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  1. Painmaster212

    A Link Between Worlds Pegasus Boots -- How Did YOU Figure Out How to Get Them? *possible Spoilers*

    I seen an article on a gaming site that was titled "3 Tips To Know Before Playing ALBW" and 1 of the tips was to get those boots early and how to get them, so yeah i wasn't looking for spoilers but that 1 sorta fell into my lap haha
  2. Painmaster212

    The Wind Waker How Long Will The Wind Waker HD Console Bundle Be Around For?

    It is gonna be hard for anyone to justify paying what your asking when you can get others on there for almost half that but good luck to you! On topic, i see those Wii Us everywhere so its pretty spot on that either people aren't buying them or Nintendo is still making them.
  3. Painmaster212

    A Link to the Past I Made a Lets Play on Youtube

    Im sure i have since i've beaten the game so many times it seems as though i breeze through the game without dying but i dont plan on it, it just seems to happen.
  4. Painmaster212

    Do You Plan Your Pokemon Team Before You Start?

    The only thing i plan on is my starter and i make sure if its a new gen i will only use Pokemon from that gen for my first playthrough.
  5. Painmaster212

    Gamestop Pre-order Bonus

    Why wouldn't you wanna preorder if your gonna buy the game anyways? I would understand if you got nothing for preordering the game but hey its a free bonus item for a game your gonna buy anyways right?
  6. Painmaster212

    General Zelda The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Guide Box Set

    You dont buy them to use them that's why their limited editions i would assume ,they are mostly meant for display and collectors who have alittle extra cash on hand.
  7. Painmaster212

    General Zelda The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Guide Box Set

    I seen a guy selling this on Ebay for $500 and i messaged him saying "You know you can still pre order this for like $150 on amazon right...?) and his response was "I know, but some poor soul will be stupid enough to buy it eventually" Wow is all i could think of.....
  8. Painmaster212

    Phantom Hourglass Why Do So Many Fans of Zelda Hate Phantom Hourglass?

    My main gripe with PH (and ST) was the "touch only" controls,the weak story and the having to go back over and over to that same temple were complaints but only minor.
  9. Painmaster212

    General Zelda The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Guide Box Set

    Pre ordered! Glad i seen this because i havnt seen it anywhere else and its a nice set to go with my LOZ collection,i wonder how detailed the chest will be!
  10. Painmaster212

    Red & Blue Vs. FireRed & LeafGreen

    As much as i loved the originals you can never go wrong with remakes which speed the game up which the originals you realize are VERY slow once you play the newer ones and try to go back. Dont get me wrong the originals are still my favorites in the series (mostly nostalgia and how much more...
  11. Painmaster212

    What Are You Currently Doing in the Pokémon World?

    Atm i watch the show every so often and test my teams everynow and then online in White 2 but i've been thinking about going back through Soulsilver before the launch of X/Y but im also trying go back through Pikmin 1 and 2 before the 3rd one hits the market so idk how that will pan out!
  12. Painmaster212

    What Was the First Legendary Pokemon You Caught?

    Hmmm tough to remember that long ago but it was from Pokemon Blue because that was the game my parents bought for me out of the 2,Im have to go with Moltres because i remember making Articuno faint the first time i ever battled it and not having saved for awhile didnt wanna reset.
  13. Painmaster212

    Have You Ever "Caught Them All"

    Yes i have in both Gen 1 and I still have my carts in which i done them on as well! I done it with people from school by trading either other Pokemon or real life items (lol) Nowadays i dont think it could do it completely legit to be honest.
  14. Painmaster212

    What Age Do You Consider Old?

    Ages 1-4 = Little Child Ages 5-12 = Child Ages 13-19 = Teen Ages 20-28 = Young Adult Ages 29-39 = Full Adult Ages 40-59 = Middle Aged Ages 60-75 = Older Ages 76+ = Ancient
  15. Painmaster212

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    Went to a yard sale and frist i find is a Gamegear in its box with 15 games for $30! Also bought a few other items from the yard sale but that 1 stuck out the most :D
  16. Painmaster212

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Great score today at a yard sale! Gamegear in box with 15 games for $30 bucks!
  17. Painmaster212

    Most Used Items

    Leftovers and Lucky Egg would be in my most used list also here are some others Shell Bell (when i dont have more then 1 leftovers) Eviolite (great when just starting the game IMO) Life Orb (Great for my sweepers in most cases)
  18. Painmaster212

    Do You/Did You Allow Your Mom to Save Your Cash?

    Yes i allowed her to just because of the free stuff ill get and sometimes you'll luck up and get something very useful :D but like you said its 80% berries anyways but free stuff is free am i right?
  19. Painmaster212

    Which DS Game is the Best to Start With?

    I would start with Platinum just because you already played Emerald but Soulsilver is still a great game and very updated when compared to Emerald so im sure you would have lots of fun with that 1 as well. Also make sure you play Black and White 1 before you played Black and White 2 just so you...
  20. Painmaster212

    What is the Most Recent Game That You Completed?

    Just beat Super Mario Land 1 and 2 in a days sitting,working on Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story atm
  21. Painmaster212

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Bought 6 PSP games and 2 PS2 games today at gamestop for under $35 :D @ sale
  22. Painmaster212

    Which Wii U Games Do You Have?

    Nintendo Land - If you have Wii Remotes and friends to come over then this game is a blast! The Luigi's ghost game is very fun with friends i highly suggest this game if you have people that want to come over and play. New Super Mario U - Best game on the Wii U so far,if you have played and...
  23. Painmaster212

    Price Guide?

    Im a big collector of retro games and i think it would be wonderful to have a guide on here to go by when i see something on eBay for what i think is a good deal but am not really sure of but if you guys wanted to limit it to LOZ games so it wouldnt be a big project then im fine with that as...
  24. Painmaster212

    Price Guide?

    Is there a price guide on the Dungeon anywhere of the LOZ games overall for lets say for just the game,complete in box and sealed brand new? If not seems as though it could be a very useful addon for the site as long as its updated every so often for us collectors of the series as a whole.
  25. Painmaster212

    Recommendations for DS/Wii RPGs

    DS Mario and Luigi: Partner's in Time Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Chrono Trigger Pokemon Main Series (any of them really) Final Fantasy IV Dragonball Z: Attack of the Saiyans Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Izuna Izuna 2 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days The World Ends With You Summon...
  26. Painmaster212

    General Zelda In Regards to the Collector's Edition of HH on Craigslist...

    Yes something should have been done by limiting the Collector's edition to 1 per person IMO just as any other product is done nowadays yet this could also be done our favor if people were not buying the items for the 100+ dollars they ask for on Ebay and CL but sadly there are some people who...
  27. Painmaster212

    General Zelda If You Could Pick One Zelda Item from the Whole Series to Own, What Item Would It Be?

    The Triforce for all knowing power to rule anything and everything~! If that doesnt count..... Then id have to go with.... Magic Cape,who doesnt want to be invisible and not able to take damage???
  28. Painmaster212

    General Zelda If Nirendo© Made Zelda® Game Not Involving Link™ Would You Buy It?

    LOZ game where you didnt play as Link? We all know how that turned out huh..... But seriously id love to play a LOZ game where Zelda had to save Link (that is made or overlooked by Nintendo) just like Peach in Super Princess Peach where she had to save the Mario Bros.It could be a...
  29. Painmaster212

    The Legend of Zelda Beating Zelda Without Any Help or Guide.

    Well back in the day when my parents were buying the games for me i never got a guide because they didnt deem it needed to pay an extra 20 bucks for a book on top of the 60 to 70 dollar price tags on the games themselves nor did we have internet so yes i had to beat every LOZ game up to about...
  30. Painmaster212

    Least Favorite Pokemon

    You know theres a topic about 5 topics down from this one with the same name :D
  31. Painmaster212

    Legendary Challenge

    Yes i did once with Mewtwo back in RBY and after about 50 Pokeballs i deemed it impossible cause the ball would always miss not even putting him in the ball just missing completely. Never shall i try that again!
  32. Painmaster212

    Which Version Will YOU Get?

    I will most definitely be getting both as i have been since the Gold and Silver days and to farther add to my PKMN game collection which is nearly complete at this time :D
  33. Painmaster212

    The 5 Zelda Games You Have Played the Most?

    1. A Link To The Past 2. Ocarina of Time (only reason this beats MM is cause of the 3D remake :D ) 3. Majora's Mask 4. Link's Awakening 5. Oracle of Seasons
  34. Painmaster212

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    So far... woke up,played some PKMN White 2,went out for Japanese food,came back watched ESPN for a few and now im off to file my taxes.... Wish me luck!
  35. Painmaster212

    Anyone Having The HDTV Overscan Problem With Wii U?

    Doesn't your TV itself have a stretch or full screen feature? I play on a 23" gaming monitor so it dont have the issue but when i did have the issue with my regular Wii i remember i fixed it with the TV itself.
  36. Painmaster212

    Do You Prefer Handheld Gaming or Console Gaming?

    Every since i got ahold of the first Gameboy i have always had a soft spot for handheld gaming and to this day i prefer games on a handheld even though i never take my handhelds out of my apartment xD
  37. Painmaster212

    Nidoking Vs. Nidoqueen

    The ole Nido's PKMN, i remember back in the RBY days when as a trainer I would always get both these stellar PKMN on my team and with them being able to learn so many great typing moves allowing me to destroy the great elite 4 of our time. On to the topic though I always went with King...
  38. Painmaster212

    Dual Type Moves

    Yes I know this would greatly increase the difficulty of understanding the formula for newer players but people currently involved in pokemon I think would have no trouble. How about if it was limited to new moves were made for this dual typing and each was just a status effect? Such as...
  39. Painmaster212

    Zelda Art Makar Plushie

    I am really digging the Boo and the Pokeball coasters i might have to invest. In the Pokeball coaster set by set how many do you get and how durable are they?
  40. Painmaster212

    Which Mario Party is the Greatest Mario Party?

    I played the first Mario Party the most out of all of them (so many scars from that game tug-of-war,shy guy ect..) but id have to go with the 2nd 1 as my favorite just because they made the game so much better and added so many features that are still used even today.
  41. Painmaster212

    Yarn Yoshi Trailer

    Yoshi has been left out in the cold for years when it comes to the consoles,come on Nintendo give us Yoshi's Island 2 already for the Wii U just think of the ideas that could be done with the Wii U controller :D For now though this game looks really good i just hope its not like Kirby's Epic...
  42. Painmaster212

    Wearing Glasses

    I think i speak for everyone that they wish they could just wear nothing and be able to see perfect but sadly that is not possible with alot of us :( I worn glasses for the longest time when i was younger but when i got alittle bit older i invested in contacts which are god sent for me.
  43. Painmaster212

    Who Here Collects Stuff?

    Im a big time gaming collector and my collection has grown quite a bit over the past year. I even have every Zelda game CIB displayed to the public in my living room :D (yes i even have the CD-i games which set me back with their prices on ebay)
  44. Painmaster212

    Zelda Art A Zelda Webcomic Full of Tomfoolery and Blenders

    Link's Stupidity is great! Out of all the questions he coulda asked he would choose that 1 like every other guy haha
  45. Painmaster212

    Zelda Art Makar Plushie

    Wow thats nice and the Boo you hand made is great looks like alot of love was put into every little stitch. Do you ever sell your creations?
  46. Painmaster212

    Spoiler Do You Wish Pokemon Was More Open-ended?

    Wow a karma system would add alot to the games and id also like more choices to be added to the games as well, in the sense you are given more freedom to complete your journey and take on your own goals but hey this is a PKMN game its not meant to be that in depth cause really the selected...
  47. Painmaster212

    Your Favorite Pokemon Game

    Its either the Blue or the TCG cause both was a big part of my childhood and too this day ill go back and play them on a Gameboy with a worm light just to relive the times :D Is that alittle weird?
  48. Painmaster212

    Spoiler Do You Think You're Awarded Pokemon Too Easily?

    What else would you have them do to begot an pokemon? I really couldnt think of a decent way of proving your ready to choose your partner other then running an errand which seems too easy and out of the way imo.
  49. Painmaster212

    Do You Ever Read Books All the Way Through?

    Yes sir just look at the last few books ive read Game of Thrones A Clash of Kings A Storm of Swords A Feast for Crows A Dance with Dragons Im am currently on the Lord of the Rings series right now :D
  50. Painmaster212

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King (Yes i know "The Hobbit" just came out but i just wanted to catch up on the whole series again) This movie just sucks me in everytime i mean for a 3 hour+ the extended edition to keep my attention for that long is just amazing imo cause not many movies...
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