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  1. RamboBambiBambo

    What made you sad today?

    I requested the order to be dropped off at my Grandmothers SPECIFICALLY to prevent package theft. She lifts in the countryside and I live in a city in an apartment complex with a lot of neighbors. So obviously I want pricy packages to go to her place. BUT STILL USPS SCREWED IT UP !!!!!
  2. RamboBambiBambo

    What made you sad today?

    Sad and MAD. I ordered a $50 Amiibo Card item off of Etsy, a product I have bought before. (basically, instead of buying a $60 statuette, I just buy all 25 Zelda Amiibo in the form of cards that hold a chip inside that allow you to get amiibo bonuses) I bought this product before so no...
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