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  1. Gamer Miki

    At What Age Would You Like to Die? :)

    I'm still waiting for a vampire to bite me and give me the opportunity to live forever, lol
  2. Gamer Miki

    What is a "Waste of Time"?

    Good question. I have a friend (he's older) and he used to tell me that playing Zelda and video games in general is a "waste of time." It really annoyed me, because well, for one, he made these comments through the using the Internet, lol. And I thought, if video games are a waste of time, then...
  3. Gamer Miki

    Worst Item You've Lost

    My parrot. She flew away in July. Worst thing ever.
  4. Gamer Miki

    Do You Believe in "Soulmates"?

    I think it's really difficult to find that one person whom your realllllllly compatible with, majorly attracted to, and love in many ways (romantic, platonic). So, yes, I do believe in "soulmates" as I do think it's really hard to find that perfect match... but surely there's quite a few...
  5. Gamer Miki

    Animals You Like

    I'm a major animal lover, but parrots and dogs are my favorite beasts.
  6. Gamer Miki

    Are You a Big Eater?

    For my birthday I enjoyed a three-hour meal, and it was awesome. That should answer the question. XD
  7. Gamer Miki

    Have You Ever Crushed on Somebody from ZD?

    My answer: No. Although I do have crush on Link himself, lol
  8. Gamer Miki

    Why Can't Hypocrites Speak/give Advice?

    Hypocrites can certainly give advice, but, knowing they're hypocrites, who will respect their advice? I dunno about you but... I respect someone who can walk the walk and talk the talk. Y'know?
  9. Gamer Miki

    Ever Saddened You Can't Go Through the Joys of Childbirth?

    I dunno. I'm a woman and I don't particularly care to experience childbirth... why would I want to experience such agonizing pain? And then... why would I want to have kids when I can just adopt furkids? It's easier. And dogs will let me sleep in ;)
  10. Gamer Miki

    General Zelda Your Opinion on Hyrule Hystoria

    Eh, I'm pretty happy with the book. I think it's pretty amazing, actually... but then, I'm easy to please ;) Now, the 25th Anniversary Phantasy Star Visual Chronicles (Hyrule Historia for Phantasy Star, basically, only not translated) is a slight let down, even for me, and it's more expensive...
  11. Gamer Miki

    General Zelda Best Soundtrack

    I have to say Wind Waker has the best soundtrack. Dragon Roost Island's theme is just epic.
  12. Gamer Miki

    Games That Passed Your Expectations

    I would say Ocarina of Time REALLY passed my expectations. I mean, the more I played it, the more it BLEW ME AWAY.
  13. Gamer Miki

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm pretty sad because our bird flew off about three weeks ago. It's been really hard. :(
  14. Gamer Miki

    At What Age Did You Begin To Show an Interest in Gaming

    I started gaming at a young age. My neighbors had a NES, which was newly released, and I would play with them. Then my parents bought us a Sega Master System. So, I was probably about 6 - 7 years old when I really started gaming. I also was crazy about Carmen San Diego and Oregon Trail on old...
  15. Gamer Miki

    General Modern Zelda As Your Rival?

    Cool idea... but wasn't Tetra sort of a rival in Wind Waker -- at first? Don't mistaken me, I freakin' loved Tetra and I would love to see another Zelda game created in a similar light.
  16. Gamer Miki

    General Zelda What Zelda Game is the Hardest?

    Zelda II. Waaaaay too hard, IMO. I also find Majora's Mask to be challenging, but that's just me.
  17. Gamer Miki

    General Zelda Look What I Gone Did.

    I likey! Nice work! :yes:
  18. Gamer Miki

    Ketchup or Mustard?

    I love ketchup, but then I saw an article about how many fruit flies you eat when you eat ketchup, so now I kinda avoid it I prefer mustard, especially honey mustard
  19. Gamer Miki

    Would You Ever Accept Payment to Say Good Things of a Game/company

    I would only accept payment if I was being honest. I would not lie to consumers for money if I hated something.
  20. Gamer Miki

    Which Zelda Game Should I Play Next?

    I don't see you mention Wind Waker? SERIOUSLY it is SUCH a great game! If you have a Gamecube you can play it on that system. Wind Waker is my 2nd favorite Zelda game, after OoT. The music, the characters, the game play, all is awesome. It's basically pirate Zelda ^^
  21. Gamer Miki

    General Zelda What You'd Like to Happen but Never Will

    A ZeLink wedding ^^ Zelda rescuing Link ^^ A lot of people want Midna to return, I never really cared about Midna so much (sorry, that's just me) but give me Medli and Makar to return ANYDAY. I love Wind Waker and a sequel of sorts would be awesome! But that probably won't happen
  22. Gamer Miki

    General Zelda Would the Series Benifit Without Link's Constant Appearance?

    Hmmm, interesting. Personally I can't imagine the series without Link... I mean it's not a Zelda game without him. I do like how he has "evolved" throughout the series. You know what I would like to see? A switch of Zelda and Link with Zelda as the playable character rescuing Link. It'll...
  23. Gamer Miki

    General Zelda What Age Were You when You First Started Playing Zelda?

    Well let's see here... I played the original Legend of Zelda when it was released in 1987 and I was just a kid then!
  24. Gamer Miki

    Foolish Things You Did As A Child

    Hahaha great stories! Okay, when I was a kid, I was a handful. Around Christmas time, another kid and I would go door to door and we'd request money or a candy cane in exchange of hearing us sing a Christmas song. I actually made some money, too lolol
  25. Gamer Miki


    Honestly I think puppies and kittens are cuter than babies, but that's just me. ^^ Human babies look like little aliens, lol I think kids are cute when they're toddlers with a head of hair and teeth. When they're at the age when they tell stories -- adorbs. ^^
  26. Gamer Miki

    Do You Worry About Your Looks

    I think I look pretty good. ^^ Sure I'm not as cut as I once was in my 20's, but now that I'm in my 30's I wear less makeup, am far more mature, and I enjoy eating that extra cookie ^^
  27. Gamer Miki

    General Zelda How Would You Incease Difficulty?

    I would play Zelda 2 or Majora's Mask. Lol but seriously I don't think the series has become too easy, I think each game has its challenging aspects. I do enjoy the puzzles in Zelda, so perhaps more puzzles. Another way would be to have less hearts available, and no jars present with hearts...
  28. Gamer Miki

    Four Swords Any True Four Swords Players?

    I'm playing Four Sword Adventures right now on the Gamecube. It's fun! It's not as good as the other Zelda Gamecube games, though (WindWaker, TP)
  29. Gamer Miki

    How Do You Treat People You Dislike?

    I think I get along with most people. I'm friendly and love to talk, lol. I always give people chances and I am pretty forgiving. But, if a person keeps blowing it with me, then I usually write them off.
  30. Gamer Miki

    General Art Gamer Miki's Art Thread

    Hey thanks, BlitzPlum! :) It's always great to get such detailed feedback. I really enjoyed painting the Northern Lights one, it was a commissioned work. I'm painting another Northern Lights painting right now, it needs to be finished by Tuesday and I'm slackin' Regarding the Zelda piece, I...
  31. Gamer Miki

    General Art Kylie's Drawings (And Comics)

    Soooo kawaii! I smiled when I looked at your lovely drawings! Keep creating MOAR! :)
  32. Gamer Miki

    General Art Violet's Hall of Arts.

    Very nice, Violet! I smiled big when I saw your Link drawing :) NEVER stop drawing! Keep doing what you love to do and don't be afraid to push yourself. I look forward to seeing what you create next. :)
  33. Gamer Miki

    What Does Your Username Mean?

    I chose my gaming username in homage to the original Phantasy Star, my favorite video game (other than Zelda, that is). Miki is a character in the game who resides in a small town. She asks you if you "like Sega games." If you answer yes, she replies "of course, Sega games are the best!" This...
  34. Gamer Miki

    How tidy is your house?

    Eh, it's tidy when it has to be, but often cluttered. I don't like cleaning all the time; cleaning is monotonous
  35. Gamer Miki

    General Art Gamer Miki's Art Thread

    Wow, thanks so much, Violet! I really appreciate it :)
  36. Gamer Miki

    Favorite Actor/Actress?

    Actress - Jennifer Lawrence. Actor - Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Kevin McKidd (loved him since HBO's Rome)
  37. Gamer Miki

    How Are You Usually Introduced To Anime?

    Friends usually recommend them, but my favorite anime of all time -- Princess Jellyfish -- had a stellar review in Otaku USA magazine. (If you can, check out Princess Jellyfish, it's freaking adorable and can be found on youtube.)
  38. Gamer Miki

    General Art Gamer Miki's Art Thread

    Thanks so much for the kind comments, Linknerd09 :)
  39. Gamer Miki

    General Zelda Potions, Fairies, and Miscellaneous Healing Items for Foes.

    I'm not sure how it could work. In RPG's like Phantasy Star, some enemies can self-heal with magic techniques. But how could it happen in Zelda? A pop-up box explaining that an Octorok just drank a red potion, perhaps? Addendum: If healing spells/techniques are going to be incorporated in...
  40. Gamer Miki

    Do You Buy New or Used?

    Since I'm mostly a retro gamer, I usually buy used. We have some retro game shops in my neck of the woods where you can buy Sega Genesis games for dirt cheap. I love it.
  41. Gamer Miki

    Gamers and the "old Days" - How Much of It is True?

    I'm one of the old-school gamers, and yeah, we complained about games just as much back in the day (e.g., NES TMNT). We just didn't have the Internet. ;)
  42. Gamer Miki

    General Art Gamer Miki's Art Thread

    So... yeah, 'n stuff. I figured I'd finally share some of my artwork. I enjoy all media, but I especially have a passion for traditional medium. Northern Lights - surrealism Starfish - a recent watercolor As for the Zelda stuffs... Here's a quickie deku scrub, wheee! And a ZeLink work...
  43. Gamer Miki

    Bottle or Can?

    Glass bottles. Everything tastes better in glass. I hate plastic.
  44. Gamer Miki

    Online Relationships Vs In Real Life Relationships

    I value all of my friendships, but I probably have more IRL friendships than online.
  45. Gamer Miki

    How Do You Search for a Relationship?

    The majority of the friendships I have, I met at work. Then again I work in a library ^^
  46. Gamer Miki

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm wondering why I had to eat that extra chocolate treat... uuuugh I feel sick... but it was worth it, lol
  47. Gamer Miki

    Symphony of the Goddesses

    Agreed, it was definitely incredible! I was in awe of the whole experience. Here's a photo from my seat, when it was just starting: Did you grab the Master Sword bookmark, BTW? I also bought the t-shirt, lol
  48. Gamer Miki


    I hate dancing, unless I'm inebriated, or it's belly dancing. Because I love belly dancing.
  49. Gamer Miki

    Artistic Ability

    Yes, I would say so, although I'm almost never happy with my work! I've sold paintings and have been commissioned in the past. I've yet to submit any art on ZD, though. I do find traditional medium easier than digital, and I find it more freeing. Just my opinion, of course.
  50. Gamer Miki

    Ocarina of Time Water Temple or Great Bay Temple: Which is More Difficult?

    I saw this meme and I lol'ed, but it also had me thinking... OoT's Water Temple is known for being "hard", and it's featured in a lot of Zelda-esque memes. But is it really the hardest Water temple in the Zelda series? I thought the Great Bay Temple in MM was waaaaaaay more difficult...
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