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  1. SuperMetroid

    What Do You Look for in a New Villain?

    Intent is a massive part of a villain IMO. One of my favourite villains of all time is Lavos (Chrono Trigger). Its intent is so base to its survival. Throughout the aeons of its existence it always has the same unchanging intent, the same ominous threat. I suppose nothing is really comparable to...
  2. SuperMetroid

    Discussion #011: Beta Ice Temple in Ocarina of Time?

    Shouldn't these 'discussions' be in the World of Zelda? (read) There are many points of interest of a possible Ice Temple's remnants. The Ice Cavern is one. The ice-themed section of Ganondorf's castle is another. As we all learnt thanks do ZD's videos, the OoT development period was fairly...
  3. SuperMetroid

    My Theory on What Termina REALLY Is.

    This is actually a common theory (as far as I'm concerned). Source 1, source 2 et cetera. TL;DR, Link goes into the lost woods without a fairy, and as information in OoT implies, this means he would become a stalfos. Termina is a world created by him, which recreates all his life experiences as...
  4. SuperMetroid

    The Girl Monkey in TP=Saria

    But I always had the belief that the Sages needed awakening by Link because the evil of Ganondorf was preventing them to awaken without him. That would meant that without Link, they'd just awaken naturally. You could argue that the sages only need awakening when Hyrule is in danger, but I'd take...
  5. SuperMetroid

    The Girl Monkey in TP=Saria

    I eat my words in shame :facepalm: Despite that, I don't understand why Ruto definitely can't be the Sage of Water in OoT. Again, there's probably an obvious answer to this, but I would assume that the Sages in OoT carry on over both timelines. I'm still in the process of reading Hyrule...
  6. SuperMetroid

    Great Sea is Hyrule and TERMINA?

    In all seriousness, Bradley does have a point. Apart from his use of Ockham's razor (which is purely bull----)*, I understand but don't agree with his argument. Zelda is a series that has so many holes and loose ends, you could almost effectively place the games in any order you choose, and...
  7. SuperMetroid

    Skyward Sword Graphics

    I think from a technical point of view, SS' graphics were on par with TP's. That said, I much preferred SS Link and the world that was around him. It was much easier on the eyes. They tried to do too much with TP that I thought it just looked messy and overcrowded. SS was simplistic when it...
  8. SuperMetroid

    Spoiler PARADOX TIME!

    Yeah, this topic is like beating a dead horse. I'm over thinking about it. And for the record, there's no logical solution. Skyward Sword defeats itself. It can't be the same timeline, as Demise is sealed in a new place in the past (which is pivotal to SS). Yet it can't be a split timeline for...
  9. SuperMetroid

    Spoiler What Do You Think Are The Most ANNOYING Holes in the Story?

    Everything about Link going back in time to seal Demise in the Master Sword and changing his sealed location from the sealing spike to within the Sealed Temple. Nothing makes sense, seeing as there's strong evidence for Link both forming and not forming a separate timeline.
  10. SuperMetroid


    Sometimes people think about these things a bit too much :P
  11. SuperMetroid

    Link in Super Smash Bros 4

    Haven't I seen this thread before?
  12. SuperMetroid

    Does My Song Sound Too Similar to the Minish Village Theme?

    There's a resemblance, but I honestly wouldn't have picked it, and I'm pretty musically apt myself. Surely you can't be worried with copyright, though. I mean, the chances of them finding it are pretty slim, let alone their choice of taking action. And then they've gotta win, which won't happen...
  13. SuperMetroid

    Creative Conversations V: What If Link Used Something Other Than the Sword?

    His bare hands. No, seriously. Nothing ninja, more like a boxer.
  14. SuperMetroid

    Spoiler Where is the Snow ?

    Umm, it's not really that plausible... but that's not the point. I'd love to have had an extra region to explore. The diversity that an ice region would bring would definitely be cool, especially considering the control scheme. Although, instead of an extension of the Eldin Volcano, maybe it...
  15. SuperMetroid


    Care to share how you know that?
  16. SuperMetroid

    Should They Recycle?

    Does anyone read the domments, or do you just post the first thing that you think of. Ocarina of Time 3D is not what I'm talking about when i say 3D. It's a REMAKE! That's not what this thread's discussion is about! Majora's Mask is not a remake of Ocarina of Time. It's a recycling of the...
  17. SuperMetroid

    Should They Recycle?

    Again, I'm not talking about remakes. I'm talking about a new game that has its own story, using the engine from previous games. Would you like to see Skyward Sword's graphics implemented in the next title? That's just one example. We could possibly also see a 3DS title using OoT 3D's engine for...
  18. SuperMetroid


    But Link never eats in the games... There are probably people out there that eat monkeys, and they're related to humans. Fish generally feed on other fish. Why should fish people not eat fish, or the genral population not eat fish? And aren't the 'intelligent' pig people monsters anyway? I...
  19. SuperMetroid

    Links Last Name?

    If he had a last name, I doubt there'd be any official name; it'd probably just be up tot he player to choose.
  20. SuperMetroid

    Should They Recycle?

    The idea was that it could be in the style of the examples I put forth. I don't consider OoT MQ to be an entirely new games.
  21. SuperMetroid

    Should They Recycle?

    MM was not a remake of OoT. LA was not a remake of ALttP. Of course I'm not talking about remakes. I'm talking about an entirely new game using engines from previous games. The topic of MM being remade is getting tired.
  22. SuperMetroid

    How Did You Like the Harp?

    It was terrible, in every respect. I have no issue with the motion+ whatsoever, except with the harp. I actually got worse at it as the game went on. While I had slight troubles every now and then with the swordplay, it was easy to just recalibrate. The harp was always bad. It might just be me...
  23. SuperMetroid

    Should They Recycle?

    Zelda is a series that has long development times. Nintendo would be lucky to release a game every 2 years - and that's considering that they have 2 systems to work with. It's been particularly frustrating for us home console users, who had to wait through Skyward Sword's 6 year hiatus, which...
  24. SuperMetroid

    Next ZeldaDungeon Video Walkthrough

  25. SuperMetroid

    The Girl Monkey in TP=Saria

    Since when were there sages before OoT? I've never seen any proof that this is true. If there were sages before OoT, don't you think they'd be mentioned somewhere in that game? I could be wrong. We all know how ambiguous the continuity of the series is. Why can't they be the same? You put your...
  26. SuperMetroid

    Great Sea is Hyrule and TERMINA?

    You're contradicting yourself man. Forget the flood going through the portal. You're last statement is right - "Termina may have its own equivalent". Termina's equivalent would have had its own cause, entirely independent of Hyrule in a natural sense.
  27. SuperMetroid

    Who is the Ghost Guy in Ocarina of Time

    I doubt it's the graveyard boy. It's said that there was a man who could see the truth, who used to live where the well was situated. Since the graveyard boy is young, it's unlikely that he could have lived there given the well appears to be older than he. It's interesting that you mention the...
  28. SuperMetroid

    Spoiler Backtracking in Skyward Sword

    What he said. I'm a massive fan of the Metroid series as well (obviously), having played a majority of the games. But I think that SS' 'backtracking' and the typical Metroid backtracking are dissimilar. The evolution of Zelda has made it quite a different game to Metroid. Metroid games don't...
  29. SuperMetroid

    The Final End of Zelda

    In the last Zelda game ever, they'll confirm the existence of the Quadriforce. It'll happen. I just know it...
  30. SuperMetroid

    Ghirahim's New Spin on Evil.

    He's the perfect Japanese villain. Long freaky tongue, super weird persona... yep, he's got it all.
  31. SuperMetroid

    Do You Any of You Don't Do Master Quest?

    I heard they made the Water Temple easier. What's the point of that?
  32. SuperMetroid

    Great Sea is Hyrule and TERMINA?

    So we've established that the Great Sea that covers Hyrule doesn't cover Termina. But wouldn't you think that because they're parallel worlds, in a way, that the same events that happened in Hyrule to cause the flood are more likely than not to happen in Termina as well? So the Great Sea doesn't...
  33. SuperMetroid

    Twilight Princess Is This a Bad Pet Peeve?

    It's probably important to note that there are very few full-blooded Hylians in Twilight Princess. Remember, TP is at the end of a timeline. Sometime between Skyward Sword and TP (other) humans have inhabited Hyrule. Its been a while since I've played TP, but from what I can remember, Hylians...
  34. SuperMetroid

    Favorite Moment of A Link to the Past?

    What a coincidence, I just finished it 5 minutes ago! Well I don't actually think I have a favourite moment, but all of the dungeons were spectacular.
  35. SuperMetroid

    Violin Should Have Have Been Used As Musical Instrument?

    ...and the Ball and Chain doesn't?
  36. SuperMetroid

    What's Your Opinion on Upgrades?

    In theory it's a brilliant idea. I see SS' system merely a crash test. Nintendo just wanted to see what people thought. I hope to see the next Zelda reinvent this upgrade system. The foundations have been laid, and there's an endless list of possibilities to come. Branching upgrades is just one...
  37. SuperMetroid

    Spoiler Demise

    I used 2 faeries the first time I fought Demise and I got up to his second phase. Sadly, I died. After going back to Skyloft and buying 2 Health++ potions, I fought him again and lost 1 heart.
  38. SuperMetroid

    What Super Power Would You Choose?

    I'd choose the power of an Empath. To know what people are feeling, and to manipulate their feelings - not an OP power, but still deviously powerful :stalfos: Sylar FTW
  39. SuperMetroid

    What Zelda Game Are You Playing at the Moment,and What Are You Doing in It Right Now?

    Experiencing the entirety of A Link to the Past for the first time. OoX is next!
  40. SuperMetroid

    Concerning Robots

    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Lanayru tell you what LD stands for? Nevertheless, your theory is interesting. The flaw I can readily identify is that there is a lack of evidence in the Eldin and Faron destinations. The reason there are robots around the Lanayru Desert is because they are...
  41. SuperMetroid

    Violin Should Have Have Been Used As Musical Instrument?

    I thought the harp was completely useless. The songs you learn were also completely useless. They served no other purpose other than as the goal for fetch quests. At least OoT, MM and - to some extent - WW gave you the ability to use songs in a musical way. SS' songs were barely even usable, let...
  42. SuperMetroid

    Skywrd Sword Review by Gamewise.ie

    I can't see the point of ignoring part of the game when that's how it was designed. I understand the notion of completing parts of the quest out of order and how that is going against design, but if you exclude certain aspects of the game's core mechanics, why play the game? (I'm having a really...
  43. SuperMetroid

    Lizafos Tails?

    The upgrade system was good, but it has so much room for growth. Skyward Sword was barely even the tip of the iceberg for the potential that the Zelda gamestyle can utilise.
  44. SuperMetroid

    Your Favorite Zelda Commercials & Promotional Videos

    My personal favourite is the Majora's Mask ad. Oh, that moon is so scary...
  45. SuperMetroid

    Dungeon Weekly #01: Inside the Great Deku Tree

    Just so people know, Gohma is not a spider.
  46. SuperMetroid

    Lizafos Tails?

    Yeah true, I only had a billion rupees in that game anyway.
  47. SuperMetroid

    Zelda As Links Daughter?

    After all this time playing Zelda, I don't really see any romance between Zelda and Link. I know it's virtually what everybody thinks of the story in Skyward Sword, yet I see it as a friendship as much as Link and Saria's relationship is friendship. I would love to see this in the next game, in...
  48. SuperMetroid

    Triforce on Demise's Sword

    Demise doesn't hate the Triforce. He wants it. And I don't know how an upside down symbol on the Dark Master Sword could mean he hates it. The flipped Triforce is nothing but symbolism, emphasizing how much Link and Demise are complete opposites. Edit: What Seth said, minus the Yin and...
  49. SuperMetroid

    Voice Acting--in Hylian?

    Keep in mind that the different forms of Hylian is just Japanese and English with alternate symbols for each kana/letter.
  50. SuperMetroid

    Discussion #004: Is Gohma Actually a Spider?

    Do us all a favour and google up what an 'arachnid' is. Did you know that dust mites are arachnids? And it's a game. An arachnid can be whatever it likes.
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