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  1. Sir Quaffler

    Golden Key Awards 2014: Final Voting Round

    Best Advice: Vanessa28 Most Devoted Wiki Editor: Heroine of Time (I guess...?) Most Helpful: Thareous Most Involved: Vanessa28 ❖￾ Community Awards ❖ Best Blogger: no vote Best General Gaming Debater: JuicieJ Best Mature Discussion Debater: Thareous Best Poster...
  2. Sir Quaffler

    Battle Video Share Thread

    YMUW-WWWW-WWW9-5GAF Me up against the Super Singles Battle Chantelaine. Took freakin' forever to get here, but I finally did it and I beat her (cheating) team of all-Genies. I even managed to go 10 battles more past here before being annihilated by an Alakazam. All my previous attempts...
  3. Sir Quaffler

    DGN Pokemon League Tournament - Gen III Confirmed (Game Thread)

    PU4G-WWWW-WWW9-5G7M Battle between me and Stitch. GG Stitch, very valiant effort. Alas, though, with this I must respectfully bow out of the tournament. The next round doesn't start until next week, and I will be gone from ZD for the fall to concentrate on my final college semester starting...
  4. Sir Quaffler

    Breath of the Wild Possible Subtitles?

    The Legend of Zelda: Where Do I Freaking Go?! or a slightly more serious guess: The Legend of Zelda: The Endless Blood-Stained Sea of Darkness or a totally serious guess: The Legend of Zelda: Valley of the Flood. Seriously, if there has ever been a chance for Zelda to do a more...
  5. Sir Quaffler

    Your Favorite Pokemon Game

    I have updated the poll to include Black 2 & White 2 and X & Y. As before, my answer's still a 3-way tie between Emerald, Black 2, and Y, though I picked Emerald in the poll because reasons.
  6. Sir Quaffler

    Favorite Generation

    I added Generation VI (X/Y) to the poll as well as updated Generation V to take into account Black 2 & White 2. My answer is Generation 1. They were the ones that started the whole shebang, and wow did they do a good job of enthralling my generation! As a whole I think their designs are the...
  7. Sir Quaffler

    Favorite Pokemon Type

    I added the Fairy type to the poll options to take into account the new games. My answer's still Poison, btw. Not sure if that had anything to do with it, I'm just sayin'.
  8. Sir Quaffler

    Pokemon Trainer's Center

    Here is the one-stop place to catch up on the latest goings-on of your fellow Trainers, as well as the training guides to get your Pokemon properly raised: Pokemon Trading Center What Are You Currently Doing in the Pokemon World? Battle Video Share Thread IV Breeding Guide EV...
  9. Sir Quaffler

    (Least) Favorite Pokemon Type, Generation, Game, Etc.

    Since these topics are very popular, please check if one already exists before creating one, to avoid cluttering the section with redundant polls. Here is a list of existing threads: Favorite Pokemon Type Favorite Pokemon Generation Favorite Pokemon Game
  10. Sir Quaffler

    Hyrule Warriors Female Link Supposedly Confirmed (HW)

    I hope that this is indeed just concept art. I've already stated that I am opposed to the idea of a female Link due to the further confusion among the general populace as to who Link is [I'd much rather Link be a solidly identifiable character that people can resonate with, and him always being...
  11. Sir Quaffler

    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Versions Discussion Thread

    .....Mega Slowbro and Audino. Why.
  12. Sir Quaffler

    Mega Altaria, Lopunny & Salamence - CoroCoro Magazine Reveal!

    I've always been confused as to how exactly Altaria is supposed to be a dragon... but now that it's a Fairy dragon I don't mind its magnificent fluffiness. And Mega Lopunny.... wow that is one that I did NOT see coming at all. Y'know what, I'm looking forward to that one too. The whole point of...
  13. Sir Quaffler

    DGN Pokemon League Tournament - Gen III Confirmed (Game Thread)

    Z6VG-WWWW-WWW9-W2ZL Ugh... I'm so friggin' embarrassed at myself. Can't blame it on anybody but myself; Cradily was my one shot at maybe turning the tide and I brainfarted with Infestation. So yeah, another wipeout for me. Yeah. GG Terminus, good luck in the next round. (This is what I get for...
  14. Sir Quaffler

    Heracross and Pinsir Downloadable Events Available in North America

    Well I already have both Mega Stones so really I'd just be doing this for the good movesets and the hopes that I get a good set of IV's and stuff. Still seems intriguing.
  15. Sir Quaffler

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 113!

    Please please please let it be Groose, he so deserves to be a playable character!
  16. Sir Quaffler

    General Zelda A Game Based on Zelda Combat

    I think that would be a pretty awesome idea for a sidegame: "The Legend of Zelda: The Abridged Game". I mean, that's my favorite part of SS, the awesome combat, so an entire game made of awesome combat would be a cool experiment. We'll always get those games with the immersive story, cool art...
  17. Sir Quaffler

    The Future of the Hylian Knight Usergroup

    I've been riding the fence on the matter, but Blue Reptile's post has helped convinced me now: in practice the Hylian Knight rank doesn't serve much purpose and should be abolished. My decision has nothing to do with any supposed bias the Knights might have or it being an exclusive club or...
  18. Sir Quaffler

    Funny Saria's Song Video Dance

    This doesn't really have any room for discussion, and thus it seems more suited as a blog. Locking thread now.
  19. Sir Quaffler

    DGN Pokemon League Tournament - Gen III Confirmed (Game Thread)

    FM8W-WWWW-WWW8-QWMM Wow, just wow. GG Scarfed, you completely wrecked my team. None of my strategies worked at all, either due to very good prediction on his part or sheer bad luck. Anyways I congratulate you and wish you best of luck in the rest of the tourney.
  20. Sir Quaffler

    Choice Locking: Worth It?

    As others have stated, objectively yes they can very well be worth the while in the competitive scene. Put them on the right Pokemon with the right setup and they might sweep through the opponent's entire team. Me personally, I haven't had much luck with them, besides slapping a Scarf on a...
  21. Sir Quaffler

    Breath of the Wild Will You Play As Multiple Characters?

    Alrighty then, seems as though the question got answered pretty quickly, and leaving it open would only leave room for spam posts. Locking now.
  22. Sir Quaffler

    DGN Pokemon League Tournament - Gen III Confirmed (Game Thread)

    .......oh crap I need to get my team registered ASAP. Don't want all that hard work go to waste. I look forward to an awesome battle Scarfed. Just let me know whenever you're ready.
  23. Sir Quaffler

    What Was Some Weird Stuff You Believed in As a Child?

    Imma jump on the bandwagon. I used to believe in this silly little thing called Christianity until.............. nah, sorry, can't do it. My faith in God has only gotten stronger as I've matured, and it has helped me develop into the loving individual that I am today. But as I've grown up I've...
  24. Sir Quaffler

    Who is Your Best Friend on ZD?

    I consider just about everyone here a friend/acquaintance in one sense or another. I'm not sure how that feeling's reciprocated, but I feel like I get along well with just about everyone here. However, there are a few people I've come to consider closer friends, and some people I still consider...
  25. Sir Quaffler

    Battle Video Share Thread

    8EFW-WWWW-WWW8-LKHH I know, I know, it's the same team I've always been using, but whatever I got bored one night and someone challenged me. Anyways... This is why Mega Manectric is awesome. He very effectively took out most of my team by well-timed switch-outs (didn't help that my moves kept...
  26. Sir Quaffler

    Hyrule Warriors Fi Confirmed?

    Dude this all looks so freaking awesome I can't stand it! I mean yeah she was kinda annoying in subsquent playthroughs but Fi was one of the reasons I loved SS first-time through and I'm really happy to see her as a playable character. I'm also super-stoked to see SS Link and Zelda alternate...
  27. Sir Quaffler

    Would You Go Out with Korra?

    Oh yeah, I'd date her. [I'm assuming either she'd be older or I'd be younger when I'm in her universe so things don't get weird.] I like strong-willed women, means she has a mind of her own and works for what she wants. Also she's very athletic, give me a reason to get even more into sports...
  28. Sir Quaffler


    This is more suitable as a blog entry. Locking thread now, but feel free to blog this.
  29. Sir Quaffler

    Ocarina of Time What Happened to Other Ocranino

    I have to agree with Random Person, Link being a kid didn't keep the Fairy Ocaria anymore simply because he got a better one with the Ocarina of Time. He's not being mean or malicious, he's just being an irresponsible kid. From his perspective, he's got one ocarina made of wood that's just an...
  30. Sir Quaffler

    Favorite Pokemon Designs

    My favorite design has always been Seviper. I love snakes in general anyways, but I love how he's got the battle scars to prove his badassery, with that wicked tail and the long sharp fangs and the piercing eyes of his. He's also got those golden diamond marks all over his body, and even has...
  31. Sir Quaffler

    PlatinumGames Developing a Legend of Korra Game

    DUDE THAT LOOKS AWESOME! Also I need to catch up, I haven't seen any of the 2nd season, what is wrong with me?!
  32. Sir Quaffler

    Skyward Sword Favorite Skyward Sword Character?

    Mine's a 3-way tie between Fi, Zelda, and Groose. Fi because she's by far the best companion Link's had in terms of actually being helpful. Zelda because she's so darn cute, and she's actually got her own quest alongside Link's and is in fact the one who's ultimately pulling the strings. And...
  33. Sir Quaffler

    DGN Pokemon League Tournament - Gen III Confirmed (Sign-ups)

    Ok good, thank you Vergo. I also need to get ready for the official Pokemon Eevee Friendly tournament (details found here for others who are interested), so I'm gonna be busy with that. That and, well, school and work and trying to get a girlfriend and the rest of this crazy thing called life.
  34. Sir Quaffler

    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Versions Discussion Thread

    Hmm, I'm slightly disappointed. With the way they were describing the jewel I had thought that it would have acted as a free Substitute, but nope, he gets Magic Bounce instead even though Absol already has that. I'm also not exactly seeing how Magic Bounce will work well in tandem with...
  35. Sir Quaffler

    DGN Pokemon League Tournament - Gen III Confirmed (Sign-ups)

    Heck yes this sounds awesome, sign me up!
  36. Sir Quaffler

    Curmudgeon's Pokemon Breeding Service

    Name: Agent Utah (I'm guessing it's going by what the name on the 3DS system's set ups as) Friend Code: 4141-3010-4866 Pokemon: Cradily with Storm Drain. That's it, really, I'm not specific on moveset, nature, IV's, any of that, I just want a Storm Drain Cradily if you have one.
  37. Sir Quaffler

    Breath of the Wild You Can Make Your Own Choices in Zelda Wii U and Make the Story Your B****

    As far as the core story goes, I hope for a strong linear narrative like the one shown in SS and other Zelda games. I like the Zelda stories, I think that by sticking to a strong linear narrative it produces memorable stories. But as far as the side content and the smaller story elements that...
  38. Sir Quaffler

    Breath of the Wild Tech Demo Vs Actual Style

    I personally like the actual style more than the tech demo. Admittedly this has much more to do with my love for SS than any disdain for TP's art style. The tech demo made things more well-lit and defined, and so it avoided a lot of the issues I nowadays have with TP's duller color pallet. So...
  39. Sir Quaffler

    Hyrule Warriors Who's the Mage?

    I was initially wholeheartedly saying that was post-corruption Cia, but now... Idunno, I think she COULD in fact be Cia's sister. I thought it was for sure Cia, due to the love triangle between Link, Zelda, and Cia, and how those three are positioned on the image. But the point made where it...
  40. Sir Quaffler

    Your Favorite Kalos Pokemon

    Talonflame. I like quite a good number of Kalos Pokemon, I think that they look awesome and they offer lots of fun on the competitive scene. But the moment Talonflame was first shown to the world I knew I just had to catch one based on visual design alone. Add to that his nearly-broken combat...
  41. Sir Quaffler

    Non-gaming Friends

    Pretty much all of my friends that I haven't met online have been non-gaming friends, or play games or use systems that I don't touch for one reason or another. Every once in a blue moon we may find ourselves popping in a game and playing together, but that's a rare exception. We usually go out...
  42. Sir Quaffler

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U - First Look

    Pros: The artstyle. Holy smokes it looks gorgeous, kinda like a mix of SS and WW focused on the technologically-advanced Lanayru Desert region. Also, HECK YES, Steampunk Zelda finally here! I am SO looking forward to this. Con: I'm not a big fan of the huge open-world design aspect, I find...
  43. Sir Quaffler

    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Versions Discussion Thread

    ...And Tabitha the dude from back in Emerald had purple hair. That means......... Ten bucks says Tabitha finally went through with that sex change. *EDIT* Wait I'm an idiot, I didn't read all the way through that post. Turns out the IT manager IS Tabitha, and that girl's name's Courtney. Dang...
  44. Sir Quaffler

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I decided to splurge due to the fact that I'm starting summer courses next Monday and I'm basically going to have zero time for games for a loooooooooong time until I get my degree in December. Metroid: Zero Mission. Already played it, but that was on an emulator and this is on original GBA...
  45. Sir Quaffler

    What Are You Currently Doing in the Pokémon World?

    Now that I have just about every Hidden Ability that I want at this point, I'm going through the arduous process of breeding them for IV's, natures, and any egg moves. Right now I've got Fluffy (Plus Mareep), Scruffy (Minus Electrike), Capt. America (Bulletproof Chespin), SA-X (Imposter Ditto)...
  46. Sir Quaffler

    Conducting Oneself Online in Terms of Rudeness.

    Agreed Clank, let's try to steer this thread back on topic. Anyways I conduct myself online similarly to how I act IRL. There is always going to be that disconnect from verbal cues and body language owing to this being all-text, but as far as how I speak here this is pretty much how I think...
  47. Sir Quaffler

    "Professional" Aka "Competitive" Gaming a Waste of Time?

    As far as being physically beat up and whatnot, they went way too far. If you know who your attackers were then you need to contact the authorities about it. But as far as applying your efforts to something more productive, I agree with them. One should choose a career that allows them to...
  48. Sir Quaffler

    Play the Great Language Game!

    So far my final score is 500. Some of the big languages I can discern pretty easily like German or Japanese, and I can tell if it's French almost immediately, having studied it back in high school. I'm also getting good at discerning the difference between certain languages if they're not right...
  49. Sir Quaffler

    What Is Your Favorite Mario Game?

    Most definitely Super Mario 64. So many happy memories as a kid running around in the castle and in the worlds within the paintings. I recognize that it's mostly nostalgia talking, but this is a question about what my favorite game and not which one I think is best (which would probably be the...
  50. Sir Quaffler

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask: Voice Acting? *Redirect to blogs in thread*

    ...for a blog than a thread. Locking thread now. (But hey, this sounds really cool! I can't wait to hear more about your progress in the blogs.) *EDIT* Ok, so I've worked it out with the OP. Here is the link to the blog detailing the voicework, feel free to check it out if you haven't already...
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