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  1. finaldrumgod

    WW-Wii U Wii U Wind Waker?

    My guess is it was an example that was sort of taken out of context. I don't think they will remake Wind Waker already... It still looks really good. I don't think a sequel would work, due to PH and ST unless it somehow links (no pun intended) the two.
  2. finaldrumgod

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    Turtle Rock from Link's Awakening always gave me the most trouble. I always get turned around and I can't find my way through...
  3. finaldrumgod

    Phantom Hourglass Figure Giveaway - Favorite Zelda Enemy

    My favorite Zelda enemy is the CHICKENS! No, but seriously my favorite enemy is the wallmaster. When I was younger they were the only enemy that ever really made me nervous and constantly checking my surroundings.
  4. finaldrumgod

    Who has beaten ocarina of time completely?

    I was able to get 100% without a guide. It was when I was younger and had the time though! There are too many good games these days that I want to at least play through, let alone 100%. It really is hard keeping up, especially if you are a classic gamer that wants to relive all the great old...
  5. finaldrumgod

    My Reasons for Hating the Zelda Cartoon

    Well excuuuuse me DualMark! :) Joking aside though, I hate the cartoon too.
  6. finaldrumgod

    Is This Ironic or What?

    From a game design standpoint I think it is just because you don't use the field as much because of warps, Epona, etc. Also maybe so they don't get in the way during Poe hunting and because they just aren't a threat anymore to the player. Could also be that there aren't really people walking...
  7. finaldrumgod

    What's your favorite location?

    In MM my favorite area is the area where the ferry ride takes place. I love that. In OoT I would have to say Lake Hylia. I find it very pretty and relaxing.
  8. finaldrumgod

    Twilight Princess Target and Guard As the Same Button is STUPID.

    I wasn't aware anyone had a problem with the controls. I guess I play more defensively than others. :)
  9. finaldrumgod

    How Many Zelda Games Have You Beaten?

    I have beaten everything I can get my hands on including the Tingle games and the BS Zelda games.
  10. finaldrumgod

    Who's the Coolest Villian?

    Aghanim is probably my favorite. Vaati is also really awesome so that is who I voted for. I think Majora was an extremely close second. Bonus points to Majora for not trying to revive Ganon. lol
  11. finaldrumgod

    A Link to the Past Enemies!!

    I cant stand the turtle things that you have to hit with the hammer and a lot of the water temple enemies.
  12. finaldrumgod

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Ocarina Song ?.

    This is a tough one, but I will always have a place for Saria's song. There are a lot of great ones it is hard to pick!
  13. finaldrumgod

    Majora's Mask Favorite Ocarina Song ?

    I think my fav song is probably song of soaring for usefulness, but as far as melody I really like the song of healing.
  14. finaldrumgod

    Who has beaten majora's mask completely?

    I actually beat it a couple of times 100%. Not too bad once you know where everything is. The only thing that gives me trouble is the stray fairies from the stone and water temple. That and remembering every step to the Anju and Kafei quest. lol
  15. finaldrumgod

    Ocarina of Time Biggoron Sword

    Depends on your style of play. If you play defensively then no because you don't have access to your shield. If you play very offensively then it is definitely worth getting. It isn't too bad especially if you use a guide.
  16. finaldrumgod

    Ocarina of Time Opinions On Master Quest

    I thought was decent rise in difficulty. Just remember when you play it that the dungeons are new. Don't let them deceive you. That was the hardest part for me. I actually thought the Water Temple was easier in Master Quest as far as comparing my first times through in each game. The Spirit...
  17. finaldrumgod

    Hardest Zelda Game?

    Definitely Adventure of Link if you are playing the game normally but if you are doing 3 heart challenge or something then probably the original LoZ.
  18. finaldrumgod

    Least Favourite Character From Each Game You Might or Might Not Own

    I think characters like Sakon make Majora's Mask. You may hate him, but that is what makes him such a dynamic and well concieved character.
  19. finaldrumgod

    Fan Made Zelda Sword and Shield Replicas

    Yeah it is extremely well crafted. I wish I had enough money to support them and have a great piece Zelda artwork!
  20. finaldrumgod

    Why Do So Many Find Navi to Be So Annoying?

    I agree with Twilight for the most part. She's cool on the first play through, but after that shut up I know that Death Mountain looks scary.
  21. finaldrumgod

    If You Were an Enemy.......

    I would be a Deku Scrub because if the enemy gig didn't work, I could always buy some real-estate and become a salesman.
  22. finaldrumgod

    Best Music in Zelda

    There's tons of stuff out there. As far as remixes go, it depends on what you are into. You could check out hundreds of different transcriptions for different instruments on YouTube and for remixes check out http://ocremix.org/. There are many, many video game remixes there. Hope this helps :)
  23. finaldrumgod

    Which Look for Link is Your Favorite?

    Well it's not an option, but my favorite look for link in particular is LttP. That game has the best 2D graphics in my opinion (If you don't count Four Swords because they just took the graphics from it and updated them).
  24. finaldrumgod

    What Should I Play Next?

    When you play the Oracle games you should play Ages first and then Seasons in a linked game. I personally like the way the plot flows better in that order. However, the Hero's Dungeon is harder in Ages so maybe that is a selling point for you.
  25. finaldrumgod

    Fan Made Zelda Sword and Shield Replicas

    Some very slick looking replicas here. Check it out! :) http://topcultured.com/fan-made-zelda-sword-shield-replicas/
  26. finaldrumgod

    Zelda Controls for N64.

    I like using the gamecube controller the best, but I don't find the N64 controller tough to use. Maybe because that's the Nintendo system I essentially grew up with, by the time I was able to really understand and get into video games. The classic controller however (if you own it on virtual...
  27. finaldrumgod

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask Storyline

    I love that you have to fight the mask. I thought it was really dark and incredibly creative. Not mention crazy as hell. That mask has some issues haha. Majora's Mask is one of my favorites, I have to say.
  28. finaldrumgod

    Ocarina of Time Song of Storms Question

    This reminds me of back to the future. I remember thinking the same thing about some of the events there. My guess is don't think too hard on it. Maybe someone has a neat explanation.
  29. finaldrumgod

    The Best Ocarina Song

    Don't know if I can really pick. If I had to I think I would probably pick the overworld theme though. That's classic.
  30. finaldrumgod

    Comparing Ocarina of Time to Majora's Mask

    I prefer Ocarina of Time if I just want to jump into a game, but if I'm in the mood to get really involved I'd probably pop in Majora's Mask.
  31. finaldrumgod

    Majora's Mask Favorite Mask

    Other than the Bunny Hood (which I don't think ever left my C-Left button lol) I think that the stone mask is my favorite because you could sneak by enemies and it made the Gerudo fortress very stress free. You can literally go up to them and hit them with your sword and no one is the wiser.
  32. finaldrumgod

    Majora's Mask Well Ways

    I just follow the way the walkthrough on here goes. That way I have the items I know I need and don't have to spend anymore time than I have to in there. I think I start by going to the straight. Can't remember exactly though.
  33. finaldrumgod

    A Link to the Past SPOILERS (kinda) That Bird....

    I always remember trying to figure out a reason when I was little. Haha. Never did think of anything though. I don't know how I feel about the "thinning barrier" though. Not that it can't be true... Fun stuff!
  34. finaldrumgod

    Ocarina of Time My FIRST Three Heart Challange Ever D:

    I think yes on bottles, but not use them for fairies. :P That's what I'm gonna do I think.
  35. finaldrumgod

    Majora's Mask Termina's Name

    Seeing as the whole game is based on the fact that their world is ending. Yes. It is most definitely from terminal. It would be a ridiculous coincidence if otherwise. That being said I'm not sure of any for sure sources. Everywhere I have seen has speculated this way though.
  36. finaldrumgod

    Ocarina of Time My FIRST Three Heart Challange Ever D:

    Are you going to be using items like the megaton hammer or bow except where necessary? Are you going to be using potions and fairies? Sounds like fun, I might have to try :)
  37. finaldrumgod

    Who's the Fierce Deity?

    Majora's Mask can't be good unless you consider Link, Zelda, The Goddesses, etc, evil. I think the Fierce Deity is just the spirit of warriors or something like that. And maybe the FD is an enemy of the "ancient tribe," but it still wouldn't make the mask good. A neutral force that was created...
  38. finaldrumgod

    Wtf?! Mm!

    Ah, another case of Magic vs. Science. I personally think that seeing as magic is fictitious and so is this game, that it can easily be explained with magic. The major items you get are magical and can be bound to you and the Song of Time was created to take you back as well as magical items...
  39. finaldrumgod

    Which Do You Prefer?

    Well I prefer playing the SNES one because of nostalgia.... buuut I definitely LOVE the GBA remake. The extra things they added were lots of fun and getting the hurricane blade or whatever by beating Four Swords was crazy. Good stuff. Logged way too many hours on that stuff.
  40. finaldrumgod

    Ocarina of Time Your Thoughts on the Original?

    The original Zelda was tough without guides on the Internet. Man, I could never figure out how to get to the dungeons. I literally walked on every space of the game and had a little map to figure it out. Good stuff. Never did find the final dungeon until I checked it out on the internet.
  41. finaldrumgod

    Which Temple from Ocarina of Time Would You Want to Live In?

    Jabu-Jabu's belly of course! Then again I hate the smell of fish... The Deku tree would be awesome. Just bring a slingshot to kill the spiders every once in a while and it's a nice place. Don't go too far down though...
  42. finaldrumgod

    Favorite Way to Beat Dark Link

    I always use the mastersword. I had never tried anything else, but I will now! I always started out the fight with some strategy in mind, but I never could figure it out. He's the only enemy in OoT that can get a hit on me every single time. Let alone quite a few.
  43. finaldrumgod

    In OoT when Can You Get the Ice Arrows?

    Didn't hitting water with the ice arrow just make a little iceberg thing? Like the ones you jump on to get to the cave where Jabu-Jabu used to be.
  44. finaldrumgod

    Microphone Issues

    Also no need to blow too hard. Just a light and steady stream of air works much better. I've also found that if the melody goes farther than the pipe next to it, it will actually help you by skipping that pipe when you are playing, so no need to worry about blowing in the pipes inbetween.
  45. finaldrumgod

    Do Zelda Games Ever Get Old for You?

    Nope, I always give the games enough time to refresh themselves for me. I allow myself to forget things like where the heartpieces are and the huge trade quests and stuff. Then the adventure is new again.
  46. finaldrumgod

    Should Cutscenes Be Skippable?

    Definitely skip-able. I wouldn't personally, as I love cutscenes, but sometimes you need to be able to get right into the action. Like I wanted to start a new OoT file the other day and show someone something in the first area, but we had to wait like 10 minutes for the cutscene. But definitely...
  47. finaldrumgod

    Volvagia and Stallord: Too Similar?

    I think that while they are similar, the situations felt unique enough to me. I didn't even think about it before this thread honestly, so for me that's different enough. I actually think it's kinda cool to find similarities like this. Makes me feel all nostalgic and ties the games together more...
  48. finaldrumgod

    Did You Ever Draw a Map?

    Not only did I used to draw a map, but I would put all the items and enemies on each screen and mark them on it. Then when my mom made me go outside I would take the map to this field and put different things like rocks and stuff to represent them and I would complete the game outside. Who knows...
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