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  1. BlueLink57


    I agree with that. Most games that were bad in my opinion had poor graphics, because as TheGreen said, it also depends on the developer, which means they didn't do a good job on the game or graphics. Good games have good graphics, not only because the graphics add enjoyment, the gameplay is...
  2. BlueLink57

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Does a gift count? I purchased it. Three games from the VC for my friend for his birthday back in September. I got him Super Metroid, Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past, and Megaman 4. I sure picked awesome games. :P But my most recent game that I got was Super Mario Galaxy 2, on June 23rd...
  3. BlueLink57


    You're kinda right. When people say graphics don't matter, it doesn't give a company an excuse to make a game with really bad graphics that can be much better on the consoles. But if a game is old and a person newer to video games or a person who has only played newer games, they think that the...
  4. BlueLink57

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I'm playing Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past. SNES version, on my original SNES, which still works like a charm, but has yellow residue on it. Well, this is my 3rd file. I'm doing everything weird. In the Dark World, I started with Palace of Darkness, then Thieve's Town, Swamp Palace, and I'm...
  5. BlueLink57

    What Were Your Favorite Childhood Tv Shows You Used to Watch

    Pretty old shows here. The Magic School Bus (Favorite episode: For Lunch) Pokemon. It was especially awesome at Johto, watching episodes late at night. Then at Hoenn it started to suck. The Angry Beavers Rocko's Modern Life The Flintstones Dragon Tales Cyberchase Rupert (1991-1997 version)
  6. BlueLink57

    Paper Mario 3DS.

    I'm eagerly hoping that the story is good. So many new games in old serieses have such terrible stories (Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks and Mario and Luigi RPG 3 were huge disappointments). I still have faith in it however, as they got away with such an awesome story for Super Paper Mario...
  7. BlueLink57

    BlueLink57's Timeline

    I actually just got some help. A little help. But a lot of his statements were really useful, like explaining how MC might be first.
  8. BlueLink57

    BlueLink57's Timeline

    I er.. kinda got inspired by the Angry Video Game Nerd.
  9. BlueLink57

    BlueLink57's Timeline

    AH! Silly me. I forgot that Link has to kill Ganon with the Master Sword/Silver Arrows. I haven't played a Zelda game in a while.
  10. BlueLink57

    BlueLink57's Timeline

    >_> I have and beaten every game except the Four Swords+ALTTP one which I don't want and don't need. You make a good point, however, how would he have died if he had then Triforce. Usually Link has the Triforce, and Zelda, Link, and Ganon are in a room, and so the Triforce would have recombined...
  11. BlueLink57

    BlueLink57's Timeline

    I thought it would be impossible for OoT to come before ALTTP, as Ganon is sealed at the end of OoT, however in ALTTP, he is sealed later on. If he is sealed in OoT I doubt he can come out for ALTTP. Plus, the Triforce does not recombine in OoT, so he wouldn't be able to get it in ALTTP.
  12. BlueLink57

    BlueLink57's Timeline

    How is Ganon the same? This just confuses me. He is actually killed in some of them. Well in any case, Ganondorf apparently comes back in the beginning of OoT.
  13. BlueLink57

    BlueLink57's Timeline

    I though ALTTP had to take place before OoT because in the ALTTP, Ganon is sealed in the "Sacred Realm" which was once really the Sacred Realm, until it became the Dark World because of Ganon, now, not just in ALTTP, but every game with the Master Sword, it sleeps seemingly "forever" however it...
  14. BlueLink57

    BlueLink57's Timeline

    ............MC--FSA--ALTTP/LA ..........OoT .........\MM--FSA--OoX .........LoZ/AoL/TP .........WW/PH--ST I believe this is how it should be.
  15. BlueLink57

    Your Username

    I liked Blue Link in FSA a lot, so I put that in, and put a random 2-digit number so I could get in, you know the endless possibilities of another BlueLink on this massive forums, since this was the first forums I used the username. I have 2 major usernames: this, and Flippier999.
  16. BlueLink57

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    I have Super Mario Galaxy 2 in mine. :P I bet nobody else put an upcoming game.
  17. BlueLink57

    What Language(s) Do You Know?

    I can speak, read, and write English, speak and read Turkish, speak, read, and write Latin (I have it in school), and I know a little bit of Japanese and Spanish.
  18. BlueLink57

    Which is the Hardest Game Ever Made?

    I Wanna Be The Guy. It's not a video game, it's a freeware download game for PC. But it is just like AAAAAAAH! The Let's Player on Youtube has to curse 5 billion times.
  19. BlueLink57

    Worst Mario Game.

    Possibly Yoshi's Universal Gravitation, Mario is Missing, Mario's Time Machine, Yoshi Touch & Go, or SMB2. I really don't want to bash Super Mario Sunshine, as it was my first game for GameCube which I got on December 25, 2002.
  20. BlueLink57

    Link's Awakening Best Game Ever?

    Even though the Best. Game. Ever Poll is over, I will say that I loved LA as I loved the Oracles, but I got disappointed at the storyline and that the whole game is a dream, it's like in M&L SS where the whole game is really just a movie at Yoshi Theatre. >.<
  21. BlueLink57

    Dreams About Video Games

    I had another weird dream last night. Every single person with any kind of Nintendo DS was teleported to a giant, blank room (No colors, kind of like comic books without color) and we did a bunch of DS stuff.
  22. BlueLink57

    Is Majora's Mask Underrated?

    It is underrated. Usually because, yes, like many people said, Oot was a lot more popular, there were only 4 dungeons,Their items only being an iteration of an Elemental Arrow or the Bow itself. If you don't do the sidequests, the game is too short, and the requirement of an Expansion Pak to...
  23. BlueLink57

    Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

    Lol. OMG I loved that chat. It was so fun. Too bad it was a month ago.
  24. BlueLink57

    New Zelda Wii Picture Full Quality

    Also, I noticed that the when the girl was cropped off, part of "The Legend of Zelda" was too, and when it formed the Master Sword, it became the actual design on the tip of it, as if the cropped part of "The Legend of Zelda" was part of the Sword!
  25. BlueLink57

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Here's mine. I hate how it gets pixelated. http://i656.photobucket.com/albums/uu282/Flippier999_Bucket/Desktop.jpg?t=1245527012
  26. BlueLink57

    New Zelda Wii Picture Full Quality

    Yes, like the Fairy of Winds that inhabits the Gale Boomerang. and DarkLink's video is so makes this theory true that it's scary. :o
  27. BlueLink57

    Quake Medallion

    Thank you guys. I won't forget to raise your reputation.
  28. BlueLink57

    What do you do to calm yourself?

    I listen to Phoenix Wright music especially from the new Ace Attorney Inverstigations: Miles Edgeworth. But outside of home, I stop talking for a moment, and I'm all better, usually what gets me even madder is yapping on without end.
  29. BlueLink57

    Quake Medallion

    My friend needs to get to Turtle Rock in A Link to the Past, but he cant find the Quake Medallion, I know that its near a bunch of rocks and you throw an item at a fish monster, and I told him, but he can't find the pond. So please tell how to reach the pond because I forgot, so I can then tell him.
  30. BlueLink57

    Should Link Die?

    Meh. Link is the mascot of The Legend of Zelda. It would be like killing Mario, which probably has been said before anyway. Unless he would be revived in some way like Sonic '06 (however much that game sucked) or Chrono Trigger, Nintendo would NEVER do that.
  31. BlueLink57

    What's Your Zodiac Sign?

    I'm a Sagittarius. My birthday is December 21. It's that darn supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy. :P
  32. BlueLink57

    Dreams About Video Games

    I had one weird one with Banjo and Kazooie. They were on this island, and it's split into 2 sides, so everyone has an alt, like in Super Paper Mario with Flipside and Flopside. So anyway, let's say, since I didn't give names to these division, Flipside and Flopside would be good. So they end up...
  33. BlueLink57

    Favorite Dungeon

    I have another 2 decisions, I can't decide between the Tower of Gods (TWW) and the Wind Temple (TWW). The wind dungeon had its cool music and boss, while I loved the ToG because of the rainbow lights on some of the doors, the Command Song, and the Hero's Bow in it.
  34. BlueLink57

    Your Video Game Wish List

    I really want Majora's Mask, Banjo-Tooie, and Super Mario RPG on the Virtual Console
  35. BlueLink57

    Water Temple in OOT

    It was pretty easy, especially when I played throught the game a 2nd time. I must have been lucky, because some people say that they used a key in the wrong place, and had to start the game all over again.
  36. BlueLink57

    Ocarina of Time Beta Mod

    Im just making a wild guess (probably wrong): Somewhere In The Spirit Temple.
  37. BlueLink57

    Least Favorite Sword Technique

    I hated the peril beam in MC, an exact duplicate of the beamblade, And you have to have 1 heart or less. As for TP, I thought it was the jump strike (the charged version of jump attack) because it takes too long to charge and its only good when there are multiple enemies very close to each other.
  38. BlueLink57

    Phantom Ganon's Purpose

    well, the phantom ganons look then same in FSA and TWW. A similar thing happened in TP when there was phantom zant
  39. BlueLink57

    Favorite Dungeon

    I can't decide between snowpeak ruins and the temple of time. snowpeak ruins had only 3 floors but it had that brain-killing ice block puzzle, and temple of time had 8 floors and most of it was so nonlinear that my cousin, when he opened the door that required 2 statues, he went ahead and...
  40. BlueLink57

    Timeline Theories?

    I think what you're thinking is the guy who teaches you the hidden skills is a link that had already died. Rememeber every 100 years there is a new zelda and link. The teacher is a skeleton with a sword and shield and his name is "The Hero's Shade." I'm guessing hes a dead link. I dont know what...
  41. BlueLink57

    Termina Bay Theory

    Termina wasn't ugly and evil after the end of MM, what was bad about it, the moon didn't crash.
  42. BlueLink57

    If You Could Have Any Character in Brawl Who Would it be?

    bellum, (this one is not zelda but it can be any nintendo cuz its brawl right?) Ridley, dark link (real dark link, not changing color of link)
  43. BlueLink57

    General Classic Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask

    Majoras mask is short though. its only 4 dungeons long and the last level isnt actually a level at all (the moon), oot was longer because it was 9 dungeouns. but it if it were OOT VS. WW i think wind waker would win for much sailing and being famous enough to be the prequel to the world best PH!
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