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  1. CuccoFighter

    Do You Any of You Don't Do Master Quest?

    I'm currently re-playing Ocarina of Time 3D and I think after I complete the regular version again, I'll try my hand at Master Quest.
  2. CuccoFighter

    How Are So Many People Finishing Skyward Sword So Fast?

    Just finished it last night. My play through clocked in at around 33 hours.
  3. CuccoFighter

    Have You Pre-ordered SS?

    Yup! Pre-ordered the limited edition with the Golden Wii remote too! :)
  4. CuccoFighter

    Twilight Princess Purchasing Soon - Wii or GameCube?

    I would go with the gamecube because fighting isn't that amazing because you can just waggle the Wii-mote around but it doesn't decrease the fun factor! I think I like the GC version more because it was the first one I played and since the wii version is mirrored it was kind of annoying for me...
  5. CuccoFighter

    Twilight Princess Creepiest Dungeon?

    I thought that the Arbiter's Grounds was creepy but I still loved it! :) -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  6. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time What if the Beta Game Existed

    Burn baby, burn! -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  7. CuccoFighter

    Does Ghirahim Intimidate You?

    I think he looks very funny and in no way is he scary to me! lol -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  8. CuccoFighter

    Majora's Mask Spring in Snowhead

    You'll have to do it all over again :( -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  9. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Is There Ocarina of Time 3DS Bundle Pack?

    I don't think any bundle pack has been announced but correct me if I'm wrong... -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  10. CuccoFighter

    Why Did You Start Zelda, and Why Do You Still Play?

    I started out of random. I saw Ocarina of Time in gamestop so I bought it and I still love it. I still play because Zelda is my favorite game series! :) -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  11. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Are You Ready for the Terror?

    I personally can't wait to see what the Shadow Temple will look like! -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  12. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Kakariko Village Pronunciation

    Cack ca reeko :) -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  13. CuccoFighter

    Who has beaten ocarina of time completely?

    I have. Everytime I play it I do it 100%:)
  14. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time What Are Your Favorite Arrows?

    The bomb arrows were awesome and the ice arrows were pretty cool in Majora's Mask! - CuccoFighter:cucco:
  15. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Did You Really Find the Water Temple As Hard As People Say?

    The first time yes, but after you do it a couple of times it's pretty easy and you should eventually have it memorized. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  16. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina Of Time Grave Digging Tour Help!

    Hello everyone! I am currently doing a 100% play through of Ocarina of Time and currently I am trying to get the Heart Piece that you can get for playing Dampe the Grave keeper's stupid grave digging game and I was wondering if there is any certain soft patches of soil I can try because I have...
  17. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time What Boots Are Your Favorites?

    I honestly just like the normal Kokiri boots but the Hover Boots can be fun to use!:) -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  18. CuccoFighter

    Blaze's Graphics

    If you could, I would like to have the signature with link pulling out the master sword please. -CuccoFighter;cucco:
  19. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Will LoZ OoT 3DS Still Have the Same Music?

    I think it's going to be the original minus the fire temple theme song. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  20. CuccoFighter

    Who has beaten ocarina of time completely?

    Not yet, but I am hoping to do it sometime soon because Oot being my favorite game I think that it's only fair that I complete it 100%.:) -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  21. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Hardest Temple

    I think the water Temple was hard but not in terms of enemies I think it was hard because it was so confusing. I used to think that the forest temple was difficult but now I think it's easy but I think out of all the Temples that the Water Temple is the Hardest of them all. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  22. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Ura Zelda?

    I was wondering if anyone was thinking about Nintendo putting the Ura Zelda add on into Ocarina of Time 3D? I don't think that they will but, I am still hopeful! What do you guys think? -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  23. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time I Was Thinking..... when In The Deku Tree

    I don't think that would happen. Link would probably go back outside and the great deku tree would just give him the Spiritual Stone because he was going to die anyway. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  24. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time 3D: Amazing Addition, or Waste of Money?

    I am going to play it but what would REALLY make it worth playing is Ura Zelda. If they put that it in I would be a lot more excited for it. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  25. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Replay Value

    Mine gets better each time I replay it! -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  26. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Should They Make the Great Fairy Good-looking in OOT3D?

    I think she should look good but I don't think they should make her look like a slut like in the original. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  27. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Who is the Cutest Female Character in OOT?

    I think that Nabooru was hot. Zelda was good looking too. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  28. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Where Did You Get Stuck the First Time You Played Through OoT?

    Water Temple. It's so confusing but now it's pretty easy. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  29. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Any Glitches You Know

    Getting under the ice in zoras domain. Look up a video of it. And if you get under the ice... put on the iron boots and go to the bottom and see what you find!:) -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  30. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Why Do You Think Zora's Domain Does Not Melt?

    Maybe Nintendo got lazy and made it so it didn't melt or... they didn't want you to find the secret closed off passage at the bottom. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  31. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Reaction when You First Entered the Forest Temple?

    I can't really remember but I probably thought that it was a little creepy but cool at the same time. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  32. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Replaying Ocarina of Time and Just Reached the Water Temple. What Should I Do?!

    Try figuring it out by yourself but if you get stumped at a part take a quick look at the walkthrough, figure out what you need to do then keep going on by yourself.:) -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  33. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time New Content in Ocarina of Time 3D

    I wonder if they'll will include the missing temples from Ura zelda! I would personally LOVE to play the temples that were never released! -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  34. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Which Character Would You Like to Have As a Sidekick?

    A big goron would be nice for handling enemies :) -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  35. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time How Will We Control the Ocarina?

    I think that we will use the bottom screen. I think it will have the C directions and then you would press the action button for A's like in the song of time. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  36. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Who Would You Want to Save

    Zelda all the way!!! -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  37. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Which Enemy is More Intimidating?

    I voted for Iron Knuckle because I thought they were pretty scary the first time I saw them. Redeads are pretty scary too. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  38. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time What is the Reason for Collecting Skulltulas?

    Some people do it for 100% but, If you go to "The House of Skulltula's" in Kakariko Village, The people who got turned into Skulltulas by a curse will give you prizes depending on the number of Gold Skulltulas you find in Hyrule. The order goes like this: 10 Skulltulas: Adult Wallet, 20...
  39. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Was the Water Temple Hard for You?

    It was hard for me at the time I first played it but now I am much better at doing the water temple and it's not so bad anymore. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  40. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Should Ocarina of Time Been Rated Teen?

    I agree with you on this topic. But it wasn't THAT bad but I think that they could have rated it T. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  41. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Is Ocarina of Time Becoming a Bandwagon?

    Well, for me it was the first Zelda game I ever played and I personally thought that going from young link to old link was absolutely amzing and I had never seen that done in a video game before. I also loved the dungeons. And, something that's actually kind of funny... When I first played it I...
  42. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time The Missing Content! And Story Ties!?!

    I think they should put the Ura Zelda expansion in it but something tells me that they won't. Hopefully someday we'll all be able to see the Two temples that never got released and maybe even the Unicorn Fountain! CuccoFighter:cucco:
  43. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time What Was Your Reaction when You First Battled the Iron Knuckle in the Spirit Temple?

    I remember it being pretty scary considering the fact that I was about 5 years old when I first played through the game. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  44. CuccoFighter


    Man, I remember having trouble with that... Since I honestly forget where it is (all I can remember is that it's an Ice Island) I would say look it up on youtube or... you can most likely find it here on Zelda Dungeon under Wind Waker. I hope I helped!:) -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  45. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Dungeons

    1. Shadow Temple 2. Forest Temple 3. Fire Temple 4.Ganon's Castle 5.Spirit Temple 6.Inside The Great Deku Tree 7.Dodongo's Cavern 8. Inside Jabu Jabu 9. Water Temple sucked -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  46. CuccoFighter

    Shield Meter!?

    I think it must be durability and while I'm open to new ideas, I don't think I'd like to have shield durability. -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  47. CuccoFighter

    Twilight Princess (Wii) When Putting Money in a Box, What Button Do You Press to Insert a Number?

    All's you have to do is move the anolog stick up to raise the amount you wish to put in or down to lower the amount. Simple as that!:) -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  48. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Is Ocarina of Time Your Favourite Game?

    Yes! It's my favorite because it was the first Zelda game that I ever played and I just never get bored of it. As a matter of fact, I am doing a playthrough of it on Several Consoles! -CuccoFighter:cucco:
  49. CuccoFighter

    What Zelda Games Have You Played/Completed?

    Games I own: Zelda Collecter's Edition (GC), Ocarina of Time ( N64, N64 Gold Cartrige, GC, Zelda Collecter's Edition, Emulator), Minish Cap (GB), Majoras Mask(GC), Link to The Past(GB, Emulator), Twilight Princess (GC+Wii), Wind Waker (GC), Legend of Zelda Original (GC), Zelda II (GC)...
  50. CuccoFighter

    Ocarina of Time Whats Your Favorite Enemy?

    Dark Link was cool although I thought that he could be difficult.
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