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  1. KidNintendus

    Painting My Wall? Maybe Possibly?

    I've wanted to do this for a few years now, and I already somewhat started a while ago. A few years ago I painted the bottom half of my room dark blue, and the top half light blue, kinda like the ocean. But what I wanted to do was paint a big Wind Waker Link riding the King of Red Lions...
  2. KidNintendus

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I own -Hyrule Historia Hard Cover -2 Skyward Sword T-Shirts -A Toon Link plush doll -A Hylian Shield Replica -A Master Sword Replica -A homemade Link Costume -The ALBW 3DS XL if that counts -The Hylian Shield Mint Container -Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword Soundtracks that came with...
  3. KidNintendus

    General Classic What is Your Favorite Mask from Either Majora's Mask or Ocarina of Time?

    Yeah, I have to agree, the bunny hood was great.
  4. KidNintendus

    General Classic What is Your Favorite Mask from Either Majora's Mask or Ocarina of Time?

    What was your favorite mask in the series? Mine personally was the Kamaro's Mask, cuz that dance is just too epic to pass up. Oh yeah, then there was the Bremen mask. I still haven't tried attacking cuccos then putting that on. :lol:
  5. KidNintendus

    Graphic Requests

    Would it be possible to make Pit and Link in a duel with sparks coming off of their blades because they are hitting each other? It would be really cool. ^v^
  6. KidNintendus

    Does Anyone Like the Ouran High School Host Club Anime Series?

    I have recently watched an anime called Ouran High School Host Club, and it was hilarious!!! I think a lot of people that like comedy and romance would like this show. List of main characters Tamaki Suoh Haruhi Fujioka Kyoya Otori Mitsukuni (Honey) Honynoezuka Takashi (Mori) Morinoezuka...
  7. KidNintendus

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Listenin to Good Riddance(Time of Your life) by Greenday. ^v^
  8. KidNintendus

    Anime Suggestions?

    I would recommend The Following Anime's: Bleach Death Note Ouran High School Host Club. That is all.
  9. KidNintendus

    Most Overused Quotes Ever

    I am not going to cuss on here, but one I hear a lot is, "No Poop, Sherlock".
  10. KidNintendus

    Where Are Your Ancestors From?

    A lot of my family is from Scotland, Ireland, and Peurto Rico.
  11. KidNintendus

    Why the "official" Timeline Looks Like It Does

    I am honestly not that happy that they released the timeline in Hyrule Historia, simply because, it was fun watching videos about other people's theories. I do not have much of an imagination, so I don't actually have my own theory. I do believe that the timeline that was officially released is...
  12. KidNintendus

    Violin Should Have Have Been Used As Musical Instrument?

    Although this is a great idea, it would almost be the same as the harp. Given the fact that the technology still isn't advanced enough to directly copy your every movement. Also, I don't really think a golden violin would look that great.
  13. KidNintendus

    Zelda Fun Facts!

    A lot of Club Nintendo members already know this, but on the 2011 Gold Elite status Calendar insert, they misspelled November. They had spelled it "Nobember". I guess this is only Zelda related because Ocarina of Time was shown on the November 2012 insert.
  14. KidNintendus

    Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

    I have never really had any convos. on here but the only one I found funny that involved me was in a game called Transformice:
  15. KidNintendus

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Here is mine :
  16. KidNintendus

    Favorite Handheld Zelda Game?

    Its a tie between The Minish Cap and Phantom Hourglass. Minish Cap because it was just such a great game and being tiny in a giants world was just really fun. Phantom Hourglass Because it was a direct sequel to Wind Waker, and Wind Waker is by far my most favorite Zelda ever!
  17. KidNintendus

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    My Fav. character would have to be Tetra. But since shes Zelda it doesn't really count. SOOO Character: One of the Little Goron Elders (Forgot Names) Game: Twilight Princess Reason: Just because the smallest Gorons ever can be the best gorons ever.
  18. KidNintendus

    Zelda Anime?

    No, I'm sorry but Anime's are usually almost never ending. With the Anime Death Note being my favorite one, when L was right about to catch Light you think its all over, BUT NO. Light gets away. I just don't think that would work with Zelda. Once Link finds Ganondorf and fights him its done. I...
  19. KidNintendus

    Does Writing Your Name Instead of Link Reduces the Epicness?

    I always put Link. IDK why. Just seems natural. I used my name for ST and PH.
  20. KidNintendus

    Zelda Live Action Movie?

    I wish IGN hadn't posted that Legend of Zelda trailer fool. It would have and still could be, the greatest movie ever. Even Smosh's Zelda Rap was better than the Hero of Time movie!
  21. KidNintendus

    The First Zelda Game You Played

    Mine was The Wind Waker. It was what started my fandom. I actually started it in 2009 took a brake for about a year and finished late 2010. It was and always will be, my favorite Zelda game. My second Zelda Game was OoT. I didn't really think much of it. Navi the infamous fairy, was a fairy I...
  22. KidNintendus

    People That Look Like Zelda Characters

    Which Impa? The old one or the young one?
  23. KidNintendus

    Spoiler What Do You Think SS Was Missing?

    It was lacking discovery. In SS the only things that were really there to "Discover" were Goddess Cubes, Gratitude Crystals, and those stupid birds that were flying around holding red rupees. Other than that everything was very obvious. It wasn't even a challenge to find treasures and bugs...
  24. KidNintendus

    Link's Earrings

    They were very important in Skyward Sword, considering they protected you from fire. :)
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