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    Worst Nes Game.

    What is the worst nes game that you've ever played? ...for me it has been the Marble Madness and Deadly towers.
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    What would a TP sequel be like?

    That was really nice! I liked that, but i have seen better. Are you going to make more?
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    Ocarina of Time Nayru's Love

    Farores wind is usefull. If i have to stop playing while i am at dungeon, i use farores wind and save the game. When i start playing again, i use it again, and i am at the room, where i left from. And please don't double post.
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    More Kinstones!

    There is 3 different green kinstones, 2 blue, 3 red and 3-8 gold.
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    Switch Hook

    The Switch Hook is a good item. It was like a new version of hook/long.
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    DSi Downloads

    What? I can't use R4 on DSi? Anyway, i hope they have those gb/gbc zelda games.
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    L is real 2041?

    Some people thinks that luigi is plyable character at sm64 and some people believe that luigi is playable character at Oot. Only because it has letter L :O.
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    mirror shield and other things in minish cap, completely useless?

    The mirror was totally useless because have to kill vaati first.
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    Favorite Dungeon

    Spirits temple from Ocarina of Time.
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    Seed Satchel & Shooter

    The Gale Seeds were the most usefull.
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    I don't think like Oos would be more important than Ooa.
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    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time "Mirror Shield"

    I dont why why but i like the old design better.
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    Rate Tatl

    3/10. Tatl is much more annoying than navi.
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    Tasty Timeline Treats

    1. What ''oox'' means? 2. where are the oracle games 3. That shigeru m... said that Oot is first game Please anver these.
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    Magic Boomerang

    The magic boomerang was usefull. It was a great addition.
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    Deku Nuts

    I never used the deku nuts. They are useless to me.
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    Here is my list: Master 94 M94.
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    Ocarina of Time How long did it take for you to beat Ocarina Of Time. How hard was it?

    I think he means silver gauntlets. Anyways, it took me about a month to beat Oot.
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    I liked fusing kinstones. It was not a big problem to find all fusings. This is the first zelda game that i completed 100%.
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    I dont have any pets because i'm allergic :(
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    Majora's Mask Glitches

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    Ocarina of Time Best & Worst Temples in OOT.

    I hated the water temple but my favorite was fire temple.
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    General Classic Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask

    Oot is way better than Mm.
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    Favorite Mario game

    Paper mario and the thousand year door and super mario galaxy.
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    Zelda Sprite Comic

    That was great. Nice comic, almost made me laugh
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    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of time ending : a paradox ?

    Kpllk, stop acting like u vere mod.
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    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of time ending : a paradox ?

    This is so simple. There is no paradox. Zelda send him back in time and in the past link is in the future same time when link comes.
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    Which is easier: Minish Cap or Phantom Hourglass?

    Phantom hourglass was easier because of the controls.
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    Best Controller?

    I like the N64 controller.
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    What element?

    Fire. It makes food eatable.
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    Rod of Seasons

    I liked to chance season but i heted to change them so often.
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    Favorite Fighting Game

    Super smash bros series and street fighter
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    I play nothing. Im too tired.
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    How healthy is the Wii?

    Some of the games are healthy like wii fit, some are not. So i say yes.
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    What Gaming systems do you have?

    -Nes -Snes -Nintendo64 -GB -GBP -GBC -GBA SP -Game cube -Wii -DS -DS lite -Ps2 -PSP -Xbox
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    I dont see dreams. I simply can't see dreams.
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    Your Username

    Master94. M means my real name first letter. 94 means nothing.
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    If You Could Jump Into a Video Game, What Game Would it be?

    Super mario galaxy or Zelda Tww.
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    Hardest puzzle

    Those statues from TP. And that heros cavern from Ooa, room with lava and block.
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    What Don't You Want To See In a Future Zelda Game

    I don't want: Kaebora gaebora (That owl from oot.) Too easy bosses/enemies/dungeons. Tingle's collect-rupees-or you can't get longer in the game quests
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    Magnetic Gloves

    Confusing? they were simple and easy to use. and those magnet enemies, it's easier to put them to the corner and defeat them. cool item.
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    LozNes second quest.

    I said: sometimes when i touch bubble, i can't draw sword even after long time.
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    LozNes second quest.

    im not talking about ww. zelda nes no. nes zelda these: Even if i go outside of the dungeon, i can't draw my sword. At scond quest. NOT in wind waker
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    Hardest to complete 100%

    Taol = the adventure of link. Nes = nintendo entertainment system
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    Favorite Minor Character

    The shop owner from LA. why he sels stuf and wont steal from people with those powers.
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    Hardest to complete 100%

    All heart pieces, maps, treasures, items etc. Not only story.
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    Ocarina of Time The Hover Boots

    They were annoying. like being at ice-temple.
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    Hardest to complete 100%

    What zelda game was hardest to complete 100% And what was the easiest. I think hardest was Mm. easiest: Nes Taol.
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    New enemies/ bosses?

    Giant like-like would be cool boss. It would steal shield, special tunic, rupees, sword etc. ant to kill it, you need giants mask.
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    Best Music in WW

    Title theme. It's differend than usual music in this game.
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