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  1. Shadow Mori

    Attempt to Be the CRAZIEST Thread in DGN History.

    and so our advenchurs have just BEGUN!!! Let the pi go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on..... and on. And the brave wariors went to the 1st tempul and killed the boss and did the same with the 2sd temple boss and did the same with the 3rd boss.....wow Zelda seems...
  2. Shadow Mori

    Attempt to Be the CRAZIEST Thread in DGN History.

    it seems I'v lost my Mind, Have you seen it? id much like to adhfaosfhikihasfh :bleh:
  3. Shadow Mori

    Cave of Ordeals

    I would like for lack of a beter word "Bosses" that are only found in the CoO. if there was a new boss every 10 levels The Cave would be hard, but would have all the same guys found in the overworld making it easy. dose that make everyone happy???
  4. Shadow Mori

    Attempt to Be the CRAZIEST Thread in DGN History.

    girl, "Dont you get it? You can NEVER do that its agenst the laws of the world!!!!" *drinks a glass of water* boy, "I just did." "Just another dose of my daily insanity." Shadow Mori.
  5. Shadow Mori

    Cave of Ordeals

    true true your all right. The CoO in TP was hard enuf, The one in TWW was just sad it was so Easy. Im there was one in SS i think it would be easyer than TP's but harder that TWW's.
  6. Shadow Mori

    How The Zoras Go From Good To Bad

    there are zoras and RIVER zoras. river zoras and zora zoras are a diferant race altogether. thats why one is evil and the other is good. :)
  7. Shadow Mori

    Cave of Ordeals

    I think That a cave of ordeals in SS would have been very hard and a good chalenge. plus theres only 2 anyway (one in WW the other in TP) so why not i loved the COO in TP why not have one in SS.
  8. Shadow Mori

    Attempt to Be the CRAZIEST Thread in DGN History.

    ...---... ya i said it! dont give me no **** eather
  9. Shadow Mori

    Welcome to the 2012 Golden Key Awards!

    Most Charismatic: Din akera Most Mysterious: Random person Most Random: Random Person Best Writer: Axle The Beast Best Theorist: locke Most Knowledgeable in Zelda:TheBlueReptile that all i got. :P
  10. Shadow Mori

    Gameplay, Story, Graphics, or Controls

    Story is the most inportant part of a game I know that id rather play mario if Zelda didnt have one of the most complicated storys of all time. the Story can make up for any or all of the other facter before mentioned but if the story sucks i dont think good graphics will save it.
  11. Shadow Mori

    My Theory on What Termina REALLY Is.

    sorry but unless the "dream skape" (the world of all mortal dreams) is real in Zelda I dont see how this could be true. Termina was an alternet relm to hyrule, if that is true than this whole idea that all of MM was just another LA is wrong.
  12. Shadow Mori

    Zelda's Ruby?

    *insert funny "nintindo is lazy" joke here* its nothing at all just a "cawink-a-dink" as my mom says.
  13. Shadow Mori

    Spoiler Goddess of the Sand: Who is She?

    you know your probably right in the Zelda Wiki it's almost canon so all the prof points to Din and TGOTS to be one and the same.
  14. Shadow Mori

    Discussion #021: Who Invaded Romani Ranch?

    I was playing MM just now and in my Bombers notbook it says "thanks for saving the cows from the ghosts" so thay must be ghosts.
  15. Shadow Mori

    Funny Locations

    o come on no ones posting! "Bombing Donongos" "a Place" "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" "The Matrix"
  16. Shadow Mori

    Gap Between the Dimensions

    Well what about the "Dark World" And "Light World" In ALTTP???
  17. Shadow Mori

    Dampé's Theory

    Everyone its not about the poe colecter its about the dampe thing I think its a good thery The kid coud be whereing the Mask Of Truth so he looks like he has one eye.
  18. Shadow Mori

    Death Sword & Stallord Theories

    I have to say that Death Sword is the demon soul that Inhabits the Sword. He was Inprisoned to keep him from doing Evil and you awaken him so He trys to KILL YOU.
  19. Shadow Mori

    Discussion #021: Who Invaded Romani Ranch?

    thats a lie!! in Wind Waker you can clearly see Orion's belt althow thay call it the Three Sister Stars.
  20. Shadow Mori

    Spoiler Volvagia As the Fire Sanctuary Boss

    wow Mind=BLOWN!!! that was great I whant that to happen now
  21. Shadow Mori

    Majoras Mask 2012

    O come on why wont nitido make a MM remake i mean Project moon falls been up and running for mounths now. o and i picked Wii-u becouse I have a wii.
  22. Shadow Mori

    Best Forest Dungeon

    Cant belive im the first to say forest in TP man I loved the monkeys and the bomerang and.....all of it.
  23. Shadow Mori

    Twilight Princess Can Somebody Explain This to Me?

    Zant was using (for lack of a batter word) the force to hold Midna up, and then used the force to bring the light spiret up and shine on midna to hurt her.
  24. Shadow Mori

    Spoiler The Golden Wolf is the Hero's Shade True Form

    back to the point....I have to agrey whith the Spirit Animal thing or that Shade is trying to help link relate with him and help him fight and (most inportantly) not die.
  25. Shadow Mori

    Spoiler Impa

    I think your right but I think the shika arnt a "race" but an organastion like the secret service and Impa is like "comince plan code name 'Impa'"
  26. Shadow Mori

    Where Do Hylians "go" when They Die?

    I have to say thay have a haven look a kotake and koumi near the end of OOT thay had halos and whent in to a bright light.
  27. Shadow Mori

    Spoiler But They're Little....Zelda And Link:Love in Ways You Dont Think.

    There was a war to unight Hyrule if im not mistaken, if so than the king wound have been in the fight and posibly the quean. Mybe she had moblins on here tail and had to run and hapen to have Link whith her.
  28. Shadow Mori

    Discussion #015: Are All the Skull Kid's the Same?

    Zeldapedia. this tells me that there are more than one skull kid if you killed them all MM would never take place and the skull kid would die but you see him again and again. Zeldapedia. Now any kid can be a skull kid just send your order of 20 rupees to 456 Kakariko Village and falow...
  29. Shadow Mori

    Funny Locations

    give this thread your funnyest location. IE. mine,"I'm in your head,and you know it.
  30. Shadow Mori

    Discussion #021: Who Invaded Romani Ranch?

    I think all of you shud ask Random Person, he's an expert on MM.
  31. Shadow Mori

    Spoiler But They're Little....Zelda And Link:Love in Ways You Dont Think.

    Ok all of you have good points but I'm talking about JUST OOT I cant see any link to Link and Zelda being brother and sister in any other game.
  32. Shadow Mori

    Shadow Link In SS

    ok, how about a game just for Shadow Link telling of his origen hes every thing?
  33. Shadow Mori

    Shadow Link In SS

    I think thay missed a chance for the MOST EPIC DUEL OF ALL TIME what do you think? spoiler ---> Shadow Link Is Not In Skyward Sword.
  34. Shadow Mori

    Could OoT-Phantom Ganon Be Vaati?

    looks have nothing to do with anything in diferant games graphics change so dose looks and so do people. on the Vaati thing, I think four Swords happend in the same demintion as Majora's Mask so........no I dont think you'er right. why I think FS-MC-FSA- world is MM world.----->...
  35. Shadow Mori

    Spoiler But They're Little....Zelda And Link:Love in Ways You Dont Think.

    Some people think that Link And Zelda are Brother and Sister in OOT for these reasons: 1.you never see Queen Hyrule and links mother was killed in the war. 2.Thay have the same hair and eye color,the same pointy ears, and so on. 3.Zelda Says the name "Link" sounds "familiar". 4.one of the...
  36. Shadow Mori

    My Theory on What Termina REALLY Is.

    Some of you are saying the Link Loves Zelda well some people think link and Zelda are Brother and sister. I might start a thread to tell you why right now. EDIThttp://zeldadungeon.net/forum/f31/but-there-little-zelda-link-love-whays-you-dont-think-31251.html#post469923 Dont whant to get...
  37. Shadow Mori

    My Theory on What Termina REALLY Is.

    Maybe Link was sent to termina as a resson. I think link was feeling the way you say and was sent to termina for that resson. The moon children might be figers in Links mind to help him in the last strech (+ thay give him piaces of heart) so I like it but it needs inproovemint.....And so dose my...
  38. Shadow Mori

    Who is the Ghost Guy in Ocarina of Time

    I just think It's the Kid from the graveyard with the Mask Of Turth...Look at it it explans the one eye.
  39. Shadow Mori

    Who is the Ghost Guy in Ocarina of Time

    the kid (dosent have a name for some reson.) might be the poe seller but I think hes the same one as in Majora's Mask! dun dun du. If the Happy Mask Man can travel from hyrule to termina and back and so can Link why not the Poe Seller? He even acts close to the same way.
  40. Shadow Mori

    Monkeys in Majora's Mask

    We know less of the Kokiri that the shika. In the words of the toosy pop T.V. ad "The World May Never Know."
  41. Shadow Mori

    What Are Your Thoughts on the Owl?

    ok that helps. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think he's the narator. He knows the story inside and out and tells it to help link.
  42. Shadow Mori

    Tetraforce (kinda): Hylia

    I dont think there are foru triforces becose of this--->http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/f31/goddess-time-30208.html
  43. Shadow Mori

    Goddess of Time

    what happend to "back it up with evidence."??? Maybe she already knew of The goddess of time and she figured out from her vision that it was the goddess and some other small facts.
  44. Shadow Mori

    Goddess of Time

    ok you have a valid point but Saria whasn't the sage of forest tell 7 years after we left but she still had a conetion with the woods. Roto whasn't the sage of whater for 7 years but she had a conetion whith the fish ect., ect.But one question what dose Deux ex Machina mean?? P.S. to make...
  45. Shadow Mori

    What is the Boss You've Hated the MOST in a Zelda Game?

    Dang I died 2 or 3 times on that and I NEVER die not even on Ganondorf on any of the games. A Link to The Past is the only game I die in.
  46. Shadow Mori

    Goddess of Time

    I said that she was the sage of time so she Saw the things to come for link. some people just say "nothing proves it so its not right."
  47. Shadow Mori

    Goddess of Time

    I just thot of who she is. We first hear of the Goddess of Time in Majora's Mask (I say it Ma-Hore-a's Mask. the J makes the H sound say it out loud is sounds better.) which is in a diferant demention. If Zelda is the sage of time why couldn't She have known that Link was going to get sent to...
  48. Shadow Mori

    Spoiler Origins of Ordona Province

    this is the thing that has made the most scence of all the theroys on why the temple of time is not in the right place. Dont let people say nothing proves it, nothing in "Zelda Theroy" is fact almost nothing in the Zelda games have anything to prove that its fact. I hate how people do that so...
  49. Shadow Mori

    Spoiler Skyward Sword - Another Split in the Timeline? (SS Ending, Read at Your Own Risk!)

    If my time line is corect (and I not saying it is,) all of four swords happens in the same demntion as majora's mask just befour. But lets get back to the point, if all the points in the Zelda Time Line that may have made a split did make a split in the time line than every game would be in a...
  50. Shadow Mori

    Spoiler Skyward Sword - Another Split in the Timeline? (SS Ending, Read at Your Own Risk!)

    We all know Ganondorf was a Garoudo King that was evil and wnted to take over the world, what else is thear to know?? I had a big thing that x-plande how all of time worked and why all of this could be true but for some reazun it didn't post.:(:suspicious::dry:
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