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  1. Aki Graham

    Worst Zelda Ocarina Song?

    Sun's Song is better than lots of others. Serenade of Water was 222 boring.
  2. Aki Graham

    Hardest Fairy Temple

    Stone Tower Temple. Even I, who likes to say I have no trouble with it ever, found it slightly challenging. It didn't take all three days, but 1 and a half days for me, yet it was still hard.
  3. Aki Graham

    Deku Tree in MM?

    I think that leaving the clock tower is when the dimensions split. Termina has 3 days left, and there's no timer in the clock tower.
  4. Aki Graham

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but you will get kicked in the butt every game. Hard kick. I wish I could kill anytime I want while getting away with it. (Morally and ethically, also)
  5. Aki Graham

    Wind Waker - Windfall Island Kids

    You have to roll into the tree, he'll fly/fall out.
  6. Aki Graham

    Whats Your Mask???

    The Warp Mask: Play the song of storms backwards to warp to the Graveyard, any Clock Town, Deku Palace, Pirate's Foretress, and Goron Village, in front of the entrances to the regions in Termina, Koume & Kotake's shop entrance, the place in between mountian village and Goron Village, the coast...
  7. Aki Graham

    Remake Of: Majora- Male or Female

    Genderless. Genders are made to reproduce, demon's don't reproduce.
  8. Aki Graham

    Ocarina of Time The Ending?? (may Contain Spoilers)

    Link had no intention to just pay her a visit. He had the intention of telling Zelda that Ganondorf will take over Hyrule in the future, and that Zelda needs to do something about it. After he tells her that, he goes to the lost woods to look for Navi, etc. This making the child timeline, where...
  9. Aki Graham


    GAH! Me too! I need to know real ba now that you mentioned it. ◑.◐
  10. Aki Graham

    Was Argorok Really That Impressive?

    I agree, also. The thing that made him less bad*** was the music. I liked that you finally got to use the double clawshot for something other then hooking onto vines and stuff, but that's what you did in the boss fight. I found it mediocre and boring. The one thing I like about him was getting...
  11. Aki Graham

    Serious Problems with the Save System? Anybody Else?

    At least it's not the Japanese MM, where the owls weren't quicksave things.
  12. Aki Graham

    Forgetting the Other Zelda Games?

    I believe most games are somehow connected to Ganondorf. Also, it's funny how your not including Ganon, who is one more games. Like, OoA, ZI, ZII, ALttP, LA, OoT, WW, FSA, AND TP, he appears/is gthe main villain. Thirdly, in most of those games, he is the one that wants the triforce.
  13. Aki Graham

    Zelda Says...

    Maybe it's because the developers wanted you to think about it so much you would play the game over and over again.
  14. Aki Graham

    Triforce in MM

    I think the Goddess of time is the one Goddess that rules over Termina. While it took 3 Goddesses to make Hyrule, it took only one goddess to create a whole other world, let alone less quality. But the Goddesses didn't like that, so they set a curse on Termina, which was Majora. In doing that...
  15. Aki Graham

    Master Sword.

    Then it isn't the Master Sword. i guess now that that's established, it obviously isn't the master sword. I'm pretty sure it's Zelda, not Tetra.
  16. Aki Graham

    Emphasis on Number 4 in Majora's Mask

    It's technically not a 4th day, because it doesn't say '4th Day' on the clock on the bottom.
  17. Aki Graham

    Emphasis on Number 4 in Majora's Mask

    None of it is coincidental. Four regions, leading to 4 transformation masks (I'd say the Giants Mask)leading to 4 sections of clock town, leading to 4 dungeons, leading to 4 giants. I repeat, nothing is coincidental.
  18. Aki Graham

    Water Temple in OOT

    I can't speak much in this matter, because I got stuck in the Ice Cavern and I erased the game. So... yeah. And now I can't get past the Forest Temple nowadays.
  19. Aki Graham

    Swamp Shooting Gallery

    I heard about the deku scrubs in the tree and on the left cliff on the Gamefaqs boards, so I knew to hit those immediately. To get the quiver, do you have to get a perfect? I first aimed at the left deku scrubs on the ground, then pressed right a little, and it assumed a position aiming at the...
  20. Aki Graham

    Which Zelda is Darker? Twilight Princess or Majora's Mask?

    You only think that it's darker because capturing children is worse than deku scrubs. But in MM, a princess is kidnapped, a whole race almost dies of hypothermia, and an other whole race almost dies of starvation. And the fact that the moon will fall in 3 days time adds onto the fear/darkness...
  21. Aki Graham

    Which Character Would You Be?

    I would be Link. He has the Triforce of Courage, a sword, a shield, and a huge quest. What else is there to like about him.
  22. Aki Graham

    Recommendation- Wind Waker or Links Awakening DX?

    Link's Awakening, it is a true original. Majora's Mask was the best game after Ocarina of Time. Link's Awakening.
  23. Aki Graham

    Fierce Deity Glitch

    Poor you. It al depends on the angle in which you're facing in the water. You can change into Zora link by going into the clock tower river. Make sure you do it exactly the way the video shows. You know you did it right when, before you swim, he 'stutters' a little bit.
  24. Aki Graham

    Ocarina of Time Who is the Cutest Female Character in OOT?

    Definitely the Cuccoo lady and older Malon. But, I like Cremia from MM out of all of them, so that's why I like older Malon. >_>
  25. Aki Graham

    Fierce Deity Glitch

    You can't get out until the inn closes. I find getting into the incomplete room hard to do.
  26. Aki Graham

    Fierce Deity Glitch

    (I didn't see this in the search, so I guess this is okay.) I was looking for ways to be Fierce Deity outside of Boss battles, and I'd seen some before, but I forgot how. This one vid that I found has bad quality but it's real good. Has anyone been able to do it?
  27. Aki Graham

    Whats Your Favorite Temple in MM

    Stone Tower Temple FTW. It has awesome music, an awesome layout, and awesome bosses. And it's easy!
  28. Aki Graham

    "Them" in Majora's Mask

    But Cremia says that They are 'ghosts'. And she heard that directly from Romani herself. Therefore, Romani thinks They are ghosts.
  29. Aki Graham

    Swamp Shooting Gallery

    Well, I didn't see any thread under this name in the search, so I made this. How many have had trouble with the swamp shooting gallery? Why is it so difficult? Is it easy, or hard? Because, I just beat it perfect after two tries, and I'm wondering what's so hard about it. I just spammed...
  30. Aki Graham


    She has the triforce... maybe. No just kidding, she's a rancher, so she's BUFF!
  31. Aki Graham

    Favorite Area in Majora's Mask

    Ikana Canyon FTW. I love the music, the atmosphere, the obtained items, the temple, everything! I just love it! Yes, Woodfall is meh.
  32. Aki Graham


    Cows are meant to give milk. 'Tis all. In MM, they are parts of some major side-quests, which is pretty much the whole game. So, that just goes to show... That cows can walk on water.
  33. Aki Graham

    Possible to Not Be Able to Go Further?

    If Takuri steals something vital, buy it back from the Curiosity Shop.
  34. Aki Graham

    Ocarina of Time Action Replay

    I would like to see how many people used an Action Replay on this. Raise your hand if so.:rolleyes:
  35. Aki Graham

    Which Zelda is Darker? Twilight Princess or Majora's Mask?

    There are lots of elements that make each game scary in it's own way: 1. Presentation The graphics and light are a good way to make things creepier. Graphics play a big part in showing the actual content. TP has a lot of darkness in the literal sense, and in a certain, creepy way. It has the...
  36. Aki Graham

    Link Can Talk Its Just Hard to Notice

    He doesn't talk, his Triforce of Courage has its own super power: Telepathy. :keese: :well: He talks in PH when you talk into the mic. He actually talks, with a talk bubble and everything.
  37. Aki Graham

    Fear.....it Gets the Best of Us.

    Nothing scares me in OoT or MM, what with my humorous persona, I face them, thinking about how strange they really are if you look at the long enough. A good way around wallmasters is to hold Z and sideskip or backflip, or to get on a ladder. Redeads have never frightened me whatsoever, oddly...
  38. Aki Graham

    The One That Pulled You In

    It was MM when I was 6, and the whole deepness of the game (yes, I knew deepness and how to identify it back then) they hooked me. I played it on my perfect version of the Collectors Edition and I got to Ikana Canyon and immediately FELL IN LOVE. I then played OoT, and the pure nostalgia of it...
  39. Aki Graham

    Twin-bladed Link

    That would be dang awesome, to say i the least. I know it would mess up his :sword: and :shield: image, but I completed PH without a shield, so I don't think it would mess up the gameplay at all. And dual swords would look way more satisfactory than sword and shield. The 2 swords would also help...
  40. Aki Graham


    Maybe they are soldiers that were slain by the Darknuts/Moblins in Hyrule Castle. [Do Not Pay Any Attention To This If You Don't Like Jokes] They know each other by the beard organization. Thats how King of Red Lions knows Ganon and the fishmen. They all have beards.
  41. Aki Graham

    Fierce Deity Mask.

    I think it's because Majora wanted to defeat his rival and the main protagonist in one battle.
  42. Aki Graham

    Navi Annoying?

    I found it was pretty humorous when, traveling to the future Kokiri Forest, she says "HEY! Maybe you should go to the Fairy on top of Death Mountain. Yet, it was Navi that made the first dungeon unbearable. The number of times she told me how to do things I already knew, forced me to shove my...
  43. Aki Graham

    Dungeons Are Hard.....maybe Too Hard?

    Yes, Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass were, ahem, FRICKIN EASY, but I think Phantom Hourglass had some real difficulty mixed into it. For instance, the dungeons are just big rooms that are made up of traps, which is pretty insane. Majora's Mask is thought by some to be the hardest 3rd...
  44. Aki Graham

    Dungeons Are Hard.....maybe Too Hard?

    Speaking from my 'never beaten OoT all the way' point of view, I'm going to have to say that the Stone Tower Temple is probably harder. I have always missed the one key in the hole in the wall with all the Armos's. I mights just play OoT on my old file where I am in the Ice Cavern, JUST to see...
  45. Aki Graham

    "Them" in Majora's Mask

    The best way to not get scared in a scary movie or something like this is, not cover your eyes, but cover your ears. The music is more influential to your mind than the visual is. Just a tip. Oh, Dungeon Killer, did you do those things, or did you find that from the web?(I need some...
  46. Aki Graham

    "Them" in Majora's Mask

    The thing that made my heart pound the most was when I beat it. Going through all the events to actually get to there made it stressful. The whole thought of having to do all of it again, made me... anxious. I know it isn't a whole lot to get to that part, but, as I was 11 at the time, made my...
  47. Aki Graham

    Dungeons Are Hard.....maybe Too Hard?

    I find that when I did that, the Stone Mask helps a lot. The Stione Tower Temple was extreme fun for me, especially without the guide. I hate it when I'm doing a dungeon, and my game freezes or I mess up or something. For, after that, I put off playing the game for about a month.
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