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  1. Gizmo

    What's YOUR 2011 Game of the Year?

    I think Portal 2 was one of the best games this year. It has really nice characters, a good story, an atmospheric gameplay and especially the end is just awesome. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was okay but nothing more. If this is the future of the Zelda series then I guess I'm not fan of...
  2. Gizmo

    Saddest Games (so Far)

    Actually I think Portal is very sad if you imagine how Chell feels. There is no one to talk with except for a crazy computer that wants to kill her and lies to her all the time. And everywhere you can see things and notes people left that are gone or dead. And finally you never never never get...
  3. Gizmo

    Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Book

    I didn't know this is new information to you. :< I preordered one but it's gonna take like one month until it is here. The book will be released at the 23th december. It costs 3.255 Japanese Yen which is about 32 euros.
  4. Gizmo

    Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Book

    Nintendo is going to publish an artbook called ""Hyrule Historia" This Artbook will include art of every zelda title that was made so far. 4 pages about TLoZ1, 2 pages about TLoZ2 and ALttP, 1 page about LA, 6 pages about OoT, 3 pages about MM, 10 pages about TWW, 6 pages about OoA/OoS, 32...
  5. Gizmo

    Who is More Annoying: Fi or Navi?

    Navi is like "Hey listen!" but Fi is like "Hey listen to all that trivial, repetitive stuff no one cares for or I will blink and beep until you are deeeeaaaaad." So yes, Fi is much more annoying. I hate that thing.
  6. Gizmo

    Your Favourite Quotations

    I couldn't find a thread like this for some reason. I hope this really is the first one. What are your favourite quotations from the The Legend of Zelda series? I like that dancing guy in Majora's Mask really much. I searched for an English version of one sentence that he says but then I...
  7. Gizmo

    Zelda Art Majora's Mask Pieces - Operation Moonfall

    How much time do you need to finish one of your pieces? 5$ for a commissional drawing of that quality is a much too low price.
  8. Gizmo

    Your Favorite Three Series

    My favourite ones are: 1. Fallout 2. The Legend of Zelda 3. Portal Most important to me is an awesome atmosphere, a good story and wellmade characters.
  9. Gizmo

    If You Could Create Your Own Zelda Game.

    I thought quite a lot about something like this during the last years. "My" new Zelda would be named The Legend of Zelda: Dawn of A New Day As you probably can imagine it would be a sequel to Zelda: Majora's Mask. The things I would concentrate on are: - A at first "bright and...
  10. Gizmo

    Harp-Worst Instrument Ever?

    Okay that harp probably doesn't make much sense since you learn quite a lot of songs but you can't actually choose one and play it. Also you can't play own tunes. Jingling the musical scale up and down for no good reason was gettin on my nerves after two tries. But at least the harp is a bit...
  11. Gizmo

    Does Anyone Here Speak More Than One Language?

    English, Germanish and Chinesish : D But I can speak German best.
  12. Gizmo

    Zelda Art Majora's Mask Pieces - Operation Moonfall

    You are welcome. An artwork of Guru-Guru, the barrel organist, would be great if you would like to do that. You know, at night at the laundry pool.. I always thought this was really atmospheric.
  13. Gizmo

    You're Personal Top Ten Zelda Games.

    10. I only really played 9 Zeldas so far D: 9. The Legend of Zelda 8. The Adventure of Link 7. Twilight Princess 6. The Wind Waker 5. Minish Cap 4. A Link to the Past 3. Link's Awakening 2. Ocarina of Time 1. Majora's Mask
  14. Gizmo

    Do Older People Feel Zelda Can Be a Bit Childish ?

    And this is why I loled so hard when I read the first horrified reactions after the South Park Movie came out XD
  15. Gizmo


    Well almost everyone here hears radio broadcasts about songs of the 70s, 80s, and 90s and alwaaaaays there is this damn song "You're so vain" by Carly Simon and I hate it sooooo muuuuuch. The tune ist supid, the lyrics are stupid, and the singer sounds to me as if she was totally envious of that...
  16. Gizmo

    Keep On Voting!

    Woohoo this means there are like over 9000 timezones between the US and Europe. Which gives me more time. But it doesn't help D:
  17. Gizmo

    Keep On Voting!

    Who doesn't enjoy kicking babies in the streets? D: Nah, just kidding. I just think that Skyward Sword has nothing at all to do with Ocarina of Time as far as i played it - even though Nintendo sad it would have >:(. I mean seriously: No Gerudos in a pirate fortress that is in a desert which was...
  18. Gizmo

    Keep On Voting!

    Did I say a bad word or are you kidding me? This is not fair, my English is not good enough to realize things like that XD ... What about Portal 2 anyways? :<
  19. Gizmo

    Keep On Voting!

    I cannot vote for SS D: I didn't play Skyrim yet but Skyward Sword is too disappointing. So I simply vote nothing at all :<
  20. Gizmo

    Most Hated Enemy in Zelda

    I played Skyward Sword for a while now and now i think: The guy who created these electro-sword-goblins is a sadist.
  21. Gizmo

    Zelda Art Majora's Mask Pieces - Operation Moonfall

    Oh my dear holy damn god in hell. Congratulations, you just reached the maximum limit of awesome! O.o Hi.
  22. Gizmo

    Do Older People Feel Zelda Can Be a Bit Childish ?

    Nintendo wants to make the Zelda games look more "grown up" and I think this new attitude is complete rubbish. I would like to have a new Zelda were you play Link as a kid again with the same graphics style like in OoT or MM (probably with more polygons etc.). I think the style of TP and SS...
  23. Gizmo

    Zelda Games That You Don't Like As Much As Everyone else

    I don't know if you already know this, but there is a simple way how to get more time. I also dont know how I can hide spoilers in this forum so please don't read it if you want to find it yourself. You can play the Song of Time backwards. Then the time runs 50% slower. I don't know what...
  24. Gizmo

    Are These Welcome Ideas?

    Multiple Endings I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to have "a good, a bad and a neutral" ending for the main quest BUT there should be such endings for side quests. In Zelda: The Minish Cap you could let that Grandpa-Minish-Person die or you could help him if you did it fast enough. Also there are...
  25. Gizmo

    How Skull Kid Formed Deku Link

    Okay, I didn't know everyone already thinks like that. I also didn't know that the English translation is Skull Kid. Hm... well... next time I will have something better.
  26. Gizmo

    What Three Zelda Characters Would You Most Like to See Make a Come-back?

    I won't buy a Zelda game anymore if not one of these characters appears in it: 1. Guru-Guru - Because he is awesome for some reason. 2. Man from the curiosity shop - Because he is cool, friendly and strange at the same time. 3. Igos du Ikana - Because he is a talking skeleton (damn you Jack!)...
  27. Gizmo

    How Skull Kid Formed Deku Link

    A Short Theory About the Little Tree at the Beginning of Majora's Mask I don't know if this theory is well known or not, lets see. As you probably know the sad looking tree at the beginning of Zelda: Majora's Mask is/was the son of that Deku butler at the palace. What you maybe don't know...
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