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  1. Ganon Slayer

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Race?

    What's your favorite race? Mine are the Zoras, I like fishes.
  2. Ganon Slayer

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    It's Phantom Hourglass, enough said.
  3. Ganon Slayer

    What is Your Favorite 2d Zelda

    i'd say link's awakening is the best
  4. Ganon Slayer

    What Zelda Character Looks Like You?

    I look kind of like Talo from TP
  5. Ganon Slayer

    First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

    Ocarina of Time, I'm actually only months older than it.
  6. Ganon Slayer

    What Game Have You NOT Played Yet but Are Interested in Doing So?

    I want minish cap and both of the oracle games and link's awakening
  7. Ganon Slayer

    Where Would You Live in Hyrule

    The Zoras because they're my favorite creatures in the Zelda franchise.
  8. Ganon Slayer

    Do You Like Glitches or Do You Dissaprove of Them

    I dissaprove of glitches, they're basically like cheating and cheating is wrong.
  9. Ganon Slayer

    If a Zelda Movie Came Out Would You Go Watch It

    Even if it sucked (which it probably would) I would let my Zelda addiction get the best of me and see it anyway
  10. Ganon Slayer

    What's Your Least Favorite Zelda Game

    You guys might hate me for this, but the original Zelda
  11. Ganon Slayer

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    I know this may seem kind of old and boring, but like OoT the most because of its amazing gameplay and it was also my first Zelda game.
  12. Ganon Slayer

    A New Tunic for Link

    Ya that could be something, IN FACT that is a pretty cool idea.
  13. Ganon Slayer

    A New Tunic for Link

    What if you could design a new tunic for Link? What color would it be? What would it do? I'd make a gray tunic that makes it so that when Link steps in shadows he becomes invisible. I think it would open up a cool new stealth gameplay for the Zelda series.
  14. Ganon Slayer

    Who is Your Favorite Person from Zelda Other Than Zelda and Link?

    I like Mido from OoT and Malo from TP.
  15. Ganon Slayer

    Games You Enjoyed but Didn't Get Well Received

    I really enjoy spider-man 3 and mario sunshine, I've never really cared about what other people say about them.
  16. Ganon Slayer

    Your Favorite Video Games

    1.Ocarina of Time 2.Wind Waker 3.Twilight Princess 4.Star-Wars Force Unleashed 5.Dark Cloud
  17. Ganon Slayer

    If You Could Have Any 3 Video Game Items

    I would get the Hookshot (Zelda) I would get F.L.U.D.D. (Mario) I would get Web-Shooters (Spider-man)
  18. Ganon Slayer

    Brawl Favorite Characters

    Mine would probably be: 1.Link (Dark Link) 2.Pit 3.Luigi 4.Samus 5.Captain Falcon
  19. Ganon Slayer

    What Minor Character in the Zelda Series Would You Be? (Malo, Sari, Error, Navi,etc.)

    I'd probably be Talo from TP. Because I usually get into trouble even if I'm trying to or not.
  20. Ganon Slayer

    Temple Ideas

    Dungeons and Tunics :)I think there should be more dungeons that require a special tunic, and a larger variety of special tunics.
  21. Ganon Slayer

    What We Saw at E3

    :)The game looks awesome! I can't what to get it. Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a disapointment.
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