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  1. Kaiser Kami

    Zelda Maybe Racist....(caution for Easily Offended)

    It can't be called Racist because the Gerudos lived in deserts. If you are underneath a scorching sun the whole time your skin will tan...and eventually you will become black (either in your life time if you dodged skin cancer or for generations to come) I like Ganon being black, and I'm black...
  2. Kaiser Kami

    Dungeon Pattern: Core Experience or Old Idea?

    I would like a change for Skyward Sword and beyond because that does get kinda boring when you go to the overworld, dungeon, boss, overworld. I would like for it to change the pattern but don't change the puzzles.
  3. Kaiser Kami

    Nintendo Vs. Capcom?

    A good roster list. may I add Peach and Roll Wario and Frank West Luigi and Protoman Pokemon Trainer (AKA Red) and Bass But that's just me.
  4. Kaiser Kami

    Three Heart Challenge

    I did a three heart challenge in all Zelda games except GB and GBA versions except Minish cap. you just gotta know when to block dodge and attack...also I did not go to the fairy fountain and boost my defense or my magic, if I was going to go through a three heart challenge then darn it no upgrades.
  5. Kaiser Kami

    What Kind of Creature Would You Be?

    ...Am I the only one who wants to be a Deku? being a plant like race that can fly around, shoot nuts, hide in flowers, and many more that I don't remember. I would also like to be a Kokori or being a bird just to put a real life animal in .
  6. Kaiser Kami

    What is Your Favorite Legend of Zelda Memory

    Finally beating Ganondorf in Wind Waker when I was a kid, and beating Minish cap during a three heart run (on my first try!) I felt so cool, and lastly playing OOT and MM when I was with my cousin for 3 days when I was little about 7 or 8, so much fun with the N64 staying up late playing those...
  7. Kaiser Kami

    Will Ganondorf Be the Main Villain or Will Nintendo Create a Completely New Villain?

    There is Vatti they can use, or even Dark Link...I would like it if it was Ganon's great great grand father or something with a twist! Ganon's grandfather was part of the knights of Hyrule!
  8. Kaiser Kami

    Is Ww Intended for Children???

    Zelda is ment to be enjoyed by all but still there are some "mature" things one Zelda may have and the other doesn't. Wind Waker I say is ment for like 10 and up children cause a flood caused by a monster, killing everything and flooding the whole world where only a few hundred or a thousand...
  9. Kaiser Kami

    What is the Most Frustated You've Ever Been Playing Video Games?

    Many a man has been frustrated..but for me It's playing Super Mario Bros...I also have a video of the specific one I'm talking abouthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8Kdk8jCeCw This would not be shameless pluggin for vids, but this is to show my frustration and insanity I went through plus if...
  10. Kaiser Kami

    Ocarina of Time Original Fire Temple Theme

    I don't how it could be controversial I like it and I know you would not even hear the song that well due to sound effects, the battle music changing, and going to the main menu. People just want to cry over something small just like a mirror shield which I barely used.
  11. Kaiser Kami

    Twilight Princess The Light Spirits' Names

    You have the best answer here for this topic.
  12. Kaiser Kami

    Twilight Princess Is This the Longest Zelda Game?

    I think it could be 4th longest. Personally to me Orcale of Ages/Seasons is the longest if you put in the password to play the full version then it's not. I beat Twilight princess in about eh 4 days? And that's with on and off playing, I was a little dissapointed at that so I went back and...
  13. Kaiser Kami

    What Do You Guys Think About a DARK Zelda Game?

    I would like another dark Zelda game but I will say this TP is not dark...it's not. ST is darker than that and that game is humorous. Reason being 1: Zelda died and is a ghost throught the game. 2: A evil demon midget wants to free a demon king that the spirits of good stopped. 3: The story. 4...
  14. Kaiser Kami

    Is This Ironic or What?

    I should have said in the comment that I own the game...yes I own it including Master Quest, both N64 and Gamecube. I wish to have my rep back!
  15. Kaiser Kami

    Spoiler Best Zelda Moment/ending

    Ending to WW, LA,OoA/OoS, PH, ST, and MC. all of them made me feel I did a job well done and lets just continue on. OOT made me feel that I cause a tear in ther fabric of time and space. MM made me feel sad and actually made me cry, I felt that I was Jesus to everyones problems and I had to...
  16. Kaiser Kami

    Spirit Tracks Spirit Tower: Like or Dislike?

    I was happy that I did not have to repeat the floors over and over and over again, and controlling 2 people is fun. At the end of the game though... it felt like the temple of the ocean king to me in terms of difficulty and thinking.
  17. Kaiser Kami

    Dark Link?

    I know that but in SS he is right handed, and this is to say that you become more like Link by playing left handed since he always was a lefty. This is to only stress out that Link is a "link" to the player.
  18. Kaiser Kami

    What DIDN'T You Like About a Zelda Game?

    I don't like the item system in the GB games, I hate the bosses in TP they're to easy. I hate the Ocean King temple in PH, I don't like the monster trains in ST. Everything else...fine.
  19. Kaiser Kami

    Dark Link?

    I would like it in the battle against Dark Link that since Link is right handed Dark Link is left handed allowing him to attack your other side unless you do horizontal attacks, but he will counter you by sheild bashing then getting a quick swipe at you. the only way to beat him is to swich...
  20. Kaiser Kami

    Did They Go a Little Too Far?

    They did not go too far...in fact for me it's just right. I've played many of the wii motion games and I had fun for the time being, and with the new motion controls plus the wii motion plus, the movement will be very fluid I think.
  21. Kaiser Kami

    Is This Ironic or What?

    I hacked it by using cheat codes that allow Child link to be in Adult Links timeline and vice versa. the code is very finniky some times and will freeze or glitch up where ever you are. I just used Project 64 and a rom of OOT.
  22. Kaiser Kami

    How Do You Interpret Link?

    I see Adult Link as a strong silent type but throughout the game becomes more open with people. Child Link is a more comical and strong willed type but throughout the game he drops the comical side to see the seriousness of the situation he's in.
  23. Kaiser Kami

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but Link will smash it in front of you hoping for some money... I wish I had the Roc Cape!
  24. Kaiser Kami

    If You Were to Marry a Video Games Character, Who Would It Be?

    I would go with Malon (OOT) Clair (Pokemon Gold, Silver) or Rydia (FF4)
  25. Kaiser Kami

    What Some Parents Think of the XBOX360.

    HA! I had a 4 year old on a party once and made him cry due to my words. I will say this the only children games on the Xbox would be the ones you have to buy with microsoft points or crappy Lego games. I go with the wii for kids..better games on there anyways. The only ones I play on the Xbox...
  26. Kaiser Kami

    With a Game Boy Virtual Console,...

    I would like it..but Farore was the Orcale of Secrets...I can see it now and I smell a Professor Layton crossover... The games could link by adding in extra dungeons for all games and continueing the story.
  27. Kaiser Kami

    Time Spent Kidnapped

    The reason in Galaxy 2 was over cake. I think in the past he may wanted company or he wanted to marry peach. Personally I think he wants peach because of what happened when he and mario were babies...and the rivalry began when Bowser got beat by Yoshi and Mario. Peach liked Mario which will tie...
  28. Kaiser Kami

    Link's Pants NEW Theory

    The Zelda fanbase I respect but if they turn into the Sonic fanbase complaining about a homing attack and his eyes being green...what next Mario's moustache is not stachey enough!? who cares if he wears pants!? you should not be even looking down there you should be looking at the surroundings...
  29. Kaiser Kami

    Majora's Mask I Think MM Should Be Remade

    It will be remade...it better! If the 3ds remakes N64 games I can't wait for Mario 64, Star Fox, Banjo Kazooie, Conker, Smash bros, Pokemon Stadium (It may be Hey You Pikachu!) and a shat ton other games.
  30. Kaiser Kami

    Would You Like it if the Next Zelda Game Takes Place in the Future?

    I would like it if Link was a normal kid in modern day. the game can go two ways if Nintendo would like it. Link could find a book about the Legend of Zelda and he is sucked into the story replaceing the Link in there, or Link can find the Master Sword and the Ocarina of Time in the Temple of...
  31. Kaiser Kami

    Is This Ironic or What?

    Truly ironic...the only thing that happens is that it gets darker. I hacked the game and child Link played Adult Link's story very well until the Water Temple.but the Dark Link fight was ment for child Link it was so epic..I'm getting off topic, it is filled with irony.
  32. Kaiser Kami

    Time Spent Kidnapped

    I think she goes budda and stares outside like crazy then when she gets bored she starts messing with the guards. Then when the big bad Ganon walks into her room and says bad things about Link she retaliates back that Link will save her any moment. Link: What's the next quest!? Old Man...
  33. Kaiser Kami

    Water Temple- I Can't Go on

    it's not hard in the Bottle Grotto...The third level in Orcale of Ages...god!
  34. Kaiser Kami

    Adventure of Link Zelda 2 = Crazy Hard

    This game is fun, has the right difficulty and...you are a boy armed with a sword, shield, and magic from old men and ERROR...I love this game because of the difficulty and you can play the game like being a tank of power, or a magic user or a health carrier, Power, Wisdom, and Courage! I love...
  35. Kaiser Kami

    What Single Aspect of Zelda Would You Want Nintendo to Expand Upon?

    I would like a expansion of what happened to Link at the end of Link's Awakeing... was it the same Link from A Link to the Past cause he looked like him...that could be Lazyness from Nintendo... oh well. I would want that and the Origin of the Knights of Hyrule.
  36. Kaiser Kami

    Voiced Link

    I would like if Link has a voice...but during cutscenes... It would get annoying to hear him say. "I have to go to the market place" or some random stuff. I would like for him to say some cool one liners or something. I like to be Link how it is supposed to be, but I would like a voice over...
  37. Kaiser Kami

    Final Sword Fight

    I would like a one on one match with said villian in the game. I would like to have Dark Link be the final boss and have him have the difficulty of the Zelda 2 final boss and have him mimic you unless you switch hands instead of playing right handed you play left handed like Link. Each sword...
  38. Kaiser Kami

    Most Annoying Zelda Character?

    The most annoying Zelda Character...tough one. I like Navi because she was slightly helpful when it came to odd monsters and bosses, While Tatl expects you to know about those monsters and insults you. It would be Mido. Ha! Did not expect that huh?
  39. Kaiser Kami

    Between MM and TP

    I know this cannot be put into the Zelda timeline but how about this? what happened between MM and TP was Soul Caliber 2 and Smash Bros Melee. At the end of SC2 the game explains why Link went to that world. it's because of some monsters were approching and Zelda was not supposed to know, he...
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