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  1. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask Two Things About Ikana I Must Ask.

    It's probably the Royal Family of Ikana (remember that Skeleton boss was the King of the land or something) Because Termina and Hyrule are two different worlds the Royal Family of Hyrule would have no connection.
  2. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask Reasons Why I Dont Like Majoras Mask

    Jack, my above replies were not addressing you, I CLEARY quoted VembersWind and replied just to him. Pay attention next time >.< And Jack, if love most parts of the Majora's Mask why did you start a thread about how you hate it?
  3. McBlizzy

    Phantom Hourglass Final Boss Battle Help!!

    You draw a figure 8 because if you turn 8 sideways it's like an infinity sign. Just be patient, it took me several tries to freeze Bellum just right, but now that you know it's an 8 that should help you =D Dodge a lot, carry a purple potion with you and roll! roll, roll, roll just don't get dizzy!
  4. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask Stuck.......AGAIN!

    I agree with PhantomTriforce, go for the tail, you can knock down the pillars in the arena to get more magic, if you run out just start hitting him with normal arrows. If THAT fails run around little and hit their tails when they come out of the ground. Good luck =D
  5. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask Reasons Why I Dont Like Majoras Mask

    (Just to say something, I'm not... arguing with you? Or mad at you in any way either. MM is my favorite Zelda game of all time and I'll defend it with my life, probably the same way you'd defend TP) Okay you're allowed not to like the dungeons, the difficult and confusing parts are why MM is...
  6. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask Reasons Why I Dont Like Majoras Mask

    Oh I beg to differ, As majora'smagic posted before, the dungeons did not suck. They were probably the most complex dungeons of any 3D Zelda game! With the Great Bay Temple and the Stone Tower you had 2 dungeons in one! THAT must have taken more planning than OOT's Water Temple. They were also...
  7. McBlizzy

    The Outrage: Terminian Counterpart Theory

    Where did the bizaro world come from? It's Parallel so it could be like the other side of Hyrule. A Perpendicular world would be like Hyrule and the Twilight Realm because they cross into each other and affect each other. I'm sorry but you have no evidence to counter prove your non Parallel...
  8. McBlizzy

    Four Swords Adventures Would You Ever Like to See 4 Swords Adventures in 3D?

    Forget a 3D remake, we need a FSA sequel! A co op FSA sequel! That would be a revolution!
  9. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask Different Dimension

    The Parallel part is sort of proof? The world never intersect, or it would be like the Twilight world from TP. I picture the Parallel part of the world is like... Hyrule looking into a mirror. Or like a world right beside Hyrule based off of it. Thus, as PureLoche said, different roles for...
  10. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask Different Dimension

    Termina is supposed to be a Parallel universe... so it would have the same characters... maybe Parallel Link and company are off having a tea party o.O
  11. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask How Do You Think Link Felt...

    They are the same faces... they look the same as the character's in OOT, they have the same names, their the same. Maybe Link was secretly observing them to see if they were trustworthy or not... He obviously realized he was somewhere foreign, so everyone's character is up for judging
  12. McBlizzy

    The Best Sidekick Ever

    Hellooooo! Phantom Zelda actually did something! She could distract Phantoms and carry you around places! She's the sidekick that actually KICK'S!
  13. McBlizzy

    Instrument in Skyward Sword

    But SS seems like a cross between ST and WW. And god did I hate the Pan Pipe in ST! Do you consider a Dog Whistle an instrument? I'm sorry still, Horse Call and Grass only do one thing, make one sound to call one thing... I really don't consider them instruments ^^'
  14. McBlizzy

    Which is the Scariest?

    Redead/Gibdo's always freak me out =/ Wall Masters always surprise me >.< And any type of spider enemy (Skulltulas ect.) I HATE spiders *cries in a corner*
  15. McBlizzy

    Instrument in Skyward Sword

    I don't really see how the Horse Call and Grass are instruments, you can only call animals on them and not play any actual songs... It would be cool if a Harp came back, I wonder how it would fit in with the new Wii Motion Plus style of playing... Since Skyward Sword is being released after...
  16. McBlizzy

    Link's Tunic

    Over the games Link has warn a few tunics, I was just wondering... Which tunic do you like the best on him? I like the Purple Tunic best from FSA, purple is my favorite colour, and REAL men wear purple! :puppy:
  17. McBlizzy

    Instrument in Skyward Sword

    We know in the past the Ocarina has been a frequently used instrument in the Zelda series. There's also been a Flute, Wind Waker and a Panpipe (If I'm missing some other instruments tell me) What are the chances of Link playing an instrument in Skyward Sword? There was no instrument in...
  18. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask Majora Heart Shaped... with Whiskers?

    What if Majora just has very supple nipples? Guys have nipples too
  19. McBlizzy

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted! You get a people - killing puppy instead and it eats you! I wish I could eat Salt and Vinegar chips =/
  20. McBlizzy

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted! But once you taste it you get hooked and drink so you can't sleep I wish dinner would hurry up and be ready.
  21. McBlizzy

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted! But you live forever and the world ends and you're left floating in space with no reason to live but you can't die since you have unlimited time! I wish I could understand Math!
  22. McBlizzy

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted! But then your computer spontaneously explodes! I wish I was immune to all illnesses!
  23. McBlizzy

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted! But they mixed up the numbers in your username so now it's someone else! I wish my throat would feel better T.T
  24. McBlizzy

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted! But your tomatoes came back as mutant tomato zombie veggies and ate your brains! I wish my Tonsillitis would go away :(
  25. McBlizzy

    Ocarina of Time Coolest Temple Soundtrack

    Most Definitely Water, it just sounds so mystical and magical! Like when you first hear it it's like WOW!
  26. McBlizzy

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but after that piece of cake you could never eat another one ever again... I wish I was invincible!
  27. McBlizzy

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted! But Outset island was changed to the set of the movie "OUT CAST" have fun with Wilfred! I wish I had a wish!
  28. McBlizzy

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but then you forgot what you wished for! I wish someone could corrupt my wish!
  29. McBlizzy

    Ikana Canyon War?

    So as we all know the residents of Ikana Canyon were in a war... I believe it was the Garo vs. the Skeleton Stalchild things. I was trying to write some lyrics for the Stone Tower theme about the war in Ikana but... I don't have enough info... Does anyone have an theories as to why it happened...
  30. McBlizzy

    General Art Great Fairy Fountain Theme -- Vocalized!

    such a capturing performance, please continue to write lyrics for zelda songs and sing to them, I subscribed.
  31. McBlizzy

    Favorite Music Soundtrack

    The Twilight Princess was pretty good because it had more modern music, but the Majora's Mask had the Song of Storms, which is my FAVORITE SONG! So it wins, =D
  32. McBlizzy

    Warping System in Skyward Sword

    I apologize if a thread like this has already been posted, I just quickly skimmed the posts on this page. As you all know, most of the Zelda games have a certain warping system they use. In OOT and MM it was the Ocarina, in WW it was the Wind Waker, and in TP Midna warped Link around...
  33. McBlizzy

    Ocarina of Time Master Quest

    Same, my friend had it and lent it to me, then we stopped being friends and now I'm desperately searching all over the place for it!
  34. McBlizzy

    Favorite WTF? Moment.

    Once again, most have been said but my most recent were: When Zant is talking to Midna in Lanayru, and says "I need you" and he has only his mouth showing... wow that was creepy Also when you learn about Midna's past, you see her without her helmet and she does this really creepy smile when...
  35. McBlizzy

    Four Swords Vs. Four Swords Adventures?

    Alright, we're all aware the the Four Swords is for the Gameboy Advanced, But I have the Four Swords Adventures for the Gamecube... Anyone want to give me a rundown on which is better? What the differences are? (It was a gamecube remake right?)
  36. McBlizzy

    Most Annoying Thing to Collect

    COLLECTING THE TRIFORCE SHARDS IN WIND WAKER. O - M - G! Whenever I got to that part of the game, I just put my controller down and walked away. First of all, you have to find all the treasure charts for those suckers. THEN you have to pay like 398 rupees to get it deciphered. THEN you have...
  37. McBlizzy

    General Classic Temples Vs. Sidequests

    When comparing the Ocarina of Time; a heavy temple based game to the Majora's Mask; which has only four temples, but several sidequests we notice that exact difference... Temples vs. Sidequests. (I hope this doesn't turn into an OOT vs. MM) But that's something Indiglogo noticed when we were...
  38. McBlizzy

    Why a Beetle?

    I completely agree! There's rumors that the beetle will replace and boomerang and if it does... D=<! The beetle is the most stupid item I've ever heard of besides the shovel! If there's no boomerang what are we going to use to stun creatures? (I'm hoping the Whip will step in and make stunning...
  39. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask What's Your Favorite Region?

    *GASP* Why do you hate Ikana Canyon?
  40. McBlizzy

    Ocarina of Time What is the Hardest Boss in Oot for You?

    Agreed! Morpha completely owned me every time! With Phantom Ganon I found it hard to hit him with the arrows when he was coming out of the paintings, and then I usually end up running out of arrows... =/
  41. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask What's Your Favorite Region?

    Agreed, the whole "Living Dead" theme is my favorite! PLUS the Song of Storms! =D
  42. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask What's Your Favorite Region?

    So, which region in MM was your favorite and why? I'd love to hear =D Also I meant to type Snowhead into the poll... whoops! ^^' Mine is 1. Ikana Canyon 2. Great Bay 3. Clock Town 4. Woodfall 5. Snowpeak
  43. McBlizzy

    Ocarina of Time Master Quest

    I played the Master Quest and loved it! I found that the Water Temple was more easy and that the Fire Temple was the hardest temple, what are your thoughts on it? :)
  44. McBlizzy

    Fire Temple

    Do you cheat and cut across the stairs? There's a thin section of stairs on the right side of the boulders, head through there, but don't fall! Also when you step on the switch be sure to face the way you want to run when you step on it (so face the stairs) I hope this helps =D
  45. McBlizzy

    Bongo Bongo

    :(Bongo Bongo is cooler and more worthy of investigation
  46. McBlizzy

    Ocarina of Time Song of Storms Question

    Well if memory serves... I believe the Windmill keeper was already playing the Song of Storms when you first walk in as a kid. I think it's just when you go back as a kid and play it on the Ocarina it causes the windmill to empty and that's the whole reason why the song became significant. OR...
  47. McBlizzy

    Zelda Controls for N64.

    I got the Collectors Edition with my gamecube when I bought it so I was used to those sort of smooth controls. However, I've tried to play Majora's Mask at my friends house with N64 and it was rather difficult... I mean his controlling was a little difficult to begin with yes but I feel the N64...
  48. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask Weapons, Less of Them, Are They All They're Cranked Up to Be?

    Getting the Biggorn sword at first wasn't that hard you just had to buy it, but fixing it was a real pain with all the series of timed events and you couldn't warp either. Plus the fact that it broke kind of contradicts the fact that it's the strongest sword...
  49. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask Storyline

    That was an extremely well written break down of some of the story lines in MM. I agree with you that the game is dark and tragic in a sense. I don't feel that the main storyline is dumb however. A poor child got possessed by a demonic mask! That right there is sad to start. The moon crashing...
  50. McBlizzy

    Comparing Ocarina of Time to Majora's Mask

    Temple/Region Comparison Are you ready for this? I don't think you are, I don't think anyone is going to read this once they see how long it is but here goes anyways! The Ocarina of Time had a lot of good ideas yes, but I found the sequence to get very... disappointing. Forest, Fire, Water...
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