped For?

    As much as I want to add Zelda to this question, I know most of us would say Hyrule Warriors. In all honesty, the two games I've been so impatient for are Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3) and Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (3DS).
  20. DarkAssassinXer

    What Do You Guys Like to Do for Fun Outside of Music, TV, Video Games, and Internet?

    Myself I personally love going to the arcade. Relieving stress with music games is my favorite thing to do. Technika, Pop n Music, Jubeat, I love em all~
  21. DarkAssassinXer

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    Yuki heard the yells from her quarters and walked out. "A storm?" She looked into the distance, this was not going to be a good one. "We need to turn this boat around!" She ran up to the wheel and took control, attempting to turn the boat around.
  22. DarkAssassinXer

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    "First off.. Forgive my second-in-command Fang. She tends to worry about the ship and she tends to get pretty excited in situations like these. If anyone gives you trouble, just let me know." She poured a small glass of sparkling apple cider and sipped it. "But try to not start anything with the...
  23. DarkAssassinXer

    Mewtwo's Challenge Rp

    "Yeah, his Onyx would let Togepi climb on him. It was pretty funny to see." Xer smiled. "Speaking of Pokemon, I wonder what kind the master will be using.." Misty nodded at Xer. "If he uses fire, I think I'll be the winner here~"
  24. DarkAssassinXer

    Favorite Eevee Evolution?

    As was Umbreon in my Gale of Darkness as well~
  25. DarkAssassinXer

    Mewtwo's Challenge Rp

    As soon as Togepi hear the word 'Brock', he started jumping in excitement. "Toki toki!" Xer chuckled and picked up his Togepi. "I haven't seen Brock in a while, Togepi loves to play around with his Onyx." Misty smiled. "I wonder how he's doing, it really has been years.."
  26. DarkAssassinXer

    General Art Cheesy Horror SU

    Was about to start writing my SU and then I saw your comment hun ; u ; Thank you..~ But okay here we go! As a favor as well, I'm on the same boat with Tatl. Unless she approves of us being shipped together in this story, no ship for my character. Name: Rick Anato, mostly nicknamed Xer since...
  27. DarkAssassinXer

    Peachy's Bootyful Greefix

    AHHHH I LOVE IT <3 Oh my gosh thank you so much! ; u ;
  28. DarkAssassinXer

    Peachy's Bootyful Greefix

    Honestly, I completely failed at making my signature :c It's too large when I make my own posts so that's why I haven't really posted anything D: Do you think you could make something with this? https://31.media.tumblr.com/d6be6ae55b929392b5384d1f3cdd010a/tumblr_naf7dzzTGh1s602ggo1_500.png As...
  29. DarkAssassinXer

    Breath of the Wild Collectibles and Side Activities/Quests

    Honestly, it'd be nice to see some sort of major treasure chest that you can see from the beginning of the game yet can't open. And you could search for different keys or maybe shards of the key itself? I dunno, I have weird ideas. But it honestly would be nice to search for multiple objects to...
  30. DarkAssassinXer

    General Zelda Enter at Your Own Risk... *Shipping thread*

    SS: Zelink BY FAR. It's just so obvious. OOT: Malink. I honestly think TP supports this just because of Malon's voice in the Hyrule Field night theme. MM: Tinairy. Because Tingle is just so fond of fairies okay. Seriously.
  31. DarkAssassinXer

    Breath of the Wild What Enemies Do You Want to See?

    Can we please have ReDeads? Just an army of them please.
  32. DarkAssassinXer

    Ebooks or Physical Books?

    I gotta say physical books. It really upset me when Borders shut all their locations down due to the ebooks. I'd always grab a cup of coffee, pick up a manga book, and read for hours. Nowadays, there's only one store left that has that. Thank god for Barnes and Noble.
  33. DarkAssassinXer

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Mario and Luigi Dream Team, Tomodachi Life, One Piece Unlimited World Red
  34. DarkAssassinXer

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Here ye go~ http://i.imgur.com/2JFQNAL.jpg?1
  35. DarkAssassinXer

    Any Favorite Music Artists OUTSIDE of the US?

    I know most music artists tend to get started here in the states, but does anyone here have a favorite artist that started in another country? I'd have to say my favorite is Lotus Juice from Japan. He's done a lot of the Shin Megami Tensei music but the past few years they've begun doing...
  36. DarkAssassinXer

    What's Your Favorite Character Theme from ANY Video Game, Show, Etc.?

    Just a quick question for everyone~ Music has always been an interest of mine as well as others taste in music. It gives such epic and upbeat moments for some situations the character may face, eerie chills in dark situations, or relaxing and peaceful moments. Currently, my favorite character...
  37. DarkAssassinXer

    What's Your Favorite Anime?

    I keep rewatching Persona 4 the Animation, it's just too amazing <3 But currently I've been watching the One Piece series! Just finished the Enies Lobby Arc~
  38. DarkAssassinXer

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    One Piece Romance Dawn (Copy #16253/16800) -3DS And One Piece Unlimited World Red -PS3
  39. DarkAssassinXer

    Hyrule Warriors If You Could Add One More Character to Play As, Who Would It Be?

    Another question I'd love to ask the community. Personally in my opinion, I would LOVE to play as Skullkid from Majora's Mask. While we have the Moon appear in the game, I still can't help but think how cool it would have been for them to add Skullkid to the roster.
  40. DarkAssassinXer

    Favorite Eevee Evolution?

    I'm curious about what most of us in the community prefer between all the Eeveelutions. So if you had to pick one favorite, who would it be and why? Mine is definitely Umbreon. I say this because I can see it as a darker version of eevee while it still remains it's happiness and loyalty to...
  41. DarkAssassinXer

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    "Siren." She looked over at Bangs. "Come with me." She walked to her quarters, sitting in her small but fancy dining area.
  42. DarkAssassinXer

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    "Ari, Fang. That's enough!" She snapped. "Ari, never lift a blade towards me on this ship again, or I will fight back. And Fang, we'll both keep an eye on her to make sure things remain calm." She leaned against the wall. "I don't want any more stress on this ship for the next hour, alright?"
  43. DarkAssassinXer

    Golden Key Awards 2014 Results

    Way to go Tatl! I knew you could do it hun c: <3
  44. DarkAssassinXer

    Mewtwo's Challenge Rp

    "I don't use my Togepi for battle, so I just tend to keep him out of his ball." He said with a small smile. "Name's Xer." "I'm kinda the same with mine. I'm Misty by the way! The Cerulean City gym leader." She nodded and smiled. "Toki toki tokiiiii~" Xer's Togepi began to walk over to Kazill...
  45. DarkAssassinXer

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    Yuki stretched and sighed slightly. "Very well then. But if you're going to be here, you'll have to help out with the crew. Deal?"
  46. DarkAssassinXer

    Mewtwo's Challenge Rp

    Xer sat down at the table, Misty sitting beside him. "I wonder when the others will get here.." Xer said silently. Misty just shrugged. Her Togepi was running around with Xer's Togepi on the table.
  47. DarkAssassinXer

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    Yuki stuck her sword through the wooden plank. "So then, siren. Exactly what business do you have sailing the seas?" She felt suspicious about her, but then at the same time felt like giving her a chance.
  48. DarkAssassinXer

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    Yuki sighed. "Lovely.." She took her sword and walked out the room. "Where is she.." Yuki was not in a good mood anymore, even Fang could tell how ticked off she was.
  49. DarkAssassinXer

    Mewtwo's Challenge Rp

    He made his way into the dining hall with Misty. "Hmm.. Looks like this is where the ceremony is being held.." Xer said quietly. There was no one else there yet. Misty began to worry. "W-Well should we wait outside..?" As she said that, rain began to pour as the storm had started. "I guess we...
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