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  1. Skullkid96

    TPHD-Wii U Just Had My First Freeze-up...

    should've saved, i get slow downs rarely.
  2. Skullkid96

    TPHD-Wii U Thoughts on the controls?

    horse controls.....are a bit stiff and sudden at the same time. think the GCN was better.
  3. Skullkid96

    Who are you in Mario games?

    i am lrr, ruler of omicron perci I 8.
  4. Skullkid96

    Looking to start a ssmb4 and mk7 group

    Cool, thank you!
  5. Skullkid96

    Looking to start a ssmb4 and mk7 group

    I'm looking to start a group to play ssmb4 and mk7/8. I'm interested in learning more about ssmb4 (since I'm bad at it) and racing with other people in the Mario kart games. My Nintendo Id is Termina96, if your interested please messagee or leave a reply here
  6. Skullkid96

    Art Block How do you Artists get through it

    Since I began High School back in '11, I've been in a art block. Yeah I might do a drawing here or there, mostly cartoons that I dislike and anime/manga style drawing that I'm ok with but don't want to draw all the time. I recently been doing small sketches and watching youtube videos drawing...
  7. Skullkid96

    Reviewing the Zelda games: Ocarina of Time

    I honestly like that even though I played ALTTP second. OoT is the 3D version of ALTTP...heck almost every zelda game after ALTTP uses the same formula there are exceptions.
  8. Skullkid96

    Breath of the Wild The Zelda U conspiracy

    im just saying, wait and you shall be rewarded. even if the wii u is on its last bit of breath. Star Fox will keep it alive till Zelda wii u comes out. and most likely Zelda will be the wii u's swan song. Look basically SS was the wii's, because Operation Rainfall games were released for a niche...
  9. Skullkid96

    Breath of the Wild The Zelda U conspiracy

    i remember when Skyward Sword was going to be released, I was a freshmen in High School and the girl i was with at the time was surprised I was excited for such a " nerdy game" and it was on the wii. But we had fun playing it.
  10. Skullkid96

    Breath of the Wild The Zelda U conspiracy

    not at all, not at all.
  11. Skullkid96

    Breath of the Wild Nintendo has Zelda Wii U Footage, But Didn't Show it

    The game will come out for the wii u, Nintendo will have a zelda game made for the NX when its time to release a zelda game for that system. And the way that is, is about 2020 or 2021. Zelda wii u will come out for the wii u, it most likely might be the wii u's swan song. Hate to say that, but...
  12. Skullkid96

    Breath of the Wild Nintendo has Zelda Wii U Footage, But Didn't Show it

    can we keep vita quiet? he believes he's right cause nintendo didnt say anything about zelda wii u, since they only showed whats to come from now to this time next year.
  13. Skullkid96

    Breath of the Wild Nintendo has Zelda Wii U Footage, But Didn't Show it

    Nintendo will release Zelda Wii U for the wii u, remember NX will have different games. As Nintendo will have games for that system.
  14. Skullkid96

    Breath of the Wild Nintendo has Zelda Wii U Footage, But Didn't Show it

    how do you know it was moved to the NX
  15. Skullkid96

    My thoughts on the 3D remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask

    This, should be moved to the MM3D forum. not here
  16. Skullkid96

    Breath of the Wild The Zelda U conspiracy

    I mean, Nintendo is more focused at Mario Maker at the moment. it's Mario's 30th anniversary, they're more focused on that than zelda. besides next year is zelda's 30th anniversary.
  17. Skullkid96

    Breath of the Wild The Zelda U conspiracy

    not really, its a game. Nintendo is a company. They'll release info when they need/want too. The game is still coming out, you do realize that E3 isn't the only time news for games comes out. this fall or winter more news for zelda wii u will come out.
  18. Skullkid96

    Breath of the Wild Nintendo has Zelda Wii U Footage, But Didn't Show it

    isnt next year the 30th anniversary for zelda? maybe their saving zelda wii u for that.
  19. Skullkid96

    Breath of the Wild The Zelda U conspiracy

    i think nintendo is building zelda wii u, its for the wii u. stop your conspiracies cause we didnt see zelda wii u this e3,
  20. Skullkid96

    Looking for a korean psychological crime thriller

    Thats it! Thank you very much
  21. Skullkid96

    Looking for a korean psychological crime thriller

    Hello everyone, i've been looking for this south korean psychological crime thriller movie. What i remember of the plot was this forensic artist who recreates the faces of victims skulls, one day he gets a new assistant that helps him with his work. Even though he is considered the best at it...
  22. Skullkid96

    How would Hyrule cope with Global Warming?

    two words: Wind Waker jk
  23. Skullkid96

    Finally Got My Minish Cap Copy!

    yeah, that'll be awesome!
  24. Skullkid96

    Most memorable Zelda song to you.

    For me its Saria's Song, Zelda's Lullaby and Ballad of the Goddess. I can't choose between them all!
  25. Skullkid96

    Finally Got My Minish Cap Copy!

    really? that'll be cool! My original one was stolen/misplaced with my gba sp. one zelda game i regret trading was the FSA for GC, I got it for $5 along with the box that was free. But I traded it for FF8 and FF9. but thank you for you generosity
  26. Skullkid96

    Finally Got My Minish Cap Copy!

    I've been trying to play LOZ: Minish Cap for a long time, since nintendo doesnt want to release it on 3ds, and I don't really have funds for the wii u download. I finally found a copy for the GBA, every time I went to my local pawn shops I looked for it in their gameboy games. This time I got...
  27. Skullkid96

    Early Zelda vs. Later Zelda

    For me the Zelda series has always been in my life. when I was four, watching my older cousins and uncles play OoT, having fun playing it. when I finally got to play it...I had no idea what to do. which was frustrating. Now that I'm older, I look back at OoT has a fun game. But as I got in Zelda...
  28. Skullkid96

    What Are You Currently Doing in the Pokémon World?

    i'm restarting pokemon yellow......13 years later..
  29. Skullkid96

    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

    I was wondering if anyone would/could teach me how to play the game. I got it for my birthday back in December, but i really really suck at the game! last Smash Bros I played was on the N64 about 12-13 years ago
  30. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Game help, bomb bag lady

    sweet thanks, i never tried to do a 100% in MM. so I don't know all the side quests
  31. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Game help, bomb bag lady

    I need to finish the bomb bag ladies side quest. Its on my on going events, even though i got the bomb blast mask and the big bomb bag. Any one know?
  32. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Little Bugs that bother you

    not really
  33. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Anyone else disappointed with the Odolwa fight?

    Gohts is the worst boss battle, twinmold is alright, so is odolwa and gyroge's is the best
  34. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Little Bugs that bother you

    While playing the Majora's Mask remake, I noticed like every one else. That the swimming isn't as good, and for me causes little bugs or glitches. Like in the Beaver Bros Race side quest, when swimming against them. I noticed that if your not in the exact center of the hoops, Link will either...
  35. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Things You've Noticed

    the stone face mask changed location, also surplus of save points. Some stray fairies locations changed.
  36. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Will the hype die down after people play this remake?

    i hope so, the damn hipsters and resellers are the main reasons for the the shortage of the mm custom 3ds xl and the limited edition
  37. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Hero Mode in Majora's Mask 3D

    damn, that'll be hard! and yet fun
  38. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Getting exclusive MM 3ds n Limited edition

    Do you guys think that if you were to be at like a best buy or a gamestop the night MM3D is release, you'll be able to get the MM 3ds console and limited edition? I mean, you know they'll be maybe a little excess of them and being there during the midnight release you'll be able to get it? i'm...
  39. Skullkid96

    Do you shoot or hunt?

    I was wondering how many people here shoot guns and or goes hunting? if so what kind of guns do you own?
  40. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS What Are the Common Complaints About MM Anyway?

    I have no complaints about majoras mask, the save system was good in my opinion, because it was limiting in the sense that you only had three days and the owl save were temp saves. saving at an owl would grant you a one time save and get the dungeon done, if you couldn't get the dungeon...
  41. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Petition for Nintendo to produce more Majora's Mask 3DS XL's

    Why do people always think that Gamestop and Amazon are the only places that have them? Other Retail stores will have their copies to sale on launch day, other places won't be taking pre orders so in order to pic one up. You have to be there day one most likely. But I still signed it, suck it...
  42. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Will Majora's Mask 3D Outsell The N64 Original?

    MM3D has been hyped way more than MM64, fans been crying for it since '11 (me included) Now that's it being released with bonus (thank you target for not letting people pre order, now I have a change to get one!) MM3D is going to outsell the original one, over the years its been hyped, more...
  43. Skullkid96

    General Zelda Which Game?

  44. Skullkid96

    General Zelda What Remake Should Be Next?

    updated versions of the ds zelda games for the eshop that let you use the circle pad pro or tradition controls
  45. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS What's the Best Dungeon?

    Stone tower, then woodfall temple, snowhead temple and finally the great bay temple/hydroplant
  46. Skullkid96

    OoT-3DS OoT 3ds Demo Cart

    here's a video of me comparing them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKRTshc54PA
  47. Skullkid96

    Limited Edition Nintendo DS Lite Fakes

    how hard do you think it is now to purchase limited edition ds's? On amazon you can purchase ds lite shell that look like the original limited edition but they are fake shells, there are people how have bought fake limited edition legend of zelda phantom hourglass shells. do you think there are...
  48. Skullkid96

    OoT-3DS OoT 3ds Demo Cart

    I know this is not all that rare, but I have a OoT 3ds cart, i've been playing it for awhile and I have the retail game and everything, just having the demo cart is nice to have. feel free to comment here's the menu and title image
  49. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Changes You Want To See In Majora's Mask 3D

    im not sure if someone said this, or if its in the n64 game. though unlikely, A list of heart pieces and where they were found!
  50. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS What Could We See in Majora's Mask 3D?

    Majora's mask is very side quested oriented, it has its main storyline but a lot of the game is side questing. I like the idea of the side quests, but maybe just add little hints or something on some of the side quests and too make it more in depth. but Majora's mask has been one of my favorite...
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