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  1. Axelotl38

    Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Orchestra Unreleased Track Download?

    Hello. Okay this could sound stupid, and it may have been asked before, but is there anyway to get the Songs/Medley's played in the 25th anniversary orchestra as a download? I got the CD along with Skyward Sword and I think it's amazing. I've tried looking but I can't find links for the other...
  2. Axelotl38

    Easy Rupees

    Yeah so quick question, I have finished the first dungeon, and am back on skyloft (in case you are wondering, I have not had an opportunity to play), but I am down to 8 rupees. Any suggestions on how to get heaps fast so I can buy Iron shield, upgrades etc. Thanks
  3. Axelotl38

    Moving Your Sword Left to Right

    Okay, so I was just curious, and we will use Ghirahims fight as an example. Let's say I was holding my sword to the right, so I could then move into to the left and hit him. To do that, I would need to quickly move the sword to the left, and back to the right. Yet if I wa to move the sword to...
  4. Axelotl38

    Not Getting into the Game

    thanks guys. I am going to finish it no matter what
  5. Axelotl38

    Not Getting into the Game

    Okay, so I had extremely high hopes for the game, but I have now finished the 1st dungeon, and I am having trouble getting into it, and getting the same satisfying feeling as other games. Maybe it is because recently I have been playing PS3, and their games, or maybe I did what people did with...
  6. Axelotl38

    What Should I Do?

    Okay here is the situation. Before christmas I have 3 games coming out. uncharted 3. Zelda Skyward Sword. Assassin's Creed Revelations. I have enough money to get all of them. And also after christmas I am going away. I am getting Skyward Sword and Revelation when they come out. That is fine...
  7. Axelotl38

    What Game Am I Thinking Of?

    Hey guys. I have a game stuck in my head, but problem is, I don't know what it is. Can you help me figure it out. It is a 3D graphic game, and I am 90-95% sure it is a N64 game. You ride a motorcycle, in races. You also have weapons such as chains, bats (there was more, I can't remember what)...
  8. Axelotl38

    Wii U Trophy System

    Hey guys, simple question. Should the Wii U have a trophy/Achievment system. I don't see why not. It would dwork (and Considering the amount of stuff sony and microsoft has ripped off for Nintendo, Nintendo should do it at least once). If you do, how should it work. Coins, plaques, do you get...
  9. Axelotl38

    What Games Will You Get Day 1 This Fall ?

    skyward sword uncharted 3 maybe super mario 3d land (maybe for Christmas)
  10. Axelotl38

    Wii Save File Transfer

    Hey guys, as none of you would know, my Wii recently broke. Anyway, I am desperately trying to get a new one before Skyward Sword comes out, and I was just wandering, is there anyway to do this. As the CD Drive is broken, dead, and I am much to cheap to pay for it to get fixed, I was just going...
  11. Axelotl38

    Skyward Sword Overworld Theme

    Okay, so you probably know about the eldin volcano video. But did anyone notice the music. From what we have heard, what do you think about the overworld theme. I personally, thinks it sounds all right. Not as epic as other themes, but pretty good. Also what do you think of the Eldin Volcano...
  12. Axelotl38

    Any Playstation 3 Owners? Whats Your Psn Id?

    Axelotl380 :But I actually don't have a lot of multiplayer games except for uncharted 2 and Portal 2. So this might have been useless
  13. Axelotl38

    Spoiler Skyloft's Music?

    oh come on don't feel down. We can still stand by and listen to the pretty music
  14. Axelotl38

    Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

    Hi, just jave a quick question for Professor Layton fans out there. I am just curious, how exactly do the puzzles in the game work, how many are there etc. i read there was puzzles and I am just trying to figure out how that could work. Also, does anyone know if it will be released in Australia.
  15. Axelotl38

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time Vs. Ocarina of Time Master Quest Vs. Ocarina of Time 3D

    Out of the the 3 Ocarina of Time games, which one it your favourite. Mine would be ocarina of Time 3D. It improved on all the glitches and graphical errors that annoyed me about the original, boss challenge mode was awesome and it had Master quest which was fun. Also, 3D! (I apologize if...
  16. Axelotl38

    SD Card Transfer

    Okay, so let me get this straight. You CAN transfer most wii games (excluding wi-fi ones) to an SD card, and if you get another wii, transfer those games onto it and everything will be fine and all fun and games, right. If so, I was about to send the wii out and pay $200 to get it repaired. I...
  17. Axelotl38

    Ocarina of Time 3D Gold Skulltula Glitch?

    Hey guys, small problem. I am getting 100% in OoT 3DS, and in my Gold skulltula quest, I am stuck. I have got all of the dungeon Gold Skulltuals except Bottom of the well. At the moment I am in there, and have got the compass, and there are no more chests on the map. But there is still one room...
  18. Axelotl38

    Game System Damage

    Well my original DS Lite, that has since broken, the screen has all but snapped right off, speakers are a bit messy, touch screen is unresponsive in some areas. I got another one and am being very careful with that. Also, in my 1st and only wii, my disc reader broke. I am getting it repaired...
  19. Axelotl38

    Skyward Sword "number"

    I would be the 10th I have played, but only the 5th I own. I would usually borrow the games off my friends at first. Yeah, I am a bit behind
  20. Axelotl38

    Gaming Life

    Thanks you your help guys/girls. I really appreciate it. I will take your advice and try to do something else.
  21. Axelotl38

    Gaming Life

    Okay, I am having a bit of a personal crisis at the moment. I am obsessed with Video games. Most of the time, it is the only thing I can think about. With my friends, it is one of the topics I always want to talk about. On my Ipod, nearly all of my music (as in a few hundred) is videogame...
  22. Axelotl38

    3DS Price Drops to $169.99, New "Ambassador" Program for Those That Already Own One

    3DS Ambassador Update. okay, so I live in Australia, and i need to know, how to you become an ambassador. I gave my 3DS to a friend to do it and he doesn't know. I need precise instructions. What, do you go to e-shop, click something and get a message saying congrats. What? I am desperate here...
  23. Axelotl38

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask ~ Who Was the Guy (Hand) in the Toilet!

    I honestly don't know, just some unfortunate person who fell in the toilet. Also, I believe his name is the hand-in-the-can. Thumbs up for whoever gets the reference. (And I apologize if this comment would be considered useless.)
  24. Axelotl38

    Nintendo 3DS Price Drop-should We Be Conerned?

    Well regarding the news to the price drop, first off, AMBASSADORS!!!! Woot! It is so awesome. And it sounds so official. Ambassador. Ambassador for Nintendo Axelotl. I like the ring to that. 2. Should we be concerned. The 3DS hasn't even be out for a year, or even 6 months (I don't think)...
  25. Axelotl38

    3DS Price Drops to $169.99, New "Ambassador" Program for Those That Already Own One

    Wait, also, does it work like this. register your early 3DS, get games whenever for free, or you can only get the games for free before August 11th
  26. Axelotl38

    3DS Price Drops to $169.99, New "Ambassador" Program for Those That Already Own One

    Please, Please, please, be in Australia
  27. Axelotl38


    Okay, I was talking to my friend the other day (and if you read my other thread I just posted, this is the graphic person), and he was going on and on about how the Elder Scrolls Skyrim is going to be the best game ever, it is a surefire game of the year, going to sell millions and millions, and...
  28. Axelotl38

    Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft Console Combined

    Hi ZD, just have a quick topic. A while back me and my friend were talking when he came up with the idea of have the 3 big game companies join together and make a console. I reckon that is an absolutely stupid idea, and I told him just that. The fan boys wouldn't have it, there would be...
  29. Axelotl38

    Ocarina of Time Do You Like the New LoZ: OoT 3D Sound Track?

    Wow, didn't expect that answer. I am very happy with that. The only thing I would change would be to put in the spiritual stone get/sage awakened melodys, but other then that, thanks you Nintendo4ever for the list. Appreciate it. This thread can close now, or whatever.
  30. Axelotl38

    Wii U Zelda

    Hey, I just want to hear what you guys think for a Wii U Zelda. I have got some Ideas. 1: Sort of like Okami, using a special new item, you can use the touchpad and manipulate the environment to your advantage. 2: Just keep it simple. Use the simple control panel, and use the touchscreen...
  31. Axelotl38

    Ocarina of Time Do You Like the New LoZ: OoT 3D Sound Track?

    Ocarina of Time 3DS OST Hi, I am sorry if this topic already exists or it is worthless and insignificant. But with the OST which you get by registering OoT 3D, what songs are on it. Does it only include the main songs, or does it also include the small ocarina songs, or the little tunes that...
  32. Axelotl38

    WW-Wii U Rating Opinion

    Rating:Awesome (It is just awesome) Graphics (Not that I care) 10/10 (I loved the cel shaded graphics) Gameplay: 8.5/10 (Great gameplay, but the bosses were just a bit/very easy. Also, while I loved sailing, by the end, it could get a bit boring) Music 10/10 : Probably my favourite Zelda...
  33. Axelotl38

    Ocarina of Time Is OOT overrated?

    I am going to prepare myself for flame, but I do reckon it is Overrated today. Back when it was first released, it deserved all of they Hype. It was fun, innovative and had a great OST. And to this day, it is one of my favourite games. But since Ocarina of Time, I reckon all of the 3D Zelda...
  34. Axelotl38

    Do You Like Glitches or Do You Dissaprove of Them

    I'm okay with them, as long as they don't corrupt my save or make me invincible or something, I am perfectly fine with them.
  35. Axelotl38

    Ah, Sweet Nostalgia...

    My first game was Twilight Princess. I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago and absoluely loved it.I then got Wind Waker and loved it even more. Since then I have got PH, ST, MC, OoT (Original) OoT 3DS, MM, LttP and cannot wait for Skyward Sword.
  36. Axelotl38

    Link's Music Theme

    Hey, wondering what you guys think, should Link have his own musical theme. Because Zelda has one (obviously), ganondorf has one, so why doesn't Link have one. Or would his theme be the overworld theme (I picture it as Twilight Princess Overworld theme). What do you think.
  37. Axelotl38

    Ocarina of Time Hint Movies

    Hey, I am just curious. I got Ocarina of Time 3DS today and it is awesome, but after finishing the Deku tree, I looked into the Sheikah Vision Stone and watched all of the unlocked visions (which were all movies of things I have done already), and I am wondering, does looking at the Hint...
  38. Axelotl38

    3DS Update Error/Wii Save Transfer

    Okay, as I don't have wireless internet, I gave my 3DS to my friend who does, to update my 3DS with Browser, Pokedex and Excitebike. It worked perfectly fine for him, but apparently whenever he tries to update mine, it says an error has been reached. Are there any solutions or is my 3DS screwy...
  39. Axelotl38

    Embarassing Gaming Habits

    , More habits, I do go through the stages of Gaming Grief descripted above, and I have literally done everything on the list up to "Level 8" Another thing I do, is I always have to do little things in games. For example, in Super Mario Galaxy 2, I always have to do a Long jump, homing ground...
  40. Axelotl38

    Embarassing Gaming Habits

    I have the habit of talking in the role of my characters in game. If that makes sense. For example, if I am Link, I say his lines for him, which are usually insulting, sarcastic, mean, occasionly nice, and I also yell at enemies to piss off. I talk to myself when I play games. Whenever i enter a...
  41. Axelotl38

    Zelda Orchestra

    With the news of the Zelda Orchestra touring the world, I am hoping it comes to Australia. Anyway, what songs would you like to see performed. I reckon one idea would be medleys of the games. So you start off with a 6 minute medley of the Zelda themes from the first 2 games (not a lot of songs...
  42. Axelotl38

    Zelda 25th Anniversary Stuff

    Oh really, I got everything right. AWESOME. I am going to score myself a Skyward Sword/Zelda 25th Anniversary CD.
  43. Axelotl38

    Zelda 25th Anniversary Stuff

    Hi, I know this is going to sound stupid, but I just have to be sure. Okay, so to celebrate 25th anniversary, there is an orchestra going around (like Play!), playing Zelda music, and they are going to Japan, Maerica, Europe, and it hasnt been confirmed if that is Australia If you...
  44. Axelotl38

    People Making Fun of You for Playing Certain Games.

    Do people make fun of you for playing certain games. My friends for example love to bag on me so much for thoroughly enjoying portal and Portal 2, stating it is a boring, gay, stupid, (in their words). I don't care, as long as i enjoy the game, that is all that matters, and I know that the game...
  45. Axelotl38

    Improvements in SS Graphics in the GDC Trailer

    Hey, what is that item in the very first picture. Is that just the beetle or what?
  46. Axelotl38

    List Your 5 Favorite Zelda Games

    Even though this list is subject to change every few weeks. 1.Wind Waker 2. Twilight Princess 3.Majoras Mask 4.Ocarina of Time 5.Spirit Tracks/LttP
  47. Axelotl38

    Wii Problems

    Hey, I seem to have a problem with my wii. If I put it any discs, after a few seconds, on the wii menu it comes up with a black screen saying :An error has occured, please eject the game disc, turn the power off and refer to the wii manual. Is my wii screwed, or do I have just have to send it in...
  48. Axelotl38

    What is Your 3ds "Sweet Spot"?

    I usually play it full blast, but after a few hours or so, I turn the 3D off, to give me a sense of ....normality.
  49. Axelotl38

    Should a Difficulty Setting Be Added to Future Games?

    Well, I reckon this is a good idea. There should be other difficulty settings. However they should only effect enemies, bosses, and maybe certain traps. In most games which have different difficulties, it doesn't usuall alter the puzzles, just the enmies. Enemies give more damage, you give less...
  50. Axelotl38

    Best Helper? Midna? Navi? Or King of Red Lions?

    Navi. Midna and king of red lions, while they are cool characters, they do nothing more then take you places, and gives hints. Navi helps you lock on. She helps you kill enemies. Enough Said
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