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  1. Sinharvest

    OoT-N64 What Complaints Did You Have with Ocarina of Time?

    When this game first came out I absolutely hated it. I tried playing it a few times, but I couldn't even get to the Deku tree. The reason is that they overhauled the entire franchise from what it was before it. I was in love with ALttP and all its aspects, the birds eye view look, and the 2d...
  2. Sinharvest

    General Modern Do You Think That Zelda Games Are Getting Easier or Harder?

    I don't agree with this trend from Nintendo at all. OoT and MM were not so bad, but I felt WW is when this started. If there is a challenge, battles are tense and satisfying, you get a rush from trying to survive. When your half asleep button mashing, its not thrilling at all.
  3. Sinharvest

    What Language Do You Play Your Zelda Games In?

    Hylian >_>... Naw I have only played it in English. Even though I own many Japanese games for practice, and can read basic to almost mid level Japanese. 僕日本語少し分かるでも上手じゃない。そして 僕の恋人日本人だよ。。。なっとうまあいいでしょう。やばい。
  4. Sinharvest

    A Link to the Past An Ethical Dilemma

    So its okay to massacre monsters, which really could be considered wildlife in the Zelda world and even other humanoid races, but if you kill humans who are out to kill you its inhumane. I don't get it. I mean I guess he could try to batman it and just really hurt them, but that requires lots...
  5. Sinharvest

    Sidequests - How Do You Want Them To Expand?

    As long as they have a side quest where there is a guy living in the toilet I'm happy.
  6. Sinharvest

    If You Worked for Nintendo and Made a Zelda Game What Would You Do

    I pray to the Goddess that they never turn Zelda into a FPS. I just can't imagine anything but a high fantasy setting for the Zelda universe, leave the steam punk for final fantasy please. What I would like to see is a Zelda game set in the far future of the Zelda timeline. It would still be...
  7. Sinharvest

    Do We Need Any More Zelda Spin-Offs?

    They should make a game where you get to play as sheik, she was always an interesting character to me. They could make it a platformer like the old ninja gaiden games. She could have the same moves as in SSB. I think we may see a few spin offs in future still.
  8. Sinharvest

    Would You Stop Playing the Legend of Zelda if Link Was Homosexual in the Next Game?

    ..wait...hes not already?...I figured he would be hitting it up with Zelda by now..
  9. Sinharvest

    How Would Zelda Be if Link and Zelda Were Black

    If he is I just hope he would have an afro under his hat. But speaking in reality, Nintendo would never do it. Actually though dark Link technically is black.
  10. Sinharvest

    General Modern How Jaded is Your Faith in Zelda

    Its not so bad in Zelda games I just don't want Nintendo to head down that road more and more. Like I said I enjoy the cut scenes in TP and SS. I just hope they don't keep increasing them and increasing them until finally we are watching an interactive movie, as in a game with no substance...
  11. Sinharvest

    Hyrulean Election

    Tingle for the president of Hyrule!
  12. Sinharvest

    General Modern How Jaded is Your Faith in Zelda

    I guess jaded isn't a great term do describe my feeling for the current and future state of the Zelda series. I still of course have hope in Nintendo, but at the same time I have some fears as well. You could say this about many big budget video games these days, and that is that they are...
  13. Sinharvest

    What Zelda Characters Are You Attracted To?

    Midna(sexy form) 0-0 <3 I like her pale blue skin, red lavishing hair, and dark gothic style clothes. And I like the tall ones, hnnngg!
  14. Sinharvest

    Zelda Games You Have Yet to Play/beat

    Four Swords T_T, I want to play soo bad! The DS titles. I need to find motivation in my soul to complete these games. :(
  15. Sinharvest

    The Dark Trifoce

    As long as dark Link gets the dark Triforce of courage....or would it be Triforce of fear? I was thinking you could do this if the story is plausible. You couldn't just say, "A wild dark Triforce appears." You could say that Gannon once again acquires the Triforce, and this time he is taints...
  16. Sinharvest

    Most Annoying Zelda Enemy?

    Wizzrobe. Darknuts are pretty annoying as well.
  17. Sinharvest

    Twilight Princess Vs Skyward Sword

    Probably the reason why I voted TP was that I was really was impressed with the dungeons, it had some really memorable ones. Oh and Midna > Fi.
  18. Sinharvest

    The Aesthetic Appeal

    I think its refreshing that they change the style each game. Each Zelda game having a different style and theme are as expected by fans as Soul Calibur or Tekken to have the same style. To me, I feel it's a way to express that its the same story played over again and again but at different...
  19. Sinharvest

    If the Next Zelda's Gameplay Style Was Completely Overhauled?

    I really hope they can improve upon the combat, the last two main Zelda games SS and TP has had glaringly easy combat. Also, I think they can do away with the stamina bar, and bring back the magic meter. I think the combat should be tighter, with better thought out enemy encounters. Also, they...
  20. Sinharvest

    What Would Your Fairy Be?

    The most beautiful creature you have ever seen? The fairest of fairies.
  21. Sinharvest

    Your Most Calming Passtime in Zelda

    I like looking for missing heart pieces in any of the games. It gives me a chance to explore every nook and cranny in the game world, something I really love to do.
  22. Sinharvest

    No Game Will Ever Top the Legendariness of Ocarina of Time Will It?

    FF6 is da best......there happy now :). I try to respect other peoples perspective of their favorite game in the franchise. Even though dat OoT is epic. Just remember love and understanding are the same <3.
  23. Sinharvest

    Adventure of Link AoL, Your Personal Least Amount of Deaths Record for a Playthrough

    Yea I totally agree with you on that, there many many Nintendo games that were much harder/broken.
  24. Sinharvest

    Most Unattractive Characters in Zelda?

    I don't know for some reason their merged form is a little hot to me. 0_o
  25. Sinharvest

    No Game Will Ever Top the Legendariness of Ocarina of Time Will It?

    Oot is definitely one of the top games of the series and a masterpiece. That game is polished to near flawlessness. Its personally in my top 5 Zelda games, but not #1 for me. Just let me tell you a little story from and old fogy like me: When I was younger I grew up with the Zelda franchise...
  26. Sinharvest

    Most Unattractive Characters in Zelda?

    Just look at my beautiful avatar, and you will find your answer.
  27. Sinharvest

    Favorite Item?

  28. Sinharvest

    What if Princess Zelda Was Murderd?

    She would be reincarnated in another life, it doesn't really matter how she dies, as long as the Triforce exist she will to at some point.
  29. Sinharvest

    Dowsing: Should It Return?

    JuicieJ, you keep saying, "its optional, its optional" but when the game keeps doing exactly what your doing and keeps telling you over and over to use it...really its optional OKAY and using a guide is also an option but the game doesn't beat you over the head saying it. I wouldn't feel so bad...
  30. Sinharvest

    Adventure of Link AoL, Your Personal Least Amount of Deaths Record for a Playthrough

    Without saved states. Mine is 12 deaths with just regular old in game saving.
  31. Sinharvest

    Adventure of Link AoL, Your Personal Least Amount of Deaths Record for a Playthrough

    Hello Everyone, his is my first thread on the forums. I am a long time lurker, I finally created an awesome avatar , so I am on the forums now. Just wanted to first give a little back story information about me and this game. When I was a young kid about 6 or 7, I first saw a Nintendo at my...
  32. Sinharvest

    Dowsing: Should It Return?

    I can see why they do it, Nintendo is trying to appeal to a younger and younger audience(for sales?), so they have to put in something like this for those who get easily lost. I really can't complain to much about it I guess, I just don't want Nintendo to take it a step further every new game...
  33. Sinharvest

    Greatest Hand Held Zelda Game?

    For me its really hard to pick a favorite handheld Zelda game. I can tell you which two games I don't like, the DS ones are on bottom of my personal list for favorite handheld games. My favorites in this order: 1. Oracle games 2. Minish Cap 3. LA I count both the Oracle games together...
  34. Sinharvest

    Spoiler Favorite Legend Of Zelda Villain.

    Dark Link for me! I really wish Nintendo would decide to expand upon his mythos, or at least give him one. Dark Link was the main boss in AoL Dark Link was a mid boss in OoT Dark Link was a mid boss in FSA Dark Link made an appearance in TP Dark Link is playable on SSBB as an alt outfit for...
  35. Sinharvest

    Dowsing: Should It Return?

    Okay, easy mode is an option I guess your right, but I personally am not for dumbing things down.
  36. Sinharvest

    Dowsing: Should It Return?

    I agree sorta with what Ventus is saying. Instead of forcing the player to say, go question different NPC's in town for information, and them saying, "oh I saw a strange hooded person take Zelda west toward the mountains". It's like an easy mode, go this way. It can take some of the flavor...
  37. Sinharvest

    How Do You Attack?

    I am an old skooler, so I go with the boomerang, sword and shield starting off. I usually charged up spin attacks when confronted with multiple enemies. When I get the Hook shot I replace the boomerang with the hook shot. I am a hoarder so I don't use arrows or bombs in combat unless I have...
  38. Sinharvest

    Spoiler Love It or Leave It: The Original Zelda

    My first Zelda game :D. Not the best to me, but an amazing groundbreaking game none the less. One of the strongest points of that game is the freedom you get, you can do any dungeon in any order as long as you can get to it, also your not really forced to do anything. And, tons of really...
  39. Sinharvest

    Which Zelda Character Are You

    Dark Link, I am sexy, good with a sword and oh so bad. ;)
  40. Sinharvest

    What if You Were Asked to Design an Entire Dungeon for a New Zelda? Post Your Ideas!

    Alternate plane type dungeon. Like in some parts of the dungeon it would be like your walking on nothing, and your surrounded by space or surreal trippy colors. Monsters could just come out of no where, or out of mirrors for doors. You could encounter NPC characters you met earlier from the...
  41. Sinharvest

    Which Triforce Do You Want?

    Of course most people will pick a triforce piece that enhances the weakest part of that persons personality. If they are weak they will pick power, if they are scared they will pick courage, if they derp all the time like me they will pick wisdom.
  42. Sinharvest

    Least Favorite Zelda Character?

    Fi...please...stay in the sword, do not jump outa my master sword and tell me what to do, or I will pimp slap you back into the dang sword.
  43. Sinharvest

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    DS titles, only Zelda games I can't even playthrough totally because of boredom/frustration. Besides those games though, I would have to say Wind Waker. The great ocean killed that game for me. The Triforce fetch quest was just terribly boring and repetitive. I know they wanted to make the...
  44. Sinharvest

    General Modern Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Boss

    Probably Dark Link is my most loved, and ironically hated boss fight. When you see Dark Link show up, you know it's going to be insanity ><;.
  45. Sinharvest

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    Its really hard to put the first 8 of these in a specific order, they really are all amazing games and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. But my #1 is definitely my personal favorite. I am a veteran gamer and I played the series from the beginning. (I have played and beaten all of...
  46. Sinharvest

    Female Link

    I guarantee you they will NEVER be a female Link. Unless Nintendo really runs out of gimmicks for the series in the far future. First of all the whole story line ethos of the Zelda series would be out of wack, its always Link and Princess Zelda, with Gannon/Gannondorf as the main(I mention...
  47. Sinharvest

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Probably Dark Link Ganondorf and Midna(cant resist the sexiness) are a close second/third
  48. Sinharvest

    How Would You Improve Your Least Favorite Zelda Title?

    My least favorite Zelda games are the DS titles. Those games just need a total redesign in general, the cities dungeons all of it is bland. There is no overworld to run around in and explore. You should be able to use normal controls instead of the stylus, the controls just feel gimmicky.
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