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  1. flaming pickle

    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    Pokemon Black/White 2. Dur. I would love to see them be good games that are worth buying!
  2. flaming pickle

    Zelda Fights Over WIFI

    Do you think The series needs some WIFI action? It should be like DS download play for Spirit tracks, Where you can fight other players. On SS that would just be awesome. Thoughts?
  3. flaming pickle

    One Word

    One word: Wajeegooba. 30 CHAR.
  4. flaming pickle

    What if It's a Dissapointment?

    What if though? I mean, it's a small chance, but wouldn't that suck?
  5. flaming pickle

    Phi, What do we Know?

    Why do they name her Phi? Out of all the names for a sword-goddess-servant-thingy, Why Phi?!
  6. flaming pickle

    Ocarina of Time Is the Megaton Hammer Really Worth It?

    Dude, that parts easy. Pickle out.
  7. flaming pickle

    Why Did You Start Zelda, and Why Do You Still Play?

    I started playing because it's my favourite genre besides RPG, and I still play because I don't have a life. You?
  8. flaming pickle

    How Would Link Start His Quest?

    How would he? Link usualy has a push to get him started, and then caught up in some grand conflict to save the world. What would the push be for Link to leave Skyloft? I think either someone is kidnapped, or the sword finds him and brings him on an adventure. What are your ideas and/or theorys?
  9. flaming pickle

    Ocarina of Time Why Didn't Biggoron, Y'know, Step on Ganon or Something?

    Even link could have survived that tower falling because: 1. He was at the top at the time 2. The tower sort of sank into the ground 3. After the tower fell, there were only a few pieces of wall surrounding Ganondorf, so they might have sheltered him.
  10. flaming pickle

    Why is Almost Every Hero Called Link?

    Sorry. I obviosly haven't reaserched the backstory as much as play the game for the game action. I wouldn't call Link the best explained charactor ever, so I was wondering. Thanks for the help! :)
  11. flaming pickle

    General Modern Favourite Train Set on Spirit Tracks

    I like the dragon train, because of it's mystical origins, or maybe the steel train, because it's whistle is my second-favourite.
  12. flaming pickle

    Why is Almost Every Hero Called Link?

    I was thinking, why is it always link, with the same haircut and face as a previous hero? I know they do this for the franchise, but why can't Link and his decendents just take a break, or tell some other kid to do it? Also, where did the name Link even come from? I have my theory's here: He...
  13. flaming pickle

    Animals Named After Link

    When Darunia named his son after you, it was flattering, yet still creepy. Or here's a creepy thought; What things has Ruto named after you? O_O
  14. flaming pickle

    If You Could Have a Enemy in Zelda As a Pet...what Would It Be?

    It took me a couple of seconds, then a tiny jellyfish came to mind >.>
  15. flaming pickle

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Sage?

    Rauru is my favourite Purely because he is almost never mentioned, and light is nice to :P
  16. flaming pickle

    Ocarina of Time Dark Link, How You Killed Him and How He Could Have Been Harder.

    I used everything, and for the final blow, swung the megaton hammer sideways to his head and he flew to the right screaming. The only good time I ever had in the water temple.
  17. flaming pickle

    Ocarina of Time What Was Your Biggest Fail or Death?

    I'm sure when we were younger we died and/or failed countless times. At the bridge beside gerudo desert I jumped off he cliff to see what would happen and hit a ledge, took damage, and rolled into the river and was shot down by octorocks. LoL
  18. flaming pickle

    Ocarina of Time What Was Your Biggest Fail or Death?

    I have had terrible times, like when I found out cuccos are the most dangerous enemy. Or maybe the invisible floormaster in the shadow temple in that heavily blood-stained room that I found when when I was 4. I had nightmares for 2 years afterward. I'm sure that there is an endless list...
  19. flaming pickle

    Ocarina of Time Memories of Your First Time Playing Ocarina of Time

    I played it the day it came out when I was three, and had the crap thoroughly scared out of me by the deku tree. Thee skulltulas inside freaked me out. Good times in the forest temple boss room. I used my other savings when I was 6 only to replay tha boss, so i'm glad that on the 3D version they...
  20. flaming pickle

    Amusing Zelda SS Trailer

    Yeah ive seen that around. Pretty cool, have you seen the other literals?
  21. flaming pickle

    OOT Question

    dude, Caleb simpson. On the video walkthrough he says his name at the start and finish.
  22. flaming pickle

    The Creepiest Parts and Foes in Legend of Zelda

    Elegy of emptiness. HOLLY CRAP. I was like 11 when I watched that and I will never play MM ever again. I actually hate MM for multiple reasons. But anyone who wants to know about that can VM me. The story of BEN was the last straw, and I was traumatized. :( Tragic huh?
  23. flaming pickle

    Most Beaten Game

    I have no idea. For me, probably TP. I have played it 7 times so far in 3 years
  24. flaming pickle

    30 Characters?

    well, what if you wanted to say thank you? Spam hardly shows up here anyway.
  25. flaming pickle

    30 Characters?

    Why 30 characters? Really, everyone hates that rule. Should the site staff change it? I would change it to 10. Who writes under 10 characters? Give your oppinion.
  26. flaming pickle

    Haunted Majora's Mask Story.

    That was the scariest freakin' thing I ever saw. I LOVED it!
  27. flaming pickle

    Vote for Majora's Mask!

    Why would I vote? I HATE Majora's mask.
  28. flaming pickle

    Sword Beams, Should They Return?

    Absolutely. They were great in past games, and will hopefully be in the future games. Possibly SS?
  29. flaming pickle

    Choose Your Own Fate?

    I think it's an interesting idea. It shouldn't be part of the main series though. Maybe on the side like Wand of Gamlon, or game & watch. Good idea! :P
  30. flaming pickle

    Do You Cnosider Zelda As an RPG?

    I don't consider it an RPG. But i'm a fan of RPG's so I would like to see one in zelda.
  31. flaming pickle

    What if Link Were Evil?

    I think that would be a crappy idea dude.
  32. flaming pickle

    Are All Gorons Males

    I think that gorons aren't born, more like spawned. They could grow of a rock, like a vius, or be "created" somehow. Interesting question.
  33. flaming pickle

    Triforce in Fire Red

    Cool. I think it's a pokeball though. Pokemon doesn't have referances to other games, exept those in the series.
  34. flaming pickle

    Minimalist or 100%?

    I did minimalist on OoT once. Thats it lol
  35. flaming pickle

    Favorite Bosses

    ummm lets see... Bongo Bongo Morpheel The giant chu-chu (just cause it's cute) Dark lord Ganondorf
  36. flaming pickle

    Which Zelda Character Do You Look Like?

    I look a bit like Link. Lots of people do. Short dirty blonde hair, green clothes, well maybe not the tights :P
  37. flaming pickle

    Stupidest Zelda Enemy

    Wizrobes, miniblins and the ironknuckle.
  38. flaming pickle

    Which Zelda Song Do You Listen to Regularly?

    I love the Puppet Ganon moldorm form music from WW. It's so awesome! :D
  39. flaming pickle

    Do You Use Your Name or Link's?

    I name him link, my name or something stupid if it isn't my first saving of that game.
  40. flaming pickle

    Possibility for Downloadable Skyward Sword Demo in Wii Shop Channel

    That would be AWESOME! It should be free though.
  41. flaming pickle

    What is Ganon's Most Attractive Feature?

    I like the hair in TP.:P Probably took hours to curl it to that style. :D
  42. flaming pickle

    What Does Ganondorf Do in His Spare Time?

    lol those are all great ideas!:) I could see himdreading taking over Zelda's body in TP. That would not be enjoyable. :P
  43. flaming pickle

    What Does Ganondorf Do in His Spare Time?

    lol the ball of light ping-pong gives lots of evidence :P
  44. flaming pickle

    What Does Ganondorf Do in His Spare Time?

    Does Ganondorf always try to kill Link? What do you think Ganondorf would do in his spare time? I want you to come up with ideas! :P
  45. flaming pickle

    Spoiler How Young Were You when You Saw Redeads

    I was 4. I watched my cuosin playing it and saw a redead. It moaned. I screamed. I got OoT in a year after that and didn't even play it until I was 11. Sad story. :(
  46. flaming pickle

    Kaepora Gaebora True Identity in OoT...???

    I'm not sure, but I think kaepora Gaebora was the sage of time that came before Zelda.
  47. flaming pickle

    Spoiler Ending in Twilight Princess...?

    I'm confused about all of it. But my guess would be that Ganondorf was seeing things. After all he was crazy, power mad and dying. Why wouldn't he see things? :P
  48. flaming pickle

    Metroid: Other M

    Isn't this a Zelda site? O.o Why Metroid? Personally it's not my style.
  49. flaming pickle

    Myths of Zelda

    -You can get masks through special sequence
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