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  1. MrLuigi

    A Link to the Past Why Do You..?

    I liked it because you could skip dungeons and come back to them later.
  2. MrLuigi

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ False, I relish in it. < Likes chicken. V Is overweight.
  3. MrLuigi

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    Thanks for seeing it my way, pal. Zoras are river monsters, I mean to add to the pile of evidence in the alternate world of Termina they're saltwater. Common sense tells me that it doesn't matter what shape the Earth is.
  4. MrLuigi

    What Was Your First Game Console?

    I first owned an Atari 2600 and a NES. But I really got into gaming with the 64. I have no idea what to get but since the NES (the better of the two) was branded Nintendo, I got the 64.
  5. MrLuigi

    Favorite Dungeon in the Zelda Series

    LoZ: Level 8 AoL: Death Mountain ALTTP: Ice Dungeon OoT: Desert Dungeon MM: Ikana Castle WW: Forsaken Fortress TP: Temple of Time
  6. MrLuigi

    Come Up with the Weirdest Zelda Story

    It starts long ago, Link wakes up and finds out his has numerous tumors and breast cancer. He goes off to fight Ganon but goes into cardiac arrest before the final fight and is paralyzed. Ganondorf kills Link, Zelda appears. Zelda shoots Ganondorf but being the stud Ganondorf is he GRABS the...
  7. MrLuigi

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    Never once did I intentionally attack you, except with the videos. Keep in mind that the Zoras were fresh water and the Kokiri are malleable. And the grassy parts? They probably shot them up there with that cannon of theirs. Now I gave you logical sense but I give up. I can't force you to...
  8. MrLuigi

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    This brings it to a whole new level. I can't find the quote in the Zelda Dungen archives, so I'll use common sense and maybe some in-game evidence. Why would an able bodied man want to turn into a chicken thing? Answer that. Yes, the Oocca mention a hero. So does all the other...
  9. MrLuigi

    What Do You Normally Have Equipped?

    Ocarina of Time: Left C: Arrows Down C: Megaton Hammer Right: Ocarina Majora's Mask: Left C: Arrows Down C: Ocarina Right C: Great Fairy Sword Wind Waker: Y: Arrows Z: THE Wind Waker X: Bombs M: Falcon Punch Twilight Princess: X: Arrows Y: Ball and Chain M: Falcon Punch
  10. MrLuigi

    Who in the Zelda Series Would You Like to Play As Other Than Link?

    I would like to play as Tingle and steal rupees.
  11. MrLuigi

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    There we go. The old thought train is pulling into your station. I hope you've had a nice ride.
  12. MrLuigi

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    OH! So they created Hyrule? Okay then, so the bird people existed before Skyloft. Alright gotcha. At this point I'll use that as a fail safe for this argument.
  13. MrLuigi

    Link or Mario, Who Would Win in a Fight?

    Mario has starman. BAM. Link dies.
  14. MrLuigi

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    Skyloft separates from the mainland. This does not mean Skyloft has to be the City in the Sky. There was this quote a Japanese guy said along the lines of joining the two lands. The Ooccaa did in fact create the Hylians. However who's not say the land that separated isn't a chunk of...
  15. MrLuigi

    What Came First? The Chicken or the Egg?

    The egg had to be laid by a chicken. ^RIGHT THERE.
  16. MrLuigi

    Ocarina of Time Will LoZ OoT 3DS Still Have the Same Music?

    Goodness I hope they change it. Worst soundtrack in the franchise.
  17. MrLuigi

    Majora's Mask Theory on the Moving Keaton Grass.

    It was never confirmed. Those trees at the beginning look too sinister, I mean that forest could be any forest. Hyrule isn't the real world, it's part of the real world. Termina isn't an odd world, it's part of the real world. Two dimensions. On one hand Hyrule, the other Termina. Both are...
  18. MrLuigi

    Spoiler ~Another Look at the E3 2010 Skyward Sword Trailer's Intro

    What I really don't like about the article is how you mentioned something relevant to the advancement of technology. There was a quote stating if the Zelda team wanted something in that was ahead of Zelda's time they would do it. I also didn't like how you mention the City in the Sky being...
  19. MrLuigi

    Early, Late, Or???

    I don't know for myself. My parents have a picture of me in a basket on some doorstep. Gives a man ideas.
  20. MrLuigi

    Good Stratagy RPG or RPG Games

    Lords of the Realm 2 (1996, PC) is a good one. I would recommend Paper Mario if you have a craving for it.
  21. MrLuigi

    Adventure of Link Ganon's Resurrection

    The more inconsistencies you bring up the more confused souls there are. I would think so. I mean, if Link were to jump down into an abyss when he was ready to die, they couldn't get his blood. Haha, my thought on the subject.
  22. MrLuigi

    Twilight Princess Twilight Realm Dungeon Thoughts

    I liked it because it was short. I hated it because getting those Sols was a pain.
  23. MrLuigi

    Ocarina of Time Do You Think OoT 3DS Is a Good Idea?

    I voted maybe, because I don't really want it to change, but change is good.
  24. MrLuigi

    What's the story of the deku butler's son?

    I know where the three Keaton spots are. I just thought you meant the beginning forest area. Sorry.
  25. MrLuigi

    What's the story of the deku butler's son?

    Okay so I went ahead to the grass that moves in the forest place in the beginning and nothing happened. Keaton Mask and all, the Keaton didn't even show.
  26. MrLuigi

    What's the story of the deku butler's son?

    Butler went for a stroll and ran into Skully. After that Skully cut Butler's face off and put it on Link, making him a tree man. I'll go try that. Sounds cool. But really, leaving us hanging isn't too fun. I mean you could be trying to trick us or something.
  27. MrLuigi

    GameTrailers Timeline Theory

    I really hate their time line. It's screwed up beyond repair. The only placement I find factual is is Ocarina of Time.
  28. MrLuigi

    Ocarina of Time Who is the Cutest Female Character in OOT?

    I would have to say Kotake or the Guru-Guru.
  29. MrLuigi

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ I'm Steven Hawkings. < Is the greatest poster of all time. V Is my baby momma.
  30. MrLuigi

    Spoiler Multiple Ganons

    Incorrect (replying to the last sentence). If there are multiple Ganons there are multiple time lines. The simple explantion of Ganondorf looking different in the older games is because he is in his Ganon form. There same guy, but whenever Ganondorf wants to go a-wall he uses the Triforce of...
  31. MrLuigi

    Ocarina of Time Fire Temple Easy Or Hard?

    Haha, not too long ago I killed the Fire Temple boss without taking damage but the dungeon was long.
  32. MrLuigi

    Weapon Replacements (joke Thread)

    Replace the Master Sword with Chuck Norris' beard.
  33. MrLuigi

    General 3DS Chat

    If I you don't mind me asking, what was the first Cave Story about?
  34. MrLuigi

    Twilight Princess What's the Earliest Time You Can Lose Your Sheild?

    ^Tell someone that you need it locked. ;)
  35. MrLuigi

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Yes, I do. What's shakin' bacon?
  36. MrLuigi

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    I ban you for your avatar looking like the hair on my back.
  37. MrLuigi

    The Member Fact Game

    Is Batman. (30 characters)
  38. MrLuigi

    Wind Waker Minimalist Run

    Doesn't seem so minimal now. How about you get as far as possible with the bare items and quit and say you did?
  39. MrLuigi

    Spoiler ALttP-Zelda = Sleeping Princess?

    My subjective opinion is 100% factual proof. But whatever evidence you guys can muster up you can't prove it, and if I wasn't so lazy I would go get that dev quote that says something relevant to direct sequel.
  40. MrLuigi

    The Wii Dominates the PS3

  41. MrLuigi

    Twilight Princess Who Has Ever Noticed This Detail?

    It was dirty blonde, then Link took a bath. Problem solved.
  42. MrLuigi

    Wireless Nunchuck

    Go buy a Wiimote with built-in Motion Plus and get a 3rd party nyko nunchuck.
  43. MrLuigi

    Origin of the Song of Storms: Termina

    This is what happens when people take an innocent game and go to deep into something the developers didn't intend.
  44. MrLuigi

    Spoiler ALttP-Zelda = Sleeping Princess?

    I just want to point out Link's Awakening comes before the Oracle games. Also I did a video on the sleeping Zelda. It is declared an inconsistency that could be taken into consideration.
  45. MrLuigi

    Which Will You Get?

    Paper Mario told me to buy a 3DS.
  46. MrLuigi

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Your banned for being a Dark Link fanboy.
  47. MrLuigi

    Link's Girlfriend?

    Link would be districted with a love interest.
  48. MrLuigi


    Super Smash Bros., I mean back in the day I rented games and I whenever I heard a certain song I would rent whatever game it originated from.
  49. MrLuigi

    The Legend of Zelda Question

    I'm almost certain you could, but it would be difficult.
  50. MrLuigi

    Your Greatest Video Game Achievement

    As the poll says "WHO CARES!?"
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