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  1. Azure Sage

    Breath of the Wild Your Main Outfit

    Naruto has ruined the idea of ninjas forever for me so I completely ignored that set. :P I have a new favorite main outfit. The amber earrings, the tunic of the wild dyed white, and my black snow boots. Link looks like a chill traveler like this, I like it a lot. Kinda makes him fit in with...
  2. Azure Sage

    Breath of the Wild Your Main Outfit

    Amber Earrings, Champion Tunic, and Soldier's Greaves. I really cannot like the Hylian Trousers, they look... too skinny. Soldier's Greaves dyed black look excellent with the Champion Tunic and they have better defense anyway. I keep the Hylian Hood around so I can wear it in the rain, because...
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